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"JULAAAY" is commonly seen as a discredited meme. Most of the people who comment on Chris related videos with any variant of "JULAAAAAAAY" in the present day are weens.

Big weens are people who think it's funny to PM and/or e-mail Chris with "JULAAAAAAAAAAAAAY".
Even bigger weens think it's funny to call Chris's house and scream "JULAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY", or record videos of themselves saying it over Chris.
The biggest weens of all go through the effort to hack into Chris's YouTube channel to upload videos of someone else screaming "JULAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY" (before Chris deleted it)[1].

In case you think that we're kidding about weening, we regret to inform you that all of the above have happened.
Chris wrote "that darned Meme Word" on an autograph and sold it for $75 on eBay.

On 20 February 2009, the first of (unfortunately) several sex tapes of Christian Weston Chandler were leaked to the Internet - provided, of course, that you count Chris humping a blow-up doll until he reaches a climax as a sex tape. The video file For Julies Eyes Only.MP4 consists of nearly eight minutes of Chris, completely nude except for his socks, making love to Kimmi, the blow-up doll, in a demonstration to how he'd get intimate with his then-sweetheart Julie. Throughout the video, Chris calls Julie's name out, eventually culminating in yelling "JULAAAY!" when he's close to blowing his load.

While the title suggests that the video was meant solely for Julie (or rather, the 13-year-old kid pretending to be a woman), the sex tape was soon uploaded to SlutLoad where it has received over 3.2 million views. It is perhaps the most-viewed video of Chris outside of YouTube, as indicated by the continued permutations of the "JULAAAY!" meme that even Chris is sick of hearing.

On 31 May 2016, it was proven that Chris hasn't learned from his mistake. On 21 April 2018, he was coerced into making the same mistake again.


For Julie's Eyes Only
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 20 February 2009
Subject Matter SexSex Sex
Performance Style CrazyCrazy Crazy
Saga JulieJulie Julie
Shirt None
Other LeakedLeaked Leaked
CWC Update 18 February 2009
Ode to Julie

Video (NSFW)

For Julie's Eyes Only
Search for video Youtube, archive
Stardate 20 February 2009
Subject Matter SexSex Sex
Performance Style CrazyCrazy Crazy
Saga JulieJulie Julie
Shirt None
Other LeakedLeaked Leaked
CWC Update 18 February 2009
Ode to Julie


Chris while humping Kimmi.
You take that like a good, bad girl!
Also while humping Kimmi.
I'm ready to cum!!
Again, while humping Kimmi.

0:00-0:05 [Chris sits cross-legged on his bed, holding Kimmi up as though it were a naked girl standing before him, says "Hey, Julie," and glances at her.]

0:06-0:10 [He lies back as he pulls the doll into position over his duck.] "I love you, Julie..."

0:11-0:28 [He grips the doll, possibly trying to finger its asshole. He seems confused as to how to effectively copulate with this device.]

0:29-0:44 [Our hero abandons all pretense and bends the doll at an unnatural angle (with its upper body pointed straight up and its legs pointed straight out behind it), grapevining its legs with his own and pounding it diligently. Its asshole is spread wide in full view of the camera.]

0:45-0:48 In a satisfied tone, he sighs "Mmm... Julie..." A moment later, sounding surprised by her passion, he exclaims "Julieee!"

0:49-1:25 [Quiet, uneventful thrusting. Chris seems to have a determined look on his face, as though he is focused on servicing his vinyl lover.]

1:26-1:32 [A loud snap can be heard, which seems to catch Chris's attention. He lifts the doll up and examines his crotch, then reaches over to pause the recording. In an email, he tells Julie that his condom had broke so he had to put on another one.']

1:33-1:52 [Chris resumes filming and humping.]

1:53-2:06 [He shifts to a sort of scissor position, with Kimmi "straddling" his right thigh. Chris keeps one hand planted on its "breast".]

2:07-2:08 "Mmm... Julie! Julieeee!"

2:09-2:28 [More scissoring.]

2:28-2:31 "Yesss, Julie... Julie! Mmmm..."

2:32-2:49 [Chris briefly tries to stick several fingers into Kimmi's ass before rolling over onto his side. His ass is now in full view as it thrusts and quivers against the love doll.]

2:50-2:51 "You like that, don't you, Julie?"

2:52-3:13 [More ass-thrusting.]

3:14-3:20 "Come on, Julie... [unintelligible] take that cock... Mmm, Julie!"

3:21-3:39 [Chris picks up speed...]

3:40-3:43 [Chris puts his right leg over the doll and continues thrusting.]

3:44-3:47 "Oh, Julie... Julie!"

3:47-4:05 [More thrusting.]

4:06-4:08 [Two loud snaps can be heard as Chris takes his leg off the doll.]

4:25-4:30 [Chris now sits on the bed and open his legs, putting the blow-up doll over his body. The scene cuts.]

4:31-4:40 [Filming resumes. Chris is seated cross-legged in the bed, much like the first scene. He proceeds to hump the doll.]

4:41-4:50 [Chris opens his legs and humps some more.] "Julie... Yes, Julie... You take that like a good—BAD girl!"

5:00-5:21 [Chris now is humping the doll quickly. His face is extremely red.]

5:22-5:23 "Hnmm..."

5:24-5:25 [Chris cuts the film and resumes the same scene, still humping the doll while seated.]

5:33-5:44 [Chris now starts to hump the doll on his knees.]

The money shot.

5:45-5:53 [Chris now straddles the doll face-down, thrusting like a rabbit.]

5:54-6:04 [Chris holds the doll's boobies and starts to "ride" Kimmi.]

6:05-6:09 "Oh, Julie...JULAAAAAY, JULAAAAAAAAAAY!!!"

6:23-6:40 "Ju— Yeah... Julie! Julie! Hnmph...hnm... Hnmph...uhh...uhh...uh..."

6:47-7:09 "Hnm, ah, yeah, JULIE! I'm— ah, I'm ready to CUUUM!!! JULIE! JULAY! JULAY! JULIEEE! Julie... HNMPH!" [More moaning.]

7:10-7:24 "AAAAUUUUGHHHHAAAHNNN!!!" [More moaning.]

7:25-7:40 [Chris suffocates the doll with his weight by lying over her. He thrusts a couple of times and turns off the camera.] "Julie, thank you."


Postcards of the act were sent direct to Chris's father by an anonymous troll in early March. His family's reaction is unknown, except that his PSEye was briefly taken away.

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