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This is an incomplete copy of emails between Chris and Blanca in August 2008.

Emails from September and October are also archived here.

  • Blue boxes contain emails from Chris to Blanca.
  • Red boxes contain emails from Blanca to Chris.
  • Green boxes contain inter-troll emails.

August 2008

Blanca introduces Jiggliami


Hey there, KawaiiKitsune123 from ytube from Blanca Notsaying ( to Chris ( on Tue 8/19/08 1:28 AM
Attachments: jiggy.jpg (5.0 KB)

Hello Christian C,

I've included a picture of my JigglypuffxAmy character. I am working on the first episode of comics now, and I'll send you the link to my art page when I've finally gotten them up and out there. I really appreciate the name Jiggliami. It has a nice ring to it. You can totally use my character! I would love to see what kind of role, though small, you give her.

A short essay about my Singing Jiggliami:
Name: Jiggliami
Age: 17

Jiggliami was once just a wild Jigglypuff who liked to sing for her friends, but the problem was her friends would fall asleep because of her Pokemon powers! So, Jigglypuff looked to the stars and wished on the Rainbow Star to be able to share her voice with the world. The Rainbow Star fell to the earth and granted her her wish by changing her form and making the sleeping effects of her voice optional. Now named Jiggliami, she wanders the world as a famous popstar in search of a trainer and maybe true love.

Just to further ask permission: I was thinking the comic with Sonichu could be a one-shot where he rescues her, and she falls in love with him, but he tells her he cannot be with her, because he is madly in love with Rosey. You can let me know if that is too much to use Sonichu for.

Thank you soooo much for the help <3

Blanca W.

Re: Hey there, KawaiiKitsune123 from ytube from Chris to Blanca on Tue 8/19/08 2:09 AM

Wow! Jiggliami is cute. Do you have a full-body colered drawing of her? And her story is just great. :) I applaude for you.

RE: Hey there, KawaiiKitsune123 from ytube from Blanca to Chris on Tue 8/19/08 2:22 AM

Omg! Thank you so much! I don't have a coloring of her, because I am not very good at it, but there is a full body pic of her, Mr. C! I just made a deviantart page to feature my Jiggliami art and comics (once I finish more pages). I hope you enjoy!

Re: RE: Hey there, KawaiiKitsune123 from ytube from Chris to Blanca on Tue 8/19/08 3:38 AM

Great body pic, but how about her shoes? Sneakers, hi-tops or hi-heels (reccomended to differentiate her from Amy)?

RE: Hey there, KawaiiKitsune123 from ytube from Blanca to Chris on Tue 8/19/08 3:40 AM

Now that you mention it, she should probably wear hi-heels. :D Since she's a diva and all, haha.

Jiggliami fully approved from Chris to Blanca on Tue 8/19/08 5:26 AM

Check this out, Kawaii, I've brought her to life! The scanned .jpg is attached to this e-mail.

If you like or love it, I would love to send you a hand-traced copy of my colored drawing for your decorative pleasure. :) But if you would like the traced copy, I need two things from you, your home address to send the copy to, and a Promise. After you get the drawing, you will have my home address in your grasp; I need you to Promise me, from your heart and soul, that you will NEVER share it with ANYONE ELSE, and that you will NEVER post my address ANYWHERE on the Internet, including e-mails, blogs, etc. Are you emotionally able to open your heart to me in friendship to make AND keep this promise?

In return, I will Promise to you the same with your home address.

I await your reply.

Christian C.


Solely for my information, what is your current age?

RE: Jiggliami fully approved from Blanca to Chris on Tue 8/19/08 1:38 PM

Oh wow! Cuuuuuute!!!!! Hmmm... I will give you my address in time, because I am nervous myself about that stuff. Its not that I don't trust you, but I need time to trust you enough. But save that picture for me! I would love to have it! :D Oh, I am 25 years old.

Well, let me start an honest friendship between us from Chris to Blanca on Tue 8/19/08 6:16 PM

I understand how you feel. I would likely to be skeptical myself, but I can tell from the style of your original drawings that you are definitely who you are; call it my 6th sense. It's like I've fallen for the character (you know, like a 'Britney Spears' crush), but if I got to know the woman behind her, I would likely love her honestly and truly. So, you can tell me more about yourself, and I'll share myself with you as well. BTW, is Kawaii your real name or a nickname? And I would like to see a photo of yourself.

I've attached the best photo .jpg of myself to this e-mail. Well, I'll start by telling about myself a bit. Well, if you've read my Author Bio on the Official Sonichu Site (, as well as my MySpace or Facebook Profiles, you would already know a great honest chunk about me. But in case you haven't, my intro paragraph states,...

'I am young at heart, because I enjoy the seemingly child-like things I do like playing with Sonic the Hedgehog, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Legos, My Little Pony, and drawing cartoonishly. I am also creator of my Electric-Hedgehog Pokemon, Sonichu. I have been drawing and writing comic books, and I've drawn/written quite a few issues so far. I have graduated from Manchester High School on the Honor Roll, and I have graduated from PVCC with two Computer Aided Drafting & Design Degrees May, 2006. I am shy, but I would really enjoy the company of a pretty girl who likes some of the things I do, with a few opposite traits (excluding smokers and drunks). I also like to have fun when I can, and I don't like to be alone. I would prefer Person-to-person encounters/chats instead of over the internet.'

By The Way, so we're clear in this scenario, I will make an exception for you in the over-the-internet chat... through e-mails at least for the moment. And I am willing to tolerate a drinker.

