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This really wasn't Chris. If it was, you can bet your sweet bippy you'd hear about it in a video.


You have shown TIME and TIME again that you do NOT care about the True and Loyal Sonichu Fanbase. Not only do you REFUSE to answer SIMPLE questions from your Fanbase, but now you're EDITING and ERASING the HARD WORK of LOYAL SONICHU FANS. This Wiki is the True Userbase of ALL Sonichu Fans, and Erasing our Hard Work is Slanderous and Hurtful to the ones who have always Stuck By Your Side.

As the True and Original Creator of Simonla Rosechu, I am RETRACTING THE RIGHTS for you to Use Her Character because of your decision to Erase This Main Page. This site was created by True and Honest Sonichu Fans to document the life of the Autistic Hero We've Come to Love. You do not DESERVE to use the BASTARDIZATION of my MALE character, Simonchu! My Simonchu NEVER HAD A FREAKIN' CHINA! HE HAD A PICKLE, BECAUSE HE IS STRAIGHT. You Bastardized my beloved creation and I had to stand there and WATCH.

I will allow the Original "Christopher" Christian "Ricardo" Weston Chandler to create a Final Storyline resulting in the death of Simonla Rosechu to write her out of the story, but ANY use after this is ILLEGAL, and I will SUE YOUR ASS for the rights to Simonla Rosechu that I CAN PROVE I HAVE THEM and that YOU are using MY character:


I will be creating my OWN Simonchu comics, to provide the True and Loyal Sonichu Fanbase with the Love and Respect that you fail to give it. You can find the first pages of my Simonchu & Niachu comics here:

I URGE the administrators of this site to please leave my Open Message up for CWC To See, but I Understand the need for it to be Taken Down if Necessary. I also apologize to the user Thorgnzorrg, as I have erased his excellent Rosechu fanart with my Message. It can be seen here, for Future Prosterity to Sonichu Fans:

Rosechu fanart.png

Thank Y'all, and Have a Good Day. Evang7 06:52, 27 August 2009 (CEST)