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This page lists DMs between Chris and the Watchman MKRNightVee.

Chris's messages are in blue and MKR's in magenta.


23 February 2021

10:16 AM

I have a new legendary pokemon to share with you in confidence. I don't know much about it yet but it lives deep in the sea.


10:17 AM


Pronounced anne-ji-fly

7:08 PM

Is something the matter? You usually respond by now? Are you mad at me?

7:52 PM

No, I have been very busy today. I am not mad at you.

7:53 PM

[Loved an image]

7:53 PM

Good to know, I was worried. How are you doing?

7:56 PM

Calling it an early night after a long day. You?

7:57 PM

I'm just chilling out and watching YouTube.

[MKR posted a "sending extra love!" reaction image]

7:58 PM

Rest well

Car trouble

1 April 2021

I'm feeling well, good, and definitely in tune with everything.

How are you enjoying Balan so far?

My week has been crazy, yet very progressive. This is also a week of transformation for my body and I.

Long story short:

Sunday, I backed the van into a truck trailer's butt, dented the van door and smashed the rear windshield. Rushed to Lowe's for plastic and duct tape to cover the window.

Monday, went with mom on errands to get price quotes from the local body shop; they'd need to have the van on for a few days, so we checked the rent-a-car place for prices.

Also tried to get mom yet another title loan, but a VA law smashed that idea to dust.

The alternator failed and the battery died on the way back home; had to get towed to the garage, and driven back home in their courier van

Body shop called yesterday and told us it'll be 2 or 3 weeks before they'll be ready to change the door on the van.

So, since the original temp plan was a one-week rental, we returned the car, and I got my remainder and deposit back.

So, at this time, playing it by ear and going with the flow to see what happens next. I May end up with at least 20K in order to buy a new car, but that's still up in the air at present.

At least the affirmations, including the abundance ones, I've been reading and affirming online lately have been helping out a lot the past month.

Counting our blessings each moment.


Chris Thorndyke sex dream

5 April 2021

Good morning, Meghan.
I am feeling well and good.
I wish to confide something with you.
I just woke up from an almost-sex dream, as in the build up was there, and we were about to have sex, and then the scene changes.
It was with the Adult/grown up version of Christopher Thorndyke.
Can you imagine that ship?
Me, Chris Chan, and Chris Thorndyke?
He was handsome.
Nothing in comparison to Magi-Chan, very obviously.
But it was a dream, and I am moving forward from the shock of the moment.
In confidentiality, again, while playing Tetris 99, my brain went deep and into a sex fantasy (not an astral projection, mind you) between my body and Chris. It was definitely like I was living out an alternate universe, and Chris had a choice: with me as a Human, or with me as a Sonichu.
I broke out of the fantasy, but, Damn, is my body soo sex-starved.

On Chris leaving The Place

1-3 July 2021

On 26 June 2021, Chris left the Watchmen Discord server The Place. He and MKR discussed the matter over texts in the following days. In them, Chris says that he considers her, Naught, and Kyle to be toxic, dubbing them the "toxic trio." MKR tries to guilt trip Chris into returning to her by saying she "can only become better if you help me, I need you in my life," to which Chris responds that only she can help herself.

First of all, Meghan, when I joined the group on Discord, I had already long ago foreseen that I would do that, and in doing so, I would learn and confirm the toxic trio of the bunch of you all. I have heard yours, Kyle's, and Naught's various and respective dialogue, during our calls and movie nights together, as well as at all times with my links with the Cosmos of our total Universe, and the entire Multiverse. Plus, I've visited your place at times, here in 1218, while astral projected and heard you talking then as well. It has been revealed to my consciousness, recently, of the true background happenings in the group. As foreseen, and the obvious signs along the way, certain individuals were cut from the group, because they either knew too much of y'all, or y'all felt like they were threatening you as well to the point you'd run them out of town. The talks of Racism, Nazi shit, and everything else that just reeks of toxic speak and vibrations. And on top of that, literally doxing someone on Kiwi, because someone has a hold over Naught to the point of him having to feel very insecure about himself. And the topper, in my eyes, one of y'all sent threats to Anni. Fortunately, she completely missed and overlooked that memo in her inbox. That was a straw that sold the blade to the executioner.