Like I've stated in my previous YouTube videos, I do live in Ruckersville, Virginia. My favorite color is Blue (Crayola's 'Battery Blue' in a specific shade). My favorite movie of ALL TIME is 'Mary Poppins'. Both my eyes WERE Blue, but then I had Pink Eye in my right eye during High School, was prescribed an eye-drop, and the chemical turned it green. My left eye is still true blue. I was constantly playing Guitar Hero on my Playstation Eye-enabled Playstation 3 system, until I've recently been remotivated to get back to drawing the comic book I was only a quarter finished drawing, with big plans to draw more after completion and uploading. I currently live with both my mother and father who are both retired; my mother worked mostly in secretarial work, while my father was a technical engineer with General Electric; he also served as a technical dude in WWII (he's been to Korea before it split into two nations). My father was also the designer of the controls for Plastic Molding machines; without his help, you wouldn't have the plastic surrounding your computer's monitor, tower or keyboard, or even as simple as a plastic funnel. And we currently own three cats.

I think that will do good for a start; now you may talk as much about yourself; please include a photo .jpg of yourself in your reply.

Christian C. :)


RE: Well, let me start an honest friendship between us from Blanca to Chris on Tue 8/19/08 6:51 PM
Attachments: l_3a17cd27869361518fdb110a0462f3ed.jpg (27.5 KB)

Kawaii is just my nickname. It means cute in Japanese. My name is Blanca, that's kind of all I feel like i can reveal to you. I live in Northern Kentucky, pretty much outside of Cincinnati. I was kicked out when I was 16 by my mother, and I was forced to quit school and get a job. Currently, I've been given the chance to go to college (I got my G.E.D. at the very least and I got perfect scores), so I am riding on a full ride to a certain college. I do have a job as a waitress, though. I'm also young at heart. I still play on my Nintendo DS and Wii, but because of school, I have no time to really invest in the newer games. I'm actually not big on drinking or smoking, its always seemed really gross to me, I mean, they both smell horrible.

Here's a pic of me being like a kid, hehe.

Re: Well, let me start an honest friendship between us from Chris to Blanca on Tue 8/19/08 7:50 PM

You are gorgeous. <3 How did you catch the altitude for that rockstar pose, a trampoline?

I'm sorry you were kicked out of your home when you young, but I am happy for you getting your success with college.

I have a Wii too, my Friend code is 8626-5211-8387-4771. I currently don't have many Wii titles, yet I have a bunch of Gamecube titles (including All the Sonic titles), and mostly GameBoy Original/Color/Advance/DS games.

Tell me about it on smoking and drinking; horrible stench, unhealthy effects, ugh. Nasty habits. I'm glad you feel the same about that as I do.

I'm finding my ambition through my drawings, and I am trying to get in touch with Nintendo and SEGA of America to make Sonichu and Rosechu (and maybe me too) into video game legends, with Official and self-Approved merchandise. I just got a reply to the letter I sent to them informing about the Hype I've managed to generate since their previous letter I got in April, 2005 with the suggestion to Generate Hype. I've just photocopied their April, 2005 reply letter to further prove myself their worth-while. I'll do what I can to make Sonichu and Rosechu gaming icons between Nintendo and SEGA.

At the least, I do have a great Fanbase.

You look like a woman with your own ambitions; you gonna be a rockstar like Jiggliami? :D Seriously, though, do you play that guitar you wield well or good? And how's your singing? If you've self-recorded your own song(s), I'd love to hear it or them.

Also, I've had a hunch there was a real name behind Kawaii, because when I type a reply, the "Original Message" gets quoted, and it said inthe From-To details, "Blanca Notsaying"; keeping your last name scarce, cutie? :) I mean, it's cool; I'm just playin' with ya a bit. <3

Well, I'll wrap it up for now; if you feel like talking more about yourself, I will listen (or read with open heart in this case). I'd love to hear some more of your random thoughts that make you you. And if you find the time, feel free to send me a friend request through the Wii Network, now that you have my code.

U growin' on me now; Peace,
Christian C.

RE: Well, let me start an honest friendship between us from Blanca to Chris on Tue 8/19/08 8:58 PM

Haha, yea. I just felt like being goofy. :P I wish I could be a real rock star. My singing is horrible.. and know like 2 songs on the guitar lol! Ya. I am always really careful with the internet. I am always scared a stalker is going to like try to find me. Its really scary, you know! I don't really have any Wii games that use friend codes, atm, but I'll s it for when I do! Maybe for you I will sing a song, but I can't promise you'll like it. :P

That's cool. from Chris to Blanca on Wed 8/20/08 12:31 AM

I understand how scary having a stalker can be. But i can promise you that I would never do that to you.

That's actually my Wii System code; used to communicate between Wii owners, so we can e-mail through there if you wanted to. And we could exchange Virtual Console/Wii Ware games through the WiiStore (you may gift me a game, and I can return the favor, or vice-versa).

If you sing a song for me, I will appreciate it with open heart. :)

Also, I am drawing the bit with Jiggliami; she is being interviewed in the studio of Station KCWC, and you're there with her as her lead Guitar Hero and business manager. It's a "Just gettin' started" kinda situation. So she's excited about her single's "June Release", and for being on her first Radio Show. Then she continues to talk about her single, "I sing lead vocals with Blanca at Lead Guitar Hero." You add, "Yeah, while Jiggliami sang on SingStar, I would play my Ax on the Wii. Getting the high scores scored better real-play for my benefit. Jiggliami continues, "I can't help but appreciate her excellent skills. After being discovered playing at her family's business, we were in!" "Oh my God!" you add. Jiggliami replies, "I know, right? i just couldn't believe it. But now, we're gigged at max's Kansas City. if we get lucky like Joe, we'll have a "No Surprize" contract." (an Aerosmith reference in that joke). then simultaneously, you both say, "Hello, Joke!" "Jynx!," and you both have a laugh. I hope you like that foretaste for the comic; I note you as original creator of Jiggliami. I have another page to draw for your bit yet.

Christian C.

RE: Well, let me start an honest friendship between us from Blanca to Chris on Wed 8/20/08 12:31 AM

Ohhh! Christian, I hope you don't mind if I posted the colored picture on my deviantart page! I credited you and posted a link to your site. Hopefully, any kind of people who like my art head there and see where the magic began.

