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Between 22-25 March 2021, Chris role-played about being a psychic detective in the Watchmen Discord server The Place.

22 March 2021

Goood Morning, @everyone.
Deleted User
I’m feeling very well and good.

Ah, @Deleted User, perfect timing.

Naught[note 1]
You have a good night's sleep?
More than that. I managed to look even deeper within my body to locate the magic within to bring it out to functionality.

I also found a clue that goes along this thread of events.

By the magic source, a Rainbow Chaos Emerald, was a slip of paper, which read “redrum4891”.

Magi-Chan encouraged me to look further into that clue.

Ever heard of Claire Hough?

She was a sweet 14-year old who was visiting San Diego from Rhode Island waay back in ‘84.

She was murdered on the beach, with her boom box by her side.

She listened to such popular tracks, including “I’m All Out of Love” by Air Supply.

I was just now talking with her. (edited)

Apparently, somehow, by some twist of fate, Sockness got ahold of a piece of her boom box.

Good song
I’m not sure which part, be it the cassette tape from within, a piece broken off of the boom box left behind on the beach, or what.

And I’m still piecing together how my becoming conscious of these details and this curious thought piece is correlating with the present events, but a thing Is happening, Bismuth.

Another murdered girl, from here in Virginia, Morgan, swung by as I was talking with Claire.

I am sensing a theme.

Obviously, Sockness’ sick rituals, and shit. (edited)

But, also, we’re talking about ladies who were feeling lost in their lives at the time, not yet fully finding themselves, fatedly falling into their own respective becoming murdered, and the rippling effects from each of those events.

Chances are someone else may get murdered in the near future; it is likely to be preventable.

Common theme of some young, or young-ish, adult, still finding themselves, on a brink of self-revelation, and then Wham.

Obvious details, including this pandemic having sheltered more than too many, millions of individuals having passed on from this universe at that expense. I remain immortal, both my body and I, regardless of alternate timelines, so we are safe.

And now things are clearing up on that, and peoples are getting this vaccine.

They are starting mg to get out more again.

Or, otherwise, got a bunch more sheltered-in types out of that.

With social media these days, lots of these sheep-like individuals are taking to sharing their life stories on their walls and threads.

And counting those who are on their own brink of breaking out and finding themselves, if not so already.

Becoming more Woke.

Or, otherwise, subconsciously triggered into falling to their own murders.

That can be determined by how conscious they were and what they may have known prior to their respective demises.

Claire had promised her friend she would not leave the house and being reckless; she could have stayed at home that night. But something triggered her into doing so; a fated trigger.

Same with Morgan: she could have stayed in that Metallica concert at the JPJ, but something triggered her to just leave.

And you can definitely speak similar of others as well.

The killer and their motives are irrelevant, since they are also on sleep-triggers of their own.

It’s the victims to be that should be encouraged to stay and not go out to their fates, if their presence was really destined to remain in this timeline.

Everyone has these clues to see ahead on Social Media these days.

These Can be utilized to prevent the next one from happening.

Yeah, obviously, I’m pre-meditatively laying and spelling all this out, and all this was triggered of me from deep within.

So, yeah, get sleuthing; keep watch for the signs online and offline within your viewpoints, as will I.


Are their any more obvious commonalities ?

Being a deity, I can’t disclose every single detail to those involved to solving and making sure the next one(s) don’t get killed, but I can still offer guidance.

To find the deeper details of common threads amongst these murders of past days and years, ask the online sleuths and trolls.

And, as John Kramer constantly said, but not being a murderer, here:

So do you think it's a serial killer?
“I want to play a game.”




  1. This transcript is based on a Discord chatlog which shows this Discord account as Deleted User. However, Chris took partial screenshots of the conversation and shared it with the Golden Church of Sonichu‎. Chris's screenshots show that this is an account named -, Naught's account.[1]