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It was an interesting life I had.
Bob, at peace.
I had more freedom when he was alive.
Chris, reflecting on his life prior to his father's death.[1]
I don't believe he ever, Mr. C, any of her past boyfriends, ex-husbands... haven't really reached and hit her G-spot really with their dicks.
Chris, insulting Bob's memory by claiming that he was better at fucking the man's wife than he ever was.[2]

Robert Franklin Chandler Jr.
Name Robert Franklin Chandler Jr.
Date of birth (1927-09-04) September 4, 1927
Date of death (2011-09-06) September 6, 2011 (age 84)
Also known as Bob
Mr. C
Internet Lumberjack
Republican cur
Gallop Crush
Gender Male
Religion Protestant (Methodist)
Race White
Height 5'7.5" (1.7145 m)
Education Auburn University (BEE)
Jacksonville State University (did not graduate)
Nationality American
Occupation Military communications
Spouse Patricia Faye Harley (1956–1980, divorce)
Barbara Ann Weston (1980–2011, his death)
Children Dr. David Alan Chandler
Carol Suzanne Chandler
Christian Weston Chandler
Cole Smithey (stepson)
Mother Jean Hollomon (1906–1945)
Father Robert Franklin Chandler Sr. (1906–1977)
Grandchildren Savannah Chandler
Saga Early Childhood, Nathaniel Greene, Leonard Bearstein, Julie, Emily, Ivy

Robert "Bob" Franklin Chandler Jr.[5] (4 September 1927 – 6 September 2011[6]) was the father of Christian Weston Chandler, Carol Chandler and David Alan Chandler, the stepfather of Cole Smithey, and husband of Barbara Weston Chandler. Bob became a firm favorite with trolls due to Chris's antipathy towards him and for his infamous cameo when he walked in on Chris mass debating.[7] His nickname, "The Internet Lumberjack," came from this incident, wherein he promised to cut the internet down.

Despite being estranged from his other children, and despised by his stepson for abusive behavior, Bob was widely viewed as a better parent than his wife Barbara by Christorians, and – as far as Chris's own testimony can be trusted – he treated Chris better than any of his previous children. Bob had serious difficulties working with Chris's autism, a disorder that he and his wife did not fully understand, but nonetheless, he had high hopes for his child in spite of the difficulties that he faced. Bob hoped to instill Chris with a variety of interests that reflected his own varied tastes, and he created The Dreaming Studio in their backyard in the hopes that they'd create things there (though, sadly, nothing of note was ever created there).

Because of this, Bob's popularity stems from being somewhat concerned with Chris's foolish behavior, and the fact that he occasionally tried to encourage a modicum of responsibility in Chris's sorry life, bringing up the fact that he devoted 29 years to raising his son. Of course, Chris was almost entirely unaffected by Bob's efforts to better him, but unlike Barb, he at least made the effort, even if his attempts were futile or harmful at worst. That being said, he also encouraged Chris to not seek employment in favor of getting welfare, even though Chris could still hold a part-time job and receive those benefits, so he's not entirely blameless for the sorry state that his son is in today, either. Not to mention that many of Chris's more backward social perspectives that he had in the "Classic Era" stem from his influence.

Bob was always eager to chat, and indeed much of the known information about Bob's life comes from conversations he had with trolls. It seems that Chris's passion for Honest Content did not fall too far from that tree, although Bob at least had a filter that his son lacks. Whether in person or over the phone, Bob appeared to relish the opportunity to speak with just about anyone. According to Chris, he was also a strong negotiator.[8]

On 6 September 2011, Bob died of complications from heart failure at Martha Jefferson Hospital ICU, surrounded by his family, his pastor and hospital staff.[9] He was survived by his wife and son, who then had to become the man of the house. Chris occasionally raked in some income through commission work, though he has never looked for a serious career. Chris initially came to terms with his father's death in a conventional, healthy way, but eventually turned to a coping mechanism where he genuinely believed that his father was alive in another dimension as a Sonichu named Robertchu.

