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  • Chris went to a potluck but didn't bring any food for anyone else.
  • Kacey tells Chris off for eating the yolk of an egg. Chris lies and says that there was no yellow in the egg.
  • Chris jogged for two minutes and got worn out.
  • Chris claims that he has a 36 inch waist. Kacey says that he's lying.
  • Chris's bust size is 43. "It fits like a glove!" "It feels so good!"
  • Kacey says Chris should go to Victoria's Secret to get measured again. Chris says this is a good idea, and he will get measured for his bust, waist, and hips. Kacey almost starts giggling.
  • They talk more about Chris sending all his receipts and PSN shit to Kacey.
  • Chris says he's going to try to save 200 dollars over three months to go to Nekucon. He also says he's going to spend 60 dollars a month to go to a gym. Kacey says that Chris wouldn't actually use it.
  • Chris thinks he can bench 50-100 pounds. He also thinks that leg muscles (quads) are called that because most animals have four legs.
  • Chris asks Kacey if she's working on making a survey for her class. She pulls a "IAHM WORKIN ON IT!" and immediately switches the topic to Chris cleaning his room.
  • Chris says he's working on a drawing of him and Kacey having a foursome.
  • Kacey said she saw a spoiler list for Sonichu's last issue. Chris gets really confused and says it's not real. He then tells what REALLY happens later in Sonichu, talks about the cure for being gay. "Make a vaccine to make the world right and straight!" Stabs Reldnahc in the throat with his gay cure.
  • Kacey says he needs to make comics faster, and to make drawing for her faster because he has nothing else to do. Chris bullshits around saying he'll work on it.
  • Kacey disconnects and Chris is just saying "KACEY? KACEY? HELLO? HM. WHERE'D YOU GO? HELLO? I'LL TALK TO YOU TOMORROW, BYE-BYE". We can hear Skype sounds in the background.


Kacey Call 16
Stardate ???
Featuring Chris; Kacey
Saga LiquidLiquid Liquid Saga
Audio Recordings
Kacey Call 15
Kacey Call 17

Chris: Hello?

Kacey: Hey Chris, it's Kacey! How are you?

Chris: Hi Kace. I'm good, how are you?

Kacey: I'm OK. Uh, how are you? Y- oh, I already asked that, never mind.

Chris: Yeah. [Laughs] Yeah.

Kacey: Um, so, how was your day?

Chris: Well it's, it was good, uh, it was good. I had a pleasant time, I had a pleasant time at church today, uh, we had a little... picnic outside, there was a potluck picnic, so people brought food, uh, uh... someone brought some chicken so I had, so I had a wing of that, and uh, some, and uh, vegetables and broccoli, and carrots... uh, also I had some rice.

Kacey: Oh, that's cool. I don't like broccoli though.

Chris: Yeah.

Kacey: I think broccoli's kinda gross. Did you bring any food, since it seems that everyone brought something?

Chris: Uh, no I, no, I didn't even r-realize it so, no. [Pause] Oh well, never mind. Maybe next, maybe next time. Anyway uh, after that I went home. Uh... yeah, sorta- [unintelligible] I, uh, was just telling you and, and uh, I asked mom if I could go out with my, go out with her to my bar, to uh, Country Cookin, so we, so, yeah, went out with them, and uh, yeah. Uh, the plan is we usually uh, if we were still, or, what we used to do, we would order the uh, entree, and take the entree home and eat from the salad bar, 'cause the salad bar comes with the entree. Um, I ordered uh, a grilled chicken with a baked potato to bring home and, I just had uh, I just had a good healthy side with uh, romaine let-, with romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, cheese and eggs.

Kacey: Well, cheese really doesn't belong in a salad, you know that right? And uh, eggs, you really gotta watch out for those too, I mean did you eat the yellow part? 'Cause you shouldn't.

Chris: Uh... OK, uh, uh, no, no, they were all, they were whites.

