CLog 07142017 - Rainbow Colouring

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CLog 07142017 - Rainbow Colouring is a video Chris uploaded on July 14, 2017, in which he whines about the tedium of having to color rainbow clothes for Roberta Sonichu.


CLog 07142017 - Rainbow Colouring
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Stardate 14 July 2017
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Hello, everybody. This is just a small, short update from Christine Chandler, coming to you live from home once again.

[the camera wobbles a bit, and we get to see Chris's Sonichu medallion and flabby manboobs for a split-second]

And yes, we call this a Captain's Log. Captain's Log, stardate zero-seven-one-four, two-zero-one-seven... uh, seven-four-seven. [in a cringy "goofy" voice] Hoo-hoo! Oh, look, there's a 747 flying overhead! [mimes an airplane flying over his head with his free hand] Heh.

Ah... aaaanyway... [turns his head, inadvertently causing the camera to focus on his ugly seaweed green hair] Now, y'all will remember... or... yeah, my recent... post, where... [holds up a piece of paper with what appears to be a page from the newest Sonichu issue on it] Roberta does a Sonic Rainboom. Ka-boom. [camera pans back to Chris] Big boom. But, pretty much, now, it's the only page... well, that and a few I had where I actually added the rainbow, so I'm catching up on all the remaining pages. [shifts camera down to table to show off his horrible artwork] And, just finished... this one, and I had to use the one I started on the previous... one... as a reference... [the camera then, for some reason, moves uncomfortably close to Chris's chest] And, uh, let me see how many I have left.

[mutters] That's, uh, three, one, two, three... and, yeah, half a page. Four, yeah, uh, twenty, one-two-three-four... nineteen. [finally moves the camera away from his unholy bosoms]

Ahh. About five pages to go, and I have to do all the rainbow work first. [shows another page, which is filled with rainbow colors] Do you know how hard that is? 'Cuz I'm doing it one marker at a time... [grabs box of markers] I've had separated... and that's counting the r- the additional colors... [picks up gray marker] gray for the soles of the shoes, [picks up black marker] black for the ears and whatnot, [picks up beige marker] skin tone... for everything else that's about Roberta Sonichu. [camera pans back to Chris] And... [camera pans to a bigger box of even more markers] they all came out of my... [switches to an even higher voice] little one hundred pack of markers! Loveliest thing though! Fifty more colors... different... from the original fifty pack, all super-tip any everything. But I have to concentrate on keeping these separate from those... [camera pans back to Chris] and doing one color at a time... for about five pages 'fore I can do the remainder of coloring... so I can actually go through the lot with. So I, am doing quite a bit of deckay work... [lifts arm up in Nazi salute] coloring rainbows! [pauses and puts hand back down] M'kay?

So anyway, that's just to let y'all know what I'm doing right now. And I thank y'all for your patience and hopefully I'll have these pages uploaded onto my Patreon Sunday or Monday. Y'all have a good, safe day. Thank you.

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