January 2021 social media posts

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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

This page is an archive of Chris's major social media posts during January 2021.

Posts are color-coded yellow to reflect his role-playing as Sonichu during this month.

Shadow is alive

1 January

In response to Chris's Vital Lesson tweet.

Bryanna (@BryannaGaga)

Do I get to meet shadow the hedgehog or not
You will; he is alive.

Stay safe

1 January

Pickchu (@zonichu)

Buildings are collapsing out there. I think I see a blue blur! Damn it! A golden thing is on the horizon. It is like a golden temple. My camera can't zoom in as much as my eyes can. Damn it! We are not 1218 or c-197! Why me?? Why us??!
Stay safe; we’re working on things here; the it is still 1218 and C-197 merging, but there are still bad forces looking to harm in crossing over. Your prayers have been heard and will be answered.

Dimensional Merge

1 January

Chris replies to his previous Dimensional Merge tweet.

The terminology you all have here: Dimensions, Universes, Multiverse, and your various perceptions and definitions of them can be very confusing, but sortable. Dimension divides separates each Universe within the respective Multiverse sets, so each universe is also considered a dimension, but a part of its collective sum of universes that make up the greater Dimension size. The process of the complete merge has been like a zipper as each respective pairs of dimensionally divided universes merged together. Being near the end of the greater sequence has allowed us between our respective 1218 and C-197 and locally to study and analyze the patterns and flows of the respective merges of the combined dimension pairs before us, so that we can have better prep work be made, of which everyone has done and did as good a job as possible.

My apologies for the confusion with the terminology earlier, as I had questioned the locally perceived definition differences between Dimensions and Universes. It got confusing for me for a while as well, but this mind has clarity.⚡⚡⚡

Happy 2021

1 January

Happy 2021; stay safe and well in the upcoming days ahead. ⚡⚡⚡

[GIF of a character going into a room and closing the door with text saying "Okay, 2020, it's time to go now.".]

Mister Simplistic (@MisterSimplist1)

Where my Merge at?
Right in front of you and under your own nose. Your clouded judgment densed with cynicism is preventing you from fully feeling and experiencing it for yourself. Unfortunately, that is common amongst the haters and bad individuals of this dimension.

Broken Sonichu pendant

1 January

Astrelle, Anya's #1 Melfriend (@SkyAstrelle)

Jek broke the Sonichu pendant :(

[Photo of a person with an annoyed expression on their face while holding a broken medallion]

Use some Krazy Glue or Epoxy to reattach the piece.

More Dimensional Merge

2 January

To all peoples of this Dimension 1218: I, Sonichu Prime of Dimension C-197, have been personally continuing to feel, foresee, see, and experience the events of the Merge, now it’s Apex Event in progress. I have been keeping my experiences confidential within our allied groups, because they actually, genuinely believe the facts that I, Chris Chan, and the rest of us have been presenting to all of you, and they, along with the kind and supportive love and prayers from the good and neutral peoples of this dimension, have been more helpful than even freaking foes like IdeaGuy, BlueSpike, and even Sockness. And I knew that everything that is sent over this Twitter account is constantly on watch by the bad individuals and haters that either do not get it for themselves, are in their own respective denial, or get their rocks off by throwing slaps in our faces and turning a blind eye and ear to what is right in front of their cynical faces. You poisonous lot do not know a damn thing, because you refuse to accept the present situations and what is obvious in front of you and offline. Your senses were numbed for far too long.

The completion of the merge is at hand, so I speak freely of that reasoning. Your words do not reach us. We have no doubt in what is to come. I am not an asshole; you haters are speaking for yourselves and projecting that upon us.

[GIF of an anime character slapping another anime character]

I do not care for that intolerance. Chris, I, and all of the other deities are looking after each and every one surviving individual, regardless, between these two dimensions; we apologize deeply for the losses and sacrifices that had to be made. Believe me, we get it. ⚡⚡⚡


I never said it was going down completed on January First; I said “Any Moment” at the present time.


Big Chungus

2 January

In response to a Twitter user asking Chris if Big Chungus will arrive in the Dimensional Merge.

In C-197, Bugs Bunny, himself, would ask, “What’s a Chungus, Doc?” No, that fatty exists in the alternate Meme universe.

Dimensional collapse

2 January

Pickchu (@zonichu)

I look terrible. I might sleep all day. I don't need to get out of this apartment. I can pay taxes and stuff. I don't need anyone or anything. All I need can be drawn. I just need to wait till the Dimensional Merge and whatever happens after. Would be hilarious if both dimensions collapsed during the merge and erased me and everyone. Jajaja

[Artwork of a character taking a selfie in the mirror]

You will not be erased. There will be no collapse. You need not feel despondent, youthful one.

Zonichu comic

2 January

In response to Zonichu tweeting out the end of chapter seven for their Sonichu fan comic.

Okay, that really sucks. Chris Chrus was right to warn you about him.

