Attention All Sonichu Fans (NOT HATERS)

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"Attention All Sonichu Fans" is a 6 August 2008 video in which Chris, believing that a vast online Sonichu fan base exists to serve as his personal army, addresses only those Sonichu fans who do not hate him, telling them to send hate e-mail to Jason Kendrick Howell until the Encyclopedia Dramatica page is deleted, so that he can work on Sonichu comics in peace.

Christian's apparent assumption that he can direct a public YouTube video to a specific audience was a major inspiration to the work of Robert Simmons V, who posted videos instructing certain parties not to watch.


Attention All Sonichu Fans (NOT HATERS)
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Stardate 06 August 2008
Subject Matter ED
Performance Style RageRage Rage
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CWC's Second Message
Kudos to the Encyclopedia DramaDestruction

I have your number, and you're going down!
Chris, making another threat.


Attention all Sonichu fans on the Internet who do not hate me, Christian Weston Chandler: ...for I have an important message for y'all.

If y'all would actually like me to bring up new stuff for Sonichu and conclude the stories, you can do so by takin'—by havin' that Encyclopedia Dramatica page taken down, so that I can feel more comfortable in drawing and coloring the comics that y'all have grown to love. Not counting those who are givin' me all the hate.

But, on that note, I have the bigger update: if you want to send all your complaints for me not doing the work that I should be doing, you can send every last complaint to the one called “Jason… Kendrick… Howell”... also known as “Howellgames” or “LiquidSnake”. For he is, and I quote, (in a email he sent me) the creator of the Encyclopedia Dramatica (ED) page for me. And he states further:

“My, my… you seemed rather angry about it in your last YouTube video. A few months ago, you asked me why I made the page for you. My reason? You are j—you are too damn funny to ignore. Also, the page will not be brought down. Toodles!”

He is the Dork of Ages. Y'all should be sending every last complaint and hatred towards—rain down upon him. Send him every last email you can. Shower him with as much hate as possible until that Encyclopedia Dramatica page is taken down, [gives a thumbs down] along with him.

And again, the email address… [holds up a piece of paper with Howell's full name, aliases, and email address] send all your hatred to him. Every last ounce. Because he is the man to complain to, for he is the one who created that… dang page.

And, as for you, Jason Kendrick Howell… as sure as I am to get at least one ounce of vagina, I have your number, and you're going down!

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