Sonichu's First PS4 Broadcast

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Sonichu's First PS4 Broadcast is the very first video Chris recorded from his PlayStation 4, he "streamed" it on March 6, 2016. One should immediately notice the higher quality Chris is recording compared to his PlayStation 3. This is due to the fact that Chris is using the PSEye's sucessor, the PlayStation Camera, which provides better video and audio quality than the PSEye, and on that note, the fact that Chris has not abused it yet. Even so, however, it doesn't stop Chris from not knowing how to work the camera. Also take note that Chris doesn't know the difference between an actual broadcast and a recording.


Sonichu's First PS4 Broadcast
Stardate 6 March 2016
Subject Matter Video gamesVideo games Video Games, Cwcville ShoppingCwcville Shopping Cwcville Shopping
Performance Style ComedyComedy Comedy, ReasonReason Reason
Saga BusinessBusiness Business
Shirt The Blue ClopperThe Blue Clopper The Blue Clopper
Happy Pokémon Day.
Happy Birthday Tom


[Chris is standing in the middle of the room.]

...and all, this Christine Chandler with my first ever broadcast... and uh, recording through my new PlayStation 4. [Chris motions offscreen] Ah, given me, given to me graciously from Kagney Lynn Moore of Seattle, Washington. She was very generous. It was the uh, well it was the typical black version, yes, but um... and—[Chris picks up the controller and holds it up to the camera] but she gave me a blue controller also so that's a big plus. And I had already bought the camera, so... that's okay. Uh—anyway, uhm, so I'm very grateful. Thank you, Kagney, very much. [Chris throws up his hands as if he doesn't know what to do]. Uh... [he waves his hand around] is there a camera lag? Hmm, no... seems okay...

Anyways, so, uh.... so aside from that, um... what else, what else—oh! [Chris reaches over and grabs a large tray full of his amiibos] She picked out her big—her figure she wanted and um, ordered dem from the shop on Etsy. [Chris holds the tray up to the camera] And I get to show this off. The old big—ah—can't carry it—can carry it with one handle—my little set up here with all the amiibricks using technic rods and pieces and all that. Anyway well she ordered the uh... main... cast... hm... she ordered [Chris points to each of the items]] Angelica with the halo and the wings. Yeah. And then she also got the me-chan Sonichu and me here. And she also purch—she also requested and purchased Slaweel and Count Graduon just so we can all have EPIC BATTLES—[Chris begins gibbering excitedly and incomprehensibly]—and all that. [fixing the Punchy amiibo]

Punchy, what're you doing?

[Chris impersonates Punchy] "Your son pushed me down".

[Returning to his normal voice] *inaudible* holes in the bottom. Oh well, nobody's perfect. These things are 3D printed but they still work very well for what I need them for, these amiibricks.

[Chris puts the tray back where it was before]

Aaanyhow... so... [sigh] I don't know what else to think of on my mind right now, mmm... [Chris nervously fiddles with his hair and looks into the camera] So. [Chris raises his arms again] Well! Now you can see more of my area! [Chris loudly slaps his arms to his sides] So.. alright so... I just been, uh, side—well, I got the PS4 last Friday and uh, it's been good. My only disappointment is that it doesn't allow me to play my downloaded PS3 ga—my PS3 games digitally, the digital versions, so... I mean, I would say expecting now is looking forward to importing the Little Big Planet data and games from my PS3 onwards. Mah.. mmm.. I guess I'll have to start from scratch in the LBP3 software but soon I will be recording and sharing the uh, commentary on watching the entire autism tutorial, here's for my new PS4 and the camera!

So... thank ya again Kagney. Y'all have a good, safe day. Uhm... [Chris plays with the controller and lifts it higher] how do I get this thing to stop? Uh... Oh! Ah. [The video ends but the audio continues] Don't want it on there, I'm done with this. [The video comes back, with recording overlays] Okay now I'm getting—I'm starting to get a little ticked here... How do you shut—how do you get this thing to stop? [The video cuts off again, resting on the homescreen. There are a few seconds of silence] Ah.

Happy Pokémon Day. Chris's videos Happy Birthday Tom