RE: That's cool. from Blanca to Chris on Wed 8/20/08 12:43 AM

Oh wow. That's reallllyyyyy cool! Wow, me/ in your comic? Even if its only one time, i am honored. You are totally free to use them whenever though. I'll see if I can add you. I will be in college and using that internet haha.

Hey I wrote a song for my Jiggliami from Blanca to Chris Wed 8/20/08 1:41 AM

What do you think? I am not singing it, cause I am a bad singer. :P

But here are the lyrics. Enjoy!

I can't hide this feeling anymore...
Don't you notice the fever of this love?

Dark clouds were hanging low.
A busy city had lost its colors.
Sunshine hiding away, twilight fading out
And the shadows nearing me now.

Ahh... The world isn't how it used ot be.
I don't know if love has changed,
But do I still want you?
I know that I do, but what can I do about it?

What could I do?
What should I do?

Baka dana... watashi! (Author Note: Japanese for "How foolish... I am!")

It's the war of love.
I can't give you up.
I hate to see you smile to every girl except for me.
I want you so bad.
Too heavy and too deep.
Please focus on me
I will show you how much you love me.

I screamed out to you with a megaphone
To find it broken
I try to reach up as high as I can,
But your eyes are never on me.

Now I look up to the sky,
I find it has been cleared
But it wasn't done for me.
I can't stop these feelings
They're getting out of hand.

Oh, what could I do?
What should I do?

I swear in this love,
I'll never give you up.

Dai-suki! (Author Note: Japanese for "I love you")

It's the war of love
I'll shoot through your heart.
I'll use everything in the book if its fair game or foul.
How about fluttering my skirt rigt in front of you?
Then you won't be able to take your eyes off me.

It's time ot attack.
My situation is bleak.
The tide is set against me.

Love isn't blind, I've got you in my sights
Prepare to
Kiss me now
Open my eyes by your kiss.

RE: Hey I wrote a song for my Jiggliami from Chris to Blanca on Wed 8/20/08 3:41 AM

I love your song lyrics; you have moved me. I can feel the love and time you've put into writing the song. Honestly, with lyrics like that, you could be a song writer, at least in my eyes. :)

BTW, what color are your eyes? i need to know for when I color your eyes in the comic. Of which I feel certain that if I saw them for myself, in your person, I could be taken in.

And do you have a title for the song?

Anyhoo, I am almost finished with full completion of comic #7; only a few more pages to go. BTW, do you know "Sonichufan1985", aka Robert Simmons? he had some videos on Youtube that were mostly in tribute to me and my Sonichu and Rosechu world. Also, he led me to your messages you've sent on Youtube; told me a small bit about you from there. In the "Radio Interview" segment I am finishing, I had two interviews: you, Jiggliami and Jamsta Sonichu, and the one I'm about to start, newly crated Lolisa Rosechu and Robert. The link between Jamsta and Lolisa is that she is his co-host of the show on KCWC, and the two are Sweethearts. Before I found you, I've promised Bob his interview, just to let you know.

Thee is an equal number of pages between you and Robert for each interview; I wouldn't want to leave you feeling short-changed, because I would not do that to you; I care about my friends' feelings.
Although, between you and me, I feel flattered and smart from Bob heeding my advice well, yet I gave him updated advice to the out-of-date signage... not to have any signs at all; I later realized that a sign made me look retarded, so I stopped long time ago. I suggested that he try to put himself in the center of an open area and try some AXE body spray. the only thing about him that I feel different about; his version of my medallion. I don't know how to describe the way I feel about it, but from looking at it, I'm like "Oye," or "Oh, my god." I think you can understand, but please do not tell him that I said that.

I should get back to drawing.

Christian C.

RE: Hey I wrote a song for my Jiggliami from Blanca to Chris on Wed 8/20/08 3:49 AM

I guess you can say they are an ocean blue. :D My eyes, I mean. Oh and don't worry! I won't be counting the pages or anything. To be honest, when I look for a guy I just tend to try to find shy gamer nerds like me hehehe. I do kind of approach them first. I recently got out of a baaaad relationship, so it looks like I might be looking again myself!

Chris does not waste any time in hinting at a relationship

I see from Chris to Blanca on Wed 8/20/08 4:00 AM

Well, you know I am a gamer nerd. :)P And I am publically [sic] shy; after you get my address, I would like to invite you to give me a try *blush*. If I sound like I'm being forward, I apologize, because I did not mean to sound like that kind of guy. If you want me, I'll be happy to wait for you. :)

Oh, thank you for your eye color info, and I'm sorry about your recent mal-relationship you had to endure. But for the better, and benefit of your happiness, it's a good thing you got out of it. And I do not mean to sound like a panther, ready to sieze the moment... although the thought obviously passed my mind... *blush*

I'll TTYL,
Christian C.

RE: I see from Blanca to Chris on Wed 8/20/08 4:15 AM

Oh hehehehe. Now I'm all nervous x3. Well I am still harboring a broken heart... we dated for 5 years, you see... and I guess he decided he rather date some other girl suddenly. I don't want to make someone as cute as you wait for me, cause I am sure you probably do have some girls pining after you.

We'll see after we've been friends for longer hehe. I don't want to rush into anything, you know.

I understand from Chris to Blanca on Wed 8/20/08 5:27 AM

But believe me, locally I am NOT PUBLICALLY [sic] Popular. I mean right now, I feel as yippy as a puppy dog...

Yet, you are correct about rushing into anything... *sigh* *blush* Yeah, I apologize for my impulsiveness; let's learn more about each other through our e-mails, and if you should be in my neck of the woods in the hopefully near future, we will know for sure.

