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This page contains DMs between Chris and Null. Their messages are quoted below, Chris's in blue and Null's in kiwi green.

Personal space talk

June 2018[1]

I need not be reminded of the worst part, but my hedgehog-defensive state and all of the tears and leaking mucus and whole body paralysis that happened to me then and there will haunt me in reminder of that.

After Chris got kicked out of TooManyGames for violating personal space boundaries, Null had a talk with Chris about the incident in which he warned Chris about the possible ramifications of his behavior. Notably, the moment he exceeded the hurtful truth level, Chris reacted by drifting off into his imaginary land, posting a lengthy diatribe about CPU Goddesses (which is translated here).

Did you remember to ship those items from Mercari people bought
Good Afternoon, Josh. I will be shipping out the three photographs today. I need to get three bubble envelopes.

Have you heard back from the people at BronyCon about upgrading my weekend pass on the complimentary?

I feel better, but getting up was rough.

I've not heard back from BronyCon.

Though you need to be aware that what happened at TooManyGames might get you banned from BronyCon preemptively. If it happens again you might end up on a global con blacklist, stopping you from going to any con ever again.

The touchy feely stuff is very serious and if it happens to the wrong person getting banned from a con is the least of your concern. They might press sexual assault charges which is sometimes years in prison.

I am more aware of that now. My lips are kept to myself.

Hey. I am feeling better, yet still recovering. I want to let you know about something, I was sent to TMG to learn more about the possible return of Tari and Rei Ryghts being up to something with the Atari VCU. The CPUs' suspicions were correct from what we were able to get from what I learned during my time there. Amy Rose stayed the remainder of the convention to attend the remaining events and listen on the talk and gossip. We need to make the presence of the Nation of Comma, and the CPU of the Commodore Consoles, Scarlet, spread far and wide everywhere. Her Memories HAVE been bestowed to someone in this world of ours;

Scarlet is Kind and Compassionate; she is the counter to Rei Ryghts, should and when Rei attempt something to resurrect her lost Nation.

Scarlet Will help us against Rei Ryghts. Remember to share some prayers with the CPUs. Also, tell everyone to give their Full Support to Commodore on their Next Console, which will be named the Commodore CW. Let Commodore know that the console SHOULD have a Serial Port for the Floppy Driveand Printer, a port for the Cassette Drive, a Cartridge Port for their old Cartridges, as well as a Blu-Ray Drive for all media discs. As well as an HDMI Output AND Input, and a Component Output. Their old Cartridges, as well as a Blu-Ray Drive for all media discs. As well as an HDMI Output AND Input, and a Component Output. Their controller should be reminiscent of the Commodore Logo in shape, with pattern of the typical controller, I like the Xbox controller scheme the “C” half facing outward from the player, following the controller for it, and it should be wireless with the USB cable port. And a USB input and output ports for media input and backup, and even hooking up to a PC or Laptop for using either as a monitor. The console should take the shape and form of the Classic Keyboard Console, Complete with the Keyboard. Online functions, downloadable games, and plenty Independent game Titles for the CCW. And the media of their new games should be Physical And Downloadable; I really like using the Cartridges for their games. And the price should be less than $400 on the finished console product. And they should take their time in fully developing, designing, assembling, testing and getting all the bugs out before making it available for sale.

Versus the Atari VCU, the Commodore CW Should be a Greater Success! Please, help me spread the word to the current people of Commodore in this world.

We need LOTS of this world's people to voice all of this to Commodore.

It's not just kissing. Someone claims, I don't know if it's true, but someone claims you squeezed their butt as well. That kind of thing, even the rumor, puts you at risk of being banned from BronyCon and all other cons in advance. I can't help you if that happens. It also scares away people who buy stuff from you. No one will buy medallions or drawings if they think you don't respect personal space.

Just keep it in mind. This is something I can't magic away and is way, way more serious than trespassing or bumping Snyder.

Good Morning, Josh. I assure you that I never squeezed or even touched anyone's butt at all.

And I do understand all that. Believe me, and I need not be reminded of the worst part, but my hedgehog-defensive state and all of the tears and leaking mucus and whole body paralysis that happened to me then and there will haunt me in reminder of that.

