Christian's Update 11 September 2008

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Christian's Update 11 September 2008 (officially Christian's Update Sept. 11, 2008).

Earlier in the week of 7 September 2008, Lordsillynipples, using a MySpace account purporting to belong to Blanca, tricked Chris into taking and sending his first round of nudes to the person he thought was his sweetheart. On 9/11 the pictures were released to the public and the MySpace page was changed to "reveal" that Blanca was a black man in a pickle suit.

Although Chris would determine soon afterward that the pickle man was also not actually the "real" Blanca, at the time of this statement he was still humiliated by the leaked nudes and crushed by the apparent revelation that he had been in love with a man. The bluster of his anti-ED videos and the hubris of his addresses to his fanbase are gone, leaving only a boy whose heart has been shattered to 0%. Some of the language he directs toward Blanca/KawaiiKitsune is similar to his August 6th diatribe against Jason Kendrick Howell, but all the passion has been drained away from him.

Chris does find it within himself to respond to a Sonichu action figure advertisement, marking the beginning of his long conflict with Jimmy Hill. He also claims ownership of Blanca's character Jiggliami - apparently, if Blanca's not really a woman, then nobody really created the character.


Christian's Update Sept. 11, 2008
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Christian's Update Sept. 13, 2008

For God's sake, stay away from that ED page.


An official update.

You know who I am… but right now—at the moment, I'm upset. And sad. [sighs]

The featured friend that I have, uh, recently given a s-- guest spot in the p-- in the, uh, co—in the, uh, comic—in the seventh comic book? Turns out that woman was a… fake… troll. [sighs] And, well, she - rather, he - tricked me into… revealing… some… adult-type stuff. I was tricked. I was betrayed. So… Kawa—so, the one that—so, YouTube member “KawaiiKitsune”… the—yeah. YouTube p-- people: destroy that account, because… that person does—that… person does not—is not who… he claims to be. Uhhh… sorry, Bob. You l-- you gave me a bad lead, but hey - it's not your fault.

Also, on another note, uh, I noticed that, uh… I have taken the notice of the, uh, recent… ad in the vide—in the s-- video game magazine or comic book somewhere. I don't-- I'm not exactly sure where… about merchandise. I did not-- I have not ever - up to this point - authorized any distribution… or advertisement… of any Sonichu merchandise. So, the ad there? That is a fake. Boycott that at all costs. And for God's sake, stay away from that Encyclopedia Dramatica page… unless you've already seen it. Those of you who haven't, stay away from ther—stay away from that website.

Good day.

[jump cut]

Also, at, uh, this point… I will, uh, claim Jiggliami as my own from this point on. And, uh, Blanca character I associated with her in the drawing… well… she'll be like a character in the city, but she's not gonna be a… active character. But Jiggliami… I'll be claiming her as my own from this point on.

Good day.

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