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Live Game Stream - C-Log 04192017 - The Shirt is a live-streamed video by Chris on 19 April 2017. It is notable for featuring him wearing The Classic shirt, previously thought (by fans and Chris himself[1]) to have been lost to the fire that gutted the Chandler family home three years prior.

This video marks the first time since November, 2009 that Chris has worn The Classic in a video. Chris also dons the Sonichu Medallion and refers to the video as a "Captain's Log", making good on his promise to bring back the Captain's Log series of videos. It seems that Chris, in a shocking and unexpected display of self-awareness, has begun preying on his own trolls' nostalgia for his simpler days in a desperate attempt to extort money from them.

Among the revelations divulged in this video is that The Classic is actually a Ralph Lauren, and not a St. John's Bay polo as previously thought. However, because this is Chris talking, the information should be taken with a large grain of salt. In a demonstration of shade-throwing not seen since the Jack Thaddeus Phone Call, Chris tells us to "put that on your CWCki."

The opening bid for the shirt was originally set at $12,000. On 22 April 2017 the auction concluded after reaching $25,100 with a total of 23 bids- though the buyer never paid up.

As noted by members of Kiwi Farms, Chris's nose is bent in this captain's log, but not in the SNL trump stream. This could mean that Chris broke his nose between these two videos.


Live Game Stream - C-Log 04192017 - The Shirt
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Stardate 19 April 2017
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Performance Style TragedyTragedy Tragedy
Saga Financhu CrisisFinanchu Crisis Financhu Crisis
Shirt Classic ShirtClassic Shirt The Classic, The Tone-Deaf SkirtThe Tone-Deaf Skirt The Tone-Deaf Skirt
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Live Game Stream - C-Log 04272017
Our bank accounts are in the red. So, gotta make some more money.
Not by actually working, of course


    • AND the shirt WILL be Restored (Mended and (hopefully) white parts become white again) after Final Sale Payment Amount is received.**


[Start of the sentence is cut off]

Once again and today we are, doin' another Captain's Log. And so yeah, Captain's Log: Stardate 04192017. We have resurrected this old antique.

[Does a slow twirl while speaking, stumbles halfway through]

The very same shirt that you've seen me wear in the comics. Uh, sh-showed in between these two.

[Holds up issues of Sonichu]

At least uh, to make it to prove my point.

[Puts down comics and shuffles awkwardly]

But we'll get to more details about this in just a mim- but right now, um- hng, cuz I'm gon' make ya'll wait till after I get any other remaining thoughts in my mind, out my mind. Uh so let me think.


Right so uh first off uh, yes as I have stated in my Facebook posts uh, my PayPal is in the red because the customer bought the totem complained and Ebud- Ebay refunded, and I had already spent the money on the s- on the Skylanders shirts and the cards and the replacement necklace for my mother. As well as uh, payed two my bills. High b- high bills. And, our bank accounts are in the red. So, gotta make some more money. So, I gotta h- make the money back so I can ship the darn totem so he can be happy about it and I get that money back and I get my PayPal back into the black. Yeah, so I've dug up this old relic from, a months a back garbage bag's in the other room, yeah. (Sentence is very slurred)

[High pitched sigh]

I went through more than twenty bags this I stated in my Facebook post, and fortunately this was not in a bag that had the dirt and wall lining into it. No, this was just really really damp, it was in uh- sta- it was possibly close to the bottom of the uh- st- mountain of was clean laundry that was stacked in front of the dryer, before the fire, house fire 2014, January 2014. So, uh, anything- anything else in my mind, I'm thinking, um. Right, um, To show my faith, to show ya'll good faith I have-

[Picks up Sonichu Transformer figures, packaging falls apart in the back, Chris appears dumbstruck for a moment]

Well, I have made the uh, extra Sonichu figures, two of them right now. I end making- I guess I'll end up making more because, we're gonna sell more- we're selling more big- big money items, Yeah. No, and uh, for comparison, here I am with me and myself and I.

[Holds up CWC Link Amiibos, almost dropping one]

Because- get it where ya'll can see it.

[Holds Amiibos closer to camera, adopts a sing song voice]

Because we're all precious, so precious, very very precious, deedleedle oop!

[Does loud mouth pop, puts figures down]

Okay, um, shoot where'd I put my phone, oh here it is. I stepped on something.

[Picks up phone]

Okay, so I actually do have more details that I have about the shirt that I end up takin' a close look at the shirt tag cuz it got really bad faded. I betcha I could show ya'll the phot- the fresh to- photo I took of that.

[Hold phone up to camera, showing a picture of the shirt tag]

Look at how badly faded that tag came out, and that was the tag on the back of this shirt. Alright but fortunately I was able to look closely and further examine it, so I'll be posting this onto m- onto the Ebay page shortly. But right now I'm just gonna read to you as I have put it into my notepad. So alright so, this shirt first off I'm gonna state, is more than 14 years old. Because you know I had drawn it back in 2004, way back in 2004 on the very first book. And we had bought this sh- and my mom I, my family and I, we had bought this shirt, among other clothing in one of the Goodwills, I don't know which one. But, I have the final selling amount this thing, and we're hoping it's gonna be (???), uh, I mean bid if you're seriously gonna pay okay? And I want the pay- and I wanna be paid immediately after the listing ends, which should be some time on Fr- Friday, the 21st, alright? I'll put the list- I'll put the link to the listing down the s- link below. No tricks, only place a bid if you are seriously interested. And you are seriously, sincerely, gonna pay for this okay? This is the only one out there, you can even do a Google search for this same shirt from, the uh- from the brand name which I'm gonna tell ya'll. You won't be able to find it anywhere else, at least until I tell it to ya'll, alright?

[Has trouble with phone]

Come on, don't t- don't tell me I'm do typing, I didn't even do any typing. Okay, first off this shirt-

[Does another twirl]

Is a polo shirt, from Lalph- from Ralph Lauren. This shirt was made in the USA, it's 100% cotton. And it is a size L, Large. So you can put it on a little child and be bigger than them and be like-

[Adopts extremely disturbing falsetto while smiling at the camera]

Oh you'll grow into it!

[Continues smiling and looks at phone for a moment]

Anyway essentially that's that, this is a Ralph Lauren.

[Puts phone down and immediately picks it back up]

I mean you can even- I even- Actually, yeah I did an image search for a Ralph Lauren polo tag, and I can personally verify from- Between the faded icon, as you can see here I took the picture off my phone.

[Holds phone up to camera, comparing photos of real Ralph Lauren tag with faded original tag]

If I can get it to work. Yeah it matches this one that I found on the Internet, 'cept for that said M instead of L, which I can confirm that but anyway. It's definitely a Ralph Lauren.

[Wipes finger grease off phone with the shirt now valued at 25 thousand dollars and steps back from camera]

So put that on your- put that on your CWCki! So anyway, I guess that's about it for this week's Captain Log cuz I got- cuz I can't think of too many other things, my brain is knocked out. My brain is blank and, I definitely wouldn't have realized word of the day, Dementia. The umbrella term for all the mentally wearing down people, I got some dementia okay? So give me time, give me space, alright? And some slack.

[Stares blankly into space]

Anyways so, I guess that's it for this week's uh- Captain's Log. I hope we'll have more to talk about next week, have a good day.


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