Monster Energy

Skippin' breakfast today. #UltraRosá

[Promotional image of Monster Energy Ultra Rosá]

Like how bathing is better than #AXEbodyspray, breakfast is better than an energy drink, alone. ⚡⚡⚡

Unnamed Zonichu section

5 January

Pickchu (@zonichu)

Not doing that good. I jumped into a relationship. I am dating a 10 but I still miss Magichan and Jeff too. I feel worse by the minute

[Artwork of a character with an empty expression on their face]

Girl, talk with Nikki about the troubles you’ve had before meeting him. You will feel better getting that off your chest, and I am certain he will understand and offer a sympathetic and supportive ear and response. He has had his share of experiences before being summoned to you.


5 January

In response to an enabler requesting for Chris's help to get back to their respective dimension after they accidentally sent themself to "E Space".

Your prayers have been heard and will be answered.

Greg Cipes

6 January

In response to a Twitter user called Greg Cipes announcing that they're now apart of the Brony community.

Welcome to the #Brony group, Greg. I like the art; maybe your cutie mark can be the triangle with a heart inside of it; all yellow. Ooh! Balance between your body, mind and soul, with all of the love in it for the ponies and other animals. Try the Hayburger and fries. 😊⚡

Oh No!

8 January

Pickchu (@zonichu)

Stay calm as best as you can; we will help you with Nikki. It was my fault in recommending this route to you, but this was also a test for you, @zonichu. In short: this was your chance to get to know and refocus your attention on Nikki, as opposed to letting your obsessions get the better of you. This is compariable to what Chris had done in chronicling us: she deviated and focused on her physical obsessions, while partially focusing on us, Cwcville and C-197 when writing her earlier books.

There is a way for you to remedy this: Draw Nikki Tame. Also, make sure you’ve made up your mind about Nikki and how they should be; don’t be uncertain; collect your thoughts and know what the behavior of your ideal partner should be and reflect them into Nikki.

Dry Stone

8 January

Hey, #Opuscon789, just read your latest chapter; how ever did you know Chris, here, had a dry stone of power like that? JK, we knew that you would have known. Fact: Chris didn’t make this stone, she literally found it on an outing of hers. Kra-Kow! ⚡⚡⚡

January8FanFicScreenshot.jpg January8TwitterStone.jpg

Donald Trump

9 January

Chris quote tweets a tweet displaying a list of things relating to Donald Trump that have recently been banned.

Well, some good news, all things considered.
Yet kind of an “I don’t get why”; everyone else is seeing him as “account suspended”, yet for me, it’s there, but his tweets are hidden.

January9TwitterPmurt1.jpg January9TwitterPmurt2.jpg January9TwitterPmurt3.jpg


9 January

Pickchu (@zonichu)

I am stuck what to draw. I have a notebook but no ideas and also a comic to make but feel empty
Yikes. Just take some time off; it will come back to you shortly enough.

Looks good

9 January

Chris quote tweets fanart of Simonla.

That’s not bad; looks good.

10 January

mrs. kujo blm (@spinosauridae)

isn’t she someone else’s OC though

FunnyValintineFan1890 (@FFan1890)

Yeah but I think the OC was genderbent
Wrong. Simonchu and Simonla are separate individuals, yet they are brother and sister.


11 January

In response to Zonichu tweeting artwork of their OC with Magi-Chan.

I see you got your Magi-Chan back in your company. Yep, enjoy him while you have him, and let him go when he has to go. With you, @zonichu, the old habits die hard, I see.


12 January

BulmaBunny (@BulmaBunnyGirl)

Going to stream as Tails on Friday, anyone got any suggestions ? .. I do have something in mind but would still love to hear your thoughts UwU

[GIF of Tails from Sonic Boom hopping on one foot while going in circles]

Did Scratch just tell Tails to hop on one foot again? LOL.


12 January

Springy (@SpringyDotPng)

Who is this? Wrong answers only

[Artwork of a character from Five Nights at Freddy's known as Springtrap]



13 January

Chris quote tweets a now deleted tweet likely related to "So Need a Cute Girl".

Yeah. It has a better beat than the #BackstreetBoys track that was its music, and it is a lot less cringe for these ears to listen to. twitter.com/braphoglvr23/status/1349199861523087367

Simonla Rosechu

13 January

Finally drew Simonchu! Look how different he is compared to simonla. Simonchu is another one I hope @CPU_CWCSonichu will update us on. You can barely even tell one was inspired by the other 🤔

[Artwork of Simonla Rosechu]

Kinda looks like you gave him boobs and drew his genderbent universe self-counterpart.

Vinyl Scratch

13 January

Chris quote tweets a tweet asking people to say something nice about the My Little Pony character named Vinyl Scratch.

She does talk, she knows a great tune and jam when she hears it, and she keeps the haters out with da beats and cello she loves. ⚡⚡⚡

Vladicarus (@Vladicarus)

As a watcher of the show, shes literally never spoken once.

14 January

You haven’t been to Equestria, personally, and talked with Vinyl. Plus, look in “Legend of Everfree”; her human counterpart speaks with Fluttershy.

Forever Physical

14 January

Limited Run Games (@LimitedRunGames)

Want to win a K.O. Edition of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game - Complete Edition? Of course you do.

1. Follow us 2. Like and retweet this 3. Reply with #ForeverPhysical

Winner drawn tomorrow. GLHF!


