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Some Favored Comedians (officially "Some Favored Comedians.MOV") is a 20 May 2010 video where Chris bores his fanbase by discussing various comedians and Seth MacFarlane. He reiterates his dislike for the change in voice actors on The Cleveland Show, does several terrible impersonations, and describes a scenario where Jerry Seinfeld meets him and does a stand up act about how awesome it is to meet a retarded manchild. Apparently, Seinfeld also forgets to throw in anything resembling a joke during the act. During this extended fantasy, Chris refers to himself as a "teenage boy", even though he was twenty-eight at the time the video was made, and hadn't been a teenager since early 2002.

After the Seinfeld bit, Chris spends a while trying to explain how he doesn't actually hate Jews at all, but makes no attempts to justify his recent actions. He shifts gears to mention that Larry the Cable Guy should be called "Larry the Trucker Man," and then changes subjects once again, in an ADD kind of way, to Peter Cullen's voice acting Optimus Prime.

Despite Chris being a critical and avid fan of The Cleveland Show, he consistently refers to Reagan Gomez as "Regina". This could be an artifact of his autism for which he blames almost all of his shortcomings, or he could have confused her with Regina King, who voices characters on The Boondocks. He also repeatedly mispronounces Mila Kunis's name. Considering that she's the voice of his favorite Family Guy gal-pal, well, that comes as no surprise.


Some Favored Comedians
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Stardate 20 May 2010
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I probably sound like Jerry Seinfeld, you know? This could be a comedy routine for himself, you know, that he could do for autistics.


Ah, Captain's Log, May 22nd- [flashes his school ring] May 20th, 2010. I just uh, started up this video [takes his glasses off] to uh, give y'all a little update about myself [puts glasses back on, coughs]. You know, I'm doing well, so's my |mom, and for your information my |father is alive and well, so that rumor is false. My father is alive and well.

Anyway uh, anyway with that, I wanna talk about some of my favorite uh, comedy people. But uh, I'd like to start off with uh, prefacing with uh, preferencing an old- a past video of mine, of which I have uh made the complaint about uh... Regina Gomez who plays Nia Long on The Cleveland Show. I mean yeah that was definitely like a trade down in comparison. [Chris turns to his TV] Let's go to a clip of Nia Long.

[Clip of The Cleveland Show plays – probably from "Da Doggone Daddy-Daughter Dinner Dance"]

And then uh now, check out uh, Regina Gomez in comparison.

[Plays another clip from The Cleveland Show – probably from "Once Upon a Tyne in New York"]

You see a difference? Big difference. Regina is a whiny-voiced little brat, whereas uh Nia... [turns to TV] was a lot better. And uh, [turns to camera] an another reference, that was like uh, when they changed the voice- they changed the voice actress for [turns to TV] Megan Griffin. I mean, yeah, here's the first voice. This is an improvement, by the way.

[Plays a clip from Family Guy ]

Yeah, see well, this was a better change in comparison. You know, change it from... I forget her name... to Mila Kunis. Whoops, I don't need to select it. Here we go. Here's Mila.

[Plays a clip from Family Guy ]

Yeah, big difference. Big difference between the uh, voice actresses, you know. When they sw- they, did it from whoever she was to Mila Kunis, that was an improvement because, you know, maturing- the voice deepens naturally. Whereas The Cleveland Show switching from Ni- switching from Nia Long to Regina Gomez. That's a trade down [gestures and points down]. I mean I- I gotta tell you my opinion [removes glasses]. It must have been like uh, Seth MacFarlane and uh, Mike Henry musta had uh, too many drinks or somethin' to decide to uh, switch from Nia to Regina. Or a- or I don't know whether it's um, it was their decision or what Nia had in her head when sh- uh, when she left the show for that point.

And I leave you all with that. Let's talk about uh, let's talk about famous comedy people. Uh, y'all know I like uh, I like from class-, from the classics, Lucille Ball [High-pitched voice impression] Hello, friends. I'm your Vitameatavegamin girl. Are you tired, run down, and listless? Do you poop out at parties? Are you unpopular? The answer to all your problems is in this little bottle. Vitameatavegamin. And I also like Red Skelton. [Dopey voice impression] We were all going, OK, we were all going to the, uh, we're going to the par-, we're going to the parade. We got a float that we-, and this float that we were on, it looked like the back end of a Cadillac. And then something, and then something happened and we, uh, we don't know what happened, but we went out of control and crazy, and we ended up in McGriffin Park lake. Two ducks swam by and one turned the other and said, "Gertrude, who hatched that thing?" [chuckles a bit] Very funny people. I also liked uh, I also liked Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore and, Bob Newhart, there's another good one. I like those types of people, but from today's, uh, from this generation, I like Tim Allen. He's a funny man. Yeah. [Laughs] I was just remembering the uh, part where- the one where he Tim don't put your hand in the light socket *pfft*. But seriously though, he does very good, he's a funny man.

