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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

This page contains chats from the Watchmen Discord server The Place during November 2020.

Server members present in the chats below are: Chris (@Sonichu982), Anaxis (@Lainchu), klop, Kyle (@Nova), MKRNightVee (@MKR), Naught (@ภคยﻮђՇ), Val, and The WCT (@Neko Onyx (Kat)).

First Layer chats

Chris, the Watchmen, and the Watchmen's untrusted guests chatted in this layer.


2 November 2020

Chris (as Sonichu)
Hey, @everyone, another event has manifested and come to pass. Remember the PlayStation Trophy and XBox Achievement references when earned Mama made in her books?

The Place-1st Layer- 02Nov20 - XboxTrophy.jpg

That a promo item or something?
Chris (as Sonichu)

The Place-1st Layer- 02Nov20 - Comic1.jpg

The Place-1st Layer- 02Nov20 - Comic2.jpg

No, actually found it at Target, but the fact that I found and was able to buy it to make this come full-circle is significant and symbolic obvious plenty.

USB lamp, usually promo stuff is smaller for non-specific companies.
nice naitsirhc
Kitschy as all hell.
Chris (as Sonichu)
Still, don’t knock the manifested item in this dimension.
It is a style, but anything is.
what's naitsirhc up to?

his tale is still canon right?

[Naught links to a TV Tropes search page on Sonichu]


Chris (as Sonichu)
Naitsirhc is still around, very much, yes. Since Mama had made the treaty and friendship with Count Graduon (Graduon’s still around as well and continues to help us in all the events and whatnot withh his abilities), and since Naitsirhc had cut ties from Giovanni and Team Rocket, while keeping his Pokemon partners, he had become a neutral and an anti-hero these days. He does and helps out as he will, expecially in the common goal. But he works like Wade Wilson (Deadpool) in being a good-type merc-for-voluenteer. His demanor and personality is still the same as ever, but he appreciates others in his own way.

Having this Trophy now, and in further thought, also brought to this mind a reminder of something from that High School Graduation event back in 2000 with Mama.

Mama had said time and again that she wished she had been given an award by the staff of Manchester High for her own personal growth and better coming out in being more social, yet in the end, all she got was a singular Star Pin (which had become lost) for her Honor Roll Grades.

Yes, she did work genuinely well enough for her grades, and regardless of her better gal pals having been hired by the Principal, after Robertchu had talked with him, to guard and defend Mama over the years from bullies, Mama Chris Chan DID become more socialable and friendly towards and with others, while she had dealt with a young life toughing through her autism and limitations of this dimension.

She did get the idea at one point that should she go back in time, she’d go back with a drawing type of award for her younger self, slip it in with the other drawing trophies they had at the time, and let that help her out back then. Obviously, at this point and time, had that happened there would be a bunch of other timeline lashes up the line to our present.

But, from her past realization and desire of an award for having progressed a long way through life with better social and character development, and the Trophy and Achievement systems having been put into play in her life, and now we have this manifestion and combination of the Trophy and Achievement types, and someone other than herself, personally, acquired it for her, it is very much like her past tense wish had just come true.

For now, that’s just my two bolts going from Mama’s memories and all, plus my own feelings and opinions.


Beneath the Bridge

5 November 2020

Main article: The Place chats - Beneath the Bridge

Chris's Body Shakes

12 November 2020[1]

Chris (as Sonichu) 04:23 PM
@everyone, this is a Red Alert. I am sensing a major problem arising. This body is shaking quite a bit right now, and I am doing my best to keep it stable.
Kyle 04:24 PM
Like DTs?

[1 ❓ reaction]

Chris (as Sonichu) 04:24 PM
@everyone, please, report in with your local findings and events.
Naught 04:24 PM
What's happening?


Are dts shakes?

Kyle 04:25 PM

How exactly the shakes are described is diagnostically useful.

Seizures have many varieties, tonic is stiffening, clonic is twitching.

Chris (as Sonichu) 04:27 PM
Well, considering this body is heavily linked with the dimensions and this planet, the body shaking is a sign that something major is happening. This is not a seizure.
Kyle 04:28 PM
But the same mechanisms don't discount that.
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:28 PM
Fair enough. Still, can’t ignore this, either.
Kyle 04:28 PM
Exactly what I'm trying to do.

Describe it? Depending on specificity can indicate a lot.

Chris (as Sonichu) 04:33 PM
Well, it feels like the body is shaking in time with an earthquake, even though there is no literal earthquake on the land mass, here.
Kyle 04:34 PM
Any stiffening or rigidity?
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:34 PM
Kyle 04:35 PM
Signs of unilaterality?