Alright. Just be careful in the future and if it's anything other than putting a hand on the waist ask first. People will forgive and forget if the next con goes well.

Hopefully BronyCon still lets you go.

No problem.

I am positive it will still be good.

Trying to convince Chris to inform his therapists

19 July 2018[2]

Null attempts to get Chris to talk about the Idea Guys extortion scheme to his Region Ten therapist in order to get the ball rolling on an official investigation. Chris hesitates.

I have an idea to get police involved but I need you to trust me on my plan

When you went to court they set you up with a therapist to see if they can help. That therapist works with the police all the time.

They might be able to get them to do something soon, but you have to be completely honest with them about what happened. If you hide things or lie about things, they can't help at all.

They'll challenge you on what you believe but stay honest. I can give them more information when they need it.

Good morning, Josh. This is some thinkary to wake up to. I can bring the event up next time I go to [REDACTED] and meet with my respective people there. They are aware of my loves and I and Cwcville, as of right now, but I will have to be cautious in telling them what Wise and Boyd pretended to be to extort out of me. I don't want to tell them about my Reality Stone.
What is the Reality Stone?
Anyhow, I'm about to have my breakfast, and my itinerary is Colouring the remaining NINE pages in an estimated four hours time today.

You don't know? I thought Captain Jack told you about that time between him and Magi-Chan, and Magi-Chan telling me to use the energy of the stone inside me, linked to the stone in my ring there, to undo Wise and Boyd's damages to our dimension there.

Well, I recommend looking up Marvel Infinity Wars for starters.

The Reality Stone is one of the few powerful stones in the Infinity Gauntlet. It literally controls and distorts reality to a point and extent.

But, the stone I have is only a Portion of the full Reality Stone.

See, some time after the events, the stones of the gauntlet shattered, and I got a piece of the Reality Stone.

This piece is able to control at least the Nation of Cwcville, but I also already had some power and links of my own to Cwcville and our sister dimension

So, this stone piece in my ring is sort of an amplifier, at this point.

It would probably be best to be totally upfront with the people you talk to in real life, otherwise they might be confused.

I do remember this now, you're referring to the class ring that you and Jack met over initially.

I still have a lot to learn about the Reality Stone for myself.


Anyway, I will be back at [REDACTED] next Monday. I'll let all this process in my brain

Meanwhile: Cereal, then Colouring.

You should be asking these people you talk to how to do two things. This is what I would ask.

1. How do you get police to concern themselves with the extortion, and 2. How you can seal off people from accessing what you believe without your permission so this never happens again.

Did they tell you about alternate dimensions or did you find it some other way

I already had known of the sister dimension LONG before Wise ever came along. Magi-Chan came over and meditated, self-stat boosting to sessions, and shared prayers months beforehand. Also, he was my bodyguard at last year's BronyCon, and 'he and I danced at the Grand Galloping Gala that weekend. It was magical.

I'll check you later.

Thank you, Josh.

Take it easy, good luck

Chris wants to role-play

January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

16 July 2020, via Kiwi Farms DMs

Chris (as Sonichu)
[cut-off] becomes more obvious to me of why the psychics have foreseen the giant battle between Jakoba and Mama Chris Chan, since in Jacob's spell, the Christos was to go to Jakoba, but now it's going to Mama's body, right here, instead. There remains a flaw, though. Although we have disabled Jacob of his greater magic abilities, he had already performed his spell and ritual for himself and sent what he had to Jakoba. So, now, we need to make sure everyone else on Earth, here, are knowing and aware to send their Christos in prayer to Chris Chan Sonichu for the greater good and safety of our future in the coming of the new timeline.

I like you a lot. You have brought a lot of people a lot of joy. Sonichu was really cool and funny, and the thousands of people on this site used to find you interesting and loved to talk about you back when Sonichu was just a comic book.

If you were in trouble, I would help you. I have shown I want to help you. I have tried very hard to help you.

However, I can not and I will not play this game. As long as you act this way, I cannot help you and I cannot be your friend.

If you want my help, you must talk to me as a single person and you must not talk to me about these things which are not real. Even if you just do this when you talk to me, we can be friends and I will help you. If you can't do this, I can't help you.


