Mr. Smith

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Mr. Smith
Name Mr. Smith
Also known as PumpkinSwirl
The Coward
Gender Male
Race White
Saga Business

Mr. Smith is a customer who ordered a medallion from Chris. There is some dispute concerning the origins of the conflict between Chris and Mr. Smith, and whether or not Mr. Smith's complaints were justified or in good faith.[1][2][3][4]

In September 2014, Mr. Smith ordered a Sonichu medallion from Chris on eBay, who stated that it would take two weeks to ship. After two weeks passed, Mr. Smith, believing that the two-week period meant the medallion would be created and shipped during that time, contacted Chris, who stated he didn't make the medallion yet and lacked the money to ship it. This resulted in Mr. Smith filing a claim against him on 18 September, thereby freezing his PayPal account. Furious, Chris sent several angry messages to Mr. Smith pleading to lift the case.


Listen to me, Buster! I told you I needed up to two weeks for the creation of the medals in the Listing! And if there is a delay, I would let everyone know. See attached image for WHY I NEED THE TIME!


Dear [omitted],

In for you to get YOUR medal at all right now and Sooner is for you to Close Your Case and let me have the money back! You are being a Major Cyber-Bully and a God Damed Internet Troll right now! If you want to redeem yourself and be forgiven, you WILL give me the money Back in Closing your Case against me RIGHT NOW!!! PLEASE!!!


Dear [omitted],

You will get your medal, but I NEED THE MONEY, Please! Why are you being a damn Bully?!


At this point, Chris doxed Mr. Smith on Facebook.

26 September 2014

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT OPEN ANY EBAY CASES AGAINST ME!!! When someone does that, it forces the amount removed into Limbo from my PayPal, which risks pushing it into the Red, as when it is forced untie red, an OVERDRAFT FEE is charged against me, and when I have Negative Money in my PayPal Account, I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SHIP ANYTHING!!! Daniel, your medal has just been shipped, ad the other two people, yours and the current remainder will be shipped tomorrow, or NOT IF YOU DO NOT CLOSE YOUR CASES AGAISNT ME AND GIVE ME THE MONEY BACK IMMEDIATELY!!!

Do Not Be So Damn Impatient and Greedy!!! God Dang It!!!

To which he added:

Either tomorrow or on the First of October; depending if the two people ([omitted] closed his case; very much appreciated) close Their casses immediately or not! UGH!!!

[Omitted] of Portland, Oregon, AKA: username: [omitted]. And [omitted] of Lashmeet, West Virginia, AKA: username: [omitted].

Bullies! They're being Damn Bullies!!! Ugh!!!

Mr. Smith was upset. At this point, the credibility of Smith's complaints became less important.

Dear jesusguidesme2,

ARE YOU FUCKING STUPID?! You just posted my name and where I live on your Facebook. I know you deleted it but someone screenshotted it and showed it to me. Now I'm getting prank phone called. I'm reporting you to Ebay RIGHT NOW....

Dear [omitted],

I am very sorry about trolling you like that, I will have your medal shipped tomorrow, most definitely.


Dear [omitted],

Your medallion has been sent; you may check the Tracking Number; PLEASE Close Your Case Immediately.


Dear jesusguidesme2,

No. This is far from over. I spent an hour on the phone with Ebay last night and now they're getting involved with the investigation. I have proof that you did it and some people even want me to go to the cops with it.

Look, I am Really Sorry about that; I was under a lot of stress, and what I did was wrong. Please end this chaos. I do not want any trouble.

Dear jesusguidesme2,

You're only saying that you're sorry because you're in trouble. You've not even attempted to make the situation up to me.

Chris tried to resolve the problem with a Facebook post.

27 September 2014

I DID make a comment where I named two people who opened cases against me, plummeting my PayPal account closer to the Red Again! I was under a LOT of Stress! The One Remaining who is refusing to Close his Case is causing me more grief and stress enough that could kill me with a heart attack or a stroke.

Saying his and her names in the comment was very wrong of me, and I understand what I did was a Trolling-Stupid Act; that is Not Me, and I am Very, Truly Sorry for doing that. But I had deleted shortly after, and yet it wasn't quick enough for the REAL TROLLS AND CYBER-BULLIES to screen cap it and forcing it against me into even more stress and trouble!

Can't we just forgive and forget? Or are the lot of you soo corrupted, that you have lost all feeling in your hearts, and sold your own souls and self-beings to a form of a devil that keeps you all dragged down in front of your monitors day in and day out with only sole and pitiful purposes of needlessly torturing EVERYBODY ELSE, regardless of Innocent or Guilty or In-Between?