Kacey: Hmm. Normally in salads they put both in there, but OK.

Chris: Yeah, I'm, I'm, I'm, I made, I uh, made sure got whites, and all they had were whites in there, so yeah. [Pause] Hmm, anyway after we got home, I uh... I went out and I jogged for a couple of minutes, and then I, and, I jogged for two minutes and then, uh, got a little worn out after that, so I did, so I, walked to the, I walked... slow walked some of it and I, [unintelligible] power walked the rest of the way home.

Kacey: Uh, how long did you power walk for? Even though you really should be jogging, but still.

Chris: Yeah, I would say I power walked... about two-thirds of the trek.

Kacey: Well ho-, well, how long is that? Like, in, hours? Like, a half hour?

Chris: Hmm... yeah, usually it takes me a whole, a whole hour to walk the almost two mile trek around the neighborhood. So I would say roughly about 40, I would say roughly about 40 minutes. 30 to 40 minutes.

Kacey: [Pause] So you, so you walked for 40 minutes?

Chris: [Pause] Yeah.

Kacey: Well, I mean, are you weighing yourself to make sure you're making any progress? Or, you know, checking inches?

Chris: Yeah, I'm checking inches. [Pause] And I'm definitely-

Kacey: Do you have your measurements then?

Chris: [Pause] I don't have them written down, but I know I'm lo-, I know, I know that there, I have taken a measurements uh, the other day... um... shoot, what was it? I think it was like, uh... 4- I think was like, uh, 38, 40 waist. And then I measured myself today, uh... yeah well, lost about, uh, half an inch, so it's like 37.5 to 39.5, yeah, or wait no, yeah it was 37.5.

Kacey: Well, Chris, I've seen you before, you don't look like you have a 37-inch waist, uh, where did you... where-

Chris: Uh I-I, well... well, maybe not the-

Kacey: Where did you measure?

Chris: Um, uh, I measured my gut.

Kacey: You, well, you do know where to properly measure, right?

Chris: [Pause] Yeah. Around.

Kacey: I, I, I know, but there is certain places you need to. Um, how 'bout your hip size?

Chris: Hmm, my hip size, we're talkin' 'bout my waist size, right? Or my pants-

Kacey: No, no, no, no, it, it, it's bust, waist, and hips.

Chris: Hm. OK, I'm not really sure about my hips, um, I think my hips are like, uh-

Kacey: I thought you said you knew how to do this!

Chris: [Pause] Well I'm not sure what my hip size is, I mean I know my bust size is 43. [Pause] And I just told you that my, my c-, my belly was like thirty, was like thirty-seven. Point five.

Kacey: [Pause] Well, maybe you should get properly measured. Um, 'cause you know, the Wal-mart lady could have done it wrong too, you know. They don't normally measure people.

Chris: Uh... but, yeah, well I mean I... just asked for my bust s-, I just asked for my bust size. When I asked the Wal-mart lady. [Pause] Hm. Anyway, uh, OK well. But I think uh, you know the w-, the lady accurately measured my bust 'cause you know uh, I'm wearing a 42, a size 42 sports bra and it fits me like a glove! And it fits good.

Kacey: You mean it fits well.

Chris: Yeah. Fits well and good. Feels very comfortable. I guess that's what I mean when I say comfortable that it fits, I mean that's what I mean when I say it fits good that's... very comfortable and not too tight. [Pause] And plus the fabric, uh plus the uh, quality of the, and the, plus the material, it does feel good against my skin.

Kacey: [Pause] Okay well, as, as long as it's not too tight.

Chris: Yeah.

Kacey: But, you know, still. Umm, but yeah, you should get properly measured. I mean, 'cause...

Chris: Yeah, OK well, OK-

Kacey: ...normally in a guy, their waist and their hip size is bigger than their bust size normally, you know. I don't know. It's, it, you know, normally the girls are the ones that have the hourglass figures.

