Happy Birthday Tom

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Happy Birthday Tom is the second video Chris recorded from his PlayStation 4, uploaded 6 March 2016. He addresses one Tom, wishing him a happy birthday. The sentiment takes the form of Amiibo being mashed together, accompanied by screeching.


Happy Birthday Tom
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Stardate 6 March 2016
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Performance Style CrazyCrazy Crazy
Saga BusinessBusiness Business
Shirt The Blue ClopperThe Blue Clopper The Blue Clopper
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...some of your sweetheart/girlfriend...ehhss. Anyway, your sweetheart/girlfriend Sammy, as anyway uh, I realize it's a day late for your birthday time, but, um, y'know, I was still setting up the, uh, PS4 I just got and everything, so, eh, this works out pretty well—at least I get to stand and do this and that, I get a little bit more room and everything. [Black overlay appears in top left corner, obscuring part of the video.] Well, ele—anyway, mmm, so, here's the request, from mis—from your sweetheart. [Chris holds up Rosechu and Sonichu amiibos].

[Chris holds up the Sonichu and Rosechu amiibos, miming their voices. He adopts a higher-pitched voice for Sonichu, and a quieter, even higher one for Rosechu.]

Sonichu: Happy birthday to you!

Rosechu: Happy birthday to you!

Sonichu: Happy birthday, happy birthday—

Rosechu: Happy birthday to you, Mr. Thomas!

Both: Yeeeeeeeeaaah!

[Chris holds up an unbranded soda bottle containing Mountain Dew, intended to represent Master Shake]

Master Shake voice (screaming muppet): Deep within the womb of time, a creature thus be born! And ye of years... twenty-four bells will chime! [Chris turns the bottle to face Rosechu] What? I'm Master Shake! What are you gonna do about it? Eh, whatever. Go fuck yourselves.

[Chris places the soda back on the table.]

[normal voice] Well, I hope that was money well spent for your sweetheart. Have a good day.

[Chris repeatedly presses a button on his controller, as the video transitions to the home screen.]

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