In the meantime, I would be interested in knowing about what goes on with you, one day at a time, and I will offer you my thoughts one day at a time as well. And on that, when do you start your college classes, and what's your planned major? I've graduated from Piedmont Virginia Community College with two Computer Aided Drafting and Design degrees. For a final major project that I did, right before I graduated, I've actually designed the plans for my Cwcville Shopping Mall, including the Mayor's Office on the upper floor. My mall has everything most people would want to shop at, including a Pokemon Centere, just like the one that was in New York City. I still have the CADD data specs saved on a CD-R, and a paper print-out of the plans in my big Sonichu Book.

I'll Talk To You Later;
Christian C.

RE: I understand from Blanca to Chris on Wed 8/20/08 6:42 AM

Aw, I am sure that can't be entirely true! Don't be so hard on yourself. I'll be sure to email you if I head over there for any reason. :D

Wow! Those are big plans! I still am not sure what I am going to major in. I think I will stay undeclared until I figure it out. Hehe. Maybe if I learn how to draw well enough, they'd let me on the Pokemon team! xP I hope... that would be like my dream job. You know, creating new pokemon.

Re: I understand from Chris to Blanca on Wed 8/20/08 7:53 AM

How ambitious of you, drawing for NOA; I admire your spirit. :) Funny you should mention that, though; I have finished drawing the #7 comic; I only need to color it, then scan and retype the pages' text. I am drawing the cover for #8, it's "A Saturday at the beach" for the girls.

Jiggliami will volunteer to sing her first single, "War of Love" in a short concert that day. I would like you to design a bathing suit for Jiggliami (it can be a bikini, or a one-piece; your choice). After you draw the bathing suit (with or without Jiggliami in it), please attach and e-mail your scanned drawing to me. You may take as much time as you feel required.

I'll tell you what, though, if I manage to get my foot in NOA's door for real, after we start discussing the Sonichu and Rosechu game, I can refer you as an animal designer. I'm not making any promises yet, but feel free to draw your original Pokemon characters as you please.

Also, I don't know for sure, but which time zone are you in (subtract how many hours from Eastern Standard)?

Have a pleasant day.
Christian C.

RE: I understand from Blanca to Chris on Wed 8/20/08 4:13 PM

Actually, I do live in the Eastern Time zone, so whatever time it is there, it is here too. I have a really strange sleeping habit and lifestyle atm due to being a waitress. And if you really did make that suggestion, I would be so greatful to you. I love pokemon, and I really wish I could design them all day. Its not letting me attach the photo >_<. So here is a reference pic: hurley-mango-ads-pink-bikini.jpg

Re: RE: I understand from Chris to Blanca on Wed 8/20/08 5:13 PM

Tell me about out-of-sync bilogical clocks; mine has been having me going to sleep at like 5 to 6 AM and waking at 1 or Late afternoon for years. I'm my own nightwatchman. I got caught up with random projects too often, also I've watched too much Adult Swim(TM).

That's a good choice; a string bikini. I'll color it blue like Jiggliami's outfit. Is pink your favorite color?

Christian C.

RE: I understand from Blanca to Chris on Wed 8/20/08 6:42 PM

Actually, purple is my fav color. I just find that I am newly addicted to the internet. So I am on it like nonstop when I can be!


Here's a peek at the next Comic Cover from Chris to Blanca on Wed 8/20/08 6:33 PM
Attachments: SchuComic9Cover.jpg (169.8 KB)

You will be the very first to see it before everyone else, Blanca. :) FYI, you remember the Original Rosechu, Bubbles and Angelica; the yellow Rosechu is Lolisa, and the black one in the corner box is the mysterious Silvanna. More will be learned after I draw and color these pages, after I've uploaded the #7 Comic pages to the Official Sonichu Site. Watch for a new logo in the near future.

Christian C.

RE: Here's a peek at the next Comic Cover from Blanca to Chris on Wed 8/20/08 6:43 PM

Oh wow, she's soooo pretty! They all are. I could really go to the beach myself sometime. :D

RE: Here's a peek at the next Comic Cover from Blanca to Chris on Thu 8/21/08 1:30 AM

Hey Christian, do you think you could e-mail me when you update your page? I am going out this weekend, so I might not be around to check! And I am going to be busy getting school stuff ready. :3

Re: Here's a peek at the next Comic Cover from Chris to Blanca on Thu 8/21/08 10:59 AM

It will be a while before I upload the pages to the website, but I will let you know.

Also, after I've uploaded the comic pages for my website, I plan to reupgrade the logo and name; while for short, the name in the upper blue bar will remain "CWC's Sonichu Site", the newer name will soon be,...

"The Original and the Official,
from Da Man,
Christian Weston Chandler,
The Sonichu and Rosechu Site!"

Imagine the sequence center-aligned with the first line at 14-size font, second line in 10-size, my name in orange and blue Sonic-the-Hedgehog-style letters, "It's" in 14-size, and "The Sonichu and Rosechu Site" in a collaberation of three logos; "The" and "And" in 14-size font, The "Sonichu" logo, straight from the comic books, the NEW "Rosechu" logo from the upcoming #8 Comic Cover, and "Site" from the VERY FIRST Sonichu Site Logo: Red Letters on a Steel Plate. I will accept feedback and suggestions from you on the new logo.

Also, Blanca, if you recall the ED page, well, they've found my home address and posted it in the Talk section of the page; if you wish to check it out, go ahead, but I would feel better if you resisted the temptation, as my friend, because I can heavily feel the stress from knowing that now the bullies have it. And lord and god knows what they scheme to do with that information. I would feel very sad if you became one of them, but I can feel from your drawings and your photo and our e-mails that you have a good heart. Please, as my friend, do not prove me wrong.


I apologize for that dramatic moment, but I have those stressors to worry about. You know, it's hard to believe, and my mother basically spelled it out for me. But I became Pop-Star Famous, and I didn't have to leave my house.

