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Mailbag 48 was uploaded to the CWCipedia on 28 January 2010 and answered on the 30th. The letters were answered without too much incident. Chris even managed to talk about Asperchu without going into a nuclear tard rage. Evan contacted Chris again about his blatant hypocrisy, but Chris brushed his comments aside. The Mike Jackson saga continued, with Chris's inability to produce a simple video resulting in a young man's life being ruined. Interestingly, Chris has no objections regarding a muscle-bound Rosechu.



From: Bridget Stanley <>

Chris, that drawing you did of yourself as a baby was just ADORABLE! Can you please upload more pictures like that? You looked so cute in your nappies and crying for your pacifier!



I did not draw that lucrid defiance of a drawing; Mao of the Asperpedia is wrongfully in charge of the ads on My Cwcipedia; HE obviously copied my drawing style, took one of my signatures from one of my past artpieces and Photoshopped the signature into HIS drawing. And I DO NOT APPRECIATE THAT MOCKERY.

Oh look, another lie

From: Jake <>

Hey Chris I have a few questions about the comics.

First of all Simonla Rosechu she appears at random in the comic for no reason, yet you speek of her in the mailbags like she's an essential character. I mean you say she's perfect for wild because "opposites attract" but don't they both like building? The only thing opposite about them is their types.

Though that leads on to my second question. What exactly attracted each of these couples to each other in the comic? because it wasn't exactly explained.


Their relationships have barely any details all it seems is that you paired them up just for the sake of it, which is unfair on Evan because you are saying Simonla HAS to stay in the comic because of a relationship with Wild that isn't even explained other than "opposites attract".

Wild and Simonla have more than the Opposite Attraction thing going on, if you RECALL from the "Dating Education" episode, they were IN THE SAME CLASS; They were Fatedly Paired Up for the Instant Message Sessions, and it was Love At First Sight after Realization. THERE IS DEPTH BETWEEN WILD SONICHU AND SIMONLA ROSECHU.

Chris the good person

From: Jeff Gerstmann <>

Dear Chris,

I found out people in my synagogue and my town were just pretending to like my art because I have Asperger's, so they think I'm retarded and they didn't want me to feel bad. In Mailbag 45, you said that that your community and your church congregation agree that your art style is excellent. How did you win them over?


Your fan,


I was being myself; a good person and a caring individual. No one really knows me unless they are Around Me in Person and Real Life.

What the fuck does that even mean?

From: Evang7 <>

How come I'm "overreacting" for wanting Simonla and Simonchu gone, but it's okay for you to want your characters out of Asperchu? You're a total hypocrite.

And you are an Overacting Comedian.

Copyright lawl


I was looking at the CWC certificate of registration you got, and I noticed something: you only registered Sonichu. Why not your other characters? Why don't you own Rosechu, or Reldnahc Notsew Naitsirhc, or Bionic, or Jiggliami, or any of your other characters? Heck, you don't even technically own Cwcville. Why is that? Are you using someone else's characters like you did with Meg Griffin or Simonchu/Simonla? Just curious.

All of MY original Characters are ALL Registered by Association.

Personality and charm

A masterpiece
From: Kali Smith <>

This, by the definition of the word I previously described is excellent.

These are my reasons:
Consistent Anatomy
Understanding of layout and perspective
No typos
Understanding of colors

I find it a bit ironic and sad that someone else managed to make your comic bette than you ever could. :(

If he were selling them, I'd most def purchase them! Because the quality is tons better than what you're providing currently.

Indeed, but it does not have the same Personality and Charm ONLY the Original Pages of Mine Have.

Goat getters

From: Alphard <>

Hey, Chris.

Why Asperpedia is now using the domain

Just to try to get my goat and tick me off.

It was the phrasing, honest

From: Cpt. Wyvern <>

Hey Chris, way to avoid my question in Mailbag 45. If you can't take criticism then don't draw. It's as simple as that really.

It is the way the criticism was phrased; yours was phrased too harshly, and I perceived it as such and did what I did.

This guy's life is in shambles, but Chris was STRESSED!