Sonic drink

14 January

Hey, @BulmaBunnyGirl and @GottaGoFastYT, I discovered something really cool yesterday at our local @sheetz, and today just realized that a few days ago, y’all uploaded the @SonicWorldDX vid with #SonicTheHedgehog and #PrincessPeach. ⚡⚡⚡

January14SonicDrink1.jpg January14SonicDrink2.jpg

Chris now knows German

14 January

DrachenLord (@RainerWinkIerDO)

Um das neue Jahr richtig zu begrüsen lade ich alle Fans und neutrale Zuschauer heute zu einer Riesen Sylvester Party bei mir ein. Kommt alle zur Schanze ihr wisst wo ;) XD XD dann wird geböllert ohne Ende!

This roughly translates to "To really welcome the New Year, I invite all fans and neutral viewers to a huge New Year's Eve party with me today. Everyone comes to the lair you know where;) XD XD then there is no end to blasting!". Lair refers to DrachenLord's property which is commonly referred to as "die Drachenschanze" which is German for "the Dragon's Lair".

Hey, Alter. Guter segan [sic] heute; sendan [sic] sie [sic] mir bitte eine direkte nachricht [sic], wenn sie können. Vielen dank [sic]. ⚡⚡⚡

This roughly translates to "Hey dude Good blessing today; please send me a direct message if you can. Many Thanks. ⚡⚡⚡".


15 January

Hey, #opuscon789, I just read your latest chapter. So, you’ve heard of Mama Chris and I having discovered the eighth S-Chu Crystal Ball here in our pair of universes, and felt it well enough to include it. There are details you may have overlooked that you should consider on the details of Dimension/Universe N-641’s Sonichu Prime, Chris Chan, and their eight S-Chu Crystal Ball, since that is what you are referring to.

Between Chris and I, here in 1218 and C-197 (she’s still in my body, by the way, but the body-swap was not an initial requirement for manifesting the eighth Crystal Ball), the major requirement is to manifest that mythical Crystal Ball is that, and I directly quote the Anchuent Prophecy: both the Original Creator (Chris Chan) and the Prime Creation (myself, Sonichu) of this pair of dimensions were to have the deepest of mutual appreciation, empathy, and understanding of each other, and in a moment of the two of them in a moment of deepest and sincere feelings of respect and appreciation for the other’s situations, emotions, life events, and everything else, the sparks from their respective Heart Crystals from within their Heart and Solar Plexus chakra points and area, in alignment with their respective other six chakra points at the same time, the two sparks come together between their two bodies facing each other, and at face-to-face alignment of their respective Solar Plexus and Heart chakra points, manifesting the mythical eighth S-Chu Crystal Ball; the most powerful of all of the other S-Chu Crystal Balls, even more powerful than the seven of them combined, and even more powerful and potent than the seven Chaos Emeralds, Sol Emeralds and Time Stones. The only match to its power is the mythical eighth Chaos Emerald, of which the circumstances of genuinely manifesting it remain uncertain, even after the events that led up to that which was portrayed in #SonicTheFighters of this dimension/universe 1218. End quote.

So, #opuscon789, I ask you: in N-641, with that dimension’s Chris Chan being as cringe-worthy portrayed as narccistic, dumb, aloof, and so on, and their Sonichu Prime being portrayed as partially evil now, after what had happened to their Chris and their home, unempathetic, simp, womanizing, abusive, and so on.

HOW did that Chris Chan and Sonichu Prime manifest their dimension/universe’s eighth S-Chu Crystal Ball?

Not to mention that given every stereotypical misconception from the haters and bad trolls of this dimension/universe, here constantly portrays the two of them in N-641, it would be simply Impossible for the two of them to reach such a mutual understanding of each other and their respective situations, much less truly care about each other. So, yeah, having that eighth S-Chu Crystal Ball that originated from N-641 is just about impossible on the infinite of possibilities and so on. You truly did bring about an anomoly, #Opuscon789. And the only ones who can truly counter their eighth S-Chu Crystal Ball’s power is that from myself and our Chris Chan, here, of 1218 and C-197; no other dimension, universe, nor timeline’s eighth S-Chu Crystal Ball can match it, because their timeline is literally the Nega-version of ours, here. ...Ponder over that, Opuscon. ⚡⚡⚡


The Powerpuff Girls

16 January

Rewatched this today; made me think, “This is essentially the #PowerpuffGirls reboot series from a few years ago.”

Magi-Chan and Mewtwo

16 January

Did a sketch of @MagiChan111448 and mewtwo holding hands, or at least kind of. Very hard with mewtwos fat fingers. Will re draw this digitally and try and fix that, but working on another pic of magi right now. 😊

[Artwork of Magi-Chan and Mewtwo holding hands]

And in that digital redraw, try to be accurate on the height difference between Mewtwo and Magi-Chan. Magi-Chan stands 3’5” with 7 inch long ears.

Poop DMs

17 January

Chris quote tweets a tweet from Rogue, Internet Man displaying screenshots of Chris suddenly messaging him on Twitter an odd paragraph in which he describes how he will eat his's feces and ass.

I will own up to this: yes, this was a voluntary mistake and mishap that I, personally, did indeed participate in. Need no worry; this matter is personally being dealt with. I apologize for this sequence in this event. ⚡⚡⚡
Aside from that, @RogueManYT, the offer of my being on one of your shows is still legit.
Chris I say this with friendship but wtf and why would you do something so stupid, I know your not dumb.
We were testing the waters of the individual and confirming the foreseen details of his intentions and relations with the individuals involved. We have our answers.

