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The things described in this article are still happening, so it may be subject to frequent change.

This page is an archive of Chris's major social media posts during January 2021.

Posts are color-coded yellow to reflect his role-playing as Sonichu during this month.

Shadow is alive

1 January

In response to Chris's Vital Lesson tweet.

Bryanna (@BryannaGaga)

Do I get to meet shadow the hedgehog or not
You will; he is alive.

Stay safe

1 January

Pickchu (@zonichu)

Buildings are collapsing out there. I think I see a blue blur! Damn it! A golden thing is on the horizon. It is like a golden temple. My camera can't zoom in as much as my eyes can. Damn it! We are not 1218 or c-197! Why me?? Why us??!
Stay safe; we’re working on things here; the it is still 1218 and C-197 merging, but there are still bad forces looking to harm in crossing over. Your prayers have been heard and will be answered.

Dimensional Merge

1 January

Chris replies to his previous Dimensional Merge tweet.

The terminology you all have here: Dimensions, Universes, Multiverse, and your various perceptions and definitions of them can be very confusing, but sortable. Dimension divides separates each Universe within the respective Multiverse sets, so each universe is also considered a dimension, but a part of its collective sum of universes that make up the greater Dimension size. The process of the complete merge has been like a zipper as each respective pairs of dimensionally divided universes merged together. Being near the end of the greater sequence has allowed us between our respective 1218 and C-197 and locally to study and analyze the patterns and flows of the respective merges of the combined dimension pairs before us, so that we can have better prep work be made, of which everyone has done and did as good a job as possible.

My apologies for the confusion with the terminology earlier, as I had questioned the locally perceived definition differences between Dimensions and Universes. It got confusing for me for a while as well, but this mind has clarity.⚡⚡⚡

Happy 2021

1 January

Happy 2021; stay safe and well in the upcoming days ahead. ⚡⚡⚡

[GIF of a character going into a room and closing the door with text saying "Okay, 2020, it's time to go now.".]

Mister Simplistic (@MisterSimplist1)

Where my Merge at?
Right in front of you and under your own nose. Your clouded judgment densed with cynicism is preventing you from fully feeling and experiencing it for yourself. Unfortunately, that is common amongst the haters and bad individuals of this dimension.

Broken Sonichu pendant

1 January

Astrelle, Anya's #1 Melfriend (@SkyAstrelle)

Jek broke the Sonichu pendant :(

[Photo of a person with an annoyed expression on their face while holding a broken medallion]

Use some Krazy Glue or Epoxy to reattach the piece.

More Dimensional Merge

2 January

To all peoples of this Dimension 1218: I, Sonichu Prime of Dimension C-197, have been personally continuing to feel, foresee, see, and experience the events of the Merge, now it’s Apex Event in progress. I have been keeping my experiences confidential within our allied groups, because they actually, genuinely believe the facts that I, Chris Chan, and the rest of us have been presenting to all of you, and they, along with the kind and supportive love and prayers from the good and neutral peoples of this dimension, have been more helpful than even freaking foes like IdeaGuy, BlueSpike, and even Sockness. And I knew that everything that is sent over this Twitter account is constantly on watch by the bad individuals and haters that either do not get it for themselves, are in their own respective denial, or get their rocks off by throwing slaps in our faces and turning a blind eye and ear to what is right in front of their cynical faces. You poisonous lot do not know a damn thing, because you refuse to accept the present situations and what is obvious in front of you and offline. Your senses were numbed for far too long.

The completion of the merge is at hand, so I speak freely of that reasoning. Your words do not reach us. We have no doubt in what is to come. I am not an asshole; you haters are speaking for yourselves and projecting that upon us.

[GIF of an anime character slapping another anime character]

I do not care for that intolerance. Chris, I, and all of the other deities are looking after each and every one surviving individual, regardless, between these two dimensions; we apologize deeply for the losses and sacrifices that had to be made. Believe me, we get it. ⚡⚡⚡


I never said it was going down completed on January First; I said “Any Moment” at the present time.


Big Chungus

2 January

In response to a Twitter user asking Chris if Big Chungus will arrive in the Dimensional Merge.

In C-197, Bugs Bunny, himself, would ask, “What’s a Chungus, Doc?” No, that fatty exists in the alternate Meme universe.

Dimensional collapse

2 January

Pickchu (@zonichu)

I look terrible. I might sleep all day. I don't need to get out of this apartment. I can pay taxes and stuff. I don't need anyone or anything. All I need can be drawn. I just need to wait till the Dimensional Merge and whatever happens after. Would be hilarious if both dimensions collapsed during the merge and erased me and everyone. Jajaja

[Artwork of a character taking a selfie in the mirror]

You will not be erased. There will be no collapse. You need not feel despondent, youthful one.

Zonichu comic

2 January

In response to Zonichu tweeting out the end of chapter seven for their Sonichu fan comic.

