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NOTE: Chris was not directly involved in this conversation.

This page is a collection of long chat transcriptions from within the Discord group chat Regarding Chris. Its main purpose is to serve as a reference for The Lainchu Manifesto, and store the raw text of chats that are too long to upload the content of in screenshot form to this wiki.

Editors can feel free to use to this page as a resource. Enjoy.

Regarding Chris

This was a group chat created by former Watchman The WCT in order to interrogate Bella about the incest leaks. After attempting to get answers through DMs, WCT acquiesced to Bella's request of making a group chat so that she could explain herself properly (she might have been under the impression that Null would be in this chat, but this was not the case). Members of this chat besides WCT and Bella were The Fool, Silvia, Para, and myself (Anaxis).

Note that every attachment (image, audio, video) is broken due to the group chat having eventually been deleted. Bella also lies frequently within these chats to protect herself, which will be pointed out in each section's summary when applicable. Keep this in mind when trying to evaluate context.

The selected chats are from 30 July 2021 to 1 August 2021.

Bella's Initial Claims

30 July 2021

Summary: Upon joining this chat, WCT announces that its purpose is to give Bella a chance to tell her side of the story. Bella begins by reiterating things she had already told WCT, blaming "Avery Oswald" and "tenerymerc," claiming that they worked for Chris's ISP and were supposedly responsible for leaking the incest call. She also continually insists that we (the Knights) shouldn't be "supporting" Chris and should cut off contact. As we ask questions, Bella acts scared and disgusted over Chris's actions, claiming that she wants her anonymity preserved and that Chris was responsible for rape. She states that the call was supposedly 4 hours long, and that we should contact one of the people she named if we wanted to know more. The Fool points out the absurdity in Bella's claims about the people working for Chris's ISP, but she is adamant that this is the truth.

The latter person Bella refers to, ternarymerc, is actually the username of one of her Chess Club friends, while "Avery Oswald" is apparently the name of another student at her university. There is no evidence of their direct involvement in the incest call.

Regarding Chris
The WCT 06:43 PM
Changed the channel name.
The Fool 06:43 PM
The WCT 06:43 PM
This group chat will give @an0nym0us a chance to give us her side of the story.
The Fool 06:44 PM
yeah we're by far not supporting or encouraging chris with this shit

we just wanna know the full story of how all this happened

The WCT 06:44 PM
That's all we want to know.

just tell us everything.

Added a recipient.

Bella 06:48 PM
So Chris leaked this to quite a few people

Including myself

It’s honestly disgusting

The things he told us

You guys shouldn’t be supporting him

Some people named Avery Oswald who works for his isp

The Fool 06:49 PM
we're not really supporting him, just wrangling him
Bella 06:49 PM
And this other guy tenerymerc

You should cut off contact

Silvia 06:49 PM
How did this all start if I may ask. And why didn’t u say anything sooner.
Bella 06:49 PM
He told us he wouldn’t let barb leave if he wouldn’t fuck her
Anaxis 06:49 PM
Regardless of what we should do moving forward, we would like to know how we got to this point
Bella 06:49 PM
This was like 2 days ago
The WCT 06:50 PM
now please folks, as we continue to talk I'd suggest you keep your cool while we're talking in this group. Its all a mess right now but please stay civil.
Bella 06:50 PM
I didn’t want to be blown up online I want privacy and still do
The WCT 06:50 PM
Pinned a message.
Silvia 06:50 PM
[Replying to "now please folks, as we continue to talk I'd suggest you keep your cool while we're talking in this group. Its all a mess right now but please stay civil."]

Of course.

Bella 06:50 PM
[Replying to "Regardless of what we should do moving forward, we would like to know how we got to this point"]

Wdym “we”

The Fool 06:50 PM
we don't publish things, we just wrangle chris
Bella 06:50 PM
U have nothing to do with it
The WCT 06:50 PM
We're not the Watchmen. lel
Bella 06:50 PM
It’s not an internet group thing

He RAPED his elderly Mom

The Fool 06:50 PM
yeah it's disgusting lol
Anaxis 06:51 PM
[Replying to "Wdym “we”"]

Well you were saying we shouldn't "support" Chris, so I'm saying that that's not really what the discussion is about

Bella 06:51 PM
I never published anything
The WCT 06:51 PM
I've been hearing reports that the uncut call is 4 hours long. Does it exist?
Bella 06:51 PM
[Replying to "Well you were saying we shouldn't "support" Chris, so I'm saying that that's not really what the discussion is about"]

I’m making the discussion here

The Fool 06:51 PM
we're not accusing you, we just want to know what happened

[4 ✅ reations]

Anaxis 06:51 PM
Go ahead, I want to hear what you have to say
Bella 06:51 PM
The call is with all of use yeah

It’s 4 hours long

I’m not posting anything go talk to Avery Oswald or tenery in kiwi farms

Silvia 06:52 PM
May I ask a question.
Bella 06:52 PM
Anaxis 06:52 PM
So you think one of them leaked the call?
Bella 06:52 PM
Silvia 06:53 PM
If you were in the call, and you heard this, why didn’t u say “no Chris I don’t think u should do this. You need to stop please”
Anaxis 06:53 PM
Who are they, exactly? What do you think motivated them?
Bella 06:53 PM
Uh i did
Silvia 06:53 PM
Ok. I didn’t hear the full call.
Bella 06:53 PM
I was the only one who said that
The Fool 06:54 PM
so about this Avery guy, did he tell you he works for Chris' ISP? because I don't believe that for a second and I'm just wondering if he or someone else lied to you
Bella 06:55 PM
Yeah he did (edited)

Idk and Idc if he’s lying (edited)

Silvia 06:55 PM
I have another question when available.
Bella 06:55 PM
He posted the text convo

Go ahead

About the Suitress

30 July 2021

Summary: I mention the Suitress's real name (Fiona) being stated in the call, and ask if Bella knows who that is. Bella claims that we already know Fiona, and that she (Bella) was trying to get Chris to date her instead. I post a picture of Fiona and ask if it's the person mentioned, but Bella ignores me in favor of answering a question of Silvia's. I reiterate my question, and Bella insists that they aren't the same person. She claims that Fiona was a minor and that Chris has had sexual relations online. After Bella continues to act scared over me speaking for the group, Silvia asks why she would try to get Chris and Fiona to date if the latter was a minor, and Bella claims that it wasn't being taken seriously since the two of them live across the country from each other, and that she had no idea Fiona was a minor until recently. Despite this, Fiona still wanted to date Chris.

I ask again if Bella is sure that Fiona isn't the same person as the Suitress, and Bella again says they aren't the same and asks why I'm asking her this. I clarify that the Suitress was known to have a history of obsessing over Chris and that was why I believed there was a link. After Para notes that Chris would rather fuck his mother than Fiona, Bella claims that she was trying very hard to get Chris to date her (before Bella supposedly learned Fiona was a minor). At the end of the conversation, Bella says that Fiona had leaked "some" and wanted to protect her identity.

These claims on Bella's part would later be disproven as lies: the Suitress was the same person as Fiona, and she was not a minor at the time, something Bella seemed to be perfectly aware of.

Regarding Chris
Anaxis 06:55 PM
Someone named Fiona was mentioned in the call. Can you tell us who that is?
Bella 06:56 PM
It’s a girl he mentioned, you would know her

We were trying to get him to date her instead

Anaxis 06:56 PM
[Screenshot of a post by the Suitress in the Official CWCki Server, reading "Like, this is me. You'd never guess who this person is obsessed with if you didn't know that was me" along with a picture of her.]
Silvia 06:56 PM
I’m not saying this to be rude. But why didn’t u come to us about this sooner?
Anaxis 06:56 PM
This girl?
Bella 06:57 PM
[Replying to "I’m not saying this to be rude. But why didn’t u come to us about this sooner?"]

Why would I tell u

It’s not ur business

Para 06:57 PM
is there a video of chris finger banging his mom
Bella 06:57 PM
It’s the laws and his moms

No but he does it constantly

And she says it’s hurts her

Para 06:57 PM
and did you guys coerce oh ok
Silvia 06:58 PM
[Replying to "Why would I tell u"]

That’s fair. Wasent trying to be rude once again.

Para 06:58 PM
Bella 06:58 PM
It’s cool
The Fool 06:58 PM
some of us are still just a little blown away by all this lol
Anaxis 06:58 PM
Is Fiona the girl in the pic?

[Broken video attachment, likely one of the Suitress's videos imitating Classic Chris.]

Bella 06:58 PM
Silvia 06:58 PM
Yes I am flabbergasted
Anaxis 06:59 PM
She's someone else, then?
Bella 06:59 PM
What r u guys going to do (edited)

With him

The WCT 06:59 PM
we're not doing anything.
Bella 06:59 PM
Are u going to leave the server
Anaxis 06:59 PM
There's nothing we can do at the moment

We're just trying to get all of the facts

The WCT 06:59 PM
we are not in control of anything.
Bella 06:59 PM
But why do u need them
The WCT 06:59 PM
anything that happens to Chris now is beyond our control.
Bella 07:00 PM
I’ll tell u this
Silvia 07:00 PM
As a **** victim myself this dosent sit well. But I don’t think we can do anything. It’s the laws and it’s up to the police to decide.
Bella 07:00 PM
Fiona is a minor

And he has had sexual relations online

Anaxis 07:00 PM
[Replying to "But why do u need them"]

Because information around Chris is twisted often, so we just want to make sure we have the full picture on whatever this is

The WCT 07:00 PM
[Replying to "And he has had sexual relations online"]

how credible is this.