I also like Jerry Seinfeld. He- he's very funny. I watch his show every- I watch his show every day on TBS... And, you know, too bad- too bad it got ended. He coulda done more shows but whatever. That was his call there. He decided that after nine seasons. I like Jerry Seinfeld, he's a funny man. You know I would- you know I would definitely like to see this, you know, even as a video response from Jerry Himself, his view on autis- on autistic people. Especially the high functioning autistics like myself, you know.

[Stares into space, makes a creepy smile]

And also, think about this, I probably sound like Jerry Sein- I probably sound like Jerry Seinfeld, you know? This could be a comedy routine for himself, you know, that he could do for autistics.

[Pantomimes holding a mic, attempts to impersonate Jerry Seinfeld] Ah yeah, so I just recently been introduced to this uh, autistic, uh, boy- this autistic teenage boy here. And uh, and we sai- you know, I was introduced, so he opened up to me right away. And then I- and then- later, like I- later at this picnic, this community picnic, he uh, I see him- I see him over there and he wants to find- he wants to meet himself a lady, so he's hanging out over there. And I don't see him talking to the ladies, he just uh, he's just uh, smiling and being silent. I mean, he ain't gonna go anywhere unless he talks to- unless he talks to ladies, but then again that's part of the autism right there. He just tends to blank out when he's not introduced to people. Because he's scared of the uh, unknown. That's very common amongst the autistic people. And I'll tell you something else. Today's society where everybody is glued to their computers and Internet and all that, they're definitely closing themselves off from society. It's like they're becoming autistics themselves. I mean, if they're definitely not glued in front of their computer they're definitely about as blank as that au- that little teenage boy was.

[Pantomimes releasing mic, stares into space for a few moments.] Eh, yeah, but anyway I would definitely like to hear Jerry Seinfeld's uh, opinions and views, or a comedy sketch about autistic people. 'Cuz I want to ask him about that. Oh yeah, also you know, another Jewish dude I like- that he strikes me as funny, Brad Garrett, you know, from Everybody Loves Raymond, also doing the guy from ’Til Death. He actually also starred in an episode of Seinfeld I read, where he steals Jerry's car. Still that does- that seems kind of dumb, you know. I even read that he tried- he tried out for Kramer, I mean, I mean he definitely would not have been- I do not know if he would be a better Kramer, I mean [Voice changes] "What are you looking at crazy?" I dunno. Ha, I mean, [Waves arms around] "Who-whoop-whoop PIA! Yeah. Hi Jer!" [chuckles] Yeah I think uh, Brad Garrison is a little bit more subtle, but I like him too. You know. And I have nothing against Jewish people, I mean there's people too, and I got nothing against Jewish community. I mean they have their views and we have our views, let's leave it at that. I mean they're all- they're all- they're people we're people, [face contorts with racism] no problem.

I know I sent crossed signals about that at past points. Oh, hey, you know another dude I like? [puts on a baseball cap]quo- Larry the quote-unquote Cable Guy. Git-R-Done! [chuckles] Funny dude, you know. He definitely could been- he definitely had the trucker look going for him if he uh, wasn't being the cable guy. Yeah I mean, I would definitely think that would have uh, the way he was dressed they would him "Larry the Trucker Man!" Trucker Man. [chuckles] Yeaah, pretty funny. [takes off cap] Oh and also you know, speaking of impressions uhh, here's Peter Cullen. [Poorly impersonates some lines from Transformers.] "Autobots! Transform and roll out! Bumblebee, I need you to go and spy on the Decepticons. Let's- Let's see what they're go- what they're doing over there." That's spot on, dead on Peter Cullen right there. And I'm glad that, you know, aside from the generation one series, they let him do t- he volunte- he volunteered to do the voice of Optimus in the new movies, as well as in the video games. I mean all th- of all the generations between the Optimus Primes and the Optimus Primals, [points at camera] Peter Cullen is Optimus Prime. Of all time.

Anyway, that's uhh, just uh some of my opinions about some current and past comedians and uh, Seth! Mike! Bring back Nia Long! [Puts glasses back on] Anyway, I'll leave y'all with uh, that and those impressions. Until then- until another time when I have another thought or, whatever - have a good day. [makes the peace sign] Peace.

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