CWC Update 20 August 2009

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"CWC Update 20 August 2009" (officially "CWC Update 08202009") is a video in which Chris announces his DeviantArt account as an alternative site for viewing his comic pages during the outage of CWCipedia. He also claims that trolls are assuming his identity in attempts to trick various "companies," and that this will not succeed. Chris concludes by reminding the trolls that he smote the earth with a terrible curse.


CWC Update 20 August 2009
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Stardate 20 August 2009
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Captain's Log, Stardate August 20th, 2009.

Yes, uh, because the, uh, CWCipedia has been down for a li'l while due for maintenance reasons, I have decided to put my comic book pages on th—on my deviantArt account as well so if you'll read those at any time even while the wi—even while the CWCipedia is down, it's, uh, It's all me.

And speaking of, uh, such. Yeah. We know some of you have been using my name or stupid Ian name. Wr—that's not my name. But that's another issue, though. Anyway, we get—anyway, you hide behind our ph—behind my phone number and my home address... but we get the calls from the companies! They ain't havin' 'em! They're not havin' it! We nipped 'em right in the bud! We warned 'em about the troll attacks. They're onto your game. They'll trace your numbers bu—even if you call from a restricted number, I'm sure. All they have to do is get in touch with the phone company, that, uh, they—all the have to do is contact the phone company. And they can right get to you!

And my name is Christian Weston Chandler! Birth name, Christopher! IAN NEVER EXISTED, and don't you ever call me that name! It ticks me off! And remember, I stand five-foot-ten, and I'm TOUGH! [throws two punches and a spin-kick] HWUH HWUH—HUNNGGHH!

To my loyal fans: Peace, stay safe, have a nice day. And, to the trolls: I hope y'all are surviving the curse I have unleashed upon the world, addressed only to you, murderous, slanderous trolls.

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