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This page lists e-mails exchanged by Chris and Katie Bay from 4-11 August 2009.


August 4

Please let me know if you are still up, and you got the message.
Subject: KATE!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff Uploaded His THIRD SONG! What the hell?! I thought you had changed his password and everything. Please Reply.

Subject: Forget about it, Kate

I'm handling it myself. I've forwarded to Kacie e-mails to Jeff from dantopultis@yahoo.com, where Jeff was the name of choice, plus talks of loose sex and big wrong money. Then I told her the long story about him and me getting access to his account and all that in an e-mail. She called me on my cell later, and I listened to her rant on about portraying me as the bad guy from pretending to be Jeff, yet she CARED for him very much regardless of using a stolen name and identity.

Anyway, I have created a "Jeff Exposed" video along with Song 4/5; The Touch - Stan Bush. And I told him that I knew all about him, that I have sheriffs and detectives investigating him, and asked him to stop his charade and quit pretending to be Me, and also relinquishing his claim on MY Sonichu, Rosechu and all. And to stop selling his shoddy "merchandise." Plus, I told him that I have Real Life Friends helping me pull my act together so REAL OFFICIAL SONICHU MERCHANDISE is in the works.

The videos are both being uploaded now; by the time you read this, they both will have likely already been successfully uploaded.

I'll TTYL,
Love and Peace,
Christian C.

I did what I originally set out to do with Kacie, make her aware about her being with the Impostor and NOT the real artist. That was my only design and course with her, since she was that close to Jeff. And I tried to be a friend for her. Oh, well.
I saw these new Kacey videos...



you need to help fix this

i don't know how

but you're destroying that girl's heart

i talked to her...


August 5

Have you even been doing anything?

Do you even care?

August 6

I'll have this stupid contest I started overwith, Kacey is nicer to me and confides in me like a friend, and I listen and offer my humble feedback. Chris is such a lucky guy to have a woman care for him THAT MUCH even considering all the circumstances. I hope he realizes that. Anyway, as for the latest video I uploaded, I re-recorded the track he wanted me to sing and I uploaded that, plus the original first try with my commentary for Chris.

For the sake of the relationship between him and Kacey, I pray he does the right thing and stop his game before the police and detectives find him. All he has to do is make a video where he removes his paper medal, tells his real name, "NOT Christian, JUST Chris", and lets everyone know for true that he's been only making a mockery of me, and that he either has not ever or will stop selling his fake merchandise.

I have reason to believe that I may have pegged the wrong man for being the man from Otakon. I don't have all the details to make the theory concrete yet.

I hope you and your brother are still safe and well, and I pray for your safety and good health.
Keep a happy thought,
Christian C.

Well, I've been bored recently lol so I've been doing art-y things

any recommendations on what i should draw?


That's a good Seagull. :) I have nothing in mind, but please continue your hand-drawing practice with whatever comes to your mind.

Stay safe.
Love and Peace,
Christian C.

August 8

I've seen your new comics! lol

hopefully you finish it very soon, what's the title of episode 20?

Also, apparently the trolls think that you are gay because you never seem to do "straight" stuff. I mean, you keep saying that you are, but that's just words. You need to do some action. Do manly stuff i guess lol


Kiss a Woman? :)

Tell me about it, girl. I've even contemplated how the next time in public a woman asks me "Are you gay?" I would look at her seriously, and I would tell her, "I'll give you two choices; I can tell you the honest answer from my heart that I have been telling everyone and you move on, OR I can show you fully in lip to facial cheek contact, I record it on my camera, and you tell EVERYBODY about it; which do you prefer?" And I would KISS HER CHEEK LOOONG AND HARD! :)

Anyway, if you haven't noticed yet, I've finally scanned the drawing I did for you and edited it to reflect the matter that Sonichu and Rosechu have been married. At least you can take pride in knowing YOU, Kate, were the first to see the drawing before ANYBODY ELSE, and that it was in thanks for your good efforts.

Actually, there may be another way you can help; I've been trying to get back into my CChan6789 YouTube Account, but unfortunately, I HAVE LONG FORGOTTEN which e-mail I had associated it with. Please see if you can get into it, give me the password, then I can finally make a major stand against Christian #2 (his girlfriend had informed me that his actual BIRTHNAME for his whole life was Christian W. Chandler; god forbid if the "W" stands for Weston).