Years later in 2021, Chris would disgrace Bob's memory by repeatedly having dubiously-consensual sex with his wife in an incest-based affair, with Chris bragging that he could get Barb off better than "Mr. C" ever could. Following this incident, both were separated from the house that he maintained, with Chris jailed, Barb temporarily hospitalized before eventually returning to the residence, and the Dreaming Studio left abandoned for good.


Bob was born on 4:15 PM at a medical arts building in Fort Worth, Texas,[10] and raised in Sylacauga, Alabama.[11] He was the only child of Robert Franklin "Bobby" Chandler Sr. (8 February 1906[12] – 27 December 1977[13]), an Alabamian insurance agent, and Jean Hollomon (28 March 1906[14] – 10 May 1945[15]), a Texan housewife.[16] Bob has eight younger half-siblings on his father's side.[17] He also mentioned having a cousin and several Cherokee relatives in Oklahoma.[18][19] However, a distant relative disputed his Cherokee heritage,[20] and his son's DNA test results in 2018 belied any American Indian descent. It is common for white Southerners to make dubious claims to Cherokee ancestry, for a variety of historical reasons.[21]

Bob's Father in 1942.
Bob Chandler (left) as a Boy Scout in 1945.

Bob has said that he was, "...interested in the world," around him since he was ten, and began collecting foreign stamps as a child in the 1930s; his first stamp was of Michael I of Romania. He also developed an interest in foreign music, eventually collecting some 15,000–20,000 LPs from various genres and cultures.[22] About 100 or so survived the 2014 house fire.[23]

Bob joined the Boy Scouts, becoming an Eagle Scout and a Scoutmaster for over 20 years.[24]

According to Chris, Bob lost his virginity at the age of 27, which would have been in 1954 or 1955.[25]

Service and education

A 1942 yearbook from Sylacauga High School lists a "Bobby Chandler" in the freshman class and glee club, suggesting that he graduated from this school in spring 1945 before matriculating at Auburn University as an aeronautical engineering major that autumn.

Bob served in Korea, and, thankfully for Chris, who believes that he was a sperm carried in one of his father's testicles during that time, he left before the Korean War broke out.

Bob apparently had knowledge that the Army desired,[26] was conscripted as a special draftee in 1946 and placed in the Signal Corps. There, he learned how to install valve systems, switchboards, and telephones. After basic training and Signal School in Fort Monmouth, New Jersey, Bob was sent to Korea for a year to install infrastructure with the American occupation force. Serving until 1948, he was entitled to the WWII Victory Medal: his service number was 44107856.[27] Figuring he'd get "swallowed up" at a big college, Bob picked a small college, Jacksonville State Teachers College (now Jacksonville State University), after leaving the military. He studied pre-engineering and joined the band there for two years before returning to Auburn University, where he studied electrical engineering and graduated in 1952 with a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree.[28][11] As an engineer, he never learned to spell properly.[29] While he was at Auburn, he was part of the band once again, was a member of Wesley Foundation, a United Methodist religious group; and Phi Mu Alpha, a social frat dedicated to men who are interested in music.


Article on Bob's 25th anniversary at General Electric.

A 1946 military record included Bob's occupation while he was a student as "tinsmith, coppersmith, and sheet metal worker".

Bob worked for Western Electric as an engineer for 40 years, where he designed a variety of electrical subsystems, including relays, telephones and valve systems. During the 1950s, he lived in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where his father and half of his half-siblings lived for the rest of their lives. He was then offered a job by General Electric in Utica, New York. Since New York is too cold (and Yankee) for Bob, he left after three years, returning back to Winston-Salem for a few years before transferring to Roanoke in Southwest Virginia, where he discovered his love for the mountains. In 1975, he moved to Richmond, where he worked until 1980, when he was transferred to Charlottesville.[11] He worked with both Goodrich and Goodyear.[22]

With General Electric, Bob was responsible for at least seven patents. Barbara claimed, in an email to Miyamoto, that without Bob's influence in the computer world, the NES "...might not have arrived so soon,"[30] ignoring the fact that the NES was designed and released in Japan in 1983, without influence from American electronics.