Bella 07:00 PM
Yeah but again it doesn’t matter he’s in jail
Silvia 07:00 PM
Bella 07:00 PM
I’ll tell u all of this to be nice but not ifs u guys act as a collective
Bella 07:01 PM
[Replying to "how credible is this."]

Very I have messages of it

I saw it first hand and he told me first hand

Anaxis 07:01 PM
We have no intention of taking any action

[1 ✅ reaction]

We just want to know what's up, is all

Bella 07:02 PM
Ok but this “we” stuff is weirding me out
Silvia 07:02 PM
I’m honestly just here bc me and Chris had common interests and I thought they were an actual chill person. (Mlp and sonic and kid stuff)
Anaxis 07:02 PM
Alright, I'll speak for myself then
The WCT 07:02 PM
[Replying to "Ok but this “we” stuff is weirding me out"]

you're going to be ok.

Bella 07:02 PM
[Replying to "I’m honestly just here bc me and Chris had common interests and I thought they were an actual chill person. (Mlp and sonic and kid stuff)"]


Anaxis 07:02 PM
I have no intention of doing anything, I just want to know all the facts
Bella 07:03 PM
I’m fine, nobody’s after me

Even if they were nobody has any of my info

Ok I get it but I’m not lying to u but I’m not going to tell u all of their info

Fiona is someone u know and she’s a minor

Chris is aware

Silvia 07:03 PM
I have a question
Anaxis 07:03 PM
Someone we know?
Bella 07:03 PM
Silvia 07:04 PM
You said they were trying to get Chris to date Fiona instead. But why if their a minor
Bella 07:04 PM
Bc they’re not actually going to date

They live across the country

But we didn’t know they were until today either

Apperently Chris did

Silvia 07:05 PM
Ok. So it was a joke thing
Bella 07:05 PM

Nobody knew she was a minor, she’s still interested in dating

Silvia 07:05 PM
Bella 07:05 PM
We’re not going to let that happen


Silvia 07:05 PM
Yea pls no.
Bella 07:05 PM
But she wanted to meet up and sleep with him
Anaxis 07:05 PM
And you're sure that she's not the same girl as the one in the pic?
Silvia 07:05 PM
[Replying to "But she wanted to meet up and sleep with him"]

That’s not good.

Bella 07:06 PM
I said if she went I was going to follow here there and make sure Chris doesn’t touch her
Bella 07:06 PM
[Replying to "And you're sure that she's not the same girl as the one in the pic?"]

No but why is she also dating him

Anaxis 07:07 PM
[Replying to "No but why is she also dating him"]

The girl in the video is someone who is obsessed with Chris, in a sexual way, whose name is also believed to be Fiona

I thought there may have been a link there

Silvia 07:07 PM
I’m also asking bc I don’t know too much on praetor or anything of that nature. I just tend to be friends with odd folks. Me being odd myself
Para 07:07 PM
why didnt chris fuck that girl instead

so dumb

Bella 07:08 PM

we kept trying to say hey shes into u

he said the psychic force stopped him

Anaxis 07:08 PM
I mean, would've still been bad
Bella 07:08 PM
like the taroot cards
Anaxis 07:09 PM
Since she turned out to be a minor
The Fool 07:09 PM
btw when we say "we" we don't mean anonymous legion we mean everyone in here that isn't you lol

we talk to each other a lot

Bella 07:09 PM
i get it but still it feels strange in my perspective
Silvia 07:09 PM
That’s fair. I felt that way too when I first first join
Para 07:09 PM
he’d rather fuck his mom
Bella 07:09 PM
Para 07:09 PM
than some yandere autistic chick
Bella 07:10 PM
i pushed HARD to get him to ddate her

(before i knew she was a minor)

Para 07:10 PM
chris has standards

shes a minor


oy vey

Bella 07:10 PM
he was like "yeah id fuck her and i will butmy mom soothes me becuase ive loved her my entire life":

oy vey (edited)

The Fool 07:10 PM
Bella 07:11 PM
he has gotten himslef into a pickle
The Fool 07:11 PM
I didn't hear much of the call but what little I did sickens me enough
Bella 07:11 PM
imagine the 4 hours of it

i went through

The Fool 07:11 PM
I probably would have ragequit
Bella 07:11 PM
oh fiona did leak some tho too

i want to protect hee ridentity (edited)

just respect that

The Fool 07:11 PM
of course

"BDSM Stuff"

30 July 2021

Summary: Bella makes the claim that Chris and Barb did what she calls "bdsm stuff," stating that Chris wouldn't feed Barb unless she sucked his dick, and that he inserted sex toys inside her despite how much pain sex allegedly caused her. The rest of us react in horror and disgust, and Bella states that the two of them had essentially groomed each other. She asks how Null feels about this, and states that we're free to tell him what she told us, noting how he had pinned blame onto her on Kiwi Farms. The Fool states his opinion that Barb wouldn't be charged with anything given her status as a victim. Bella says that Chris justified keeping this secret by stating that God told him it was okay, which I question on the grounds that Chris doesn't believe in God anymore. Bella says that she will find it in the video if someone posts it in the chat.

No evidence of the "bdsm stuff" described has come about aside from Bella's word and her later attempt at fabricating text messages from Chris describing these acts.

Regarding Chris
Bella 07:12 PM

he does bdsm stuff with his mom

[2 😳 reactions]

Para 07:12 PM
like what
Bella 07:12 PM
he said that he wont feed her until she sucks his dick and calls it bdsm
Anaxis 07:13 PM
Bella 07:13 PM
she s too old to prepare food in their extremley cluttered house apperently
Anaxis 07:13 PM
The Fool 07:13 PM
jesus christ I could have never believed this shit until today
Bella 07:13 PM
he put up 3 vibrators in her and appernetly she was screaming in pain

sex he says is extrmeley painful for her but they do it conatntly

The Fool 07:14 PM
I'm really not looking forward to the hospital results
Para 07:14 PM
what the fuck
Bella 07:14 PM
unless he was bs me which i doubt then hell be pput away for a long time

but what im not sure about is whether or not she fully constented

he said yes and no

she groomed him and chris groomed her

The WCT 07:15 PM
[Replying to "she groomed him and chris groomed her"]

AnOminous on Kiwi Farms suggested they'd both get arrested. lol

Bella 07:15 PM
yeah makes sense
The Fool 07:15 PM
anom is kind of a retard
Bella 07:15 PM
y is their name so close to mine ;/ (edited)
The WCT 07:16 PM
[Replying to "anom is kind of a retard"]

at least he's not Naught. lel

Anaxis 07:16 PM
Unfortunate coincidence
The WCT 07:16 PM
[Replying to "she groomed him and chris groomed her"]

it goes on both ends indeed.

Bella 07:16 PM
whats jush feel about this


The WCT 07:16 PM
[Replying to "whats jush feel about this"]

he probably feels the same way as we all do.

Bella 07:16 PM
feel free to tell him

idk how he is but i heard he tried to pinpoint it all on me

The Fool 07:17 PM
I don't think barb's going to get charged, especially because she's in the hospital right now (just a checkup I think but it doesn't bode well), she's definitely a victim in this even if everything an0n is saying didn't actually happen
Bella 07:17 PM
the last thing i want
Bella 07:17 PM
[Replying to "I don't think barb's going to get charged, especially because she's in the hospital right now (just a checkup I think but it doesn't bode well), she's definitely a victim in this even if everything an0n is saying didn't actually happen"]

sex is so painful for her that she probobly is bc of that

The Fool 07:18 PM
yeah I mean, she is old, I'm no gyno but I don't think it's a good idea to do that stuff at her age
Bella 07:18 PM
its crazay how into it he was

i said "how do u live with this secret, chris"

he told all fp us in individual times

"god told me its ok" (edited)

Anaxis 07:19 PM
But doesn't he not believe in God anymore?

Since he believes he's a Goddess?

The Fool 07:19 PM
weird I thought he didn't believe in god anymore, then again I recall him mentioning god recently, can't remember when

I was confused when he said it too

Bella 07:20 PM
it was in the video clip i think id dint see much of it

can soemone post it here

i need to watch it to see if anything was edited

The Fool 07:21 PM
we believe you we just have no idea what chris believes anymore lol

Bella Claims the Suitress is Speaking to Chris in the Incest Call

30 July 2021

Summary: I link the longest available version of the incest call for Bella, and she makes the claim that the person speaking to Chris on the call was Fiona. I ask if it was possible that she was the leaker, and Bella states that she was responsible for most, but not all (somehow).

This is a lie: the speaker on the call is Bella herself.

Regarding Chris
Anaxis 07:21 PM
[YouTube link to "leaked chris chan: admits rapng his mother [FULL AUDIO]" by Dr. Retard]
The Fool 07:21 PM
Changed the channel icon.

Changed the channel icon.

Bella 07:24 PM
oh thats fiona
Anaxis 07:24 PM
Who is?

The YT channel?

Bella 07:24 PM
Anaxis 07:24 PM
Who are you referring to?
Bella 07:25 PM
the ovie


Anaxis 07:25 PM
The speaker is Fiona?

The one with the bad mic?

Bella 07:25 PM
Anaxis 07:29 PM
Is it at all possible that she was the leaker?
Bella 07:30 PM
not alll of it but most

The Fool Pokes Holes in Bella's Hacking Claims

30 July 2021

Summary: The Fool begins poking holes in Bella's story about people hacking modems, but she doubles down and claims that she's being truthful, stating that Chris had given "us" (Bella and her cronies) the password to his modem. The Fool asks if she means router, since modems don't have passwords, but Bella continues insisting she's correct, claiming Chris had an unusual setup.