Chris: Yeah. I have seen, I have seen that, yeah.

Kacey: You could, you could go to Victoria's Secret, they'll do it. [Pause] And they know how to properly do it, they're trained.

Chris: Alright, well, next time I go to the mall, I'm gonna head out to, I'm gonna head out tomorrow. I've got a scheduled meeting with Rocky tomorrow, so I'll wander over to Victoria's Secret and uh, ask them to possibly measure me for my, uh bust, waist and hips.

Kacey: They would be happy to do that.

Chris: Oh, wait, I think I just remembered what my pants size is. It's size 36 or 37.

Kacey: [Pause] Well, do you get a-

Chris: My pants size-

Kacey: Do they, do they fit well?

Chris: Yeah, my pants fit well. [Pause] I mean, I mean I'm just saying that uh, you know, I remembered looking at the uh, tag before. And yeah, I believe it was a 36-37. I'd have to... either take these pants off or look, or uh, go look at another pair to tell you for sure.

Kacey: Uh, I don't know, that just, just seems off to me.

Chris: 36 or 37... pants size? I think that's hip size, right there, isn't it?

Kacey: Uh, no, no... uh, no. It's supposed to be waist size and then there's like inseam and stuff but I don't really wanna go into it.

Chris: Yeah. OK.

Kacey: I mean, they're not stretched or anything, is th-, are they?

Chris: Uh, no they're not stretched.

Kacey: Hmm. [Pause] That just, you know. I don't know, it just doesn't seem right. Definitely, definitely, get um... get that measured.

Chris: Yeah. Yeah, OK, I'll do that tomorrow. I will do that tomorrow. Mmm. Ye- oh, by the way, did you recei-, did you uh, get the uh, receipt, the receipt .JPEGs I sent you? I put that up-

Kacey: Oh, yes, yes I did. Um-

Chris: It turns out, it turns out I forgot to attach in the first one. I checked it out and I-

Kacey: I saw.

Chris: Yeah, and I had saved the email. Yeah.

Kacey: Yeah. Well, I got them and, um, I'll definitely be... figuring some out but yeah, like I mean, I think you should try to not buy anything video game related for like a month. Especially from the PSN. 'Cause I mean, I know you, I mean, downloadable content is when they, where they get you the most.

Chris: Hm. Yeah, OK. Alright, well anyway, aside from that, like you know, yeah I am definitely planning on taking advantage of that 60 days for 60 dollar plan that my doctor was able to inform me about. I plan on taking advantage of that next month.

Kacey: I mean, put, I think you should try to put everything into your savings. As much as you can. Try not to spend anything extra. Try to eat at home, you know, try to entertain yourself.

Chris: Yeah. Yeah. I understand. But... you know, I think I uh, clarified with you that I was gonna save $200 between October and November for NekoCon.

Kacey: Well, you should be able to do $200 a month!

Chris: Yeah, I mean no, I mean, yeah I would get $200 a month, but I'm thinking of like, you know, allowing for like, you know, for a little something on the side for myself. You know.

Kacey: Like what?

Chris: Oh, like for example, like you know, I'm planning on spending $60 next month, on my, on the, uh... on the gym, on the uh, gym plan. For the ACAC Fitness Center.

Kacey: [Pause] Yeah, but are you actually gonna use it?

Chris: Yes! I mean the plan is, like, yeah, it's like two half-hour sessions a week, but then I can also use the facilities at any time outside of those two half-hour sessions, as well.

Kacey: Hmm. [Pause] But still, y-you should save some money. Especially if it's really important. I mean, you could go out jogging on your own, and I mean, if you can't do five miles, you're not going to be able to do a gym yet. You're gonna have to work yourself up to it.

Chris: I c-, I can, I can work a gym. I have worked a gym before. I think I've told you about me working at the YMCA?

Kacey: You probably didn't know what you were doing, though.