Bob Chandler is one of the most creative engineers in the organization.
The General Manager at G.E.[31]

Examples of Bob's accomplishments include an automated steel mill for rolling steel for cars, a paper mill for the production of Kleenex, warehousing, railroads and tanker ships. He designed scooters, die casting machines, machines for producing plastic products[11] and a vehicle logging system.[32] Both Chris and Barbara have bragged that Bob designed controls[33] that were used in plastic water container molding machines.[11][30]

Bob retired in 1987 at the age of 59 or 60.[34] His relatively early retirement may have been provoked by health problems, as he writes in his December 1987 letter to Chris that "I know now that I, at best, haven't much time left to share myself with you".

Bob himself was proud of his, "...natural inclination for logic," although he was, "...inundated," by all his designs and whether he did well for the world. Would plastic water bottles lead to mankind's salvation or utter destruction? Only time would tell.[11]

World consciousness

Bob Chandler learning how to cut that Internet down.
I have been very interested in the world since I was 10 years old, and that was 70 years ago and, the, uh, I'm very fond of and I really truly believe in the United Nations, but you won't find anybody else in my countryside or around here, I think, that does. (laughing) But anyway, I'm very world conscious.

Bob referred to himself as a Republican, and he did not vote for Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election.[10] That said, he had misgivings about Bob McDonnell, the Republican candidate in the 2009 Virginia gubernatorial election and the ultimate winner of the election, possibly because of McDonnell's support for very strict anti-abortion laws, which made no exceptions for cases of rape or incest. Bob and Chris considered writing in Snoopy from Peanuts as a protest vote.[35]

In a potentially damaging moment on 18 February 2009, Bob doubted the existence of Molvanîa, Julie's country of origin,[36] but he continued talking on the grounds that his grasp of post-Soviet geography was shaky. He apparently convinced himself that Molvanîa was the same place as the real country of Moldova, a former Soviet republic located near the Black Sea.[22] However, he rather damningly failed to question why Julie spoke perfect English with an American accent.

Besides Korea, Bob also visited Australia and England at some point in his life.[37]


Previous family

Bob was previously married to a woman named Patricia Harley on 25 September 1956 at a United Methodist church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. They had two children, David Alan Chandler (b. 1961) and Carol Suzanne Chandler (b. 1964).

Bob and Patricia separated on 28 June 1976 before divorcing on 28 January 1980.[38][39] Bob's relationships with David and Carol were strained in his later years.[40] Because of this, Chris did not know he had a niece via David, named Savannah, until she was 8 years old,[41] and Bob's relationship with Carol was even more distant. According to Chris, Bob was always concerned about Carol. None of the Chandlers knew what was going on with her, and the last they had heard was that she was working for the federal government, implying that she did not show up to her father's funeral.[42] David, on the other hand, did attend his father's funeral.[43]


With Barb.

Bob and Barbara met in 1979 at "Maddy's Pub" in Richmond[44] (probably Matt's British Pub in Shockoe Slip, where Bob was a sing-along leader in the late 1970s).[45] Barbara was there with a friend and Bob was singing.[46] According to Chris, Bob claimed that Barbara did the pursuing: "She chased him down the hallway," though Barb has disputed this.[47] This version of events may be why Chris figured that he could get away with being passive in terms of courtship. In contrast, Cole's friend Chuck McGuigan, who worked at the pub as a bartender, has a vivid memory of them, "...acting out as a couple of drunken losers."[40]

They got married in 1980,[46] only months after Bob and Patricia had divorced.[48] Barb later told Chris that she ultimately married Bob because, "...he owned a house."[49]

According to Chris, Barb and Bob did not have sex for at least two decades before Bob's passing. They had been sleeping in separate rooms in the years leading up to his death.[50]


Bob married Barbara when her son Cole was nearly 17, around the time Cole left to lead his own life.

Cole feels that Bob's bitterness ruined the relationship between himself and his mother. Cole said he would celebrate[40] "...when that fuck Bob finally drops,"[51] but it is unknown if he did so. Cole said that he and Bob shared a mutual hatred,[40] though there isn't any proof that Bob hated Cole. At the least, it is certain that Bob knew Cole didn't like him.[29]


Get away from the Internet! I'm cutting it down, right now.
Bob Chandler, Internet lumberjack.
Dreaming studio of Mr. C and Little C. Where dreams do come true - 1989.