Anyway, CChan6789; get in, give me the password, and I would appreciate it very much. :)

BTW, things continuing to be good between you and your little bro? I hope he has all his School Supplies he'll need. Here's a tip, for Hand-Drawing and Writing, Pentel's R.S.V.P. Fine Point Pens are the best and I've used them throughout the time. Unfortunately, they've stopped stocking them at my Local Wal-Mart; I had to find them at an Office Depot recently. Plus, the 50-Count Super-Tip Crayola Markers; you can get them at Wal-Mart or Target.

Take care and stay safe,
Love and Peace,
Christopher Christian W.C.

I just went hiking and I sucked as usual. One day I'll make it all the way. It's a 4 mile hike and it's fairly steep for a hike.

also, my uncle worked for an office supply company and i have tons of stuff like that lol

i have 10 staplers lol


August 10

So I was doing some maintenance on my car, ya know, air pressure, oil level, power steering fluid etc and I was listening to some White Stripes

ever hear of them?

Anyways, soy milk is good for you lol, you ever think about going vegetarian?


I have heard of White Stripes, and I think I have heard their music before, but I listen to a LOT of music, so I'm uncertain. Name a few of their hits, and I'll be able to more remember, or I can check them out for myself from Rhapsody or iTunes.

My mother and I have been drinkink Silk brand Soymilk (chocolate) alone or in our cereal. It is good. I can't go vegetarian; I've eaten a lot of chicken, cow and pig to turn Vege now. There was an episode of The Simpsons where Lisa encourages Marge to make vegetables the Main Entree with no meat; after dinner, all but Lisa had to go to the bathroom. But I eat a great share of Fruits and Vegetables daily anyway.

Thanks for your suggestion. :)

Stay safe,
Christopher Christian W.C.

I just ate two plums and they were delicious lol

It's weird when I eat a plum then a peach because the sugar-y taste of the plum like cancels out the peach and the peach tastes fairly flavorless, ya know what I'm saying?

Anyway, I live off of cereal lol. i have it for dinner very often because i'm lazy lol.

What kind of cereal and fruits and vegetables do you eat and how often and when? I'm interested manboobs lol


Mostly whole-grain cereals like Cheerios, Product 19 or whatever I feel like getting from the Grocery.

Yes, Kate, Manboobs; Boyboobs too; I was born with this body type. Didn't have to take some stupid steroid or surgury to get them. IDK why, but God blessed me with this bossom.

What do you recommend from White Stripes?

Stay safe,
Christopher Christian W.C.

My favorite songs from the White Stripes are:

One More Cup of Coffee
Apple Blossom
Sister, Do You Know My Name?
Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground
Hotel Yorba
The Same Boy You've Always Known
Offend in Every Way
I Want to be the Boy to Warm Your Mother's Heart
Ball and Biscuit
The Denial Twist
I'm Lonely but I Ain't that Lonely Yet
You Don't Know what Love is (You Just do as You're Told)
300 MPH Torrential Outpour Blues
Effect & Cause

I love Jack White and everything he does. He's cute. He's also in another band called The Raconteurs. I hear he's also in a third band. He just can't stop joining bands lol

Also, do you watch the Office?


August 11

The Raconteurs? I have PLAYED some of their songs on Guitar Hero after I've downloaded them from the Playstation Store. They are good too. I'll have to listen for the Common Link of Jack White. Thanks for letting me know. :)

Stay Safe,
Love and Peace,
Christopher Christian W.C.

What TV shows do you watch? I've recently gotten really into The Office ever since my public speaking teacher showed us an episode. I love Jim and Pam.


I watch a LOT of TV shows,

I Love Lucy
Family Guy
American Dad
Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Lucy the Daughter of the Devil
Sonic X
Excel Saga

to name a few.

Do you want any modern shows that aren't animated? lol


Parks & Recreation

and others.

You should really watch The Office, it's a fun show!

Anyways, I recently sold off all my video games so I'm stuck with just the PC and all the ROMS I can download lol

do you have any good suggestions for snes games?


Super Mario World

Super Mario Kart
Legend of Zelda, A Link To The Past
Star Fox
(Import) ALL Sailor Moon SNES Titles

I've noticed that you have a copyright that goes from 2000 to ????


do you have an actual copyright with actual dates? if you show that, you'll win lol