Bella's claims are almost certainly lies, given all of her attempts at deflecting blame away from herself for involvement in this incident.

Regarding Chris
The Fool 07:30 PM
btw for future reference when someone says they hacked a modem they're lying lol
Bella 07:30 PM
and the isp modem guys
The Fool 07:31 PM
cuz thats not how any of that works
Bella 07:31 PM
uhhhh not exactly

chris gave us his password

to the modem

it is the mesh has his osc on it (edited)

and sc

The Fool 07:32 PM
you mean router? modems don't have passwords. computers have to be physically connected to the router's network to access it I think, but I don't know how his router works
Bella 07:32 PM
no not the router the midem

the mesh bc he lives in a community where the wifi is supplemenatry

The Fool 07:32 PM
Bella 07:32 PM
so they share it, modem is mac adress
The Fool 07:32 PM

okay that setup is weird as hell I don't know how that works but that makes more sense than just saying someone hacked a modem lol

Bella 07:33 PM
if u live in a student apartment or a cheap townhome or a condo, the wifi comes from the center or whatever

each house has a mode m

so thy knwo which house spent more tiem online so theyc an pay per each person

The Fool 07:34 PM
I see. I can see someone fucking with that, I thought you were talking about like a big ISP like Verizon or something where they have security for that shit
Bella 07:34 PM
each modem is accessable via mac

Discussing Chris's Mental State and Alleged Abuse of Barb

30 July 2021

Summary: After providing me with the timestamp of when Chris claimed that God told him it was okay to do what he did with Barb (as I had asked earlier), Bella has a discussion with the Fool and Para over Chris's mental state, with the latter claiming Chris was insane and citing Bella's BDSM claims as proof. Bella uses this opportunity to state that Chris had tied up Barb and left her on the floor, resulting in her needing to visit a chiropractor.

Again, there is no proof that Chris tied up Barb.

Regarding Chris
Bella 07:34 PM
[Replying to "But doesn't he not believe in God anymore?"]


the video

The Fool 07:36 PM
I've seen him say god before too, I'm starting to think his mental state is deteriorating so badly that he doesn't know what he believes anymore. I mean jesus look what he did to his wall lol
Anaxis 07:36 PM
[Replying to "8:50"]

I see

Bella 07:37 PM
[Replying to "I've seen him say god before too, I'm starting to think his mental state is deteriorating so badly that he doesn't know what he believes anymore. I mean jesus look what he did to his wall lol"]

what he do

The Fool 07:37 PM
did you see his latest video yelling at hasbro? his wall is full of holes in the background

kat asked him about it and he was "practicing to break down the iron curtain"

but he did intentionally punch his wall enough to break the drywall, several times

delusional or not, that's teetering on actual insanity

I don't know many people with maladaptive daydreaming who punch holes in their walls because they think ponies will come out of it

thats more like the mindset of the dude who shot John Lennon

"there were little elves in my walls and I was their god"

Bella 07:41 PM

nah ironically im not invovled wiith his shit anymore

exceppt for now lmao

he showed me his room tors


holy shit

Para 07:42 PM
teetering on insanity?

he is insane

he is deranged

The Fool 07:42 PM
yeah we don't really do anything either except to make sure chris is safe, going to cons and stopping stalker and shit. but, uh, yeah now we're not sure what we're doing
Para 07:42 PM
he makes his mother suck his dick or else he doesn't feed her
The Fool 07:42 PM
yeah lol
Para 07:42 PM
he needs to be put away
Bella 07:42 PM

he tied her up and left he ron the floor

she had top go to a ciopracotr

The Fool 07:42 PM
I was more talking in the past sense, what I felt before this. now I know he's insane and might have even punched his walls to intimidate his mother
Bella 07:43 PM

hoever u sppel

The Fool 07:43 PM
yeah lol
Para 07:43 PM
ddoesnt she still have body mites
Bella 07:43 PM
"tried bdsm stuff like bondage with Barb"

is what he said

and then 3 hours later

"had to go to bacl docotr for barb sorry i was absent"

The Fool 07:44 PM
I see

no way can barb handle that stuff, she even lost her appetite, I'm surprised she's lived for so long being so slim when she was overweight before

I guess it's like after jason got faceraped by rosechu, "that should have killed me but dark forces keep me alive"

Bella Invites Us to Her Chess Group

30 July 2021

Summary: Bella says that she is sorry we put up with Chris for so long, stating her regret over having met Chris. The Fool empathizes, stating that everyone was struggling to process these events. Bella invites us to her Chess Group 15 Discord server, stating that we could come there to talk. The Fool expresses interest in playing chess against AI programs, indicating he may have joined.

Regarding Chris
Bella 07:47 PM
damn, im sorry u guys ahd to pout upp with him for so long

honestly i was into sonichu and thought it was funny so it was cool to meet chris like a year ago but now its regrettable

The Fool 07:48 PM
yeah everyone here is really struggling to process this

all I want to know is barb's medical condition, I think then I'd have some closure

but thanks for talking with us

Silvia 07:49 PM
(Sorry if I’m quiet I was eating supper
Bella 07:55 PM
np we need to forget about it

if u guys need someone to talk to, come to here and ill make a priavte channel [Discord invite link to Chess Group 15]

its a priavte chess group with nice girls who have no clue who he is

The Fool 07:56 PM
I don't play chess but why not

I should pick it up

I wanna put a chess AI in my new project

Silvia 07:57 PM
I used to play chess
Bella 07:58 PM
im the president in my univeristy

the priavte group is adv chess goroup

just us

The Fool 07:58 PM
Bella 07:58 PM
i have a chess program u can use
The Fool 07:58 PM
maybe I'll pick stuff up from it
Bella 07:58 PM
its an AI level 1

so a shitty one

bc u can pout it on an annolog q

Bella Wants to Talk to Geno Samuel

30 July 2021

Summary: Bella asks if any of us know Geno Samuel, as she wanted to ask him to leave her out of his series. WCT states that he does, and offers to contact Geno on Bella's behalf. She asks for Geno's information directly, and WCT provides her with his Discord tag. Bella claims that she doesn't want any clout, then again asks why we're still chatting with Chris. WCT states that we're currently waiting to see if he is charged with anything before making any moves.

Regarding Chris
Bella 09:39 PM
Does anyone know Genos Samuel? I need to tell him to leave me out of the doc
The WCT 09:40 PM
[Replying to "Does anyone know Genos Samuel? I need to tell him to leave me out of the doc"]

i do.

i'll tell him.

Bella 09:40 PM
Thanks, or do u know how I can contact him so I can give him the specifics
The WCT 09:40 PM
[Replying to "Thanks, or do u know how I can contact him so I can give him the specifics"]


Bella 09:40 PM
The WCT 09:40 PM
he's on Discord.
Bella 09:41 PM
What's his tag
The WCT 09:41 PM
[Geno Samuel's Discord tag]
Bella 09:51 PM
The Fool 09:52 PM
I know how you feel, when I joined watchmen I explicitly asked to not be added to the cwcki lol
Bella 09:52 PM
Yeah I don't want any Clout

Idk y anyone would

Why are some of u still chatting with Chris

The WCT 09:58 PM
[Replying to "Why are some of u still chatting with Chris"]

until he gets charged or something, we won't make a move.

The Fool 09:58 PM
I mean this literally just happened so
The WCT 09:58 PM
we're playing the waiting game.
The Fool 09:59 PM
I guess you can say kat and I aren't the type to, I dunno, act on impulse or something

we like to wait and watch

The WCT's Leaking Plans, Medical Testing Discussion

30 July 2021

Summary: WCT announces his intent to leak materials if Chris gets charged with incest. Bella asks if he thinks Chris will definitely be charged, and he states that it would depend on how the investigation goes. When I mention that medical testing will reveal the truth, WCT wonders aloud if Chris left any of his "DNA" in Barb, which I react to with disgust. Bella claims that Chris's only concern was getting Barb pregnant, and had had sex with her as recently as two nights ago. I question this, pointing out that neither party would be physically able to conceive a child, which the Fool agrees with.

Regarding Chris
The WCT 10:00 PM
If I get word Chris is going to be charged for incest, I might consider releasing stuff.
Bella 10:56 PM
U think he will get charged?
The WCT 10:57 PM
It depends on how the investigation goes.
Bella 10:57 PM
Unless it was bs he shoukd
The WCT 10:57 PM
if the evidence is there, he will go to jail.
Anaxis 10:57 PM
Medical testing will reveal the truth

[1 ✅ reaction]

The WCT 10:58 PM
what I want to know is if Chris left any of his DNA behind in Barb.

because if he did, he's going to jail.

Anaxis 10:58 PM
Bella 11:34 PM
1000% that was his only concern

Getting her pregnant

And he fucked her 2 nights ago

Anaxis 11:35 PM

He's sterile and she's long past menopause

The Fool 11:35 PM
I have a fucking copypasta from like a decade ago of chris impregnating barb lol

and yeah barb is long past that

chris' fertility is debatable but barb is biologically incapable.

huh I can't find it

Para 11:42 PM
so he nutted in barb
The WCT 11:42 PM
[Replying to "so he nutted in barb"]

I hope he didn't.

but knowing Chris, he likely did.