Bob's relationship with Chris was rather complex. While Bob was considered to be a better parent than his wife Barb, he was by no means the good ol' pop-pop Chandler many thought he was. While Bob at least tried to help Chris, his attempts at doing so were either futile, misguided or even harmful to Chris in the long term.

When Chris was a boy, Bob encouraged him to learn more about the world and tried sharing his interests and hobbies, including engineering, geography and stamp collecting.

When Chris was seven, Bob converted a shed in the backyard of 14 Branchland Court to a workshop where he and Chris could build things together, dubbing it the "dreaming studio." Chris could not recall what they had built together when asked about it in the years following Bob's death;[52] he and Barb had been using the space for hoard storage.

Bob wished that Chris was more interested in the world. He tried to teach Chris about foreign geography such as Europe and Australia, but figured (correctly) that Chris doesn't understand countries and continents beyond what he's seen on television, and can only associate with the places he's physically been to in Virginia.[22]

Bob had difficulties understanding Chris' Autism and didn't even bother getting Chris the help he needed, likely due to his antiquated view of Mental Health institutions. Bob fought tooth and nail for years to keep Chris from getting the special education he needed to cope with the real world. It was the very reason why Bob rented a second home in a Chesterfield County so Chris couldn't attend special classes that Greene County recommended.

When Chris entered Manchester High, Bob hired a bunch of girls to babysit Chris in a misguided attempt to socialize Chris. He let Chris believe they were legit friends, when they were only in it for their own gain.

Bob enjoyed collecting stamps as a boy growing up in the 1930s, and he continued to do so for several decades, with a focus on the United Nations and foreign countries,[53] building a collection of stamp albums which filled six boxes.[54] He taught Chris about his hobby, buying him a beginner's stamp album in 1992.[55] Chris seemed to enjoy the hobby as well, since he had many pages of stamps filled in. In letters to Chris (written when Chris was a few years old), Bob gave Chris permission to pass along his various collections onto others after inheriting them. In 2017, Chris began selling pieces of the inherited stamp collection. Bob's pieces were decently priced, generally for $5 per set, though he tried to sell his own personal stamp album for $1,000.[56]

Bob's racist joke that Barack Obama would paint the White House black as soon as he became president influenced Chris to draw it in Sonichu #8.

Chris's phobia of penises was apparently sparked from barging into his parents' room, where Bob had a habit of sleeping nude from the waist down.[57]

Chris has often complained about stressful confrontations with his father:

well, my father is a major stressor against me; starts arguements [sic], annoys me, rarely washes his hands after restroom breaks (lord knows I've tried to encourage him to wash numerous time, and rarely succeeded).
Chris, IRC (31 December 2008)

However, the many instances of Bob communicating with trolls show that he was generally pleasant and amicable, not at all inclined to start arguments, as Chris asserts. As seen during the lead up to the fateful encounter between Emily, Chris and the Man in the Pickle Suit, Bob seemed to be more than happy to discuss stories with people, even those he hadn't seen or heard that much of - Robert Simmons V, who met Bob during his visit to Chris's church conversed with him extensively, later saying that he was a 'really pleasant guy.' The antagonism to which Chris refers was likely Bob attempting to constructively criticize Chris in order to better him, as Chris deeply resents being told what he does not want to hear.

A drawing of Bob by Chris, released in November 2015.

An example of this criticism was Bob telling Chris that, since Bob had looked after Chris for 29 years despite his childish and outrageous behavior, Chris should show more gratitude towards him. Chris was completely dismissive, figuring that his father was obligated to take care of him, and seeing no reason as to why he should demonstrate any foreign concepts like "love," "support," "gratitude," and "willingness to help." Reinforcing Bob's point, Chris still ran for his father's aid when he felt threatened, as in the later parts of the Kacey and Liquid Call.

Despite Bob's occasional frustration over Chris's actions, he seemed to have bought into the theory that Chris is tormented by a complex network of enemies spanning the entire world, due to the success that he has earned from his own Sonichu franchise.[58][59] In the Matthew Noble call, it appeared that Bob was the source of Chris's tendency to bring up unrelated mishaps and debacles to make current incidents and sources of stress seem "petty" in comparison.

