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I traveled an 800+ Mile Round Trip to Cleveland, Ohio, only to find at the address you gave me led me to a run-down old red house with an elderly woman residing in it, but not you nor Julie; no one in that neighborhood even heard of you two.
Christopher C.W.C.

BlueSpike Skype Logs 13 details a series of chats between Chris and Julie on 24-27 February 2009.


• Chris is on call with Max and Clyde in the first half.
• Max explains what The Miscreants are, and tells him to come to Julie.
• Chris makes the trip, asks why Max lied about the address.
• Chris sends receipts as proof of going to Ohio.
• Borb went to the police and put out an APB when Chris was missing.
• Max tells Chris he'll never get Julie, Chris disagrees and leaves the conversation to go the golden corral.


February 24

[00:00:28] BlueSpike: Let me fetch the link.
[00:00:30] BlueSpike: Hold on a few.
[00:00:37] BlueSpike:
[00:02:48] BlueSpike: That address on the bottom is fake, by the way.
[00:04:08] BlueSpike: I'm not there because we expected you'd find the site before.
[00:04:50] BlueSpike: Read it.
[00:05:00] BlueSpike: Thank you.
[00:12:00] BlueSpike: Clyde is here, address him, please.
[00:16:07] BlueSpike: Chris, remember.
[00:16:14] BlueSpike: We must..'check in' before you go eat.
[00:16:59] Christopher C.W.C.: yes?
[00:17:05] BlueSpike: Yes, give me a few moments..
[00:17:12] BlueSpike: Go grab a snack, I'll give you five minutes.
[00:17:15] BlueSpike: I will call right after.
[00:17:22] Christopher C.W.C.: no, let's talk now.
[00:17:28] Christopher C.W.C.: then I'll get my eats
[00:17:50] BlueSpike: I'm thirsty.
[00:17:57] BlueSpike: I'll be quick, alright?
[00:19:59] BlueSpike: I return.
[00:20:24] BlueSpike: Hello.
[00:20:37] BlueSpike: I'd like to say sorry for Clyde's drinking problem.
[00:20:38] BlueSpike: First of all.
[00:20:40] BlueSpike: Second of all.
[00:20:44] BlueSpike: I think maybe..
[00:20:55] BlueSpike: I'll give you until the fifth day to get here.
[00:21:02] BlueSpike: But before that, you must comply with my demands?
[00:21:05] BlueSpike: Do we have a deal?
[00:21:18] BlueSpike: Once, that you can do now.
[00:21:29] BlueSpike: Promise that once you get to my sister, you will treat her right.
[00:21:31] BlueSpike: Sorry.
[00:21:33] BlueSpike: One that you can do now.
[00:21:51] BlueSpike: Thank you.
[00:21:56] BlueSpike: Second of all, tell me..
[00:22:04] BlueSpike: I have requirements.
[00:22:22] BlueSpike: 1. You must come with UNDER 50 dollars to my home, I will supply you with money back.
[00:22:27] BlueSpike: I am going to be fair this once.
[00:22:40] BlueSpike: 2. Do not bring anyone else.
[00:22:54] BlueSpike: 3, once you arrive at my home.
[00:23:01] BlueSpike: I want you to open the door on your own.
[00:23:06] BlueSpike: Make yourself comfy, even.
[00:23:07] BlueSpike: Yes.
[00:23:21] BlueSpike: Meh, alright.
[00:23:28] BlueSpike: I need you to let yourself in to be sure it's you.
[00:23:40] BlueSpike: It's a trust thing, thank you.
[00:23:58] BlueSpike: 5. If nobody answers, yell for Max.
[00:24:02] BlueSpike: Which is me.
[00:24:07] BlueSpike: Yeah.
[00:24:15] BlueSpike: Hmm..I suppose I'll think of others later.
[00:24:25] BlueSpike: I think there may be more I want to do.
[00:24:31] BlueSpike: W-what.
[00:24:34] BlueSpike: How did I-.
[00:24:38] BlueSpike: Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-Okay, 4, sorry.
[00:24:51] BlueSpike: I hate this country's numbers..
[00:24:56] BlueSpike: You are now free to go.
[00:24:59] BlueSpike: HOWEVER.
[00:25:04] BlueSpike: I want you here tomorrow.
[00:25:13] BlueSpike: Hmm..
[00:25:22] BlueSpike: I guess whenever Julie gets back from work, that time.
[00:25:24] BlueSpike: You should know.
[00:25:32] BlueSpike: Yeah.
[00:25:46] BlueSpike: Alright.
[00:25:58] BlueSpike: No, the time that she does get back.
[00:26:04] BlueSpike: She's not going anywhere, just the time.
[00:26:30] BlueSpike: Yes?
[00:26:43] BlueSpike: Maybe tomorrow, yes/.
[00:26:59] BlueSpike: I'll try to get Clyde to allow me to do that, alright.
[00:27:09] BlueSpike: Fine.
[00:27:16] BlueSpike: I'd prefer you don't do that.
[00:27:25] BlueSpike: You will not get a reply, it doesn't matter.
[00:27:29] BlueSpike: I will not.
[00:27:40] BlueSpike: Alright.
[00:29:15] BlueSpike: Hmm.
[00:29:24] BlueSpike: I'll allow you to email Julie, instead of Snailmail.
[00:29:48] BlueSpike: You can send it to an old email of mine, I'll let her in it.
[00:29:54] BlueSpike:

February 25

[17:26:55] Christopher C.W.C.: Hey, I wanted to let you know that I could not get on last night, because I was tired after my long trip.
[17:27:37] Christopher C.W.C.: ANYWAY, Max, I am making my trip to Cleaveland tomorrow morning. I am financially set with 50 dollars for the trip, a tank of gas, changes of clothes and such.
[17:27:44] Christopher C.W.C.: so you go ahead and inform Clyde of that.