Para 11:43 PM
maybe he put on a "raincoat"

[2 🤢 reactions]

Anaxis 11:43 PM
Silvia 11:51 PM
Jesus lol. I took a nap and raincoats now
Para 11:51 PM
i had a good laugh as i was typing that
Silvia 11:51 PM

Updating Bella on Chris's Situation

31 July 2021

Summary: Bella asks for an update on Chris's situation, and WCT recaps earlier events, stating that Chris is getting a hotel room after sleeping in his van the previous night, and that Null had cut ties with Chris. Bella expresses shock at Null cutting Chris off, and I explain that Null did it because of Chris taking money out of Barb's account to sustain himself, which was an apparent violation of his emergency protective order. WCT again reiterates his intention to leak material from the server, as well as his DMs with Chris and some screenshots. I note that doing so will add to the big picture, and Bella encourages WCT to do so in order to "ensure Chris finally gets into a mental hospital." She then states that there is a lot she wants to leak but can't trust the Suitress.

Regarding Chris
Bella 03:12 PM
Any updates
The WCT 03:12 PM
Chris is homeless.
Bella 03:12 PM
Wasnt he sleeping in a parking lot
The WCT 03:12 PM
he's getting a hotel room, but Josh has cut ties with him.
The WCT 03:12 PM
[Replying to "Wasnt he sleeping in a parking lot"]

yeah in his van.

Bella 03:12 PM
Josh did????

I'm shocked

The Fool 03:13 PM
can't believe josh of all people

yeah lol

his biggest simp

Bella 03:13 PM
The guy was coming after me
The WCT 03:13 PM
Bella 03:13 PM
Bc he thought it was bs
Anaxis 03:13 PM
Null cut ties with him because he stole money from Barb's bank account

[1 ℹ️ reaction]

Which violates the emergency protective order

And chris then lied to Null about it

The Fool 03:14 PM
I saw screenshots on twitter but I didn't actually see the lie
The WCT 03:14 PM
At this point, I'm thinking about leaking information from the server.

We're pretty much past the point of no return. (edited)

The Fool 03:15 PM
I'm clueless as what to do myself, honestly I almost want to leave the server (but keep contact with you guys cuz you're cool) but I also want to see how this shitshow ends
Anaxis 03:15 PM
[Replying to "I saw screenshots on twitter but I didn't actually see the lie"]

I believe that chris said that Barb sent him the money when he actually took it out himself, and null knows the truth because he monitors Chris's emails.

The WCT 03:15 PM
if you guys want to know what I'll specifically leak, its the DMs I had with Chris.

all the screenshots.

Anaxis 03:16 PM
I mean, it'll certainly add to the bigger picture
The Fool 03:16 PM
I still can't process that this happened, all day today I was just like "what the fuck"
Anaxis 03:16 PM
Yeah. Shit is fucked up.
The Fool 03:17 PM
I'm going through the goddamn stages of grief
The WCT 03:17 PM
I was actually prepared for this.
Bella 03:17 PM
[Replying to "Which violates the emergency protective order"]

Damn dude what

The Fool 03:17 PM
[Broken image attachment]
Bella 03:17 PM
[Replying to "We're pretty much past the point of no return. (edited)"]

Do it to ensure Chris finally gets into a mental hospital (edited)

Anaxis 03:18 PM
[Replying to "Damn dude what"]

That's what Null believes. He's contacted the police about it.

Bella 03:18 PM
There's alot I want to leak but i can't trust fiona

Rant About Null and Trans People, Discussing Chris's Sexual Perversion

31 July 2021

Summary: Bella begins ranting against Null, which Para and the Fool participate in, and this soon devolves into a rant about trans people. I attempt to get them back on topic since this has nothing to do with Chris (the subject of the chat), and WCT agrees, but they stay on this topic of discussion for a short while. This soon turns into a discussion about Chris's sexual perversions and whether Barb was indirectly responsible for what happened. Finally, the Fool asks Bella why she would sit through 4 hours of incest discussion with Chris, and Bella responds "to record it bc he needs to go to a mental hospital."

It's notable that in this conversation, Bella seems to "break character" from the concerned and scared front she was putting on, as she liberally dispenses with slurs and other vulgar language. This sort of persona returns at the end of the conversation when the Fool asks her about sitting through the 4 hour call with Chris.

Regarding Chris
Bella 03:18 PM
[Replying to "I'm clueless as what to do myself, honestly I almost want to leave the server (but keep contact with you guys cuz you're cool) but I also want to see how this shitshow ends"]

Ofc well play chess anytime

The Fool 03:19 PM
josh: hi police? chris-chan just stole from his mom

CPD: aren't you the guy who kept harassing us about some retard giving some money to some people who held his imaginary friend hostage?

Bella 03:19 PM
Null kinda sucks hard

I cant bekeive my leak made him 5k

Para 03:19 PM
he kind of shouldn't have access to chris's emails
The WCT 03:19 PM
that's Null for you.
Para 03:19 PM
even what josh does is good (edited)
The Fool 03:19 PM
josh is a faggot
Para 03:20 PM
to a degree? i dont know
Bella 03:20 PM
The dude says the Chris is a more valid trans than any other trans person lmao
Para 03:20 PM
i get that its morally wrong to take 750 from his mom in a situation like this
The Fool 03:20 PM
no I mean yeah telling the cops about this is good

but I mean in general he's a fag

Bella 03:20 PM
[Replying to "josh is a faggot"]


Para 03:20 PM
but he has no money for food or a place to stay i get why he did that

and josh has exploited chris for e fame for years he if anyone should fucking feed his cow

The Fool 03:21 PM
josh banned me from KF because I sassed him about him shilling brave when he said he doesn't sell advertising, he's banned most of the cool members by now, a lot of them made a splinter site called
Bella 03:21 PM
[Broken image attachment]
Bella 03:21 PM
[Replying to "and josh has exploited chris for e fame for years he if anyone should fucking feed his cow"]

Exactly he's a self righteous dick

Para 03:22 PM
im sorry i am in a minority of people who thinks trans people aren't people at this point

anyone who falls for that propaganda and pursues to become trannies arent smart

and they're narcissists

The Fool 03:22 PM
they're people until they join the percentage :)
Bella 03:22 PM
Trannies are kikes
Para 03:22 PM
they are really good cogs in a machine at times but they require you to grovel to do basic shit

they can be a good programmer or speedrunner

they're just garbage people

The Fool 03:23 PM
they're rarely good at those

they just make a vocal minority about doing those (badly)

there's probably maybe 5 good tranny programmers and 3 good tranny speedrunners

the rest are just there to bother people

Bella 03:24 PM
If they're autistic they're 98% Likley it's they're autism and they're not trans according to like 13 studies in numerology today (edited)
Anaxis 03:24 PM
Let's not have this discussion here
Bella 03:24 PM
The Fool 03:24 PM
yeah I'm bored of talking about trannies
The WCT 03:24 PM
[Replying to "Let's not have this discussion here"]

I agree.

Anaxis 03:24 PM
Because this chat is for discussing chris
Bella 03:24 PM
Is it
The Fool 03:24 PM
[Broken image attachment]
Para 03:24 PM
its relative people want people to get HIS pronouns right despite raping his mom
Anaxis 03:24 PM
It's literally the name of the chat lol
Para 03:25 PM
but i get it
Bella 03:25 PM
Yeah abd regarding Chris, trannies suck my skinny cock
The Fool 03:25 PM
but I do agree, we definitely should treat chris as a proud trans woman, if not a representative of her cause :)
Para 03:25 PM
he is a legit pervert and his dick lead him to this

i didn't think he could get this bad

its very sad

why didn't he just buy another hooker

The Fool 03:26 PM
because he's genuinely insane now

he doesn't deserve an insanity plea deal but he is actually insane

Bella 03:26 PM
Hes actually retarded, his brain is stuck in childhood and it can't develop
The Fool 03:27 PM
no it was like that, now it's something worse
Bella 03:27 PM
Ofc he wouldn't have developed a sense of self or sexual identification, hrs just projecting
The Fool 03:27 PM
Para 03:27 PM

so he takes it out on his corpse of a mother

Bella 03:27 PM
This dude says its ok to call him "he" if we're talking about about few years ago

He did more than just take it out on her

He made LOVE to her

The Fool 03:27 PM
I always like to say chris is asexual and would identify with that if not for the media and his church telling him he has to be straight and has to want to fuck women or else he's gay and lame
Para 03:28 PM
no i think chris is a demented pervert who keeps his true desires under wraps
Bella 03:28 PM
Candles and vibrators and massage oil and lube and everything
Para 03:28 PM
he always has bought vibrators to put up his ass
The WCT 03:28 PM
[Link to a Tweet by GiBi, reading "Re Null: the "50s" age woman Chris told null he was sleeping with was barb. He was loose with the truth so that null didn't get suspicious."]
The Fool 03:28 PM
chris isn't a pervert, but he's programmed himself to be because he thinks it's what he has to do to be normal and to get a fuckmommy
Bella 03:28 PM
He said to me that he ALWAYS wanted to fuck her

His entire life

Para 03:28 PM
[Replying to ""]

because what decent person would be suspicious

The Fool 03:28 PM
he did

thats been public information

he said he always spooned with barb and that he liked it

Bella 03:29 PM
But even if there was no societal pressure you wouldn't normally feel the urge to fuck ur mom ur whole life

[2 thistbh[2] reactions]