Bob and a younger Christian. Note Chris's "Family Bonding" shirt.

Once during a phone call with a troll, Bob stated that Chris was "a hell of a lot nicer" and "has done a lot better than" the troll calling him.[60]

After Chris got his now obsolete CADD degree, instead of telling Chris to get to work like any other parent would, he encouraged Chris to stay home just so he could continue to get his taxpayer-funded tugboat.

He never seemed to get past the notion that Chris could and had already achieved things, given that he continued to have to nursemaid Chris well into his son's late 20s. In the later parts of 2009 and throughout 2010, as chronicled in Chris's emails with Vivian Gee and Jackie, Bob had been forced to take an increasingly active role in controlling Chris's spending and debt, paying off Chris's credit cards with his own money in an attempt to prevent interest charges from spiraling even further out of control. By the fall of 2010, he was monitoring Chris's bank accounts on a daily basis and keeping him on a strict allowance. Upon finding out about Chris's escapades in early 2011, Bob's reaction was to question Chris's sexuality, at one point even calling him a "fag", even though he indirectly contributed to it through his unbalanced approach of socializing Chris.

Chris has said specifically that he doesn't have to love his father, but has to respect him.[61] Confidential details collected after Bob's death, however, suggests Chris was more emotionally attached than he let on, providing rare and precious evidence that Chris doesn't take the presence of others for granted. He also got genuinely emotional while reading a letter that his father had left for him on-camera, again indicating how much he misses his father.[62]

In December 2012, Chris uploaded the soundtrack from the 1990 WTJU Jazz Marathon, in which Bob was a performer and a host. It was notable as one of the few moments where Chris publicly honored his father's memory since his passing in September 2011.

Bob lives on in his son's memory. Chris noted the occasion of his father's passing by attaching angel wings to the Lego minifigure representing him,[63] and displaying two photos of him in front of his TV.[64] He often sees Bob in his dreams.[65][66]

Due to the influence of the Idea Guys, Chris later expressed beliefs that Bob is half-Sonichu and is apparently still alive in the CWCville dimension. These beliefs began around December 2017 and continued even after the Idea Guys had been removed from power, as shown by the below quote from 2018's Father's Day.

Father's Day 2018.jpg

#HappyFathersDay to each and every Father in This World and in Every Single Other Dimension Too! My father is alive again! I still love him, even in his checker-patterned glory! ⚡️💙❤️⚡️[67]

In the Incest Call, Chris claimed he was better at pleasuring Barb than his own father. One can only imagine Bob's reaction to this news if he were still alive to bear witness to what his son has become.

Despite his best efforts to the contrary, Chris, his second chance at being a father, was Bob's greatest failure as a parent, even when factoring in his strained relationship with his other children.

Other relationships

In spite of his redneck background, Bob seems to have gotten along better with foreigners than with his own countrymen. His closest friend in Richmond was Reverend Chen of Korean Canaan Presbyterian Church,[68] and he had English friends through his involvement with Matt's British Pub.[45] He also had friends in Australia.[69]

From his father's second marriage, Bob had, "...a large number of half-brothers and sisters in... Salem, North Carolina,"[70] but he does not seem to have been very close with them. Bob's stepmother's obituary confirms that eight of these half-siblings were alive as of 2015.[71]

Contrary to popular beliefs, he did not have friends in the Ku Klux Klan.

Later life, poor health and death

Playbill for Mr. C. and his musical pushcart.

Bob lived on Social Security as well as his General Electric pension.[37] He never really had people to chat with at home (he would ramble to total strangers on the phone if he could), so he sat around, listened to music, and took care of the garden inside the greenhouse.[22] With a 1970s stereo system set up in the greenhouse, he went to 'swing with the music' on his swing there.[37]

Bob had two triple bypasses and four heart attacks. The two triple-bypass operations took place first in August 1980 and at last in 1992. He had Coronary artery disease and wore an artificial pacemaker.[72][73] He apparently had several vivid near-death experiences: during Chris's date with Emily, Bob tells her that he has "died" several times, and Chris says that Bob, "...has seen the light, but did not actually go to it." In one prank call, Bob revealed that after surgery for cancer it was discovered that he had a fluid build-up in his legs, which is symptomatic of CHF. This rapid decline in health worried him.[10] He attributed his long life to the Cherokee in him. His uncles and grandfather all lived past 90.[22] Despite his heart troubles he continued to eat at Burger King daily.[74][75]