Well, back to the good, your favorite color is purple; that's neat; you and I both like shades of Blue. :) You know there is a beach in Virginia, if you and I get to hook up in the future, It would be awesome and new to me to spend Spring Break with you there. You know, story wise, the beach episode in the #8 comic WILL be on THE Saturday of Spring Break, 2008; I'll have to refer to my calender for a specific date, but if I could enjoy that fun for real, I would feel just flabergasted with joy, especially if I shared it with a gal like you. :)

Well, I still have a comic to color,
I will Talk To You Later, Cutie-Pie.
Christian C. <3

RE: Here's a peek at the next Comic Cover from Blanca to Chris on Thu 8/21/08 1:21 PM

What? Someone, a friend no less, told some webpage about your address? That's not right. How could they >_<
I would never hand out your address and I am not sure what ed is, but I won't be looking it up. it sounds like a bunch of bad karma!

Thank you from Chris to Blanca on Thu 8/21/08 6:33 PM

Thank you, Blanca. :)

Encyclopedia Dramatica seriously is bad karma; they've been haunting me with slanderous mockeries at my expense for almost a year now.

But being affirmed that you won't look for me in that wrong way makes me feel better.

I am about over a quarter done coloring #7 (I should have colored the pages as I completed each, but I didn't think of it when I started that comic)(although I did have to use photoshop to put together the cover, but that's different). I will also be editing the #7 preview video I've put on YouTube with the reading of the colored-in pages of that joke.

I hope you've had a pleasant day today.

Christian C. :)

RE: Thank you from Blanca to Chris on Fri 8/22/08 2:13 AM

I hope I see it before things get too hectic!

Hey, Kawaii-Pie. :) from Chris to Blanca on Fri 8/22/08 2:30 AM
Attachments: Best_SchuFanartEdited.jpg (97.1 KB)

I'm just checkin' in while taking a moment from the coloring; I'm about half-way finished. I will Definitely Color as I Draw each page in #8, as well as all future comics. :)

My day was okay; I took a brief change-of-scenery by taking my coloring work with me to my local Wal-Mart's McDonald's in-store restaurant; while there, I've colored the whole Ghostbusters parody for Family Guy, which you should know if you watched the video, I gave Seth McFarline full use of the joke. How do you feel about Family Guy, if you watch it?

Also, earlier, I've received a message from some jerk on YouTube who posted a Sonichu Fanart gif. It was not as nice as I thought it was at first; upon first look, it looks fantastic; the best I've seen up to now. But after a few seconds, it transformed into an ugly art. :(P Anyhoo, I downloaded the .gif (which is the default format for short, repetitive animation pics), and I've captured its Better Half alone into a .jpg (attached is the .jpg) I've had to fix his shoes, because they were originally with a white stripe in the middle. But it's still the best fanart I've seen. I am even thinkin' about using it for the cover on the First Sonichu Comic of the Second Season.

Also, I will get the new logo icon made up after completing #7 comic; I will share the .jpg of the icon with you for your open, honest opinion(s). But the main name WILL be changed to reflect its being The Original and The Official Sonichu & Rosechu Site, with the original "CWC's Sonichu Site" being maintained as its short nickname.

Also, while I am thinking about it, I wanted to ask you about how you feel about porn in your humble opinion. Honestly, and confidentially between you and me, I see the "official" videos from companies such as Adam&Eve, not solely as a turn-on, but as a good education of what may be done during the act. I also appreciate it more as a virgin, because it allows me to create a better idea for when I actually do it for my first time. And obviously I have seen a fair share in my adult years. I would rather be well-advised about it and the practices of safe-sex than be dumb on anything on the topic. But if you do not feel comfortable with seeing pornographic videos, I will not ask anymore beyond this paragraph. If I've made you feel uncomfortable, I humbly apologize. But I feel it a good idea to check with you about the subject, because I care about your feelings as my gal-pal with a growing friendship.

On another issue, I've recently received a reply letter from Nintendo of America; it was basically a static repeat of two of the paragraphs from the reply letter I've received back on April, 2005. I have written another letter in reply to that reply, making the Sonichu Hype more obvious, and quoting the April, 2005 letter (with an enclosed photocopy) about their Previous Suggestion to generate the Hype. Basically I've made myself more clear with, in a nutshell of a scenario statement, "I have my Hype, Let's talk big business."

Well, that's it for now; I will return to my coloring, and I will await your thoughts in reply, and how your day was.

Christian C. :)

Hey, Blanca? from Chris to Blanca on Fri 8/22/08 1:11 PM

R U okay? Did you get my latest e-mail I sent? If I offended you, I'm sorry. :_(

Also, do you have AIM; I've just downloaded it to my PC?

I hope I didn't hurt you emotionally...

Hope to TTYL,CP;
Christian C.

I hope you're haveing a good weekend. from Chris to Blanca on Sat 8/23/08 7:34 PM

I remembered that you told me that you were going somewhere this weekend, so I hope you are having a good and safe time.

Well, basically today, I've been continuing on the coloring of the comic. On Saturdays, I usually catch the bunch of British Comedy shows on my local PBS station. I generally like "Keeping Up Appearances" and "Are You Being Served". I also catch "Monty Python" on BBC America sometimes on satellite. Do you watch British Comedy sometimes, if you do which show do you generally like the best?

Also, I was wondering if you had a page on MySpace that I may check out. And I've noticed on your YouTube profile page that you have a good number of favorites, yet not any uploaded videos. If you should decide to upload a video, well I would enjoy watching you express your opinion, or play a song on your guitar (you wouldn't have to sing), or whatever you wanted to do.

Come to think of it, if you do have an AIM account and a webcam, you and I can chat and see each other; please let me know if we can do that.

Here's wishing you a safe weekend.

Christian C. :)

Hey, Blanca from Chris to Blanca on Mon 8/25/08 4:50 PM

I hope you've returned safely from your trip, and I hope to hear from you again soon. Also, to properly quote you in the #7 comic, I will type that Jiggliami was originally created by Blanca, but I would feel better if I could quote you by your full name. I am able to re-edit the comic page at any time, so ASAP, please let me know what your last name is.