Chris: I'd, I had, I had a good understanding of what I was doing. I mean, I took physical education classes throughout... pretty much my whole s-, my whole school life.

Kacey: They don't teach you anything. I, it's just PE.

Chris: I mean I learned, I mean I learned about weight lifting among other things and, uh, see, in my PE class they-

Kacey: Okay, how much can you bench?

Chris: [Pause] I cannot say for sure how much I-

Kacey: Well you should know this if you know about weight lifting, I mean that's pretty simple.

Chris: I can prob-, I mean, uh... yeah, I can probably bench 50 to 100.

Kacey: OK. Um, what pound weights do you use?

Chris: [Pause] What pound weight do I use? I think I use-

Kacey: Yeah, like when you do, like, no, like when you do just normal like, bicep curls, and you work your quads. Do you even know what quads are?

Chris: Oh yeah. Quads are, uh... muscles in the legs.

Kacey: OK.

Chris: [Pause] Yeah, anyway, uh-

Kacey: You know why they call them quads?

Chris: [Pause] Hm. Probably named after the fact that most the uh, animals are four-legged. Uh, yeah they walk on four legs. Even though we, even though we humans walk on two. It's leg strength, so... yeah-

Kacey: No, actually it's because it's a series of four muscles. And it has, um, four different insertion points, but that was a good guess.

Chris: [Laughing] Yeah, OK! Yeah, OK, four different insertion points, OK. Uh, but anyway, uh, much I can do for like, when, it, and when it comes to dumbbells, and doing the uh, simpler exercises like uh, you just mentioned, I can do like 15- or 25-pound dumbbells.

Kacey: OK.

Chris: OK.

Kacey: But, still, like if you can't even... walk... or, I mean, you're just walking and power walking now. If you can't even jog or run, you might wanna hold off on the gym for a bit.

Chris: I can jog. I have jogged.

Kacey: Oh, that's right, for uh, 40 minutes.

Chris: [Sighs, pauses] Well a lack of... [Kacey interrupts]

Kacey: Well I mean, doing it for 40 minutes is kind of impressive.

Chris: Alright. I mean, it's just like, you know, when it comes, when it comes to the neighborhood, it's like mostly up and, it's like mostly up and down inclines, and the uphills do, uh...

Chris: ...take a... quite a bit out of me, especially the steep one when going clockwise around that loop. Going counter-clockwise, it's not as steep.

Kacey: Hm. Yeah, inclines are always good.

Chris: Yeah, they do have, I mean, yeah, I mean... yeah, you have not come by my house yet, so you wouldn't really know the slope of, uh... the layout of the uh, neighborhood. Um, that I would be talking about, all the inclines and whatnot.

Kacey: But I can, I still know what inclines are. I'm not stupid.

Chris: Yeah. Yeah, I know you're not stupid, hehe... I mean, especially like, you know, if you are from my house [?], and then, and then you go clockwise, you don't know how steep the incline upward is. In fact, it is a pretty steep incline.

Kacey: Hm.

Chris: I mean, compared to the other up inclines. [Pause] It is a steep incline. [Pause] Hm. Anyway, um... let's see. Yes, so you had, so you had yourself a uh, good day today?

Kacey: Yeah, I mostly did review. I have some tests this week coming up, so you know, I wanna be prepared.

Chris: Okay, well that's good. Ye-, oh, by the way, uh... how 'bout that survey I was gonna, I'm gonna do for ya?

Kacey: Um, I am still in the process of making it. It's actually really simple, but I'll have it out later this week. Um, I work, um, every day this week mostly, so, um I'll probably, I'm gon-, I'm trying to shoot for uh, Tuesday, Thursday. Oh, umm... how's your room coming?

Chris: Hm. Yeah, I'm taking some, I'm taking a few, I've taken uh, some of the posters down, I'm gonna, I'm gonna do more on it tonight and tomorrow. And I'll show you the, I'll, I'll send you the pictures tomorrow.