Okay, that really sucks. Chris Chrus was right to warn you about him.

Monster Energy

Skippin' breakfast today. #UltraRosá

[Promotional image of Monster Energy Ultra Rosá]

Like how bathing is better than #AXEbodyspray, breakfast is better than an energy drink, alone. ⚡⚡⚡

Unnamed Zonichu section

5 January

Pickchu (@zonichu)

Not doing that good. I jumped into a relationship. I am dating a 10 but I still miss Magichan and Jeff too. I feel worse by the minute

[Artwork of a character with an empty expression on their face]

Girl, talk with Nikki about the troubles you’ve had before meeting him. You will feel better getting that off your chest, and I am certain he will understand and offer a sympathetic and supportive ear and response. He has had his share of experiences before being summoned to you.


5 January

In response to an enabler requesting for Chris's help to get back to their respective dimension after they accidentally sent themself to "E Space".

Your prayers have been heard and will be answered.

Greg Cipes

6 January

In response to a Twitter user called Greg Cipes announcing that they're now apart of the Brony community.

Welcome to the #Brony group, Greg. I like the art; maybe your cutie mark can be the triangle with a heart inside of it; all yellow. Ooh! Balance between your body, mind and soul, with all of the love in it for the ponies and other animals. Try the Hayburger and fries. 😊⚡

Oh No!

8 January

Pickchu (@zonichu)

Stay calm as best as you can; we will help you with Nikki. It was my fault in recommending this route to you, but this was also a test for you, @zonichu. In short: this was your chance to get to know and refocus your attention on Nikki, as opposed to letting your obsessions get the better of you. This is compariable to what Chris had done in chronicling us: she deviated and focused on her physical obsessions, while partially focusing on us, Cwcville and C-197 when writing her earlier books.

There is a way for you to remedy this: Draw Nikki Tame. Also, make sure you’ve made up your mind about Nikki and how they should be; don’t be uncertain; collect your thoughts and know what the behavior of your ideal partner should be and reflect them into Nikki.

Dry Stone

8 January

Hey, #Opuscon789, just read your latest chapter; how ever did you know Chris, here, had a dry stone of power like that? JK, we knew that you would have known. Fact: Chris didn’t make this stone, she literally found it on an outing of hers. Kra-Kow! ⚡⚡⚡

January8FanFicScreenshot.jpg January8TwitterStone.jpg

Donald Trump

9 January

Chris quote tweets a tweet displaying a list of things relating to Donald Trump that have recently been banned.

Well, some good news, all things considered.
Yet kind of an “I don’t get why”; everyone else is seeing him as “account suspended”, yet for me, it’s there, but his tweets are hidden.

January9TwitterPmurt1.jpg January9TwitterPmurt2.jpg January9TwitterPmurt3.jpg


9 January

Pickchu (@zonichu)

I am stuck what to draw. I have a notebook but no ideas and also a comic to make but feel empty
Yikes. Just take some time off; it will come back to you shortly enough.

Looks good

9 January

Chris quote tweets fanart of Simonla.

That’s not bad; looks good.

10 January

mrs. kujo blm (@spinosauridae)

isn’t she someone else’s OC though

FunnyValintineFan1890 (@FFan1890)

Yeah but I think the OC was genderbent
Wrong. Simonchu and Simonla are separate individuals, yet they are brother and sister.


11 January

In response to Zonichu tweeting artwork of their OC with Magi-Chan.

I see you got your Magi-Chan back in your company. Yep, enjoy him while you have him, and let him go when he has to go. With you, @zonichu, the old habits die hard, I see.


12 January

BulmaBunny (@BulmaBunnyGirl)

Going to stream as Tails on Friday, anyone got any suggestions ? .. I do have something in mind but would still love to hear your thoughts UwU

[GIF of Tails from Sonic Boom hopping on one foot while going in circles]

Did Scratch just tell Tails to hop on one foot again? LOL.


12 January

Springy (@SpringyDotPng)

Who is this? Wrong answers only

[Artwork of a character from Five Nights at Freddy's known as Springtrap]



13 January

Chris quote tweets a now deleted tweet likely related to "So Need a Cute Girl".

Yeah. It has a better beat than the #BackstreetBoys track that was its music, and it is a lot less cringe for these ears to listen to. twitter.com/braphoglvr23/status/1349199861523087367

Simonla Rosechu

13 January

Finally drew Simonchu! Look how different he is compared to simonla. Simonchu is another one I hope @CPU_CWCSonichu will update us on. You can barely even tell one was inspired by the other 🤔

[Artwork of Simonla Rosechu]

Kinda looks like you gave him boobs and drew his genderbent universe self-counterpart.

Vinyl Scratch

13 January

Chris quote tweets a tweet asking people to say something nice about the My Little Pony character named Vinyl Scratch.

