CWC Update 12 August 2009

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"CWC Update 12 August 2009" (officially "CWC Update 08122009") is a video in which Chris expresses his disgust about the recent wave of guro fanart sent to him. In his defense, Chris compares himself to the likes of Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin.

Because Chris is a moron, he incorrectly listed the month as April. The video was, in fact, uploaded in August. This error has been recurring, with a previous video from the same month having the same date mistake.

Given the fact that Chris spends most of his life secluded in his bedroom, it's not unreasonable to suspect he would lose track of what month it is.


CWC Update 12 August 2009
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Stardate 12 August 2009
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LOOK at the truth!
CWC Update 13 August 2009

That's illegal everywhere and it is so wrong.


Captain's Log, Stardate April [sic] 12th, 2009.

Let's, uh, sort out one little topic of interest. If you're going to send me fanart [takes off glasses], please keep it clean. No gross X-triple-X-rated sexual content. Eh, and also definitely worst of: do not send me anything of child sex. [in a high pitch] What the hell is wrong with you people? That's illegal everywhere and it is so wrong. I mean, I am like a family man; even though I'm not married, I have the mind like a family man. I mean, look at Homer Simpson. He's a family man. Do you think he does that with his children? Christ, are you stupid? Or look at Peter Griffin from Family Guy. Do you think he's having, even Meg? [grunts annoyedly] Or even back in the day, Lucy Ball, Desi Arnez Jr., or even, huh, Dick Van Dyke, uh, Mary Tyler Moore, and Rich Junior? Anyways, point is: it's wrong. It grosses me out; it grosses everybody out, so just STOP IT! [again in a high pitch] What the hell is wrong with you people? It makes me think that there is something wrong with this dang world, with such stupid, idiotic bastards like you drawing such things, creating them in their heads and then—WHAT. THE. FUCK! No more; keep it clean; keep it decent! I said, "like kisses." You know, like kissing scenes... and not X-rated, or even worse that I just talked about. What the hell is wrong with you people? Don't draw such grotesque pieces of work that's I cannot even feel comfortable by calling them... art. Cause they are not! They are trash; 4-cent garbage! No more of that shit.

Have a good day. Peace.


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