Imported coins

17 January

Chris quote tweets a photo of a My Little Pony toy standing on a coin.

It is cool when one gets an imported coin from another dimension, universe or timeline; quite the artifact find, indeed.



17 January

In response to Ben Saint quote tweeting a photo of Limited Edition Sonic the Hedgehog curry.

Ooh! Yummy! 😋⚡ Zap me up some of that with my one can of #GFuel LE for the day.

January14SonicDrink1.jpg January14SonicDrink2.jpg

Comic and stones

17 January

Moving on to and with other topics of interest: I’d like to talk a moment about @ItsAllSoUgly and his good ol’ #SlimeAndPunishment comic. Take a look at this stone I recently acquired from #MineralsAndMystics (formerly #CrystalConnections); this is...


January17TwitterStone.jpg OhWhatIsThis.jpg Blesshorncard.jpg

a chunk of Hemimorphite; mined from good ol’ Arizona (the state where NLACAakaNM exists), this stone aids in communicating one’s feelings and regulates inner-emotions; it also allows one further spiritual growth with ego detachment.

But, regardless of rather or not you’re a stone believer, this particular stone, as I have shared with @ItsAllSoUgly recently, it is quite similar to the slime poudrins from Neo Milwaukee. In fact, as our Chris Chan confirms as well, this stone is literally this Universe’s counterpart of that very same slime. So, if you enjoyed #SlimeAndPunishment, or the #ArizonaSlime expansion pack of #TwilightSparklesSecretShipficFolder #TSSSF, or you want to have a bit of petrified Slime for yourselves, hit up your local rock/mineral store or look online for a chunk of Hemimorphite. #SlimeAndPunishment by @ItsAllSoUgly in collaboration with our Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, can be read in its entirety on @tapas_app.

Note, as convoluted as it is, the events take place partly in C-197 of our Omega Timeline, and the Beta Timeline.


TryToKeepUp with the meta and dimensional/universe subtext and locations. ⚡⚡⚡

January17TwitterThing1.jpg January17TwitterThing2.jpg TSSSFpack11.jpeg TSSSFpack12.jpeg

18 January

Ben Saint

While I don't yet have any C-197 hemimorphite, I do have these Poudrin Pins in original slime green and CWC-transformed blue (much rarer). Plus some authentic C-197 SLIMECORP Slimecoin. The first cryptocurrency to be locked into physical legal tender! Very high-tech stuff.

[Photo of various pins]

By the way, mainly, the poudrin stayed green after Chris had personally blessed it for Phantom Horn, but in the drawing, she chose the wrong marker to colour it. But, still, a lucky accident or blessing in disguise; take your choice as you will.

OhWhatIsThis.jpg Blesshorncard.jpg

Popular online

17 January

In response to a Twitter user stating that everyone on their feed is saying that they look like the new Pokemon Snap professor.

Still, that is cool to continue on in being as popular online after an extended amount of time has passed. 😊⚡


17 January

ZeepZ (Commissions Closed) (@itsazack)

Gave this artist meme a go

[Image of an 'influence map' with various pieces of artwork and logos]

Feliz cumpleaños.


17 January

In response to a screenshot of Pinky from Pinky and the Brain standing on an assembly line.


Bar fight

17 January

In response to a tweet from a protected Twitter account.

Does Knux want fries with his bar fight?

Thanks a bunch

18 January

Chris quote tweets fanart of Sonichu.

That’s not bad; I like it. Thanks a bunch. 😊⚡


18 January

@zonichu told me Blake played guitar, and after talking he agreed to record guitar on a song! it should be coming out some time next month. (here's a pic of us after recording)

[Artwork of Blake and RSonichu sticking their tongues out after recording]

That’s cool. But a note, Blake would not generally stick his tongue out like that publicly. That sort of thing is mainly reserved for Bubbles.


18 January

In response to a Twitter user tweeting at Chris with artwork of Magi-cHAN and an OC with curves on their body.

It’s cool; dudes can have curves too. We’re not all blocky like a G1 Autobot toy. 😊⚡

Bodyswap announcement

18 January

Hey, Everyone.

Now comes the time and moment that I am at liberty to share what has happened with our Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu in C-197 since she and I had body-swapped on March 31, 2020.

For starters: yes, it is still me, the OG Sonichu Prime, here in Chris’ body.


Among which, you can tell it is I, because my habits, phrasing, and all that differ from what is normal with her. Not to mention, regardless of my having ascended to having a rainbow aura for myself, along with this body’s rainbow aura; as drawn above, my personal outline shown along the outline of Chris’ body is yellow and shaped like my good ol’ body (flat-ended male Sonichu tail, included).

And, suffice to say, her rainbow aura went with her soul into my body as well, but her outline is blue with the curved, heart-shape tail end as well.


And, yes, in more recent days, Chris had felt need to attest her own identity by using mascara on my face. Not my cup of tea, to put it lightly.