Good Grief!!!

--:( feeling drained.

Chris hoped this would resolve the issue, and sent two private messages to Mr. Smith:

I just made a public apology in full detail from my exhausted heart and soul on my Facebook. I am NOT RICH! My mother and I are just getting by as it is. You would gain nothing from me or my family in any court of law or whatever. Michael Snyder knows what I am talking about; he thought it would be a get-rich-quick scheme for him, but he was very wrong, and he had to go out of business of His Hobby PLace afterwards. You think about that.


And I will also add that you are torturing a Lesbian and a Transgender, as well as an Autistic Individual; the HRC and Autism Facilities would be very interested in hearing about my being abused by Your constant inaction, bullying on me and lack of cooperation of a heartfelt conclusion and settlement. Think about that a well.


This did not satisfy Mr. Smith.

Dear jesusguidesme2,

I don't care that you're gay and autistic. You intentionally tried to harm me and you're going to suffer the consequences.

You Hurt Me First and worst by pushing my finances towards the Red with great risk of getting an Overdraft charged against me! This fight is needless and nonsense; what's done is done. I have most sincerely apologized, I shipped your Medal Out Today! Please Just Stop Attacking Me!


At this point Mr. Smith received a Sonichu medallion from Chris, but it came with an angry expression. The certificate was marred by black smudges. Mr. Smith complained that it was not what he had asked for. Chris summarized the dispute on Facebook:

30 September 2014

I want to make it publicly known to everyone that Mr. Smith (to hold his first name on identity sake) is being a further bully by making a false case against me. The Medallion I had sent him is a Sonichu Medallion, but because of how his actions against me made me feel and all, his Medallion has an Angry Expression, where the eyes' whites were painted orange, with a flame look on the irises, and a most Angry facial expression. He is claiming it to be a Blue something, possibly like the ONE Yawning Squirtle Medallion that was order by another (Female) customer.

His case is very false, and I want the record to show that the Only Thing Blue about his medallion is the Neck Strap, just like most everyone else's medallions. The actual medal is of the same Sonichu face shape, but with the angry expression I have stated just now. Please make Mr. Smith stop Cyber-Bullying and Trolling Me with his constant hold on the $30 that is still very much in Limbo currently.

A number of Chris's fans were concerned that the certificate was smudged because Chris had spit on it or worse. Chris reassured one fan:

I have never spit on anything I have shipped out. The only recent mishap was black paint being spilt onto a couple of blank certificates.


Chris and Mr. Smith continued to argue via private messages.

You must be mistaken; your medallion is NOT BLUE at all. And I was very careful of sending you the right medallion, which in your case, because of how you made me feel, I gave the Sonichu face an enraged, angry expression. I do not do Refunds, because what I sell are Customized Items; they do not resell, period. I am under the impression you are just further bullying me for your own perspective of revenge. The decision is final. Good Day.

I did not send you the wrong medallion, I PURPOSELY molded, Drew and colored it to BE ANGRY at YOU, for your constant stubborn attitude and Bullying. And you certainly are bucking up to be worthy of my own anger as well. Accurate Item; MADE CUSTOM JUST FOR YOU, [omitted]! Hmmpf!

Mr. Smith still refused to lift his eBay case against Chris, and demanded satisfaction. Chris agreed to send a new, unadulterated medallion as well as a free commissioned drawing, which Mr. Smith requested to be a portrait of himself with Sonichu.

The illustration, dated 13 October, turned out to be a mockery of Mr. Smith. While Mr. Smith had sent photos of himself to Chris for reference, Chris drew Mr. Smith with a "troll face"; depicted a bucket of ice about to topple onto his head; and drew Sonichu saying "You just couldn't let up and be patient, could you, Mr. Smith?" Chris also wrote on the drawing, "YOU PUT ME ON A SINKING SHIP, KILLING MY FINANCES."

Still unsatisfied and persisting with his eBay complaint, Mr. Smith demanded that Chris make a video apology. Because Chris was not wearing his medallion while making this apology, Mr. Smith suspected that it was not True and Honest. Chris responded:

I am for real, and I do not have to wear my medallion to prove myself. I have done more than your money's worth for you. I am the real Christian Weston Chandler of Ruckersville, VA. And you can best tell who I am from my Face. I am sick of kissing your pitiful ass. Now, you can kiss my cooch!


Ultimately, eBay decided to refund the $30 to Mr. Smith. In the end, he got the following loot for free:

Needless to say, Chris did not come out of this fiasco looking as good as he probably thought he did.