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I've also had better practices with eye-contact, by giving eye-contact to my webcam/PSEye
Chris tells Sarah May how the PSEye cured his autism
The PSEye: Chris's window to the world.

The PlayStation Eye, often shortened to PSEye, is a digital camera made by Sony for use with the PlayStation 3. For many years, it was Chris's camera and capture device of choice, especially for his "Captain's Log" vlogs.

The PSEye is, by all accounts, a decent enough webcam that is able to produce good video at standard YouTube definition and higher. Yet, in typical Chris fashion, you just can't tell that from his videos. You could be forgiven for thinking that Chris's videos filmed with his PSEye were actually filmed with a shitty low-end camcorder that can only produce videos at potato quality. For somebody who's enthusiastically hyped up products from his favorite manufacturer, Chris produces utter crap with them. (We've seen this before.)

Video captured with the PSEye can be edited with a program called EyeCreate; the resulting file is an "EyeCreate Video", or "ECV". When Chris uploaded videos to YouTube without giving them titles, the default was typically "ECV" followed by a five-digit number. Chris has occasionally titled his videos in a similar format (e.g. "CWC Update 03042009"), perhaps in a deliberate reference.

The alternate camera used in non-PSEye videos, which sees just as much abuse.

As time went on, his PSEye became more and more prone to both video and audio skips, probably because the camera wasn't designed to handle having shit constantly thrown at it. This became an issue with the Videobooks, which are practically unwatchable due to the amount of audio skips in them. Following the events of 12 October 2009, his PSEye began malfunctioning more than ever, after Chris threw his telephone at it in a retarded fit of random-access humor. The structural stress to the camera seemed to have also affected the microphone, since the video Brutal Legend (uploaded on 18 October 2009) is completely mute. The following video, Brutal Legend Plus, saw the return of sound, but only as much as the tortured camera could transmit after the beating it took.

It was allegedly confiscated at one point because of an anonymous troll sending Chris's father an envelope, which contained several postcards showing captures of his rubber doll sex-capades.

The Best Buy invoices show that Chris purchased a new PSEye on 6 November 2009. However, the quality of videos made after this date were not much of an improvement - which implies that Chris continued to use his old PSEye for some time after obtaining the new one, or he was using a different camera.

Prior to this, there had been mass debating over whether or not Chris indeed used a PSEye, or the EyeToy camera developed for the PlayStation 2 console. PSEyes are capable of a much higher resolution than the shitty quality typically evident in Chris's videos. However, when he filmed his 10252009 For Kacey video using a different camera, a PSEye could be seen sitting on top of the television behind him, confirming that the PSEye is yet another thing Chris fails at.

In later years, Chris primarily used either his iPhone to record videos, or the PSEye's successor, the PlayStation Camera. However, Chris would occasionally salvage the old PSEye, as seen in I Love You, Catherine.


During Chris's fits of rage, it was common for him to hit his camera in order to intimidate trolls. This abuse eventually started effecting the camera, causing the quality of videos to decrease. This is a comprehensive list of every time Chris has abused the PSEye.

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