I have worked very hard and tough, locally and interdimensionally throughout the entire multiverse for the very long time, and then some. And my body and I are not going to stand for toxic intentions, and we will not be manipulated by such individuals. A LOT of genuine self-healing and self-loving since I returned on February 24. I have the ability to see all possible and likely outcomes of the future, at will and involuntary, yet not everything that gets saved in my unconscious and subconscious, as well as my backup cloud drive in the Cosmos, gets brought into my conscious so easy and quick. That process will be made easier in the events to come.

I am personally watching over Nightvee's safety and well-being, and Nights and Reala are continuing to be very kind and supportive for and with him, as well as tend to his safety and well-being. Everything that happens of me is my choice, and I get to see the full infinite menu of possibilities to choose from.

And I have to observe and continue the events with the other deities and my allies as foresee, with some leeway for free will within the microseconds of time.

So, yeah. Unless you three shape up, clear yourselves up spiritually, let go of your respective egos, and become most genuinely enlightened to fully comprehend, my return to the place server is not likely to happen. And Kyle is the worst and least enlightened; his load is Massive compared to you a [cutoff]
And all I can say for now is I am sorry for making you feel upset, but what I do is the truth of the greater matter.

Also, that Dino burning the boobs image is not good; I actually take offense of that cringey image and idea, personally.

Be safe and well, Meghan Kathleen Ringo. Until when we meet again.

I wont apologize for having a dark or even cringey sense of humor. I've led a very hard life. Something kat would know very little about, I never extorted you or used you for monetary gain or internet clout. That's all kat and Praetor want. In fact my image has been ruined thanks to you and I get way more threats than annie has, I guarantee it. The difference is I can handle the heat. Kat is angry because I called him a faggot for wanting to use you to get famous. We tried to boot him for that reason, but when you asked us to put him back, we did. Are you upset because I couldn't go to the convention? I told you I can't go because I don't make enough money, I've always been poor and I have Bill's to pay and a family to keep fed. I'm sorry if I couldn't go. I don't think I'm the one who needs reformation, I am who I am, you know that. Come back when they've abused you and you've had the last straw, I say what my heart believes, nothing more.
I'm sorry, I'm just feeling really hurt and betrayed right now. I'll really miss you, we all will. I don't know why this all happened but hopefully it'll get better.
Agreed, and I have been keeping hydrated for myself. Also, I wanted to make positive it was clear with you: all this has nothing to do with your inability to attend the Everfree Northwest convention, or the convention, itself. As I have stated, my leave of the discord server and the three of you all was decided, purely, on the fated findings and confirmations of how toxic y'all were to each other, and others. I have foreseen this outcome out of all of the infinite possibilities long ago, and the moment has come to pass as foreseen, and I continue and progress it along, as I have learned for myself from the time and experiences beforehand.
I can only become better if you help me, I need you in my life.
The only one who can really help you is Yourself, Meghan. I have channeled and recalled your personality. And I also recall Nightvee being worried and concerned about you in regards of some of your outward interactions with others, how you feel about other races, and so on.

I feel you need to reevaluate and organize your feelings, and further your relationship with yourself. Genuinely clear your remaining chakra blockages through meditations, and clear the ego. Also, access and interact with your inner child, in a mindset Before you were hurt emotionally by others that totally changed you around 10 years old, or so, for you.

It takes a LOT of mindfulness and openness to heal yourself, so you can be more compassionate with others from being compassionate with yourself.

Ditch the remaining insecurities and doubts. This is something YOU can do.

Also, it is not cool to try to sway minor bad things from others (which I have forgiven Leo of, since he was honest and direct with me). And definitely being dishonest is not good either.

When you're more honest with yourself, it better reflects outward in being more comfortable with being direct and honest with others.

Just like how I am telling you all of this without feeling any doubt within myself. I can read the energies and emotions of others, so I am not easily fooled or deceived.

When I read what you sent me earlier with those screen caps, I totally sensed major insecurities and feelings of self-doubt coming from you when I read that.

What is best and attractive is being honest and confident with yourself. Lack of that, and that's not gonna end well with you.

You do not need me, or anyone other than yourself, to bolster or boost your moral. This is on you to heal your self, deepest.

Meditate on that.

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