As in, is one side isolated in the symptoms?

Chris (as Sonichu) 04:37 PM
The whole body’s shaking, so it’s not just one side of the body or the other.
Kyle 04:38 PM
How long did it last, was it more consistent throughout or did it taper off?
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:38 PM
At the moment, the shakes are fading away, but are still present.
Kyle 04:40 PM
Generally still aware during the incident?
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:41 PM
Yes, very much self-aware and aware of all other things as much as possible.
Kyle 04:43 PM
I can think it would be best to try basic cognition exercises just to delineate along less ambiguous terms.
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:45 PM
Yeah, this brain and all of its wisdom and knowledge have been getting lots of exercise lately.
Kyle 04:46 PM
More of a basic rundown of how effective aspects are that engage different areas of the brain to isolate possible problems.

Very easy to say everything is always fine.

Chris (as Sonichu) 04:47 PM
Well, what exercises do you recommend?
Kyle 04:48 PM
Counting up in a patterned way generally requires enough effort to engage a few areas.

[1 👍 reaction, likely from Chris]

Semantic might be harder to test.

Try writing down the names of the first items you see, tests spatial acuity as well as many linguistic areas of the brain.

[1 👍 reaction, likely from Chris]

Are the motions rhythmic?

This does represent a serious issue for day to day things.

Chris (as Sonichu) 04:54 PM
What motions do you mean? The shaking?
Kyle 04:54 PM
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:55 PM
Ah. Rhythmic like an earthquake, yes.
Kyle 04:55 PM
Approximate period?
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:55 PM
Also like a jackhammer hammering away at pavement.

Within the past half-hour.

Also, it should be noted, I had to get up early this morning, because Barb had an appointment in cardiology at 10:15; she wanted me to get up at 7:30 am.

I only got two and a half hours of sleep.

Kyle 04:57 PM
From a nutritional perspective the usual things to look at are sodium, calcium, glucose, but that would be far easier to tell.

Generally people with undiagnosed conditions along these lines are heavily discouraged from driving.

Chris (as Sonichu) 04:57 PM
Got back home started towards a nap at 3:30. And after 4:30, the body shook.
Kyle 04:58 PM
Did you remember to eat today?
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:58 PM
Kyle 04:59 PM
It would be something to consider, if this happens when you're driving, that wouldn't be good.
Chris (as Sonichu) 04:59 PM

And when I turned the coloured light bulb back up, it turned orange in cautionary; didn’t change to a different colour.

Kyle 05:01 PM
The last time you went to the doctor, how did you describe these?
Chris (as Sonichu) 05:01 PM
But I did manually change it to blue after.
Kyle 05:01 PM
The light is psychic?
Chris (as Sonichu) 05:02 PM
I think I’ve went over the light bulb with you before. And as I say that, this moment resonated a Deja Vu.
Kyle 05:03 PM
One of those programmable LEDs, really popular in the last few years.
Chris (as Sonichu) 05:03 PM
You or someone stated possible faulty wiring in the colour bulb or the remote that would contribute to the fated colour changes on days and nights when applicable.

Considering this body has psychic powers, it’s no surprise that it would relay into the bulb.

Kyle 05:04 PM
I've built things like these with breadboards. Consumer electronics are kind of crap.
Naught 05:05 PM
You're a godsend nova
Chris (as Sonichu) 05:06 PM
Regardless, a massive event has been indicated by the body shakes.
Kyle 05:06 PM
@ภคยﻮђՇ Thanks.
Naught 05:06 PM
Nonetheless still applicable to the overall scenario
Kyle 05:06 PM
It's generally poor clairvoyance to ascribe a meaning later.
Chris (as Sonichu) 05:06 PM
The shakes have stopped, thank Chris Chan and the deities.

Yeah, it’s not easy to think of using clairvoyance while feeling such a level of physical stress while the event is happening elsewhere.

I will have a look and see what I can find, though.

Kyle 05:08 PM
I mean exactly that.
Chris (as Sonichu) 05:08 PM
I get it.
Kyle 05:09 PM
There are some basic psychological tricks that people like Miss Cleo used.

In hindsight, almost everyone is almost always right.

Naught 05:09 PM
What's the guy? Randy something? He was an acolyte of Houdini

James Randy?

Chris (as Sonichu) 05:10 PM
I know I could do better, but unlike Mama, herself, who does know better for the latter, I’m still learning and figuring out how this body works and improve on its powers and abilities. As well as physically improve it with my own soulful influence. (edited)
Kyle 05:10 PM
Randi. Ya.
Naught 05:11 PM
Soulful influence implies a solid foundation which is what were doing
Kyle 05:11 PM
Fucking Prophet Peter "Profit" Popoff.
Naught 05:11 PM
That's a good grift
Chris (as Sonichu) 05:11 PM
Naught 05:12 PM
Not you

Remember the South park episode about mind reading?