On 1 March 2010, Chris tweeted that Bob had been taken to the hospital in the early morning for "congested [sic] heart failure". Chris seemed confident that his father was not in for a long stay. Considering Bob's age, lifestyle, and long history of heart disease, Chris did not seem to grasp the seriousness of his heart failure. Bob had been the only thing keeping the Chandler household from imploding, and as such, trolls and white knights alike wished him the very best.

Apart from the dying heart

In the month following Bob's hospitalization, Chris was remarkably quiet on the subject of his father. News about his condition was hard to come by, as information only arose when Chris was inclined to complain about it online. Statistically, congestive heart failure is not as immediately fatal as its name implies,[76] but Bob's age, prior heart attacks and lifestyle made this a very serious situation.

Chris's videos over the month of March made no mention of Bob at all. Staying true to his painfully predictable nature, Chris instead lost a girlfriend he never had, made racial slurs and death threats towards a cartoon character, and raged against abstinence. His silence on the subject of his father was probably because of genuine ignorance of the seriousness of his father's condition.

A poster on /cwc/ contacted Chris via PSN regarding Bob. He posted a screen capture of Chris's response, saying, "He is doing much better, thank you."[77] Another contacted Chris via email and got a response saying, "Yes, my father is healthy and safe." Clearly he was neither, but this was at least proof that Bob hadn't joined the Whites-Only section of Heaven just yet. In late May, Chris finally made a brief mention in a public video that his father was "alive and well". Chris was, at least, half right.

A breakdown of Bob's final months reads as follows.

On 24 March 2011, Bob claimed in a phone call to have cancer of some description.[78]

On 23 April 2011, in an email to Jackie, Chris revealed that Bob had received surgery for colon cancer.[79]

On 20 July 2011, it was revealed that Bob knew about Chris's cross-dressing tendencies and, like Barb, vehemently disapproved of them.

On 29 August 2011, Chris, now deeply entrenched in his tomgirlish ways, mentioned that Bob was an ill and sickly shut-in, and was suffering from "feet-bloatings".

In early September 2011, Bob was rushed by ambulance to Martha Jefferson hospital with heart failure. It was discovered later that Bob had been put into quarantine when he arrived because his body was covered in bug bites and he posed a contamination risk. On the sixth of that month, he died at age 84.[38] Out of respect for him and his family, the CWCki was closed for a week, 12–19 September, with the start date coinciding with the day Bob's funeral service was held. Site visitors were directed to a page which simply read "Robert Franklin Chandler Jr. 1927–2011."[38]

It is said that Marvin and other trolls, using the Jackie identity as a catfish, attempted to contact Chris over the phone shortly after Bob's death for unclear reasons; Chris was noted to be audibly upset as he cried throughout the conversation. While the audio was recorded and archived on what is referred to as the "Black Tape" by some Christorians, the contents of the call were never released publicly due to Chris's miserable emotional state. The trolls who participated in the call realized after the fact that it was simply too soon to try to reach out to Chris in this fashion and, for a change, opted to respect his privacy for once. The Black Tape either still exists in the hands of the trolls who participated in its creation, or it has been lost to time.[80]

Bob's death also marked another significant change in Chris's life, as the vast majority of the trolls associated with the "Classic Era" voluntarily retired from trolling Chris, knowing that he was deeply depressed by his father's passing. Only a few of these trolls still remain active as observers on Kiwi Farms, and a trolling renaissance did not begin until much later in the decade with the advent of the Idea Guys.

Cause of death

Despite the fairly clear-cut nature of the lumberjack's passing, Chris has since declared that the trolls were responsible for Bob's death. In an email leaked on 22 March 2014, Chris claimed that the stress of his trolling led to Bob's heart attack. This keeps in the trend Chris has developed of blaming any and all misfortunes (even those faced by everyone, like burying a family member) on trolls.