Chris (as Sonichu)
Which brings us to why I am here today seeking your help, Josh. Firstly, Without making it prematurely too obvious to Jacob, I need help in making sure as many peoples of this Dimension's Earth Do pray to, and share at least a portion of their respective Christos with, Chris Chan Sonichu, herself. Obviously, the prayers and Christos go to this body, but it has two effects: Present Body projects and does as it will and needs to in the present goals, and Future Body (with Mama in it) answers all prayers and protects and helps as many as possible. Meanwhile, it slowly but surely becomes more consciously obvious to me and Chris-Core how this body will be able to break the Iron Curtain and go between Dimensions. Because the goal remains very clear for the future retcon (gonna prevent the pandemic from ever happening) and the fated event of me getting this body to Mama at [cutoff]
[In response to Null's message saying "...I can not and I will not play this game..."]

Well, that's fine; believe what you want to believe, dude. But the facts still remain: I am Sonichu, talking to you from within Christine's body. I can agree to disagree with you on things, because the pressing matters and events are of far greater importance.

Ok Chris, Sorry I couldn't be more help. If you need something, you know where to find me.
Chris (as Sonichu)
With that, now: I still would appreciate your help in helping me make sure everyone prays to Chris Chan Sonichu, and share a bit of their Christos with us, without making it obvious in wording and intention to Jacob.
For now, at least, please help me to spread that word around to pray to Chris Chan Sonichu and share their Light Power and Aura Energy.

You will also note that I am remaining focused and catching myself after having read your response. I know Trolling is one of your things, as an advocate of Hades, to say the least, but, I am serious, and I would appreciate it if you would be, too. I don't think I need to mention Val (Magi-Chan's Sonichu self-counterpart from another dimension) has been in contact with you, via DMs and Telepathically.

I am not interested in promoting this recent effort by Jacob Sockness to get more attention for himself. You can tell whichever "friend" of your puts you up to this that that is my final answer.
Chris (as Sonichu)
I, Sonichu, will be in touch. And I am certain Mama Chris Chan, and Magi-Chan, will be checking in with you, themselves, in person, very soon as well. I will leave it at that for now. Check you later. [three lighting icons]
[In response to Null's message saying "I am not interested in promoting this recent effort by Jacob Sockness to get more attention for himself..."]

Jake is not involved in this part; he has been cut out of my communication and view for a few days now.

I promise you, whoever is talking to you right now, is Jacob or a friend of his. This is how it's always been Chris. You've always had the "Enemy" troll and the "Friend" troll, who is either just the same person or a friend of theirs.

You didn't contact me because you wanted my help. You contacted me because the "Friend" troll told you do, and that "Friend" troll is just one of Sockness's friend who wants me to feature how he's trolling you so he gets more attention.

Chris (as Sonichu)
Dude, I have literally come here to you of my own volition, and telepathic guidance from Mewtwo, Magi-chan, and Christine Chandler, herself. You can believe what you want to believe, but these are the facts and reality, here.

Watchmen drama

26 June 2021[3]

Chris texts Null about Naught and other Watchmen members and discusses the infighting resulting from Naught doxing fellow Watchman The WCT.

Naught is the same name as a mega asshole on the kiwi farms. I don't know if he's the same person. Does he use an anime avatar?

I had to ban the one on the forum

Yes. That's him.

From what I've heard of his recent voice clips, he not only sounded like he was heavily defending himself and covering something up (I felt those emotions and vibes as well), but I also sense a slight vibe of external influence; possibly someone controlling him.

He's in a group of two or three other people and they plan stuff together.

Mentally ill anime people.

Don't give them access to anything private

Yep. More than just anime, though. They've also talked of racism, and Nazi type things.

Definitely two others. Kyle and MKR; Kyle is definitely worse; talks soo damn much, boasting his smart-talk, interrogating my intentions and present mentalities. Damn, he's seriously tiring.

Yeah he's a weirdo. Keep him at a distance. If you have any issues with him let me know.
I am planning on silently leaving the place Discord server, but on the right and fated timing in the near future. I don't want to pull out prematurely. I've also muted their respective phone numbers.
Good idea. Careful with discords, see people trying to invite you to their clubs all the time. It's a lot of drama.
Side-note, I will have to confirm Nightvee's safety and being from Meghan. But, I'm certain Nights and Reala have his back during uncertain moments.