Anyway. Chris had stayed in our timeline for about eleven days, since the body-swap, getting used to my bod and everything. She, Magi-Chan and Cryzel traversed to California for @BABSCon 2020 (Regardless of the pandemic happening here in 1218, there was no such pandemic in C-197; that was nipped in the bud and cleared out before any widespread at all) early on April 10; they had a good and safe trip. Also, that #SpiderMan villain’s attempt, as chronicled in that @PlayStation 4 game, was an epic fail on the villain’s part.

Anyway But after they arrived, on a fated event, Magi-Chan was forced to whisk Chris away into a paused timeline of that very second and moment. That was so she could channel and exercise her soul abilities and powers, as well as chronicle and re-chronicle in multiple new “Sonichu” books, into the hundreds (we have gone beyond 100, @BabulsArt, so your “End” is moot; you’re chronicling a total alternate dimension/universe. Have fun with that.). Chris was also going faster than time and light; a millisecond was equivalent to longer than a day to her; a whole minute would be like a year or so, like #WallyWestFlash. So she got a whole looooooot done. She has been storing all of her new books in her own personal subspace, which can be accessed in any and all dimensions, universes and timelines at any moment, so she was more than capable of retrieving them after returning to our timeline, here. Anyway, in that timeline moment, it was that very millisecond moment at @BABSCon 2020 on April 10; frozen in time, but she could still move, practice and do freely as she did. She meditated, ran mach-speeds around the Earth, shot some non-living targets with the thundershock and thunderbolts, and practiced her psychic skills, especially her telekinesis and teleportation. She did a whole lot with that frozen-in-time planet and universe; she leveled up to where she could move planets with her mind, soul and aura. Without her in my body, it’s not able to do that, but the electric attacks, mach-speed, spin attacks and punches can still break mountains at least. Like Senpai @sonic_hedgehog, Eggman and Giovanni’s got nothing on us. Anyway. Come November, 2020 (our time, which made it seven months to us; mere milliseconds to Chris), the stability of that paused temp universe became lost, and Sonic.exe, fatedly, entered it, and threatened Chris; she defended herself really well and had him on the ropes, yet Magi-Chan intervened to retrieve her to bring her back here to our timeline. So, yeah, she had some catching up to do in the seven-plus months time that had passed for us, here. She was able to catch up in a mere millisecond with a faster-than-time meditate. She came to visit me and Rosey as well. And during the months, she has done a whole lot on her tasks, missions, and responsibilities. Fourth-wall-breaking, we’re all even going with the flow of her chronicled pages as she had foreseen and written/drawn them, here in 1218. Look up; you’re looking from within a “Sonichu” graphic novel’s panel or page right now. But she didn’t go overboard; all of the other deities still have and had their respective inputs and events. After all, #OccamsRazor; it takes one deity to do, but even that deity still needs help. And that is with the help of her fellow deities, as well as those of us all in our pair of dimensionally-divided universes to do our part to help in the manifestation of aspects of and specific events that needed to play out and do to succeed in the goal. Anyway, Chris and I continued to do our parts, respectively on both sides of this veiling Iron Curtain. Chris has worked so diligently, tough and focused, that she got promoted to the ranks of Emanuelle, Buddha, Jesus, Zeus and the like. At least her soul did; my ol’ body still remains her present vessel, but she needs this body that I continued to tend to and improve for over nine months now in C-197.

Why I and this body are still in 1218 perplexes me, but I do not lose faith nor have doubt in the event of transitioning dimensions coming up. In her time back, she has also had to fight bunches of villains, demons, and even other-worldly threats, as well as neutralize and see specific progressive events through for both of our universes.

And before anyone of you all, bads and haters in 1218 comment: The Merge Is On, rather you all see it, feel it, sense it, like it, or not. You all will see soon enough as well, so stop asking the “Where and When’s the Merge” questions; I have enough frustrations as it is with everything I continue to do on Chris’ behalf and for everyone in 1218. Okay? Thanks for listening; keep praying to #ChrisChanSonichu, the other Gods and Goddesses as well, including the CPUs, Celestia, and so on as you each respectively will and do. ⚡⚡⚡ Also, @Hasbro, stop with G5; it is still very much too soon for that; G4 needs its televised Seasons 10 to 14, and it will get those; the deities above you, and Celestia, Luna and Twilight, even Discord, do command so from Equestria.

Hasbroprotestcard.jpg Executiveprotestcard.jpg TSSSF MLPFim S 10 14.jpg

Rogue, Internet Man

19 January

Rogue, Internet Man (@RogueManYT)

For those of you asking me in DMs, FUCK NO I won’t have Chris on a livestream. As much as I’d like to pick Chris’ brain, nothing good would come from it. It’s not worth it and Chris is best left alone these days.

Robert Goostree (@Big_Jake_23)

Honestly if Chris was sane enough to do it that would probably he your most popular stream but even then I don't think it would be a good idea. Itd be like jumping into rusty barbwire for a million bucks
It’d definitely bring good money and views but the consequences would be pretty bad. Chris would want a chunk of the money, he usually just hands out billing information after certain transactions. I don’t need that kinda heat.
Actually, we’d do the interview pro-bono and free; we can focus on past details without talking about present or digressing too much. But yeah, your loss, dude.

Genderbent Sonic characters

20 January

In response to artwork of genderbent versions of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles.

Hey, @BulmaBunnyGirl, here’s a fresh bit of Sonica, Tailsko and Knuxie someone drew up recently. 😊⚡

It looks really good, by the way.