A night to remember
From: Mike Jackson <>

Hi Chris...

I'm a little bummed because you said that you would put out a video asking my son to come home before he made it to Vegas and married the escourt he lost his virginity to. You didn't and now it is too late! My son e-mailed me saying that he is now officially married to his supposed heartsweet Debbie. He even sent me a picture to prove that it actually happened, which I'm enclosing here in this letter.

He still hasn't come home yet and my wife is super worried. He said that he'd come home as long as we promised not to take any legal action against his new wife. Mike is also telling me that he wants me to give Debbie a job at my company so she can stop selling herself.

Chris, I still want to believe that you are good and that you had every intention of making that video. Maybe you got sick or someone in your family got hurt- please tell me that SOMETHING happened and that you just didn't forget. My wife is crying herself to sleep every night and she's even talking about divorcing me and taking the kids because I "followed the advice of a naive idiot". We had a huge fight over that, because how could you predict that any of this would happen?

Please Chris, tell my son that he needs to come home. I'll do whatever it takes- I'll keep from going to the police. I'll give his wife a job doing whatever she wants. Just tell him to come home. If my wife left me, I don't know what I'd do. Life isn't worth living without my wife and family.


I apologize for not making the video that night; I had collapsed from stress, and I needed to rest a while; it could not be helped. I will make a video asking him to return home to you, I promise. --ChrisChanSonichu 03:37, 31 January 2010 (CET)

Once again, Chris failed to make the video, this time with tragic results.

10 Reasons

From:Morris Stanley <>

Dear Chris,

I have been reading Asperchu for some time now, and I recently discovered your comic. I like what I've seen so far, and I'm thinking of switching to reading yours instead of his. So I wish to present you with a proposition: if you can give me 10 reasons why Sonichu is a better comic than Asperchu, I'll become a true and honest Sonichu fan and never read Asperchu again.

Your fan (possibly),

Morris Stanley, Australia

Okay. 1) Because my Sonichu Comics are THE Original. 2) Alec admits he got HIS ideas from MY Characters and Comics. 3) Sonichu has been around for ALMOST Ten Years Now; Asperchu has been around only a few months. 4) I do not draw gore, and I rarely draw nudity or references, so you are less likely to feel queasy in comparison. 5) It is a Straight-Oriented Comic Series. 6) Some of the events around ME were based from My Real-Life Expierences. 7) I have suffered more than Alec has as an individual in life. 8) I've had to work a lot harder in life to cope with those trials and tortures. 9) The comic pages are ALL Originally Hand-Drawn; ONLY the text gets fixed in photoshop for better reading. 10) I have had way over a million fans worldwide since I went online in before 2000. --ChrisChanSonichu 03:37, 31 January 2010 (CET)

Chris recommends wearing girl clothes over guy clothes

I'm Strooong!
From: Billy Herrington <>

Hi there, I have been a fan of yours for 2 weeks now. I just saw your exercise videos and I have to say they are very inspiring. I decided to be a bodybuilder, so I would like to know: 1) How many pounds can you lift? 2) I eat McDonald's almost every day, is this a recommended diet for a weight lifter? 3) Which is better to wear? A Sports bra or a wife beater?

-Signed, Billy Herrington

PS- I am also an amateur artist so I drew you with muscles. In a perfect world, everybody would have muscles. I included Asperchu because according to the ads, you look like you're friends with him. Peace and good luck.

1) well over 100 lbs. 2) eat more fruit and veggies, and drink plenty of water. 3) Sports Bra. W.T.F. is a "wife beater"?

Rejected Mailbag

Reset that shit

From: Keith Keithson <>

I think a reboot would be an excellent idea.

Think of all the problems you could solve!

You could remove Simonla without killing her, thus pleasing Evan! Seriously just do it, nobody cares about her and you can use the reboot to alter the pairings.

You could properly alter Raichu's tail so Rosechu won't be female!

You could avoid all of the homophobic bullshit that caused people to hate you in the first place!

You could remove yourself from the comic completely without looking like you're frantically trying to tie up loose ends!

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