February 27

[12:23:50] Christopher C.W.C.: Hey, Max.
[12:25:16] Christopher C.W.C.: I traveled an 800+ Mile Round Trip to Cleveland, Ohio, only to find at the address you gave me led me to a run-down old red house with an elderly woman residing in it, but not you nor Julie; no one in that neighborhood even heard of you two.
[12:25:27] Christopher C.W.C.: So, explain yourslef, mister.
[12:26:18] Christopher C.W.C.: I am waiting.
[14:41:59] BlueSpike: Heheheheheeh, hello, Chris.
[14:42:09] BlueSpike: I want to say sorry for not coming online sooner.
[14:42:54] BlueSpike: My ISP shut me down..
[14:44:47] Christopher C.W.C.: Hello, Max.
[14:44:56] BlueSpike: I see you've gone on quite the trip, eh?
[14:44:59] BlueSpike: You made it back alright?
[14:45:01] Christopher C.W.C.: yes I did.
[14:45:15] Christopher C.W.C.: and I had a great time on the road.
[14:45:20] BlueSpike: Tell me all about it.
[14:45:42] Christopher C.W.C.: first, you explain yourself to me.
[14:45:54] BlueSpike: Nu-uh-huh. I don't think that's how things go, mister.
[14:46:09] Christopher C.W.C.: oh? how do things go?
[14:46:22] BlueSpike: Just tell me how it was on the rod.
[14:46:24] BlueSpike: Road*
[14:47:05] BlueSpike: Also, Chris..
[14:47:07] BlueSpike: You didn't go.
[14:47:10] BlueSpike: I didn't see you there.
[14:47:14] BlueSpike: I gave you the RIGHT ADDRESS.
[14:47:19] BlueSpike: I bet you didn't even drive there.
[14:47:33] Christopher C.W.C.: it was pleasant; very little rain, a few clouds, gave me some time to reflect on myself away from home. I crossed into Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, then Ohio.
[14:47:44] Christopher C.W.C.: sent file "TripToOhioReceipts.JPG" to members of this chat<files alt=""><file size="63059" index="0">TripToOhioReceipts.JPG</file></files>
[14:47:57] Christopher C.W.C.: Here, I've just scanned my receipts with my car ornament.
[14:48:06] BlueSpike: I'll take a look.
[14:48:12] BlueSpike: Tell me how your parents felt.
[14:49:00] BlueSpike: ...
[14:49:01] BlueSpike: Chris.
[14:49:06] BlueSpike: Are you SERIOUS?
[14:49:08] Christopher C.W.C.: they were worried about me; so bad that they went to the Police and put out an APB on me, then removed it after I informed them that I was on my way back home.
[14:49:14] Christopher C.W.C.: yes I am.
[14:49:24] BlueSpike: Giving me pictures off a receipt from a SONIC's will not prove it.
[14:49:33] Christopher C.W.C.: Look at the Address
[14:49:35] BlueSpike: I doubt you went to the correct house!
[14:49:48] Christopher C.W.C.: I went to 2229 East 46th Street.
[14:49:48] BlueSpike: PROVE. ME. WRONG.
[14:49:55] BlueSpike: Which house?
[14:50:08] Christopher C.W.C.: I found a run-down red house with an elderly back woman residing there.
[14:50:22] Christopher C.W.C.: I ask her for you and Julie; she did not know either of you.
[14:50:24] BlueSpike: Ah, our mother.
[14:50:31] BlueSpike: I told her to say nothing of us.
[14:51:01] BlueSpike: You see, Chris..I played a bit of a game with you.
[14:51:08] Christopher C.W.C.: then she informed me of her getting mail from 2229 East 40th Street; there was a Jewish Church and an Elementary School next door there.
[14:51:21] Christopher C.W.C.: *For 2229 E. 40th
[14:51:25] BlueSpike: Hahahah.
[14:51:27] BlueSpike: How do you feel?
[14:51:38] Christopher C.W.C.: down, but NOT out.
[14:51:45] BlueSpike: Chris..
[14:51:47] BlueSpike: You do realize..
[14:51:54] BlueSpike: I will NEVER let my sister pair up with you.
[14:52:27] BlueSpike: She could EASILY get a better man than you.
[14:52:40] Christopher C.W.C.: why can't you see that I am a good person.
[14:52:40] Christopher C.W.C.: ?
[14:52:42] BlueSpike: Chris, why, against my will, do you insist on my sister so much?
[14:53:20] Christopher C.W.C.: because I cared enough to go to the house, because you told me you were threatening her.
[14:53:38] Christopher C.W.C.: I gtg; I'm having lunch with my family at Golden Corall.
[14:53:41] BlueSpike: ...
[14:53:42] BlueSpike: No.
[14:53:45] BlueSpike: Are you serious?
[14:53:51] BlueSpike: You're going to leave my sister to STUFF YOUR FACE?
[14:53:57] BlueSpike: YOU'RE AWFUL.
[14:54:10] Christopher C.W.C.: Look, I've had a LONG trip, and I'm still recovering from that.
[14:54:21] BlueSpike: Fine.
[14:54:25] BlueSpike: We'll talk after.
[14:54:29] Christopher C.W.C.: peace.

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