December 2016 Paid Video Requests

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This page lists the video requests that Chris was paid to do in December 2016.

Chris fulfills a paid video request for a Rikki. Apparently this recording was made with the aid of a Selfie Stick—which Chris felt inclined to indicate (perhaps its an early Christmas present to himself?). This video consists of Chris stammering to remember his own age, singing repetitively while wobbling around his room, and featuring a brief appearance by Sorbet.

This video is also notable for showing a panoramic view of Chris's Work Room.

Paid Video: Happy Birthday, Rikki
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 17 December 2016
Subject Matter HandoutsHandouts Handouts, MusicMusic Music
Performance Style ReasonReason Reason
Saga BusinessBusiness Business
Shirt Dream Love '82Dream Love '82 Dream Love '82
Alpha Trion/"Young" warrior challenge explained
Sorbet likes to play with his little robot


via YouTube Capture


Hey there everybody, this’s Christine Candler coming to you live from home once again. And by paid request, here’s a birthday dedication. Happy birthday, Rikki… you are turning 32 on the 20th… so good for you. And—I turned—I dunno [blows raspberry]]… 34 ‘der [sic] year (heh-hah) earlier.

Anyway so—I dunno—here’s a little song and dance. [Singing with a jig] Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday. Happy, happy birthday—I’m using a selfie stick. Tee da dee dee de de de de do ro ro ro ro ro… [other nonsensical noises].

(Whoops) [High-pitched voice] Ooh, hey cat, hey Sorbet, hello. Mmm, hey, how’re you doing?

Mmkay, so yes, happy birthday, Rikki. Hope you have a safe and pleasant one—and please forgive the brightness all around, there’s light there… the lights are on up there… well [shrugging] you got to be able to see me—yup. Have a good day everyone.

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