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Simply making the doc has already gotten attention from Chris which prompted her to retcon her past. Christory has already been interfered with.
Geno's response to criticism of his knockoff Sonichu medallion sales.[1]

Geno Samuel
Name Geno Samuel
Also known as Edvinas Grigonis
Gender Male
Nationality Lithuanian
Occupation Musician
Saga Secret Shipfic

Geno Samuel (born 1994[2]) is the pseudonym of a Lithuanian-born YouTuber and musician, known for creating the series Chris Chan: A Comprehensive History, as well as exploiting Chris's imagery by selling items themed after him without his permission.

On 20 September 2019, Chris DM'd Geno and asked his input on creating a "Genochu" TSSSF custom card featuring him. Geno politely declined the request, and Chris in turn thanked him for responding and said the offer would remain open if he changed his mind.[5]

In a 4 July 2022 letter, Chris mentioned a desire to collaborate with Geno, writing that he would contact Geno as soon as he was able;[6] the latter reacted with "Fuck." in a Kiwi Farms post on learning of Chris's comment.[7]

On 21 October 2023, Chris viewed and commented during a livestream on Geno's channel in which Geno played back old video of Chris.[8]

In 2023, Geno began offering knockoff Sonichu medallions for sale. His medallions also included a Certificate of Authenticity, in an imitation of Chris commonly including a Certificate in his own for-sale medallions. Chris criticized Geno's medallion product in a 14 December 2023 post, writing, "Geno. Don’t even with the “Certificate”. 3D Printed never surpasses the full soul effort in hand-crafting. It’s not funny."[9]

On 10 January 2024, Chris congratulated Geno on his wife's pregnancy.[10]

On 3 February 2024, Geno began advertising more Chris-themed items for sale, including a shirt with a "WANT WOMAN!" slogan on it. Chris objected to it, asking, "Can you please stop the “Want Woman” shirt?"[11] Geno appears unlikely to accede to Chris's request - in a r/ChrisChanSonichu thread about Chris's comment, Geno replied to another Reddit user that he was "watching the sales roll in" and defended offering the item for sale.[12]

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