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My Little Pony voice actresses provide voice-overs for the animated My Little Pony franchise. Chris is a fan of several, and has tweeted to or met them at conventions.

Andrea Libman

Chris sent her a link to a video of him singing a Sesame Street song as the Christine Doll.

Cathy Weseluck

Chris met her at the August 2017 BronyCon. He proceeded to tweet to her an open letter about how he was asked to remove his unicorn cosplay in church.

Michelle Creber

Chris's art of "Michelle" and Apple Bloom

Michelle Creber voiced My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic character Apple Bloom.

Chris met her at BronyCon 2017. He followed her on Twitter that same month, as well as her mother.[1] He also began pledging to her Patreon.[2]

In July 2018, Chris drew artwork of his self-insert Night Star speaking to Apple Bloom and a pony named Michelle; Chris may have gifted the drawing to Creber during BronyCon 2018.[3]

Nicole Oliver

See: BronyCon 2019#Meeting Nicole Oliver

Tabitha St. Germain

I blocked Chris, yes. Not for her own sake. I don't know her. But because of the vile cloud of trolls that follows her & ends up in my tl.

I do not understand why you would set up accounts only so that you can poke fun at someone. This is parasitic behaviour. Not okay here.

St. Germain on weens[4]
Chris meets Tabitha at BronyCon 2018.

Tabitha St. Germain (twice misspelled by Chris as "Germaine")[5][6] voiced My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic characters Rarity and Luna.

Chris followed her on Twitter and sometimes tweeted to her. One tweet, from 1 August 2017, was of Chris tagging multiple women, including St. Germain, for the Twitter hashtag "National Girlfriend Day."[7] After trolls spammed Chris's (and St. Germain's) notifications with tweets screeching at Chris, St. Germain addressed the troll wave, tweeting, "I do not read them. I do not want to be tagged. And overtime I see a group slagging off happening I block participant involved."[8]

Chris replied to her, apologizing for his impulsive tweet and the tagging. St. Germain advised both Chris and trolls in general to untag her in future. Chris replied with, "I Will, darling, 🌸😊"[9] which kicked off another wave of weenery. By 5 August, St. Germain had blocked Chris's account[10] over the "vile cloud of trolls" that follow him when he tags her, which causes her Twitter feed to be flooded with spam.[4]

Chris's drawing to try to influence St. Germain

Chris created a sockpuppet account, NightStar2891, in order to evade her and DoopieDoOver's blocks.

On 15 August, he hand-wrote a letter apologizing for the Twitter drama and posted it to the sockpuppet account, along with gift drawings for both women, in an attempt to manipulate them into unblocking him. Naturally, Chris tagged St. Germain when trying to gift the drawing (also calling her "dear").[11]

On 16 August, St. Germain replied to a troll that her block of Chris was due to being annoyed over spam notifications from trolls following him. Despite St. Germain's warnings that she does not want to be tagged regarding Internet drama and that she would block anyone who did so, Chris chose to send her a 21-tweet message on 16 August, trying to convince her that he was a kind person who learns from mistakes and wanting to earn her friendship. St. Germain reacted by blocking the NightStar account as well.[4]

On 27 July 2018, Chris went to a signing event featuring St. Germain at BronyCon 2018, where he met her for a "lovely chat" and took a photo with her; it is uncertain whether Chris brought up the block in their conversation. He may have gifted her a drawing of Rarity and Luna interacting with his self-inserts.[3]

Tara Strong

In 2013, Chris's actions would cause him to become a social pariah to the Brony community by calling out voice actress Tara Strong (who voiced Twilight Sparkle on the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series) on her "Twilightlicious" video, claiming that she was tainting the name of the characters she had voiced by apparently supporting trolling and bullying. Many trolls had responded that his actions were, to say the very least, ridiculous, due to him misunderstanding the context of her video and expecting a well-known celebrity to personally answer to him. This certainly would have ended in Chris not hearing squat from Tara, had a troll not decided to forward his rant to her Facebook account. This is what she had to say:

"I don't think I've seen anyone put an ugly spin on something this outrageously for their own attention. Anyone who follows me know that I'm on a huge anti-bullying platform, and even wrote and produced a song about it.

All my "twolling" as we on Twitter call it is completely adorable and makes people smile. Christian's article makes me angry & disappointed. Hope I never meet the guy."[12]

In other words, Tara immediately and understandably chastises him despite not meeting him before in her life, saying he's probably someone who would pull this stunt for attention and makes note of her work in anti-bullying campaigns (which is something Chris would not put any effort into researching). Chris did not respond, but in all likelihood ignored every word of what she said and dismissed her like he does with anybody who does not enable him. Eventually, though, he put her song "Take My Hand" on the Three-Quarter Woman CD, indicating he may have listened to her words at least a little.

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