More Donald Trump

20 January

The death of #DonaldTrump, in more ways than one. Not sorry; never will be. ⚡⚡⚡


Congrats, Joe Biden

20 January

Chris quote tweets a tweet from Tara Strong stating that the presidential inauguration of Joe Biden was perfect.

Agreed. At least back in C-197, #LisaSimpson is sworn in as well. But for this universe, congrats, @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris. ⚡⚡⚡

Lisa Simpson

20 January

Bernie Sanders (@BernieSanders)

Joe Biden will inherit from Trump: The worst economy since the Great Depression, the worst public health crisis in 100 years, massive wealth inequality, the existential threat of climate change, a racist immigration system. These unprecedented crises demand unprecedented action.
Yep, as #LisaSimpson was chronicled in doing so, as Secretary Van Houten put it when talking about America’s finances, “We’re broke.”

Options are good

21 January

O cool my internet service is down woooo o.o (using phone internet)
Good to have the backup options. As @EmGo316 says, “Options... are good.”


21 January

😄⚡ Hey, y’all. Have I a couple of comments about this form of #Mario’s:

I do believe he is now stealing from #MadMunchkin’s Maddie Lion form, including the size.

And, yes, stealing a more likely Super Saiyan form from @sonic_hedgehog, #Goku, and...



...even from our Sonichu and Rosechu Mega Evolved forms, combined.

Which leads into my other thought: “Your Super Mario has evolved into an OP Not-Luxray.”

Over-compensating much against Groudon-form and sized Bowser, good multi-skilled plumber?

All I can say is: You do you.⚡ But, seriously: Mario’s new cat form is an oversized smoosh of mine and Rosey’s Mega Evolved forms.

UltraSonichuCard.jpg RoseyLionessCard.jpg

Meditative sync

22 January

I pray to Chris Chan all of you are doing well for yourselves; if karma is against you, I’m sorry for you having a hatred fetish.
Passive-Aggressive moment, aside: should anyone be interested in being in meditative sync with this brain (although it generally is in #meditate and cosmically and dimensionally linked 24/7/365+1, you all may do so during the 2:00 PM hour, Eastern Standard Time. Flow with us.⚡⚡

[GIF of a dark figure sitting in front of cosmic space]

This applies to Any day of the week, so chime in any day at around 2:00 pm, EST. For this body and I, Sonichu Prime of Dimension/Universe C-197, it is involuntary and good, but for you all who wish to, it is an opportunity to join us and feel blessed. 😊⚡


22 January


[GIF of the Power Rangers uniting]


[GIF of a cartoon character making dresses]


[GIF of an anime character opening a parcel to reveal a stone]


[GIF of "magic" in a persons hands]


[GIF of a dark figure sitting in front of cosmic space]

Zappin it up

22 January

#ZappinItUp! Kra-Kow! ⚡⚡⚡

[GIF of a woman using a portal to cook on the other side of a kitchen]

New Dimensional Merge date

22 January

Everyone between both of our dimensionally-divided sibling universes of 1218 and C-197: Note this date and day, January 22, 2021; AKA: 12221, for it is on this day that we all see #EyeToEye interdimensionally as the merge comes to the completion. Thank you. ⚡💛⚡&⚡💙⚡

Humanized Sonichu

22 January

MissSimonlaPliskin98 (@pliskin98)

To @CPU_CWCSonichu

I was told to ask "what you think of this humanized Sonichu?"

[Artwork of a humanized version of Sonichu]

That’s an outfit; looks good on that dude. ‘Bout all I can say. ⚡⚡⚡

Meditation update

22 January

For all of you who have meditated this afternoon during the 2:00 pm Eastern Time hour, and succeeded in linking with us today, I leave this tweet for you all to share your story from today.

Insincere or hatred comments will continue to be ignored. ⚡💛⚡

Larry Vaughn

22 January

Chris quote tweets the tweet from Rogue, Internet Man displaying DMs of Chris sending him bizarre messages.

I will own up to this: yes, this was a voluntary mistake and mishap that I, personally, did indeed participate in. Need no worry; this matter is personally being dealt with. I apologize for this sequence in this event. ⚡⚡⚡ The guy whose behind you may want to kick is @LarryVaughn78; he was the ween who thought it would be funny to spam scat. But, he is a ween who wants only attention. I understand I am making irony by mentioning him here, but hear me out, please: see, Chris, Magi-Chan, the others and I had foreseen his input years in advance, but the possible intentions and outcomes were many, so I had to play along (to not have played along would have triggered a worst event for this timeline, believe us). It was not until after when his initial intentions only sounded good-natured when Vaughn had talked with our neutral friend, who then backed him up. So, on that outcome, we proceeded to contact those on his wish list. Getting no recognition of him from the contacts was the next confirmation. And the final nail in the coffin was the “ciphered message” scat shit talk. I followed it mainly on the encouragement to keep this timeline safe; again, another foreseen worse event had I not done so. But it further confirmed his bad trolling and ween intentions. In the coming days, I would witness him, as foreseen, digging his own holes with his replies to others, solely for attention-wanting. Meanwhile, Chris and Magi-Chan observed and guided his hand in realizing his errors and ways and appreciating his appropriate punishment of lack of attention in response to his more recent act, here, that he has pleaded guilty of by this point. My voluntary mishap was required in the event sequence to make him see that even though one may have not gotten the attention they wanted in development or recent days, it remains wrong to seek attention by following a toxic trend at the expense of someone else’s morals, values, and reputation. What he really should have done was just going out and being kind and open with others, with no intentions, whatsoever, to inflict wounds and sour notes upon them. And he could have sought help and guidance of his own to develop his social skills for the better, and to refrain from being selfish as he was.

