Geno Samuel

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Geno Samuel
Name Geno Samuel
Also known as Edvinas Grigonis
Gender Male
Nationality Lithuanian
Occupation Musician
Saga Secret Shipfic

Geno Samuel is the pseudonym of the Lithuanian-born, Japan-based producer and musician (also known as Edvinas Grigonis), known for creating the series Chris Chan: A Comprehensive History.

Geno attempted to monetize his GenoSamuel2 channel. On 13 June of that year, when it was his turn to be reviewed by YouTube staff for the monetization program, they instead issued community guideline strikes due to the clips of bullying featured in the videos, and as a result his channel was terminated.[3] Geno confirmed that he did send an appeal form, but YouTube never gave him his channel back. Fans reuploaded all of the episodes made prior to the strike and Geno created a new backup channel on YouTube where the series would be uploaded from then on.

Mentions by Chris

Geno reacts to Chris's jail letter comment on contacting him.

In a 4 July 2022 letter, Chris mentioned a desire to collaborate with Geno.

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