AND the total stress KILLED my Father Prematurely; if not for those Trolls, he would still be alive, and would have likely lived beyond 2015.

Even for Chris this is appalling behavior; using the death of his own father as a vehicle to play the victim and attempt to stave off trolls. While it's not uncommon for those who have lost loved ones to blame their deaths on external causes (however impossible or insane, as in this case), Chris's actions stemmed purely from selfishness and egotism – business as usual.

Years later, in 2017, Chris revised his claim and said that Bob was killed after hospital staff surprised him with a "Loud Noise." He went on to say that he had more freedom when Bob was alive.

I wish I could go back to September 5, 2011 and stop the staff from making the Loud Noise that killed my father with stressful surprise. I had more freedom when he was alive.


Both Barb and Chris collaborated in writing Bob's obituary, which was published in two local papers. Main points of the obituary, apart from the standard birth date, date of death, and next of kin, include:

With Chris taking part in writing the obituary, it's amazing that the writing stayed focus on Bob and did not once mention Sonichu or become about Chris (except for the request for money at the end).

Original text

May you always watch over our sweet autist.
Robert Franklin Chandler Jr., 84, of Ruckersville, passed away the morning of Tuesday, September 6, 2011, at Martha Jefferson Hospital ICU surrounded by family, pastor and hospital staff.
He was born on September 4, 1927, in Texas, the son of the late Robert Franklin Chandler Sr. and Jean Holloman Chandler. On June 7, 1980, he married Barbara Anne Weston, who survives. And the couple gave birth to a son, Christian Weston Chandler, who survives. Also surviving is ex-wife, Patricia, and their shared children, son, Dr. David Alan Chandler, survives, and daughter, Carol Suzanne Chandler, survives.
He graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Engineering.
He served in the United States Army Seoul Korea in the Signal Corp during the Korean War. He worked for General Electric as an Engineer with Steels, Plastics, etc. He also had patents for the controls for Plastic Molding Machines; without him, we would not have even a simple plastic funnel.
Also surviving are granddaughter, Savannah Chandler, the daughter of David Alan Chandler and his wife, Kimberly.
A funeral service will be held at Monticello Memory Gardens in Charlottesville, Virginia, 10 a.m. Monday, September 12, 2011. A memorial service to follow on a later date at Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church.
Instead of flowers, you may make monetary donations to his widow, Barbara Chandler and son, Christian Chandler.[38]

In memoriam

Bob's final resting place.

Bob is often seen as a gregarious, hard-working man (all things considered) who tried (albeit without success) his best to refine Chris into someone that could at least pass for a responsible adult, giving him mock job interviews and chaperoning him on dates, where he proved (unsurprisingly) more adept at charming the date than Chris, but stopped altogether in his later years, leaving Chris to his own devices.

On the other hand, we have him to thank for some of his son's more backward worldviews. He managed to alienate his other children enough that his daughter didn't attend his funeral or keep in touch while he was alive. He helped Chris to construct bizarre conspiracy theories to justify trespassing and the like, among other things. He, like Barbara, enabled Chris's crippling dependence on them, general immaturity and irresponsibility, and his myriad of other flaws. He bailed out his son repeatedly and never really let Chris experience the consequences of his misinformed life decisions. He never made any serious effort to correct his son's glaring character flaws and shortcomings, even when he caught him masturbating in the kitchen. The few times he did intervene, it wasn't even for Chris' own benefit, but to shake off the trolls and the Health department. He also did not make any real attempt to provide for Chris's future, beyond ensuring the tugboat. He left all of his money to Barbara, who promptly wasted it all on lawyer's fees – a conscientious parent would have anticipated this and put some of the money in a trust for Chris, not that Chris would've handled the money any better. Better yet, he could've given the money to his son Alan, Carol or his own granddaughter.

While some like to remember Bob as a kind-hearted, albeit ignorant old man who tried his best to be a good father, others see him as a remnant of a bygone era who is responsible for moulding Chris into the person he is today.