The Fool 03:29 PM
no yeah, like I said, before he was just an idiot, now, he's actually insane

we could reason about his decisions and mental state before

now he's gone

Bella 03:30 PM
You guys followed him way longer than I did

Must be worse for u

The shock at least

The Fool 03:30 PM
yeah I've been following him for a good decade, this is weird
Para 03:31 PM
he is insane`

i doubt barb made the first move

The Fool 03:31 PM
yeah no way
Para 03:31 PM
how could he have a boner for his mother
The Fool 03:31 PM
I'm still scared to learn what the hospital finds
The WCT 03:31 PM
@Para you knew it all along.
The Fool 03:32 PM
barb is a terrible, terrible person but nobody deserves that
Para 03:32 PM
she deserves it

[2 ✅ reactions]

she created it

The Fool 03:32 PM
she's definitely reaping what she sowed but nobody deserves to be raped
Bella 03:32 PM
he told me that and then he immediatly went back
Para 03:32 PM
she sheltered this child so he is fucked beyond repair
Bella 03:32 PM
the audio is a jumbled bit of random convos that took placein 4 hours
Para 03:33 PM
this is like psycho norman bates shit
The Fool 03:33 PM
bella I've been meaning to ask, why the fuck did you sit through 4 hours of that? I would have left
The WCT 03:33 PM
Chris is online.
Bella 03:33 PM
he said that he approached her and then barb said no at first but it didnt record
Bella 03:33 PM
[Replying to "bella I've been meaning to ask, why the fuck did you sit through 4 hours of that? I would have left"]

to record it bc he needs to go to a mental hospital

The Fool 03:33 PM
ah, yeah

WCT Shares DMs Between Him and Chris

31 July 2021

Summary: WCT shares portions of a conversation he is currently having with Chris, where they discuss the fallout of the incest leaks. Reacting to the screenshots, Bella claims that the Suitress had leaked "99% of things," then states that she (Bella) intended on sending the recording to the authorities, but the Suitress instead leaked it onto Reddit and YouTube. WCT continues sharing screenshots while the rest of us react to the conversation.

Bella's claim that she wanted to send the recording to authorities is dubious, as she expressed a desire in other chats to release the recording herself after copiously censoring it.

Regarding Chris
The WCT 03:34 PM
Chris is talking with me right now.
Bella 03:34 PM
whats he saying
The WCT 03:34 PM
[Broken image attachment]
Bella 03:35 PM
whose story mine or fiona

fiona is the one who leaked 99% of things

The Fool 03:35 PM
also I can't believe credulous is a word
Bella 03:35 PM
i wanted to send it to the authorities but she posted it on reddit and youtube when i told her not to

incredulous ik of

The Fool 03:36 PM
The WCT 03:36 PM
[Broken image attachment]
Bella 03:36 PM
ask if he did it
The Fool 03:36 PM
Bella 03:36 PM
just say "i wont judge you or say anything but between you and me, did you do it?"
The Fool 03:36 PM
better add that to the list of places that have banned chris
The WCT 03:36 PM
[Replying to "ask if he did it"]

he already confirmed it to me.

Bella 03:36 PM
damn lmao

really not helping his case

The WCT 03:37 PM
This is worse than Naught.
Bella 03:37 PM
The Fool 03:37 PM
no shit
The WCT 03:37 PM
more screenshots coming up. (edited)
The Fool 03:37 PM
kat did you collect rent from naught yet?
The WCT 03:38 PM
[Replying to "kat did you collect rent from naught yet?"]

He didn't pay for the broken door. (house with no doors) (edited)

so he's running away without paying me up. 😜

Bella 03:38 PM
The WCT 03:39 PM
[Broken image attachment]
The Fool 03:40 PM
oh boy
The WCT 03:40 PM
those fucking jerkops.
The Fool 03:40 PM
either they haven't check out barb yet or she's in worse condition than we thought
Bella 03:44 PM
ofc all the relatives are scared of him
The Fool 03:45 PM
and chris doesn't even understand why
Para 03:46 PM
yeah because he sees nothing wrong with it

he is far gone

to him he thinks this is fine

The Fool 03:47 PM
people have called him a monster before but you could justify his actions, being scared or confused about something. this isn't that, he's actually a monster now, he's validated every a-log

hitler never raped his own mom

The WCT 03:48 PM
[Broken image attachment] [Broken image attachment] [Broken image attachment]
Bella 03:48 PM


but yeah to put him behind bars

Discussing Chris-Centric Servers, Favorite Trolls

31 July 2021

Summary: Para starts ranting about servers (assumedly on Discord) centered around Chris being terrible, and how their members are young and frequently obsess over old trolls like Liquid Chris. This transitions into a discussion with WCT about favorite classic trolls, such as Surfshack Tito, Marvin, or Clyde. Silvia asks about Tito, and WCT summarizes his involvement in Christory.

Regarding Chris
Para 03:54 PM
man all of these chris servers are cancer

i suppose its unavoidable (edited)

The Fool 03:55 PM
[Broken image attachment]

this is not a chris meme

Para 04:36 PM
people in chris chan related servers

are like zoomers

who talk about the liquid chris shit like it just happened

and if you bring up any of this shit now

they're like


and im like dude you're watching the same exact person


The WCT 04:36 PM
[Replying to "who talk about the liquid chris shit like it just happened"]

they're obsessed over him. He's overrated.

Para 04:36 PM
liquid chris when it happened


but why beat a dead horse its been fucking 10 years

get over it

The WCT 04:37 PM
Liquid Chris is too popular.

my personal favorite troll has to be Surfshack Tito or Marvin. (edited)

Para 04:37 PM
he is popular with people who weren't even there

honestly clyde is a lot better than liquid

the audibooks were great and i loved his vivian gee character


why are zoomers the biggest simps

The WCT 04:39 PM

my gen has a coomer problem.

Para 04:39 PM
it has a beating a dead horse problem


Silvia 05:08 PM
[Replying to "my personal favorite troll has to be Surfshack Tito or Marvin. (edited)"]

Surf shack Tito?

The WCT 05:08 PM
[Replying to "Surf shack Tito?"]


Silvia 05:09 PM
???? I don’t think I heard that one
The WCT 05:09 PM
don't get your sand in the potato salad.
Anaxis 05:09 PM
I'd link you the article but the cwcki isn't being totally cooperative right now
The WCT 05:09 PM
[Replying to "I'd link you the article but the cwcki isn't being totally cooperative right now"]


Silvia 05:09 PM
But tell me the story!!!!

The WCT 05:10 PM
He was a hacker troll that fucked with Chris's PSN.

and promised to pay Chris a shit ton of money if he wrecked his PS3.

And also played a major role in the Wallflower saga.

[Defunct YouTube link to "Surfshack Tito / CWCki Discussions" by Dillin Thomas]

Silvia 05:40 PM

WCT Laments Not Doing More

31 July 2021

Summary: WCT begins lamenting how he could have done more to prevent the current events from happening, stating that he should've known what was happening and could've stopped Chris. The other Knights and Bella assure him that there was no way he could've known how bad things were going to get (with Bella reiterating the likely lie that she told authorities as soon as she found out the truth). WCT extends the blame to Null as well, and continues to lament his failure as a leader.

Regarding Chris
The WCT 05:56 PM
I could've done more...
Para 05:56 PM
you didnt know
The WCT 05:56 PM
I should've known and I could've stopped him.
Silvia 05:56 PM
It’s ok kat
Para 05:56 PM
nobody would have guessed it was like this bad (edited)
Silvia 05:56 PM
The WCT 05:56 PM
the signs were there.

I failed Chris. But he failed me as well.

Para 05:57 PM
yeah but nobody could guess it was his mom

its not something people think about

Bella 05:57 PM
[Replying to "I should've known and I could've stopped him."]

how could u have nown

Silvia 05:57 PM
Its not a common problem.
Bella 05:58 PM
im the only who who did for the first day and then 2 others did and we told the authorities immediatly
The WCT 05:58 PM
Josh didn't do shit to stop him.

we're both to blame.

Bella 05:58 PM
he thought i was lying lmao
The WCT 05:58 PM
I could easily see myself as a failure as a leader, but I know it isn't true. (edited)

he did this to himself.

Silvia 05:59 PM
Your a great leader. U took down a tyrant.
Bella 05:59 PM
a leader? your job was to protect chris but you did the rigjt concious decision and looked at it objectivley
Silvia 05:59 PM
This is also true
Bella 06:00 PM
what people do is out of ur hands
The WCT 06:00 PM
I didn't want to do what Naught did when he was the leader. I knew Chris was long gone, but I didn't think he'd go this far. It just blows my mind.

Pedofork Discussion, More Call Details

31 July 2021

Summary: Bella states her belief that pedophilia may not be too far off with Chris at this point, which Para and the WCT talk about briefly. Silvia asks what the call was originally about, and Bella says that Chris had said that he had something important to tell her, and called her over Signal. She claims that Chris shared that he had started dating a 70-year old a month prior, but Bella had only just put the facts together with this call, and that the audio quality was poor because nobody knew (presumably meaning that she was caught unprepared to record).

Regarding Chris
Bella 06:00 PM
i dont think pedophillia is that far off with chris at this point
Silvia 06:00 PM
It blows all of our minds
Bella 06:01 PM
i had NO IDEA he was going to tell me that when he asked to video call
Silvia 06:01 PM
Bella 06:01 PM
no clue
Silvia 06:01 PM
If I may ask what was the call originally about
Para 06:01 PM
chris is capable of diddling kids
Bella 06:01 PM
he said he had somthing important to tell me and had to do it on a private app for the feds
The WCT 06:02 PM
[Replying to "chris is capable of diddling kids"]

BlueSpike says hi.