She does talk, she knows a great tune and jam when she hears it, and she keeps the haters out with da beats and cello she loves. ⚡⚡⚡

Vladicarus (@Vladicarus)

As a watcher of the show, shes literally never spoken once.

14 January

You haven’t been to Equestria, personally, and talked with Vinyl. Plus, look in “Legend of Everfree”; her human counterpart speaks with Fluttershy.

Forever Physical

14 January

Limited Run Games (@LimitedRunGames)

Want to win a K.O. Edition of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game - Complete Edition? Of course you do.

1. Follow us 2. Like and retweet this 3. Reply with #ForeverPhysical

Winner drawn tomorrow. GLHF!


Sonic drink

14 January

Hey, @BulmaBunnyGirl and @GottaGoFastYT, I discovered something really cool yesterday at our local @sheetz, and today just realized that a few days ago, y’all uploaded the @SonicWorldDX vid with #SonicTheHedgehog and #PrincessPeach. ⚡⚡⚡

January14SonicDrink1.jpg January14SonicDrink2.jpg

Chris now knows German

14 January

DrachenLord (@RainerWinkIerDO)

Um das neue Jahr richtig zu begrüsen lade ich alle Fans und neutrale Zuschauer heute zu einer Riesen Sylvester Party bei mir ein. Kommt alle zur Schanze ihr wisst wo ;) XD XD dann wird geböllert ohne Ende!

This roughly translates to "To really welcome the New Year, I invite all fans and neutral viewers to a huge New Year's Eve party with me today. Everyone comes to the ski jumping hill you know where;) XD XD then there is no end to blasting!".

Hey, Alter. Guter segan [sic] heute; sendan [sic] sie [sic] mir bitte eine direkte nachricht [sic], wenn sie können. Vielen dank [sic]. ⚡⚡⚡

This roughly translates to "Hey dude Good blessing today; please send me a direct message if you can. Many Thanks. ⚡⚡⚡".


15 January

Hey, #opuscon789, I just read your latest chapter. So, you’ve heard of Mama Chris and I having discovered the eighth S-Chu Crystal Ball here in our pair of universes, and felt it well enough to include it. There are details you may have overlooked that you should consider on the details of Dimension/Universe N-641’s Sonichu Prime, Chris Chan, and their eight S-Chu Crystal Ball, since that is what you are referring to.

Between Chris and I, here in 1218 and C-197 (she’s still in my body, by the way, but the body-swap was not an initial requirement for manifesting the eighth Crystal Ball), the major requirement is to manifest that mythical Crystal Ball is that, and I directly quote the Anchuent Prophecy: both the Original Creator (Chris Chan) and the Prime Creation (myself, Sonichu) of this pair of dimensions were to have the deepest of mutual appreciation, empathy, and understanding of each other, and in a moment of the two of them in a moment of deepest and sincere feelings of respect and appreciation for the other’s situations, emotions, life events, and everything else, the sparks from their respective Heart Crystals from within their Heart and Solar Plexus chakra points and area, in alignment with their respective other six chakra points at the same time, the two sparks come together between their two bodies facing each other, and at face-to-face alignment of their respective Solar Plexus and Heart chakra points, manifesting the mythical eighth S-Chu Crystal Ball; the most powerful of all of the other S-Chu Crystal Balls, even more powerful than the seven of them combined, and even more powerful and potent than the seven Chaos Emeralds, Sol Emeralds and Time Stones. The only match to its power is the mythical eighth Chaos Emerald, of which the circumstances of genuinely manifesting it remain uncertain, even after the events that led up to that which was portrayed in #SonicTheFighters of this dimension/universe 1218. End quote.

So, #opuscon789, I ask you: in N-641, with that dimension’s Chris Chan being as cringe-worthy portrayed as narccistic, dumb, aloof, and so on, and their Sonichu Prime being portrayed as partially evil now, after what had happened to their Chris and their home, unempathetic, simp, womanizing, abusive, and so on.

HOW did that Chris Chan and Sonichu Prime manifest their dimension/universe’s eighth S-Chu Crystal Ball?

Not to mention that given every stereotypical misconception from the haters and bad trolls of this dimension/universe, here constantly portrays the two of them in N-641, it would be simply Impossible for the two of them to reach such a mutual understanding of each other and their respective situations, much less truly care about each other. So, yeah, having that eighth S-Chu Crystal Ball that originated from N-641 is just about impossible on the infinite of possibilities and so on. You truly did bring about an anomoly, #Opuscon789. And the only ones who can truly counter their eighth S-Chu Crystal Ball’s power is that from myself and our Chris Chan, here, of 1218 and C-197; no other dimension, universe, nor timeline’s eighth S-Chu Crystal Ball can match it, because their timeline is literally the Nega-version of ours, here. ...Ponder over that, Opuscon. ⚡⚡⚡


The Powerpuff Girls

16 January

Rewatched this today; made me think, “This is essentially the #PowerpuffGirls reboot series from a few years ago.”