I also look forward to reading about how your trip went.

Christian C.

Hey, Blanca, upgrade your Bookmark! from Chris to Blanca on Tue 8/26/08 1:12 AM

Not only did I finally get comic #7 uploaded, but out of space necessity, I had to upgrade my Tripod account. So Now, The Sonichu & Rosechu Site/CWC's Sonichu Site may now also be referred to Officially as Spread the good word.

Also, check our yours and Jiggliami's fun Radio Show interview that I've promised you. :D

Christian C.

RE: Hey, Blanca, upgrade your Bookmark! from Blanca to Chris on Tue 8/26/08 9:01 PM

Hey sweetie. Sorry, I started school and its been kind of hectic! :D Nice to hear you got a bigger and better site. I'll be sure to tell my friends. At least the ones that like sonic and such. :D

How are you? Also, I am too bashful to give out my full name... Just stick to Blanca W.

Chris claims Megan has forgiven him

Re: Hey, Blanca, upgrade your Bookmark! from Chris to Blanca on Wed 8/27/08 2:29 AM

Well, I understand your starting college; I hope you enjoy your classes, and I wish you success in your grades. Please keep in touch with me by letting me know what goes on with you there.

Anyhoo, I am well, thank you for asking. :) I've been busy pondering over the Sonichu Game story to submit to JKProductions, I've created a two-part video and uploaded both parts onto YouTube for my take on the future Sonichu Game and Comics, and I am getting started on the #8 Comic. Also, if you recall my gal-pal, Megan Schroeder, I've chatted with her earlier tonight; she has forgiven me for my mistake. She is doing well, and she has been going out with a volunteer fireman for about over a month now. It's okay, although I had her at "I Love You" when I lost her then, I can still be happy for her successes as a true friend.

Meantime, I'm also happy to know you, Blanca, if you and I manage to start a true relationship later this year or so, that will be swell. But for now, it's good to know you a bit at a time through your honest e-mail messages. :)

Christian C.

RE: Hey, Blanca, upgrade your Bookmark! from Blanca to Chris on Wed 8/27/08 1:02 PM

Hey, I just wanted to let you know that the link to the new comic isn't there or something. :< Could you link me it? I'm sooooo excited about it.
Megan? Yeaah. Its good that you are talking to her again. I know how much you liked her. :3

Hey, B.W. :) from Chris to Blanca on Wed 8/27/08 4:13 PM

I've just checked the link to the Number 7 comic; works good to me. If you're talking about in association with the Number 8 cover with the Spring Break, There is NO LINK attached to that image yet, because I have only just started creating the comic; there will be a link added to the image after I've completed the #8 comic and uploaded the page images.

BTW, do you have an AIM account with the AIM downloaded onto your PC? I've just downloaded the AIM to mine (My AIM is my E-Mail address without the ""). Also, do you have a webcam on your PC as well, so you and I can chat and see each other at the same time? If you do have AIM, please let me know when you'll be accessing it, and I'll be sure to boot my AIM up to chat with you. :)

I hope all is good with your classes;

Christian C.

RE: Hey, B.W. :) from Blanca to Chris on Wed 8/27/08 11:56 PM

Nope. I don't have one. :< Should I get one? Also, I don't have a webcam. I just have a normal camera. @_@

Chris likes Blanca

Re: Hey, B.W. :) from Chris to Blanca on Thu 8/28/08 1:10 PM

Well, I'm not saying that you have to get an AIM account; but I thought you'd maybe like to be able to chat through IM.

I'm only trying to find a method of being able to see you from on your side of the computer, so I can feel more confident and trusting of you to grow our friendship better. And I feel it's a good idea to look into chatting over IM, maybe with an attached webcam, or you could make and upload a video of yourself doing something neat or whatever. You know that I Like You; I'd like to be able to have more confidence in my "Like" for you that can make it grow into honest, well-trusted "Love". I think you can understand.

It's something you may think about looking into.

Christian C.

Hey, B-W. from Chris to Blanca on Thu 8/28/08 1:26 PM

I just wanted to let you know that I have finally got used to the ED page being there, so I am able to tolerate its existence. The MAJOR thing about the page that REALLY Grinds My Gears is all the lewd, slanderous, parodied images of my Rosechu with a dick; SHE IS ALL WOMAN!!! She was born with, and STILL HAS HER GOD-GIVEN VAGINA and both OVARIES. I would Seriously Really Wish and Like VERY MUCH see ALL the dicked-up images Removed from the page and replaced with MORE ACCURATE Fanart of Rosechu with VAGINA.

Not only that, but it Seriously ticked me when just after I've found the page back in November, 07, I received in e-mails a few copies of those particular images, then I DISTINCTLY, RIGHT-TO-THE-POINT, STRAIGHT-FORWARD TOLD all the people that sent the image copies, as well as the people of the ED Page to "Remove Their Pickled Images".

ONLY IF they would replace their dick-headedness with Honest, God-Blessed Images of Rosechu with VAGINIA, and ABSOLUTELY NO FRIGGIN' PENIS!!!!

Also, on a lighter note, the #8 Comic is coming along good for start, and so is the Stories for the characters for the Video Game.

I hope that I will be able to see you via webcam or freshly-created video.

Have a great day, TTYL,CP,
Christian C.

Blanca, from Chris to Blanca on Fri 8/29/08 2:47 AM

It has been brought to my attention that some of my haters are putting the pain in your YouTube Profile Comments. I felt it was my duty to warn you myself; I hope you do not let those nasty comments get to you. They're just blowing off steam from their jealousy or whatever.

After getting to know you over the e-mails, I have a feeling that you ARE a strong woman, and that you would not let a few slanderous remarks hinder our friendship. I want you to know that no matter how many people may give off bad remarks, I will offer you kind compliments and my full positive support. If you feel you need a shoulder to cry on, my shoulder is open ALL the time for you.