Bella 06:02 PM
and he told me he was dating a 70 year old about a month ago

so i put 2 and 2 together but didnt actually think this would be the case

Silvia 06:02 PM
I had my small thoughts but I was like nahhhhhh
Bella 06:02 PM
nobody knew, if we did we wouldve had better audio quality
Para 06:04 PM
i think i must’ve made a joke

a long time ago

Silvia 06:04 PM
Yea I remember para
Para 06:04 PM
i think fucking your mom is just so far off though
Silvia 06:05 PM
It’s not a common thing ppl do

I mean I expect it more in severely rural areas

Or third world countries

Para 06:09 PM
it shouldn’t be possibel

that is legit abusive

did barb consent? i really dont know

Silvia 06:09 PM
We may never really know
Para 06:11 PM
i dont see it possible

New Comprehensive History Episode

31 July 2021

Summary: Part 59 of Chris Chan: A Comprehensive History is published, and WCT shares it with the chat. Para expresses surprise at the episode being published, and WCT clarifies that this will be the last one before Geno Samuel goes on hiatus.

Regarding Chris
The WCT 06:11 PM
[YouTube link to "Chris Chan: A Comprehensive History - Part 59" by GenoSamuel2.1]
Para 06:12 PM
i thought he wasnt going to release thwt

till early 2022

The WCT 06:12 PM
Geno said this is the last one before he goes on hiatus.
Para 06:12 PM
fair enough
Bella 06:12 PM
What does does think of this
Para 06:44 PM
the call between chris and that marvin guy about his father should be released

fuck it

The WCT 06:48 PM
[Replying to "the call between chris and that marvin guy about his father should be released"]

I don't know if it still exists anymore.

The Fake BDSM Texts, Bella Tricks WCT Into Framing the Suitress

31 July 2021

Summary: Bella posts a screenshot of a purported text message from Chris to her, in which Chris describes very detailed acts of BDSM being performed on Barb. WCT and Para react in shock and horror to these messages, and Bella claims that this was what she had woken up to the morning after the call took place. She goads WCT into releasing it, but insists that he doesn't say it's from her. WCT posts it and links the post, writing a few minutes later that other users on Kiwi Farms were claiming the messages were fake. Bella asks how she can prove that Fiona has this evidence too, and WCT states that he will have to name people. Bella states Fiona's real name (throwing her under the bus), and WCT asks for her alleged TikTok. The Fool expresses his doubts about the text messages, and WCT tells Bella that she should step up herself, insisting that she join the Farms to explain things but not state her identity. Meanwhile, Para posts something (likely NSFW) that doesn't have anything to do with Barb or Chris, and WCT calls whatever it is out as fake.

Bella says "alright they believe me" in regards to Kiwi Farms, then expresses surprise at us not knowing who Fiona is, stating that she's in the Knights of CWC Discord server (this is true). WCT posts another screenshot of a Kiwi Farms post and says that Bella should leak more if she has to. The Fool asks if he could back Bella up, but WCT says that nobody trusts him. The Fool then floats the idea of getting KF mod The American Hedgehog to verify, which WCT seems open to, but Bella states that it's fine and that she will leak more.

Image analysis from users on the Farms would later reveal the text messages Bella shared to have been fabricated.

Regarding Chris
Para 06:48 PM
[Broken image attachment]
The WCT 06:49 PM
[Replying to "Click to see attachment 🖼️"]


Bella 06:49 PM
[One of the Fabricated BDSM texts]
The WCT 06:50 PM
[Replying to "DAMNNNN"]

I don't know if a Conservative Supreme Court would want to see this.

The WCT 06:51 PM
[Replying to "Click to see attachment 🖼️"]




Para 06:52 PM
[Replying to "Click to see attachment 🖼️"]

ok this is rape

Bella 06:52 PM
this is the shit i woke up to the morning after the call
The WCT 06:53 PM
Bella 06:53 PM
go ahead release it if u want bc it includes penetration which will help justify hes a dude
The WCT 06:53 PM
Para 06:53 PM
reesse it
The WCT 06:53 PM
Para 06:53 PM

that is fucking rape

“she was reluctant”

Bella 06:53 PM
i was shoocked

lmao i started laughing i had no clue what to think

but yeah its bad

"nice and tight" if a girl tightens up i think its bc she is rejecting it

Para 06:54 PM
Bella 06:54 PM
especially if its an old woman
Para 06:54 PM
it means she doesnt want it
Bella 06:55 PM
there u have it
Para 06:55 PM
is he retarded
Bella 06:55 PM
dont say that the texts are from me

but post it

Para 06:56 PM
where are you gonna post it
The WCT 06:57 PM

go look.

Bella 07:01 PM
The WCT 07:04 PM
they want to know if you're credible. @an0nym0us
Para 07:05 PM
Chris had an orchiectomy?

is this true

The WCT 07:15 PM
@an0nym0us people think its fake.
Bella 07:16 PM
oh how do i proove

fiona has it too

The WCT 07:16 PM
I'm gonna have to name people.
Bella 07:16 PM


Para 07:20 PM
do you have anything else
The WCT 07:20 PM
@an0nym0us do you have a link to Fiona's TikTok?[footnote 1]
The Fool 07:22 PM
at this point I don't know whats not to believe lol
Para 07:22 PM
i believe it
The Fool 07:22 PM
oh sure he raped his mom but, cmon, tied her up??? 🙄

KF's userbase has really gone downhill

The WCT 07:23 PM
@an0nym0us you gotta step up Bella.

[Broken image attachment, likely a screenshot of a Kiwi Farms post]

Join the Farms for a bit, don't say you're the "Bella." But just state how you got the screenshot and such.

The Fool 07:25 PM
honestly it barely matters
The WCT 07:25 PM
Para 07:26 PM
[Broken image attachment, likely something NSFW that doesn't have to do with Chris or Barb]

is this real

The WCT 07:26 PM
that can't be real. lol
The Fool 07:27 PM
hey you know I'm eating right now


Para 07:27 PM
Bella 07:42 PM
alright they believe me
The Fool 07:43 PM

what'd you say?

Silvia 07:43 PM
[Replying to "Click to see attachment 🖼️"]

I hope it’s not real

The WCT 07:44 PM
[Replying to "I hope it’s not real"]

its fake.

Silvia 07:44 PM
Ok whew
Para 07:46 PM
Its fake?
The WCT 07:46 PM
The Fool 07:47 PM
no kat, nothing is obvious anymore 🙄
Bella 07:51 PM
lmao u guys really dont know who fiona is?

shes in the discord

Para 07:51 PM


The WCT 07:51 PM
[Replying to "shes in the discord"]

She's the one with the pony .

Bella 07:52 PM
yeah i thought u didnt know

we text and call like everyday she leaked most

but she wanted to have sex with him so badly so now i dont know if she wants him to go to jail

The WCT 07:54 PM
[Broken image attachment, likely a screenshot of a Kiwi Farms post]

leak more if you have to.

The Fool 07:55 PM
kat can you not back her up

don't people trust you?

The WCT 07:56 PM
I'm WCT, nobody trusts me. lol
The Fool 07:56 PM
or maybe get hedgehog to verify
The WCT 07:56 PM
[Replying to "or maybe get hedgehog to verify"]

I'll bring him in here.

or I can DM him.

Bella 08:07 PM
Nah its cool

I got it I was just busy

Sure I'll leak more

Bella's History With Praetor, More Leaking

31 July 2021

Summary: The Fool asks Bella about how she got into contact with Chris in the first place, and she states that it was because she worked for Praetor, an entity she then calls "fucking retarded." Continuing the previous conversation, WCT suggests that Bella leak more audio, and she says that she could leak more texts and was just busy.

Regarding Chris
The Fool 08:08 PM
how did you even get in contact with chris anyway, how did this start
Bella 08:08 PM
I worked for praector
The Fool 08:08 PM
Bella 08:08 PM
They are so fucking retarded
Para 08:08 PM
show it here first and let neko leak i guess

i am interested in how FUCKED he is

Bella 08:09 PM
I was going to post more of the audio
The WCT 08:09 PM
[Replying to "show it here first and let neko leak i guess"]

Bella should post it imo.

Bella 08:09 PM
Give me a little bit
Para 08:09 PM
oh yeah they don't believe her

i wonder how shocked you are bella

this is fucking bizarre

Bella 08:10 PM
About this? Yeah i can't blame them

I wouldnt either

I don't have a picture of it but I can leak more texts

Just busy uhgg

Bob Discussion, Bella's Attraction to the Suitress

31 July 2021

Summary: Para states that everything seemed to go downhill when Bob died, and the Fool and WCT agree, having a short discussion about Bob's role in Chris's life when he was still alive. Bella states her surprise at Fiona having a TikTok (which the WCT was asking about, not stating as fact), and expresses that she finds Fiona cute. She then makes some claims about Fiona making her talk to someone about Chris for hours, which just resulted in a lot of screaming. Despite this, Bella gushes about simping for Fiona because her voice is cute, and says that she doesn't understand why Fiona wants to fuck Chris so badly. After this, Bella shares a Kiwi Farms link and claims that Fiona had called her in tears and claimed she was being cyberbullied. WCT then advises that Bella and Fiona both turn off their notifications for the time being, and Bella asks how to get Fiona to like her instead.