Chris's beliefs on Bob's afterlife

Idea Guy influences

Robert Franklin Chandler Jr's and Ted Bundy's souls never went to Heaven or Hell; They both became reborn [...] as their respective Sonichu forms. [...] Mister C. and Ted also serve to help the nation of CWCville in defense, and in intellect.
Sonichu #16, page 49
Bob's Sonichu form.
Bob meets Ted Bundy in the hereafter.

During the Idea Guys saga, Chris's belief in multiple dimensions was exploited and his sense of reality hijacked to make changes to many of Chris's characters, concepts and perspectives of the real world, with him considering them to be valid. Perhaps one of the more heinous examples of this was the Idea Guys' manipulation of Chris's views on his own father; views which Chris has yet to abandon, despite the Idea Guys being removed from power by the Guard Dogs in mid-2018. Ideas involving Bob include:

  • Bob's spirit resides in CWCville, dimension C-197, as a half-Sonichu named Robertchu, styled in his Sonichu form as a beaver with checkerboard fur[81][82] (a reference to his troll-given Internet Lumberjack nickname).
  • Bob met serial killer Ted Bundy while in CWCville and helps defend it alongside Ted.[83]

Post-Idea Guys, Chris decided that Robertchu's fur color was really red with black ears because he found it too time-consuming to draw the checkerboard pattern.[84]

Robertchu was featured as cards in Chris's homemade Shipfic expansion. In one, Chris photoshopped a photo of Barbara so that she is standing beside a drawing of Robertchu in his Sonichu form. The card text reads, "Honey, I'm Home" and states:

Every once in a while, Mister C runs back home to offer comfort to Barbara. Before the Dimension Merge's completion, she has missed him everyday, and found the solace and comfort when he comes by. He continues to carry a torch for her in his heart and soul while he helps to protect everyone in Cwcville and at this old temple of a house.
Robertchu as a Shipfic card.


In Sonichu

Christian, you are not a girl! Go put your pants back on.
Bob, Sonichu #12
Chandlers & Sonichus.jpg

In "Spring Break, 2008", a radio announcement from Jamsta Sonichu mentions that Bob founded CWCville in 1982, presumably after Chris's birth on 24 February given that Bob named the city after his newborn son. Comic Bob presumably served as mayor before Chris took the office at an unknown date. At other points, Bob was mentioned in Chris's tangents about hating men other than himself and his father.

In "Date Ed", there are two dolls for the class to practice talking to, girls received "Robert" dolls, while boys received "Barbara" dolls, an obvious reference/homage to Bob and Barb.

Bob made his first official appearance in Sonichu #11, photoshopped into a "family photo" alongside Chris, Barb and various Electric Hedgehog Pokémon.

Borb, Sonichu12.jpg

In Sonichu #12, Bob appears in a set of pages that combine an autobiographical account of Chris coming out as a tomgirl to his parents, and a tribute to his late father. He is depicted as an elderly man, as the page took place in 2010 (due to Chris's Oedipus complex, Barb is depicted as much more youthful). He attempts to dissuade Chris from continuing his tomgirl lifestyle, although Chris states that Bob later, "...told me he accepts and love [sic] me for who I am," shortly before his passing in 2011.

Chris concludes Bob's appearance in the book with a photo in memoriam of his life, saying that he and Barb continue to miss him every day.

Bob, pictured at right, as Gallop Crush, in a MLP-inspired drawing from August 2017.

In August 2017, Chris unveiled a drawing of the Chandler family depicted as My Little Pony characters, saying that they will make further appearances in Sonichu #12-9. The ponified Bob, known as "Gallop Crush", appears as Night Star's father, reaffirming the self-insert nature of Chris's ponysona.

In the Idea Guy-written Sonichu #16, Bob's spirit crosses over into CWCville where he meets and strikes up a conversation with serial killer Ted Bundy.

As a toy

Audio and video

In every appearance, Bob has proven himself to be better at charming Chris's sweethearts than Chris himself (not a difficult feat, to be fair).


Fan tributes

Stardate 10 September 2011
Made By TheSevenRiders
Subject Matter Metal Gear
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

Tribute to Bob Chandler
Stardate 11 September 2011
Made By 8x13Wolf
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

RIP Bob Chandler
Stardate 29 September 2011
Made By furnacewoodsband
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos


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