Kacey: OK, yeah, 'cause remember, um, it has to be done by tomorrow.

Chris: Yeah. [Pause] That's, yeah, I get it, uh, y'know, deadline being like, yeah, let's put that at like midnight tomorrow.

Kacey: OK.

Chris: 'Bout that? Alright. Yeah, I mean like you know, may as well be, you know, if it's gotta be done by Mon-, by Monday, I mean it can't be done by Tuesday, so there you are. But yeah, I have been-

Kacey: Yeah, you might wanna start workin' on it tonight, huh?

Chris: Yeah, I mean, I have started work. I'm going to do some, and I'm going to do some more, I'm going to, uh... finish it and make it, uh... not so crowded on the walls. And the ceiling.

Kacey: Mm-hm.

Chris: Yeah. You'll see.

Kacey: [Pause] Well that's good, I look forward to it.

Chris: OK. Yeah and also I can uh, clean up the room, it's uh, pretty much just as- asiding [?] me from uh... uh, from the inspiration to continue the uh, sex drawings but uh, yeah I st-, I still have the uh, one test drawing of the uh, four-, of the foursome between us done, between me and my girls done.

Kacey: Oh yeah, well, I, I, I definitely wanna see that but in speaking of drawings, um, I saw a spoiler list for Sonichu detailing the end of every character for Sonichu! Uh, some of them were extremely interesting, especially um, Kel marrying, uh, N- Naitsirhc? [Chris tries to interrupt, unintelligible] Ruh- er- n- no?

Chris: 'Kay, stop. Every charac-, uh, at the end of every character?

Kacey: Detailing the end for every character, you know like, the end of their story, like, who they get married to, what they're doing? Like, you know, Kel marries, uh, Reldnahc? Naitsirhc?

Chris: [Pause] Like... uh...

Kacey: Uh, Darkbind r- rescues, uh, Zelina?

Chris: Hm. Yeah. Well, I, I can tell you right now that those all, those, those spoilers are definitely not official. All the uh, details-

Kacey: But they sound like everything that you would like! I mean, you've even put stuff like this in the CWC-, um, in the CWCipedia, and I mean like it even has you having a daughter named Crystal. It doesn't say who the sweetheart is, though.

Chris: Yeah, but I mean-

Kacey: But I mean, does this mean that Darkbind won't rescue Zelina? And Kel won't get married? And Wild won't save his father and you're not gonna have a s- sweetheart? Heh.

Chris: Oh, wait, wait. No, OK, well I'm not necessarily saying that all those spoilers are false, I'm not necessarily saying that. Uh, I mean, I cannot say that I have seen these, I have not seen these spoilers, so I would not know for sure. I mean, but still, I mean like, you know. For what they could be saying about Mary Lee Walsh and, uh, Reldnahc Notsew Naitsirhc. And there's a difference between Reldnahc and Naitsirhc. I mean, original Naitsirhc, he's just Naitsirhc. But then after- but then after that incident back in book #5, he became Reldnahc Notsew Naitsirhc, g- uh- he added two additional names. Otherwise, he's just Naitsirhc whatever Giovanni's last name is.

Kacey: Well, he turns good according to these spoilers. So does he turn good?

Chris: Uh, yeah. Alright, well here's a spoiler for you about Reldnahc. Yeah, b- [Audio cuts?]

Kacey: [Pause] Uh-huh?