No shit.

Too much drama.

But what's been recently happening, it is another level.

Even potential worse "Big Boy" Doxxing from Naught.

Who is he doxing?

I have foreseen this potential outcome when I joined the group a couple of years ago, but I was uncertain at the time which were the toxic ones.

I had felt it was well and good to be part in later confirmation.

It probably started with good intentions but then people get their personal politics.
I was not surprised at all that they were wanting to take advantage of my less mature mentality of yesteryears, but how much they've should have know I have been maturing and doing better since coming out in '14.

Right on.

There were background happenings that saw other kind individuals banned from the group as well.

Anaxis, Silvia, Nigel Uno, Aquadiamond, to name a few.

"Ran them out of town", supposedly, too.

If you're looking for some kind of outlet for talking to people let me know. Not sure what kind of socializing you're into these days. It seems like you want to have fans around.

Chris vaguely describes his relationship

NOTE: At this point, Chris is maintaining a cover story that his sex partner is simply an older woman.

5 July 2021 (leaked by Null on 31 July 2021)[4]

Chris misleads Null on the true nature of his relationship, lying by omission and leaving out key details to manipulate Null into believing the relationship was simply a matter between Chris and an older woman.

Now, I also have a major update to share with you; Strictly Confidential.

The past week up to Sunday the 27th has been a major game-changer for the positive with me. I tell you this in Strictest Confidence, and trust; I do not want word of this on the Kiwi or going public.

But, I had sex with someone last week; someone of this half of our universe. I worked thoroughly and compassionately with her beforehand, and at present. She's physically older than I. If heard, one may say it's something out of an anime or fan fiction. But, yeah, keeping her safe as well. Also, next appointment with my doctor is on the 20th, so I'll get checked then, to be safe. Condoms are being used in the intercourse.

This relationship was something I have extensively given much, much deep thought and within myself. I had foreseen this among the infinite possible outcomes long ago. I no longer believe in labels that would hinder, and I do not listen to those shadows. This was of my own choice and acceptance, and I have no regrets. This feels right and good with I, and her.

Really? How'd you meet?
Well, I’ve met her a while ago, and was not fully aware at the time. And my ally deities guided me to seek her out and make things go further with great effort. We have talked off and on during the time in person. Behind a considerable camouflage, she was, but she was honest in her emotions. And she wanted to be with me as well; mutual feelings on good rapport. This relationship has been, from the start, offline and in-person, I assure you.
Do you have a picture of you and this girl btw?
Woof! Pressing hard for details. I do have photos of my lady friend, but I feel it too personal at this time. I did mention she was older than I; she’s in the over 50’s. And she definitely does not want to be spread around. As one of my more curious followers may have found through my Amazon by now, I even recently purchased a valuable and informative book to add additional guidance.
Guide to Sex and Disability.jpg
I'm not trying to press, just curious. It's good you're both into things like anime
Actually, she doesn’t watch much anime, or animated series, or even television these days for that matter.

Adam West was one of her favourite people back in the 60’s, however, as it was for her son back then.

Well that's cool, I hope it works out
It is


I have found great appreciation for her in reading her deeply, and in listening to her stories and life adventures. Her High School days were quite fun for her. An intellectual, she is; worked a lot in numbers and accounting.

Also, you may note what I have told you of my lady friend so far and in future; I kinda want you to figure it out for yourself, as also the few others I’ve confided strictly with this detail. Don Lashomb and Wildcat are the two others who have additional clues as well. And I’ve mentioned this to my Doctor as well, without mentioning her name directly at all in any event. I will see my doctor on the 20th, so I will get tested to confirm lack of STDs then.

She and I have our romps in the sack every three nights at the present.

It does give her something to look forward to. She is very grateful, and I am also appreciative in being able to enlighten her with sex play she missed out on from even her exes.

You should definitely not tell anyone who she is. It'll only complicate the relationship if people start harassing her.
It's a good sign you've kept it secret so far but don't risk it
Yes. Shhhhh.

We are safe, as long as none of this, even the obscure details, get leaked at all in public view or on Kiwi.

