Apologies to Alec and Evan

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Right after giving Mao a curse-ye-ha-me-ha, Chris "apologizes" to Evan and Alec, two of Mao's compatriots from Asperpedia. He seems to hope that this concession will help convince them to remove some of their ads on the CWCipedia, which, in addition to exposing Chris's lies and hypocrisy, have become fearfully pornographic.

However, Chris studiously avoids mentioning the character that is the real bone of contention with Evan: not Asperchu or Simonchu, but Simonla Rosechu, his shameless imitation of Simonchu.


Apologies to Alec and Evan
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Stardate 1 February 2010
Subject Matter WebsiteWebsite Website
Performance Style ReasonReason Reason
Saga AsperchuAsperchu Asperchu
Shirt Red StripeRed Stripe The Dunwich Horror
Address to Mao, the S.O.B.
I Am Alive

Try saying that three times fast with plurals.


Ahh, Captain's Log, February 1st, 2010. I would like to take this moment to apologize to Mr. Alec Benson Leary for the curses, and the death threats, and mislabelings I have placed upon him. Such as, uh, not reading his own fan- his own quote-unquote "fanmail" and all that. So I apologize for stealing- for misunderstanding his Asperchu as being a parody and labeling it as such. As much as it is his original character.

Asperchu is Alec Benson's Leary charac- Alec Benson's... [squints in a retarded concentration] Try saying that three times fast with plurals. Heh. Asperchu is Alec Benson Leary's all-creation. Not mine. And I retra- and I retract all the past statements I have made, uh, against that, and of his book being anything parodic or copycatishly to anything in my uh, anything in my book.

Um... Anyway, uh, along with that I also would like to apologize to Evan for offending him and by clai- and by taking false claim of his Simonchu character. And uh, I'm happy to give that back to him, and I retract all ownership of the Simonchu character. [Pauses in a retarded contemplation, leaning forward and opening his mouth again before continuing] And I leave you all with that! So, yeah. My apologize, my apolo- my respective apologies to all of y'all on the Asperpedia, uh, I hope we can get along and maybe be less offensive advertise-wise. Okay. [sigh] Be safe and have a good day!

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