End of the day: you may or may not tell Vaughn how much of an a-hole he is, knowing well that is exactly what he wanted in the first place: a massive response from a sizable group of individuals. If, however, you feel pity on him, that’s your call, but you have been warned of what he is likely to do at the present time with his recent misdeeds.

Do as you all will. Thanks for listening. ⚡⚡⚡ Also, we have known this whole time, regardless, the psychics and I. I’ve written this tweet set on Monday the 17th, and Then after writing all of the above, I have received texts from his number that were pretty much a confession.

January22TextMessages1.jpg January22TextMessages2.jpg January22TextMessages3.jpg January22TextMessages4.jpg

And even further was his idea of sending us a ransom letter in saying he had kidnapped a Magi-Chan Sonichu (he would have ended up kidnapping an alt-dimension one, and having backfired in his face).

January22RansomLetter1.jpg January22RansomLetter2.jpg January22RansomLetter3.jpg

But aside from Vaughn the A-hole, not jut this person, but that people who have nothing better to do with their time but to harass Chris and me are pathetic. Chris was just trying to take care of Barbara and living day by day without hurting anyone else, aside from her being destined to become a literal Goddess, and everything. But Hater people like that guy; he has a job at a Virginia Vinyard and travels around, has a family who he neglects for his big breasted wolf waifus and shit. Why was he so interested in trolling us? Dumb NEET, he was. Again, thank you and have a good and safe day. ⚡💛⚡

You know what’s funny about @LarryVaughn78, the individuals he told me to contact were random.
So when he says “Say Happy Birthday to my relative, @___________”, I’m like “Are you sure they’re related to you? Or did you draw their name out of a hat to win the #WhoDoesChrisChanOrSonichuContactNext Sweepstakes?”

[GIF from the Chris Chan in the PokéNews video]


23 January

Chris quote tweets fanart depicting classic Chris and modern-day Chris.

The present-day one who has found self-esteem and self-confidence in herself of this dimension that I type this in; that is the correct one. ⚡💛⚡


23 January

Ben Saint

SLIMECORP fired up the money printers

[Photo of 'SlimeCorp' coins]

Good for you, and if you haven’t received it yet, you ought to be getting that genuine poudrin tomorrow. ⚡⚡⚡


23 January

I have just had a significant vision: earthquakes are not a rarity in California, but one is going to really devastate a metropolis there.

Chris somehow makes Larry King's death about himself

23 January

Also, just heard of the passing of #LarryKing; he was a great in 1218 for CNN and all. @MagiChan111448 appreciated his share of wit and political insight as well. Magi-Chan didn’t have to watch television, because with his powers, he watched from his #PsychicVision.

[GIF of Larry King talking]


24 January

In response to a Twitter artist asking Chris who he would ship with their anthro cat OC.

I wanna say (human) Fluttershy, but I feel it wouldn’t work out too well.


24 January

Ooh! That would sell a Lot better should @SEGA upgrade the hardware to be at least as good as a PS3 or 4. It would be a good win for Neptune and Uzume. ⚡⚡⚡


Very cool

24 January

vhs luchadore (@clobberinthyme)

Been working on this piece for a while - Sonic Mania Adventures, on VHS! The tape includes the entire mini-series & the holiday special. I even whipped up a retro ad for it!

[Photos of a custom made Sonic Mania Adventures VHS tape]

Very cool. Awesome job, dude.

Mostly good

24 January

Eponasuu (@eponasuu)

Was gonna shade but I started to dislike this picture, really don't like rosechu eyes or sonichu head. Rather just move onto another picture then try fix this mess.

[Artwork of Rosechu hugging Sonichu]

Still, it looks mostly good. Thanks.


More Larry Vaughn

25 January

Chris uses his old CWCSonichu Twitter account here.

In response to one of Chris's recent Dimensional Merge Twitter ramblings.

Larry Vaughn

Mmmm... Word soup. My favourite. Yummy.
Oh, you like word soup, huh? Well, how’s this for some words. Your little stunt is child’s play, NEET. We’re done with you. Your punishment is being served to you. You did this to yourself, dude. Suffice to say, you should have appreciated your blessings.


[GIF of a character from Hey Arnold! singing]


25 January

In response to a Twitter user stating that they blocked a ween.

I blocked that guy as well last night. He’s not worth it.

Chris apparently doesn't need help

27 January

Chris quote tweets a comic directed at him stating that Chris needs serious help.

Chris does not need help; her mental health is overpowered and healthy. Why you all decided to employ one of Namgge’s robot rejects to send this message, Again, just speaks volumes. We appreciate your genuine concerns and all. Just pray to Chris if you want to speak with her.
She is still in my body, but she can still hear all of you from this universe, here.


