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"C.W.C. - Thank You :)" is a video in which Chris stumbles upon a "revelation" concerning why he is trolled and thanks ED and trolls for trolling him.

Despite Chris's high talk, the true purpose of the video seems to be that the trolls provide proof that Chris is not the impostor Chris, but is in fact the TRUE and HONEST Christian Weston Chandler because only the real Christian Weston Chandler is the one who is trolled and is the laughing stock of the Internet.

Note that, although he insists that we're "twisting the truth" to make him look bad, Chris acknowledges that everything on our site is basically accurate. This means he is admitting to being a racist, homophobic, chauvinistic, self-satisfied manchild; he just doesn't see why that's a bad thing.


C.W.C. - Thank You :)
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Stardate 03 August 2009
Performance Style ReasonReason Reason
Saga LiquidLiquid Liquid Chris
Shirt Classic ShirtClassic Shirt The Classic
Exposing Jeff
I thank you trolls. I thank you for documenting the truth.


Captain's Log, Stardate: April 3rd, [removes glasses] 2009.

I have had the revelation, I now see the truth. [puts his glasses back on] I see the truth behind the reason why the trolls troll me. Why they have been, why the're still doing it and all the like. Not just because the're bored, not just because they want information. Not just because they want to get to know me, not becau—not just because they have been emotionally hurt themselves, so many details that could be supposed for all the reasons to be listed. But, [looks at his red clipboard] the trolls are there to document the truth. Granted, they twist them around with their own evil ways. Try to make the individual look bad, but they still document the truth.

And with that [raises his clipboard] I would like to say the following assortment of words... that I have felt from my heart.

It is good to have my own trolls. They may try, and sometimes succeed, in getting true, hard, honest information from one, and they may later twist the truth for their evil purposes. Just like the paparazzi. And, yet, they still, document the truth. And that text, audio, photographic, video, etc., type of information, is what separates the impostors from the real, true, honest, individual.

Just as I am posing in my shir—in my coa—in my coat I have worn on my twenty-fifth birthday FUTURE MESSAGE video, I wear it now because... I thank you trolls. I thank you for documenting the truth. I thank you for, uh, keepin' it real, and separating me from the false people. I also thank Encyclopedia Dramatica. S—granted, slanderous... still... some... truth. And the original truth is documented in there, somewhere. In the history [makes a vague hand-waving gesture]. Granted that as—as much as you will have gotten from me... and, uh, [exhales] all that sort of thing. Oh, and also another reason, because your questions may have gone ignored before, I will, in the future, take one question at a time. And if it is a bad question, I will say... "no comment". So theref... yeah, so, therefore... for all that you have been turn—done—for all that you trolls have... done... you in turn have done for me, an excellent service. Now it is with the Wolf Cub—Wolf Cub Scout salute... I salute you. [Wolf Scout salute] Have a good day! [peace sign] Stay safe.

[video cuts]

Also before I forget, the, ah, current SingStar contest, between me and the impostor in the brown stripes... I know your naaaaaaame, Mr. Toys-R-Us giraaaaaafe! His name! Only cut in half. Use the first name. Anyway, the contest shall continue, for the fun of it. Aaaand I hope he will enjoy the song I have in my mind [points to head] that God has entrusted me to relay, for him to sing, that he enjoys it, and sees the meaning. The Lord loves us... [puts hand over heart] by our own name... our own true honest name.

From the Description sidebar

Also, I would like to document that Trolls are there also to make us Grow Up Emotionally. They try to break our spirits, keeping us down. But I still get back up and stand, Standing up for the things I know are right. I Dare to keep my Dreams and Love Alive.

**And, I would like to take this moment to offer my most Humble Apologies, now that I have a fuller understanding of things.

-I am sorry, Michael Snyder, for acting the way I did; it's your Television, and I should have respected you.
-I am sorry, Mary Lee Walsh, You got the complaints from other people; You had your orders; You shattered my heart. Now, as I will soon draw you out of the comic pages as the villain, I forgive you for your misdeed of Heart-Shattering, and I would like very much to put this behind us after almost 6 years.
-I am sorry, Megan Schroeder, I should have not been soo touchy-feely. I was feeling elated and excited; I meant no discomfort, and for the discomfort I have caused unto you, I apologize.
-Daniel Mimms and Lucas, I still do not understand your beef against me, but I apologize for having my mother and father confront you that night, and if you will let me know what I have done wrong unto you to cause you grief, I will be happy to listen and fully comprehend.

Thank You, Trolls.
Thank You, Encyclopedia Dramatica.
Thank You, Loyal Fans. CWCipedia is the NEW Official Sonichu & Rosechu Site; Enjoy.
Thank You All. :)

That Goatee WILL Grow Back Chris's videos Exposing Jeff