Chris: Sorry there. Okay, while I am in the different dimension I have actually uh, gone into the bits of the future, before I had to go back in a different dimension. In fact... one of my destinations were, one of my destinations was this laboratory. Where uh, the scientists have already separated and isolated the uh, gay gene. Sorta like a play [?] from that Family Guy episode a little bit but still, they isolated the gay gene and it's like, now they wanna isolate the straight gene, so they can uh, actually, so they can actually make the vaccine that can, that can make the whole, that can make the world wide, um, straight. So, so like, you know, yeah I'm, I get in there just as they were talking about that and it's like, "Sure, I'll volunteer, I'm straight. Take some of my blood." And then they, and then they consensually str-, they, they s-, suh-, they successfully isolate the straight gene from my blood. I even take a, I even take a couple of vials of it with me... and a couple of vials and needles, and uh, and, with me, and I, I store them away in my pockets. So if there, y'know, they're, y'know, wrapped in casing so, no, they're not gonna, so they wouldn't break or... or hit me or, or penetrate or anything. Well anyway, when I go back into the different dimension, the after, the after I do get back out of the different dimension, I'm rescued by uh, Wild and Magi-Chan Sonichu. Uh, so like teamwork there, coming in, coming into there. Um, anyway. Uh... in book #10, yeah I would be in, I would be approached by Reldnahc. And then, uh, and then we go into a little bit of a battle, then I'll have him in a neck hold, and I'll pull out one of my needles and my blood. And then with my straight gene isolated, in that, in my straight gene, I'll be like, "Hey Reldnahc! Suck my blood!" And then I puncture him with the uh, needle. And then the, and then all, everything oppos-, and then everything about Reldnahc that is definitely the opposite of me including being homosexual just leaves. And it's like Reldnahc Notsew Naitsirhc is totally destroyed, and he goes back to just being Naitsirhc.

Kacey: Oh! Nice! When are you gonna finish this? I mean, I wanna get to this, so you gotta, uh, definitely speed up the comics. I mean, you know, this one's being really slow.

Chris: Ugh. Yeah. I know. [Pause] I'm dr-, and I'm work-, and I'm working on, y- you know... trying to keep a, trying to make a schedule so that I can do that. But then the other things keep coming up, like I'm doing the audio books, um, the videobooks, and the sex drawings.

Kacey: Yeah, but I mean it's like, y'know, most things have things that come out at least quarterly. Or, you know, things that come out every month, like little smaller episodes. Like I mean, you could ser-, you can seriously crank these out a lot quicker.

Chris: Ugh. Yeah, but at least y'know, I am- at least I am putting them up on the uh, CWCipedia a few pages at a time as I go along. Even though I could not access the CWCipedia today, I'm sure it's just a server, server thing. I'll probably be able to access it tomorrow so I can update with the uh, videos I've got uploaded. At least I was able to get on there for one moment earlier this afternoon, and verify that like uh, yeah, uh, all the uh, quote-unquote merchandise is fake, do not buy it, there's no video game in process, and the Project Needlemouse is just a Sonic the Hedgehog game, nothing else.

Kacey: Hm.

Chris: [Pause] Yeah.

Kacey: [Pause] Yeah, well I, I still think you need to make the comics a lot faster. Like come on, you promised me those drawings like, couple days ago and I still haven't even seen them!

Chris: Hm.

Kacey: Like, you don't have anything else to do.

Chris: Hm. Yeah, well, uh, hmm... OK, I tell you what, I'll, uh... get my, get the uh, three individual girl drawings and the one sex drawing I have uh, scanned in and I'll send them, and I'll send them to you later. But of course, you know I'm trusting them to you and that you promise not to share them with anybody yet.

Kacey: Yeah, I'm not gonna share them, I just wanna see them.

Chris: OK. Alright well I'll send them out to you later.

Kacey: I mean, you just needed d-, OK, yeah, 'cause you need to speed things up here. Quick like the bunny.

Chris: Yeah. Heh, poof! [Chuckles] OK. [Pause] Uh, I guess with that and nothing else on my mind right now, um, I'll get, I'll scan those in and send those to you right now so, I'll let you go and I'll talk to you tomorrow. [Kacey hangs up] Kacey? Kacey? Hello? [Pause] Kacey? Where'd you go? [Pause] Hm. Kacey? OK, well, alright. Well, I'll talk to you tomorrow and I'll have those sent out to you tonight. OK, talk to you later, bye-bye.

[Call ends]

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