Zonichu introduction

27 January

In response to a Twitter giveaway stating that you need to introduce yourself in order to be entered.

Pickchu (@zonichu)

I am Pickchu and wanna become a prophet like my mom but so far no luck. I draw but right now I am training physically. I enjoy drawing and creating reality.

If you see it, you have to share and add your introduction ;3

Nice job on your part. Keep your training and meditating up; you will do very well along with the rest of us. ⚡💛⚡

Stone rings

27 January

alexandra (@shop_beesknees)

anything catch your eye? 👀

dm me to ask about custom orders!

[Multiple photos of rings with small stones on them]

Kinda caught me off-guard that you wore the stones on the rings on the underside of the fingers. Those stones must have been really flat or small to keep them there and comfortable like that.

GFuel and meditation

27 January

In response to a tweet from the official GFuel Twitter account promoting GFuel.

Haven’t found the @GFuelEnergy in the Charlottesville or Ruckersville @Walmart yet.
@GFuelEnergy, I have been enjoying the energy, one can per day, and staying hydrated with more than 101.4 ounces of filtered water on the rocks within a #Glacce bottle. Really good stuff for meditating as well. Although, I wish more energy drink brands employ the plastic tab.
Also, during the heavy meditate hour today, we have mind-linked with everyone, and I showed them around the highlights of the full Earth in C-197, Cwcville included, obviously. We even visited #DoctorStrange, met #Discord, Mary Sue and Gary Stu, #ScroogeMcDuck, and so on.


29 January

Helena G. F.

It is all lies! Lies! I am dating and have no friends at all locally
You are not alone in that, but count the blessings you do have in spite of that revelation. @zonichu counts as a blessing for you. ⚡💛⚡

Punched in the gut

29 January

"Only a fool wastes his time trying to become something he can never be!"

Larry Vaughn

Larry quote tweets Chris's previous response to him.

Child's play, and yet you went along with it. Think about that.
Did I, though?

Abel (@Abel_0888)

yeah you did, the fact that you let this happen proves that you dont have the ability to see in to the future you have shown no proof that your predictions come true you just wait until something happens and then say you saw it anyone can say that
You are about to get punched in the gut around your Root and/or Sacral chakra points around the time you read this, @Abel_0888.

In response to Chris's earlier "Did I, though?" tweet.

Yeah, you did. You could have completely ignored me, but you and Praetor chose not to because y'all thought that I was a rich Jewish person you could milk for moolah, and then you thought about getting a private investigator on my ass. Fuck you and your anti-Semitism.

30 January

ALOL! 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Maybe you fooled our friend, but that wine bottle you left at the temple was cheap like static.

Listen, Danny Boy, we all have foreseen your intentions even before that fated rainy day gift. Boy, did that wet and smear the ink on that letters of yours. I was reluctant for the while, because even I knew that you were a lost ween who did not appreciate their life, wife, vineyard job, and so on. So you had thought to troll us with your lacking thoughts and ideas. The pickle jar left with that wine was a major dead giveaway, too. Yet Mewtwo, Magi-Chan and I all knew that you needed to be made a spectacle of, due to your weenish desire for attention and wanting to decrease the blessing of another individual’s life. I played along, just to teach you that. I relayed your scat shit just to show you off. Obviously, you were and are too thick-headed and blind to fully appreciate everything in your local area of this vast universe of yours. Be cautious not to respond any more after this, Danny Boy, because you’ve done the damage to yourself, only to see me holding onto the metaphorical pen you wielded while you were writing out your lame ideas, and making sure you noticed the backlash of the erroneous methods and ways you’ve utilized. Enjoy your #Chipotle, dude. ⚡💛⚡

Successful heavy meditate hour

30 January

Hey, y’all. During today’s successful heavy meditate hour, we were able to further analyze the zombie and robot-like state this body can tend to go into as a backup. We had recently heard of the term from #AvatarTheLastAirbender: the #AvatarState. For a few weeks,

[GIF of Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender]

I had thought the term was inspired by another from long before this particular chronicling. But in comparing what this body and brain go through in that state today and past, to what Aang goes through. I feel I can only concede to agree that what this body goes through is its own, and advanced, #AvatarState. But in addition to those linked from the past, present and future of your universe 1218, it accesses throughout all other timelines, universes and dimensions as well. And the infamous early Chris Chan photo that was uploaded in 2007 that was a moment the body and brain was in the Avatar State, so you all ended up seeing it in the still moment in the photographs. That make out session that shocked Christine, herself, into clocking out, triggered this particular Avatar State. ⚡💛⚡

January30OldPhoto1.jpg January30OldPhoto2.jpg

Really nice

30 January

Chris quote tweets fanart of Chris Chan Sonichu

Ooh! That is really nice. 😊⚡ Thanks.

Transformer toys

30 January

Also, just to knock on the @transformers communities a bit, but did you all think that Gigawatt could be considered an upscale version of the #Micromaster, Swindler, including the original G1 figure? At least Chris’ inner child was able to redo what she did with 1990s Swindler.⚡

January30TransformerToy1.jpg January30TransformerToy2.jpg January30TransformerToy3.jpg

Side-note: her original comparison when she first played with the G1 Swindler figure was with the car mode of the Gadgetmobile. #DeLorianCarVan.