Kyle 05:13 PM
And that's why we have stringent qualifiers on things, any logical system to make a trick has a logical solution to beat it.
Naught 05:13 PM
[YouTube link to "Stan the Psychic" by Aaron Burton]
Kyle 05:17 PM
Its all fun, kind of sick how rich some of those people got, but that's just how money works.
Chris (as Sonichu) 05:25 PM
Clairvoyance showed a mountain range in the background of a forest area in either Minnesota or Montana, possibly around that portal sign in Nebraska.

It was likely a heavy breach between dimensions.

I am going to rest now.

Check y’all later.

Unblocking Sockness

17 November 2020

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Hands theory

18 November 2020

Main article: The Journey to the Merge#Hands Theory

Premonitions and trances

19-22 November 2020

Chris (as Sonichu)
@everyone, I just had a premonition vision:

The moon was full and it was looking really close to Earth, also it looked like it was daytime.

Chris (as Sonichu)
What do you mean “So?”? It’s a premonition. A vision of forewarning.


[The following day, on 20 November]

Chris (as Sonichu)
Hey, @everyone. Sorry for the delay, but I got the further details of the significance of the moon beling closer.

From what I gather, there will be quite a few waves and chaos between where the Pacific and Antlantic oceans meet, south of the United States.

Even moreso than previous instances in that area.

So, mexico?
[posts a Google Hangout link]
Chris (as Sonichu)
More like in the Gulf of Mexico, or just west of South America.


[Past midnight on 21 November]

Chris (as Sonichu)
Aside from that, I have a math problem for you that I ended up tweeting earlier, @Nova:

A Sonichu runs 770 mph from Charlottesville, Virginia at 10:55 am EST, westward. A Rosechu runs 655 mph from San Franciso, California at 7:55 am PST, eastward. Straight line between the two points, which city, state and at what time, there, do they meet?

Variables, aside; I would appreciate an answer, please. Take your time with it.

2378 absolute.

Distance in miles...

Road distance or flying distance?
By road, about around Lodgepole, NE.
[posts a reaction image]
10:53 MST about.


[On 22 November]

Chris (as Sonichu)
By road, about around Lodgepole, NE.


At what time, though, Kyle? (edited)

Aside from that, @everyone, I just had another heavy vision moment.

Thinking 10:53 MST about.
[posts a reaction image]
Chris (as Sonichu)
I fell under a couple of heavy trances and got a massive amount of visions, but the one for the near future that is of great importance is going to happen at Manchester High School in Midlothian, Virginia.

Mama’s School.

Apparently, one of her doppelgängers is working there as one of the faculty, and in the near future, in witness of the bunch of attending students, he will do something and ultimately pass on. Right after, that doppelgänger’s energy and power will flow into this body, and making come full circle with the eventful amount of overpower this body will need for breaking through the Iron Curtain.

so, good?
That's a bit, macabre?
I mean, it was said there's a few counterparts out there
Chris (as Sonichu)
Mostly good, yeah, but also bad, since a bunch of students will end up being scarred by the moment.

It’s still vague on the greater details of the how he will die.

And I face fear in stating it would possibly be a suicide attempt.

And you know, the actual person dying, thought that would take precedence.
ok, yeah a tad morbid
Chris (as Sonichu)
Or it could be a simple straight up heart attack; still beyond me.

Anyway, I’m calling it as I am foreseeing it.

So, yeah, it’s not exactly buttons and bows with me, either.

B.hug @Sonichu982
Chris (as Sonichu)
How crazy it is that we just found out and confirmed that one of Mama’s doppelgängers has been working at the same school that she, herself, had attended two decades ago. (edited)
it's definitely quite the experience
I think confirmation requires a bit more breadth of sources.
Chris (as Sonichu)

But, this is definitely concrete.

All we can do now is the wait-and-see.

Would help to figure out at least a percentage error for that one step. Just basic statistical prediction.
Chris (as Sonichu)
The number “5 percent” just came to mind.

There’s your M.O.E.

Would help to compare events that ran out of time or happened.
[posts a reaction image]
Can determine precision vs accuracy.

Being wrong in a specific way just shows that the model is flawed, low precisions means the model is more flawed on a lower level.

Chris (as Sonichu)
Margin Of Error. Anyway, I am not feeling in the mood for a movie night tonight.