I hope that I'll be able to see more of your lovely self soon. BTW, should you make and upload a fresh video of yourself onto YouTube, you CAN disable comments, ratings, etc from being posted onto your video. You can also fix it so only myself, or up to 25 friends can see it.

I care about your feelings.

Christian C.

RE: Blanca, from Blanca to Chris on Sat 8/30/08 12:13 AM

I'm just going to drop that youtube channel and move to a new one cause its not worth arguing them. :( I don't want them to come bug me, sorry I wish I could defend you more, but I am not good with dealing with haters and those people.

Re: Blanca, from Chris to Blanca on Sat 8/30/08 1:34 AM

I understand how you feel. Are you and I still growing friends?

Christian C.


RE: Blanca, from Blanca to Chris on Sat 8/30/08 3:17 PM
Attachments: l_893bd0d1a56dee1f1031b289c016af65.jpg (29.2 KB)

Of course, Christian. :D I'll work on getting an aim. I don't own a webcam, so, IDK. lol I'm kind of a broke college student, but here is another picture. Its kind of old.

Re: Blanca, from Chris to Blanca on Sat 8/30/08 5:52 PM

Thank you so much, Blanca, your friendship, and your honesty mean a lot to me.

Frankly, I'm not "Mr. Joe Millionare" either. :) But I get by well, and I look to the lord and god for their support as well; I am certain that you will be blessed as well.

BTW, you looked beautiful then in that older pic, just like you did rockin' in mid-air. :) I feel more trust and faith in you now. And for that, I will offer my home phone number to you, it's (434)-990-0198 (I'd offer my cell number, but apparently it costs me a bundle to accept long-distance calls on it, compared to my home phone). Most likely, my father, Robert Franklin Chandler Jr. or my mother, Barbara Anne Weston Chandler, will answer the first, so when either of my parents answer, please be sure to introduce yourself as my growing honestly close friend before asking for me. :) I have already told my mother a bit about you, but I'll have to spot my dad on the info. You have my full permission to call me when you like; you have earned it through my trust. :)

Also, I already have Sonichufan1985's support on this, and I have mentioned it to you in an earlier e-mail, to draw sexy and/or naked pictures of Rosechu to replace the dicked-up slanders on that ED Page. I have honestly grown used to its existence, but everytime I see one of those pics, it makes me want to "Cry" that "Game" (if you catch the movie pun). But I am encouraging the Good fans of my Sonichu fanbase to help me in this protest to clean up the slanderous portrayal of Rosechu on that page. I have already drawn up a few in the "Deleted Scenes" of my current comic. I also encourage the fans to upload their good fanart to the ED site and edit the page to replace a dicked image with their piece of Better Fanart, WITH VAGINA. But if they are not sure how to edit the page, they are free to e-mail me their image, and I will put it in my pile of sexy/naked Rosechu images to be uploaded later. I ask you for your support in this protest, but iif drawing these types of drawings offends you, I will understand.

Other than that, the drawing of the whole #8 comic is coming along well; I'm taking it one page at a time, and make an effort to draw and color at least one page at a time.

I wish you a good day, and good health.

Christian C.

RE: Blanca, from Blanca to Chris on Sat 8/30/08 7:43 PM

What's ed again? I've heard about it, and you kind of explained it, but idk. also, I don't want to draw those things... its kind of embarrassing.

RE: Hey, B-W. from Blanca to Chris on Sat 8/30/08 11:20 PM

Christian, I think, after rereading this, that that is a powerful thing to say... you definitely should make a video or post somewhere stating this. I mean, artistic nudes are good and beautiful, however, such lewd and crude things like... like thingies on women, that's disgusting. I strongly believe you need to show those bullies. >_< IDK make a video. I'm sure it would rally up your fans like it rallied me... If I wasn't so scared they'd try to hurt me somehow, I'd go to this ed place and show them a pieve of my mind!

Chris describes Episode 17: "Rage Against the Garbage"

Re: Hey, B-W. from Chris to Blanca on Sun 8/31/08 12:56 AM

Wow! I can feel your anger through your message; I can tell you definitely have spunk, and I like spunk. :)

At least you understand how I feel about the situation. A video is a good idea, but I would not want to personally show myself off, in a twist-my-words-around sense, as possibly some kind of pervert or something like that. Besides, I have good, honest friends like you and Sonichufan1985 to share some of my pain in private, as to reduce the risk.

But I've just had a thought, I can post some of my sexy, nude Rosechu pics on the account page I've set up eariler on, and probably set up a blog there to rally the good Sonichu & Rosechu fans. I may go for that after I've drawn up, or found some more sexy Rosechu pics.

Blanca, I wish to thank you for listening to my rant against that 4-Cent_Garbage with a good heart and open mind. It makes me feel happy to know that I have a good woman friend that I've got to know for a bit of a while now to openly trust. :)

For now, let's talk about pleasant topics between you and me. How's your waitress job been working out for you? I'd like to know what you think about during that time, and how you see things from your perspective there. You are a creative woman, I feel certain that you can paint a good picture of your time there. :)

Currently, in the comic, I am working on the pages where Sonichu and Rosechu are going up in the elevator of the 4-Cent_Garbage building to see Jason. But I should fill you in on that story, so here it is copied and pasted, the "sneak peak" at the first episode of Comic #8, as told to Sonichufan1985 weeks ago.

So, with that, here's the preview for beginning episode of Comic #8. Sonichu and Rosechu had just finished making love after their date; the two are Living together, Rosechu goes on the internet, after learning from Kellie Andes (my old High School Sweetheart among the graduating class of Y2K), who I give the honor of finding the ED site in the comic. But instead of calling it Encyclopedia Dramatica, I call it "4-Cent Garbage." So with the matching page details down to the last letter, Rosechu is examining the "Chris-chan" page in shock. Enter Sonichu, who just got out of their shared bed. Rosie shows Sonichu the shocking page; Sonichu goes into shock of the typed details. He is surprised to find the hand-drawings I made up, which to him look like photographs (especially the one with him and Rosie doin' their thang).