Regarding Chris
Para 08:14 PM
it seems like everything went downhill when Bob died @Conner
The Fool 08:14 PM
lol yeah
The WCT 08:14 PM
[Replying to "it seems like everything went downhill when Bob died @Conner"]

Bob was the only man keeping him afloat.

or disciplining him to a degree.

Once he died, it was chaos from there.

Para 08:14 PM
he prevented Chris from acting like a faggot
The Fool 08:15 PM
or tried to anyway

chris still wore dresses around him

but now chris is puppeteering his corpse in imagination land to accept him being a faggot

god can you imagine chris daydreaming about sonichu bob saying "she's all yours now son daughter!" (edited)

Bella 08:54 PM
[Replying to "@an0nym0us do you have a link to Fiona's TikTok?"]

woah she has a tikok

damn ill find it now shes cute

The WCT 08:55 PM
I asked you if she had one. lol
Para 08:55 PM
she has a man face

shes like one of those chinese Olympic athletes

Bella 08:56 PM
she made me talk to this guy about chris chan for 2 hours, she SCREAMED at me to drop my test until i called him and i did only for this guy to accuse me of being a pedophilic incel while we screamed at eahcither back and foth for 2 hours

only for me to find out this guy has NOTHING to do wiyth cwc

i was beyond confused

The Fool 08:57 PM
if someone screamed at me to talk to some retard I don't know I'd jam a brick in their mouth
Bella 08:57 PM
yeah but i simp for her

bc her voice is cute

idk y she wants to fuck chris so badly

its unironic 100%

"yeah ill put him in jail ig... but i can go to the jail to have sex with him still right?"

im not going to let her no way

The Fool 08:58 PM
reminds me of that amanda lolcow who wants to fuck the spring jester thing from spyro

I think some women just have like, low self-esteem and think thats the best they can do or something

I dunno Freudian psychology is weird

Bella 09:00 PM she said that they're cyberbullying her?

she just called me in tears and texted me this

Bella 09:01 PM
[Replying to "I dunno Freudian psychology is weird"]

its such retardation

The Fool 09:01 PM
haha how the fuck is cyberbullying real nigga
Bella 09:01 PM
[Replying to "I think some women just have like, low self-esteem and think thats the best they can do or something"]

she can do better shes just uhhhhhh

i think its a fetsih

The WCT 09:01 PM
[Replying to "she just called me in tears and texted me this"]

I warned you.

Here's my advice for both of you. -

The Fool 09:02 PM
shit your pants and do nothing
The WCT 09:02 PM
[Replying to "Here's my advice for both of you. -"]

Turn off your notifications from your Phone and don't get angry at anybody pounding you.

The Fool 09:03 PM
this is what happens to anyone who gets involved with chris

[2 ✅ reactions]

I have no life so I'm good

Bella 09:04 PM
[Replying to "Here's my advice for both of you. -"]

nobodys cyberbulling lmao

i just texted her "sweetheart nobodys talking about u"

oh ok

The Fool 09:05 PM
here's my advice for you:

give her a fish

make a wish

in that order

Bella 09:06 PM
how to i get fiona to like me instead
The Fool 09:06 PM
[Broken audio attachment]
Para 09:07 PM
have a bent duck

Bella's "Picture"

31 July 2021

Summary: Bella says that she had told everyone she was a 45-year old man online and asks how we know about "Bella." Para sarcastically responds "have soy bitch tits" and Bella says that she has those, and the Fool says to prove it. She posts a picture of a fat man, and the Fool sarcastically asks if it's real. The Fool then shares his "picture" and claims that it's him. Para asks if Bella is a lesbian and Bella says that she is a "dyke" and was a weight lifter, and they talk briefly about being able to do physical activities based around one's physical size.

Regarding Chris
Bella 09:07 PM
i told everyone im a 45 year old man online how did u guys get bella
Para 09:07 PM
have soy bitch tits

fuck your mom

The Fool 09:07 PM
>implying there are men on the internet
Para 09:08 PM
yeah thats all there is
The Fool 09:08 PM
I dunno ask kat
Para 09:08 PM
i am a grill
Bella 09:08 PM
i have soy bitch tits
The Fool 09:08 PM
prove it
Bella 09:08 PM
chris knew me from preactor

he thought i was 45 for liek 4 months

Para 09:08 PM
i can't prove it

theres no way unless i show you my pussy or something

The Fool 09:09 PM
was talking to bella but sure
Para 09:09 PM
Bella 09:09 PM
[Replying to "prove it"]

[Picture of a fat man]

The Fool 09:09 PM
wow is that real
Para 09:09 PM
i am saying
Bella 09:09 PM
[Replying to "wow is that real"]

dats me!

Para 09:09 PM
theres no way to prove ur a woman on the internet anymore

since everyone is a troon

The Fool 09:09 PM

what did she mean by this

Bella 09:09 PM
if anyone asks just say i am

bc i am

Para 09:10 PM
is that u

why isnt that girl into you then

Bella 09:10 PM


Para 09:10 PM
you're hideous
Bella 09:10 PM
im chungus

she thinks im just a dyke

The Fool 09:10 PM
this is a real picture of me (don't hit on me)

[Broken image attachment, likely not the Fool's real picture]

Para 09:10 PM
thats totally you

what a chad

Bella 09:10 PM
i can see it

with the anime girl pfp


The WCT 09:10 PM
[Replying to "Click to see attachment 🖼️"]

you look like PPP. lol

Para 09:11 PM
are you a dyke

lesbian soul

Bella 09:11 PM
all dykes look like that so yeah
Para 09:11 PM
im sorry

female lesbian soul

Bella 09:11 PM
fat MALE dyke soul

lesbian sounds faggy

DYKE is storng

The Fool 09:12 PM
Do Your Kicking Exercises
Bella 09:12 PM
i was a weight lifter

can only do 50 squats

but i can lift and fart alot

The Fool 09:12 PM
my gf can't even do one pullup

and she's like 90 pounds

Bella 09:13 PM
my old friend from middle school ashima shahari is like the second best rcoklimber in the world now

shes 4'9

89 pounds

but can do around 30

Para 09:13 PM
short people are good at doing that
Bella 09:13 PM
shes not that strong obv it depends on the person
Para 09:13 PM
doing shit like that

i guess

Bella 09:14 PM
yeah she has a strong back but its relative to her size
The Fool 09:14 PM
thats what she said
Bella 09:14 PM
thats what HE said

bc im a big chungus MAN dyke rememeber?

Geno's Hiatus Stream

31 July 2021

Summary: WCT links Geno's stream where he talks about his intent to go on hiatus, which Bella seems intrigued by, stating that Geno hadn't yet responded to her friend request. Para later criticizes Geno for "cucking out" (this presumably refers to his intent to go on hiatus) and expresses disinterest in his other content.

Regarding Chris
The WCT 09:14 PM
[YouTube link to "Hiatus Stream🔴" by GenoSamuel2.1]
Bella 09:14 PM
if anyone asks


The Fool 09:15 PM
>only a hiatus

sure looks uncomfortable sitting on that fence

Bella 09:15 PM
i added geno and he hasnt accepted my heckin friend request
Para 09:20 PM
watching it

i am surprised people gaveh im

fucking 5k

The Fool 09:20 PM
who, chris?

they wanted their stupid drawings

Para 09:20 PM
Bella 09:20 PM
idea girl LMAO
Para 09:34 PM
theres another picture he is forgetting about

some asshole during the cwcki days drew barbara giving chris a bj

Para 09:45 PM
i can't believe Geno is cucking out

what a coward

he is not handling this right at all

Bella 09:45 PM
y are people so obsessed with him
Para 09:45 PM
nobody fucking cares about his stupid yokai shit
Bella 09:46 PM
The Fool 09:46 PM
geno has always been a fag lol

dunno why you're surprised

The WCT 09:46 PM
[Replying to "nobody fucking cares about his stupid yokai shit"]

sorta reminds me of me and Syria. 😜

Para 09:46 PM
just finish your fucking documentary its valuable to psyche analysis


The Fool 09:46 PM
it's just a 1:1 reading of the cwcki
Para 09:46 PM
yeah thats true

but its fun to watch tbh

yeah hes a huge leftoid

i forgot

The WCT 09:47 PM
[Replying to "it's just a 1:1 reading of the cwcki"]

its like an adaptation.

Para 09:48 PM
if he won't do it

someone else will finish it for him

and thats just a fact

Bella 09:55 PM
i was into it and then i got bored

like listening to him rn

i posted more proof

but uknow whatever hes going to prison anyways

Para 09:56 PM

i just saw chris's bent duck again

how the fuck does that happen

The Fool 09:56 PM
probably just born with it

Incest Leak Thread is Locked, Astrology Discussion

31 July 2021

Summary: The megathread in which the incest leak was being discussed is temporarily locked by KF moderator The American Hedgehog, possibly due to the disinformation spread by WCT on Bella's behalf, and WCT announces it in incredulity. Bella claims that it was locked due to people pretending to be her friends, and WCT says that the mods are likely trying to clean up problematic posts.

Later, WCT posts a link to a Kiwi Farms thread on "The Astrology of Chris Chan," which then triggers a discussion between WCT and Para about astrology.