Opuscon's fanfic

27 November 2020

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Discussing Opuscon789 and ProjectSNT

30 November 2020

Main article: The Place chats - ProjectSNT and Opuscon789#Discussing Opuscon789 and ProjectSNT

Second Layer chats

NOTE: Chris was not directly involved in this conversation.

The section covers chats from the second layer of the Watchmen's Discord server The Place.

Chris and the Watchmen's untrusted guests did not have permissions to view this layer.

Randy Stair discussion

4-7 November 2020

Main article: The Place chats - Randy Stair discussion

Chris roleplays about Sonic.EXE

4 November 2020

From Chris:
Hey, Neko.

[2:39 PM]

I’m feeling well and okay.

[2:40 PM]

We have a majorly bad development happen. From his distant creepypasta dimension, Sonic.EXE is making an attack on this timeline and dimension set. He tried to get to me and Rosey, but our defenses were overpowered to that thing. Unfortunately, EXE corrupted the timeline placement where Mama, with my ol' body, have been these months. She defended herself well, but Magi-Chan had to go and rescue her and bring her back to this timeline. For the time being, Mama with my body, and I with her body, can not be close to each other, as that would trigger the soul return-swap prematurely.

[2:40 PM]

Magi-Chan is bringing her to you and Bismuth in California; he should have arrived and personally talked with Bismuth by the time you read this message.

[2:41 PM]

BUT, at this time, we need to keep her return to this time Absolutely Quiet to Anyone Else in this dimension, outside of you, Neko and I.

[2:41 PM]

I have already texted Bismuth about this.

[2:41 PM]

Mama's one soul, and my one body, are in the safety of yours and Bismuth’s hands. Also, make sure Sockness is no where near or aware of her presence at all.

[2:41 PM]

Thank you both.

[2:44 PM]

Again, no one outside of the three of us in this dimension must know of Mama's return to this timeline. Continue on as you were when talking with everyone else.

[2:45 PM]

Mama will typically be meditative, active, as well as talkative. Should she be in your company and talk with you, Neko, be sure to talk with her in return as well.


GiBi asks Naught about Praetor

12 November 2020

Gibi messaged me about the praetor people I gave him their info and a run down

Since he's popular itll get the weens on the scene


MKR Complains About Moderator Removal

23 November 2020[1]

MKR 05:01 PM
@Lainchu @CatLoPez

Why am I no longer admin in Cwcki server?

Its pissed me off a little bit to be honest because I've done nothing wrong?

Anaxis (Lainchu) 05:08 PM
It's not punishment, we just try to keep the modstaff limited to people who actually mod on the server
MKR 05:08 PM
It feels like punishment

You let pay fags buy admin apparently

Anaxis (Lainchu) 05:09 PM
We had a few incidents with people on the modstaff who weren't modding, and since then we've been keeping it limited by design

We don't, who told you that?

MKR 05:09 PM
Anaxis (Lainchu) 05:10 PM
It wasn't malicious
Klop 05:10 PM
I'm no longer there btw
Anaxis (Lainchu) 05:10 PM
Just a logistical move
MKR 05:10 PM
Most of us aren't and it concerns me
Anaxis (Lainchu) 05:11 PM
I'm still there
Klop 05:11 PM
Anaxis (Lainchu) 05:11 PM
I've got eyes on everyone
Val 05:11 PM
Im banned too
MKR 05:11 PM
I don't think I trust you lainchu
Val 05:11 PM
From their
Anaxis (Lainchu) 05:11 PM
If there's a problem person then I'll let you know

Then you're free to check it out yourself, mkr

I don't know what to tell you

Val was kicked, not banned

Val 05:12 PM
@Lainchu okay send link again
Anaxis (Lainchu) 05:12 PM
Okay, just don't post someone's dox again
MKR 05:12 PM
Google hangouts isn't a dox
Anaxis (Lainchu) 05:12 PM
Not you, Val

[Discord invite link]

Val 05:13 PM
Thank you
Anaxis (Lainchu) 05:15 PM
Idk why you don't trust me, I tell you guys whenever I see something worth reporting
MKR 05:16 PM
Because I don't trust anyone

Especially not people who do things behind my back

Anaxis (Lainchu) 05:17 PM
Again, the removal from modstaff wasn't an underhanded move

I'm sorry if it offended you

MKR 05:21 PM
You could have talked to me about it beforehand.
Anaxis (Lainchu) 05:24 PM
I wasn't the one who made the decision
Val 05:26 PM
@Lainchu so who did?
Anaxis (Lainchu) 05:27 PM
Idk, maybe the server owner at the time?

I don't remember how high-ranked I was then

Naught 06:58 PM
So fucken predictable
Kyle 09:52 PM
IDK, I don't really have a lot of interest in wrangling on there, I don't check the server much.