And finally, he throws up after seeing the crude drawings of Rosechu with a dick. He goes on to even exclaim that last time he check, she HAD both her Ovaries. And even brings up a planned parody of Playboy magizine, "Pok'eBoy", with centerfolds of Rosechu, that were done under Sonichu's supervision; she is on the cover as well (but in a two-piece). And after exausting a gasp from the stress, Rosie escorts him to the bed to rest, and suggests later to go to the 4-Cent Garbage building to try to reason with them.

Then, DELETED SCENE, Rosie goes back to the computer, realizing that she can change the pics on the page, she goes into another room and takes nudie pics of herself. :D With a few self-crotch-shots. Then she returns with SD Memory card in hand, thinking she has enough pics, uploads and replaces most of the dick-imposters. Then she realizes there were more imposters then she had her own nudie pics for. Then she gets the idea to ask Bubbles and Angelica to help.

BTW, when I say DELETED SCENE, I mean that I will draw the pages as Page #+A for myself, but I would not upload the pages to be scene in the final print. So, I'm letting you in on some really juicy stuff here; Please keep it under your hat, I am trusting you, Robert Simmons.

Anyway, later, Sonichu and Rosechu find the 72-Story tall 4-Cent Garbage Publications building. They get there with help from Magi-Chan with teleportation. So they enter the building, and speak to the receptionist (a red devil), who at the moment is getting himself discreetly horny, with his chair back facing our heroes. Sonichu says to him, "Excuse me, we have a 2-O-Clock appointment with the head of your company. And without turning around, the devil replies, "Yeah, sure, go to the opposite side of the column in front of me, and take the elevator to Floor 66+6". "Wouldn't that be 72?" Sonichu replies. "Yeah, sure, if you want to be technical. Get goin', I'm busy here," the devil replies harshly without eye-contact. Then our heroes start their way to go around the column; Sonichu says as he passes the devil, "Gee, Thanks," sarcastically. After Rosechu presses the elevator button, Sonichu says to her, "Can you believe how RUDE that guy was?!! He wouldn't even turn himself around even for a second." Rosie replies, "Sonichu... forgiveness." "Eh...Alright," Sonichu replies, "It just really grinds my gears." As they take the elevator up, Sonichu says, "If the first floor has a jerk like that, I can only imagine what else could be among the other stories here."

And, we see on the second floor a multiple number of computers, all but one with passed-out drunks in front of them. And the nerd to his left just recovers from his hangover, and the still sober guy says, "You ready to go, pal?" "Yeah", he replies. Then the first guy says, "Great. I'm gonna pass out now," drinks a can of beer in one gulp, falls back and collapses into his slumber. Ugh... A good joke... to represent the expert HTML jerks behind ED.

And a few random floors up, with a relative joke on each floor.

Then, our heroes get up to the 72nd floor, exits the elevator, and are greeted by Jason (yes, Jason Kendrick Howell, but for the comic, just Jason) in a booming voice, with his woman slave, dressed like a sadistic mistress or S&M queen, on a leash, Kathleen (his real 17-year old girlfriend, Kathleen [redacted]) "behaving" and staying silent.

(Can you believe the world with such cruel people like him for real?) Sonichu steps forward and complains about the slanderous webpage about me, and after taking a deep sigh after releasing his stress upon his explanation, calms down and humbly asks Jason to remove it from their website. Obviously, Jason says no. Then Sonichu gets really angry, and shoots a Thunderbolt upon him; he deflects it with a parody of the Dark Force. Then Sonichu runs towards Jason to "Mach Punch" him, but he stops Sonichu, within an inch before impact, dead in his tracks, levitates him and tosses him back, to be caught by Rosie. Rosie then comforts him, and tells him, "There's no reasoning with him, Sweet Bolt; let's just go now." "But..." Sonichu replies. "Forgiveness... just like Jacob taught us," Rosie affirms. And with a final angry glance, Sonichu staggers back to the elevator door with Rosechu helping him with arm around him.

And, DELETED SCENE, Jason tells Rosechu, "That's right go. Go, and play with your Pickle." Then he chucks a Real Vegetable Pickle, and it hits Rosie on the head, as she carries Sonichu. She pauses, Sonichu stands still next to her on his own, she picks up the pickle on the floor, quivers a moment, then becomes enrage with fires of fury. She turns around, takes a few steps towards Jason, pauses, bends down to unzip her boots, looks back to Sonichu and tells him to get ready (for her quick striptease). She jumps high out of her boots, goes into an aerial spin jump, undoes her skirt, tosses that to Sonichu, he catches it. Then her shirt. Then she lands five feet in front of her boots, in nothing but her C-Cup Bra and panties. She shouts to Jason, "I've got three shocking bits for you, Jerk!" She undoes her bra from the front, reveals her left breast, then her right and tosses the bra back to Sonichu. She jumps, ninja warrior stance in mid-air, drops her panties to the floor under her... pounces onto Jason's face, her vagina opening landing on his nose, her legs wrapped tight around his head. She squeezes his head with her legs, rubbing her pussy in his face with fury. After half-a-minute, jumps off him, lands between her panties and her boots on floor, her naked butt and back, facing Jason, who is alive, but fainted, his hood is down, revealing his face, with dizzy spiral in his eye. She turns her head and looks at him, like a bull after taking down its opponent. Then she collects her panties and boots; walks victoriously with Sonichu holding the rest of her clothes back to the elevator. She would clothe herself on the way down with her Sweet Bolt in awe of her, and turned on.

No naughty bits, or tits, would be drawn in exposure, but as sure as the American Flag is Red, White and Blue, Rosechu is ALL WOMAN.

I hope you've enjoyed that, and I look forward to hearing about your thoughts from your job. Don't forget that you can call me when you feel up to it.

Christian C.


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