Regarding Chris
The WCT 09:57 PM
Para 09:57 PM
i like how you're calling them a tranny nigger
The Fool 09:57 PM
why is that amazing kat?
Para 09:58 PM
why did they lock the thread

are they stupid

The Fool 09:58 PM
The WCT 09:58 PM
They're probably locking it due to false info.
The Fool 09:58 PM
Para 09:58 PM
but anon isnt lying
The Fool 09:58 PM
other people were
Para 09:58 PM
the ryanwas whatever was lying
Bella 10:08 PM
they locked it bc ppl were pretending to be my freiends i think lol

"dude trust me its real i know this person"

"theyre my friend"

The Fool 10:08 PM

KF is really fucked

Bella 10:09 PM
some account was made yesturday and just backing up everyhting i said for some reason

i posted it with the first digits of his number so anyone wtih his number would know its real

but not enough to dox

The WCT 10:13 PM
The American Hedgehog locked the thread.

he just announced it.

Bella 10:13 PM
The WCT 10:13 PM
[Broken image attachment, likely a screenshot of a Kiwi Farms post]
Bella 10:13 PM
he said temp tho right


The Fool 10:13 PM
temp chastity
The WCT 10:13 PM
I think what they're trying to do at this time is to see what is real and what isn't.
Bella 10:13 PM
yeah its cool
The WCT 10:13 PM
along with maybe deleting some posts that are causing problems.
Bella 10:14 PM
no worries
The Fool 10:16 PM
gotta do some industrial jannying
Bella 10:16 PM
jannies work is never done
The Fool 10:16 PM
I hope he's getting paid overtime for this

isn't there an episode of spongebob where mr krabs says he's making the crew work overtime without pay and spongebob is like "yay!"

The WCT 10:19 PM
Hedgehog be like: [YouTube link to "VeggieTales: Busy, Busy" by Variety Central]
The Fool 10:20 PM
The WCT 10:22 PM
Para 10:24 PM
using western sidereal


The WCT 10:24 PM
I prefer Eastern.

I'm a Dragon. (2000) (edited)

Para 10:25 PM
hes using fagan ayanamsha
The WCT 10:25 PM
[Replying to "hes using fagan ayanamsha"]

Mariposa is a she.

Para 10:25 PM
which is gay


The Fool 10:25 PM
mariposa also wants to fuck chris for some reason
The WCT 10:25 PM
Geno too. lol
Para 10:26 PM
i like Hellenistic whole sign

if ur gonna bother doing sidereal do the vedic crap or hire some kooky vedic astrologer (edited)

not some weird western hybrid

i wonder what a vedic astrologer would have to say about chris's chart

maybe hes just doomed

doomed in the starss

astrology is dumb

WCT Gives Bella Advice, Bella and WCT's Leak Argument

1 August 2021

Summary: Bella asks again about updates on Chris, and WCT states that everything is currently at a standstill. He tells her that she should speak with American Hedgehog on KF, but Bella doesn't see the point. Bella posts a Google Drive link, claiming that it contains an unedited 14 minutes of audio, and asks where she should post it. After a bit of silence, she states that we could also share it. WCT asks about the uncut call, but Bella keeps insisting that WCT post what she had given him. He again inquires about the alleged 4 hour call, but she claims that it doesn't exist due to her recording software shutting off randomly, and only has 45 minutes. WCT requests Bella send that instead, and she refuses on the grounds of it having Fiona's information on it (this was after she had tricked WCT into throwing Fiona under the bus on Kiwi Farms). Despite his continual pressing, WCT is unable to convince Bella to give him the 45 minute version, and eventually backs down.

Regarding Chris
Bella 12:53 AM
so whats the update on chris chan rn
The WCT 12:55 AM
[Replying to "so whats the update on chris chan rn"]

everything is at a standstill right now.

You should talk to the Admins on Kiwi Farms btw. @an0nym0us

and was it you that changed the pfp on your account?

Bella 12:56 AM

ofc lol

The WCT 12:56 AM
The American Hedgehog is a nice guy.

he won't fuck with you. lol

Bella 12:56 AM
oh i know i just dont see what for
The WCT 01:02 AM
[YouTube link to "Chris Chan has Made his Situation MUCH WORSE by Violating his No Co..." by GiBi]
Bella 02:12 AM
[Defunct Google Drive link to "My Movie"]

Here’s some more unedited

14 minuets

where should i post

Bella 02:29 AM
If u guys want to, go ahead and share this
The WCT 02:30 AM
we'll we see the uncut call?
Bella 02:30 AM
I think it leaves in important context such as not coaxing

That’s the closest thing rn

The WCT 02:30 AM
I've been told you have the uncut version.

this true?

Bella 02:30 AM
Yes this is the closest thing rn

Post it

If u can

I did on 4 Chan

The WCT 02:31 AM
if the uncut call that is 3-4 hours long gets released, will you let us know?

that's the one people want.

Bella 02:32 AM
It wont get released lol and nobody has 4 hours of it bc we couldn’t record the whole thing the recorded kept shutting off

I have 45 minuets

The WCT 02:38 AM
[Replying to "I have 45 minuets"]

if you have the 45 minute version, send that one.

Bella 02:39 AM

The version has nothing to do with anything its just random talk

The rest was unrecorded

This is the most about it

The WCT 02:39 AM
let us hear that one and we'll judge it.
Bella 02:39 AM
The 45 min one? Y

It had fionas info in it sorry but I'm not

The WCT 02:41 AM
we won't release that version if it has sensitive info.
Bella 02:41 AM
Release this version
The WCT 02:41 AM
tbf, its up to you if you want to post it.
Bella 02:41 AM
The rest has nothing to do with Chris

Yeah I'm not going to sorry it really has nothing to do with it just about fiona and someone's cat

10 minuets is just someone petting a cat saying look abd everyone going aww cute and that's it

The WCT 02:42 AM
you're the source of everything.

not me.

Bella 02:42 AM
Yeah so u have the 14 minuets

Do with it what you will

The WCT 02:44 AM
You said it already posted it.


and if so can you link us to the vid? (edited)

Bella 02:47 AM
It's the same video

Nobody ever posted the 45 minuet one

The WCT 02:47 AM
so the one from the Google Drive?
Bella 02:47 AM
The WCT 02:47 AM
Bella 02:48 AM
I posted it to 4chan but I just sent it here if u guys wanted it

Bc i don't mind if its shared more

The WCT 02:49 AM
[Replying to "I posted it to 4chan but I just sent it here if u guys wanted it"]

show me the 4chan post.

did you do this?

Bella 02:50 AM


The WCT 02:51 AM
[Replying to ""]


Bella 02:54 AM
R u posting it
The WCT 02:54 AM
I don't need to.

that guy on Kiwi already did.

Bella 02:55 AM

Calling Out the Fake BDSM Texts

1 August 2021

Summary: After Bella posts a link to Imgur with a screen recording of the texts she allegedly had with Chris, WCT asks if Null had banned Bella and mentions that people were accusing him of fucking with Chris. Bella states that she's currently logged in. I call out her texts as fake (referring to the BDSM texts), but she insists that what was in the Imgur link was real.

Regarding Chris
Bella 03:34 PM
Bella 04:07 PM
The WCT 04:07 PM
[Replying to ""]

you could post that elsewhere. lol

but on Kiwi? not anymore I heard Null banned you.

And people have been accusing me of fucking with Chris.

Bella 04:09 PM
No I'm not banned
The WCT 04:09 PM

you were.

Bella 04:10 PM
I'm on it rn
The WCT 04:10 PM
logged in your account?
Bella 04:10 PM
Anaxis 04:10 PM
Isn't that fake? I've been seeing a lot of false information circling recently.
Bella 04:10 PM
Isn't what fake
Anaxis 04:10 PM
Those texts
Bella 04:10 PM

It's him telling me about Barb before the call

Chris's Arrest, Bella's Removal from the Chat

1 August 2021

Summary: Bella asks if anyone had posted her information on the Farms (which roughly coincides with her first thread being created). Shortly after, I announce that Chris had finally been arrested. WCT then advises Bella cut all ties with Chris, which she advises back to him. She confidently states that Kiwi Farms had failed to dox her (which we knew was not true at this point). WCT then tells Bella that he will remove her from the group chat and likely delete it afterward, and removes everyone from the chat other than himself. However, it is not deleted.

On 5 August, WCT adds an unknown individual to the chat, for an unknown purpose.

Regarding Chris
Bella 06:25 PM
hey did anyone post my info on kiwifarms
Anaxis 06:34 PM
Chris has officially been arrested
Bella 07:03 PM
[Broken video attachment]
Bella 04:25 PM
[Broken video attachment]
The WCT 04:27 PM
@an0nym0us for your safety, you should cut all ties with Chris.

police will go through everything.

Bella 04:27 PM
i am

you too

The WCT 04:27 PM
I'm already doing it.
Bella 04:27 PM
they tried to "doxx" me but they got literaly everything about me incorrect
The WCT 05:14 PM
@an0nym0us Bella, for your safety. I will remove you from this group.
Bella 05:14 PM
that makes no sense
The WCT 05:14 PM
cops will be going through everything.

you should go low for a while.

Bella 05:15 PM
yeah but why just me
The WCT 05:16 PM
I'll probably delete the group as a whole.

Chris has been arrested, and shit is only going to escalate.

Removed a recipient.

The Fool 06:50 PM
Removed a recipient.
Para 06:50 PM
Removed a recipient.
The WCT 06:51 PM
Removed a recipient.

Removed a recipient.

5 August 2021

The WCT 06:25 AM
Added a recipient.


  1. There actually is no evidence that the Suitress ever had a TikTok; it was just assumed she did due to her Chris cosplay videos taking on a TikTok-like style. Notably, none of the videos bear TikTok watermarks.

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