Good idea, I'd honestly advise not telling even people you trust that you have a girlfriend at this point.
Not telling anyone else after you, I do promise.


14 July 2021

Also, a positive development in the past couple of days: I have found and am seeing set up a travel buddy in a friend of mine from the Praetor group, Bella, aka 10thanonymous on Instagram. She put together the animation for my intro video where I sang "Twist of Fate", also. She is also a very intelligent and kind individual.
She will have the time free over that weekend.
Bella is a 45-year-old man according to the Instagram profile. Have you met them before?
That is a joke; she is a lot younger than that. I know her better, because she and I, and Sonichu, have texted back and forth; even played chess together in the app that allows simple board games between texting partners.

And I have a photograph of her.

[Chris uploads a photo of Bella]


Incest questioning

Unclear date, possibly 30 July 2021[note 1]

Null read off the contents of the message on his MATI podcast.[6] He noted that the conversation had occurred over the Signal app and prefaced it by saying that "I give him the the audio and the screenshots of the messages and I say:"

I need you to tell me if this is real or not.
Hey, Josh. Well, this is indeed a major shocker of a leak but firstly let me state directly with you that i have told this only to one person outside the temple. And second, Josh Moon, yes it is true, the sex was consensual with Barbara.

Incest leak questioning

30 July 2021

Null asked Chris about the Incest Call leak, and Chris tells him he had told only Bella.

I had told Bella in Strictest Confidence about this. And trust her not to have directly or personally leaked or divulged this story to ANYONE else.
Everything you told her was recorded and posted everywhere.
Who is Bella?
Is that your girlfriend?
Bella, also known as 10thanonymous, on Instagram, is part of Caden's group. And recently, she's joined WildCat, I, and the other outcasts from the former group who have proven to have not been toxic or bad.
Her computer also has been busy in actively gathering intel on other bad trolls as well.
this is the person I told you was a troll the very second you showed me 10thanonymous's instagram account

Sound of mind

31 July[7]

Null texted Chris asking how he rationalizes continuing to talk to Bella after the Incest Call leak.

You confessed to a crime to a person who has now gotten it kicked out of your own home and you may have criminal charges coming, but you're still talking to them like they're not obviously fucking with you
How do you rationalize this?
I am spiritually guided and sound of mind.
I really don't think you will ever get it. It's probably too late now anyways.

Chris takes money from Barb

31 July 2021[8]

Null posted to Kiwi Farms:

Chris gave me access to his emails years ago to help out a while back during the Joshua Wise situation. I've had access since. Chris is aware i have access to his emails, and after changing his passwords recently gave me access to them again. I've helped him deal with trolls signing him up for spam and newsletters and other things like that.

I was going to send Chris his GoFundMe money, but after talking it over and sleeping on it, I've canceled the payment and I've asked GoFundMe to do a total refund.

I told Chris last night to spend one night sleeping in his vehicle, and that this morning I would help him figure out a way to have a roof over his head until August 5th. I suggested that he take some time under the stars to reflect on his situation.

Every so often, Chris gets an email alert that Barb has sent him money. I've always been under the impression that Barb tightly manages his finances and sends him a pittance. However, to my surprise, at 12:38am this morning (so less than 8 hours ago), Barb sent Chris $750.

I asked Chris about this.

Null then posted screenshots of his conversation with Chris:

Did you ask your mom to send you money? That is probably a violation of the EPO
I did not ask her to send me money.

I have refrained from contacting her at all, and continue to do so.

So she sent you money on her own?
She did not send me any money.

I managed to find blessings in the minimum abundance I needed.

Meanwhile, I presently have a little over five hours to kill, and both the favorite malls around here (CTC and Regency Square) don't open until 11:00.

Do you have control over her bank accounts?
Yes, I have online control. And this was an emergency. I plan on sending the $750 back to her account after when the $1000 gets into my account.

Null then blocked Chris.

He stated in his Kiwi Farms post:

I believe this is a violation of his EPO, as he is prohibited from stealing from her. I've notified police. I'm done.


  1. Null posted on Kiwi Farms that he would ask Chris about the contents of the leaked Incest Call on 30 July 2021.[5]


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