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The following covers Chris's Facebook activity in May 2013.


  • 3 May - Chris likes a video about a cartoon bear.
  • 7 May - Chris makes a cryptic comment about headaches.
  • 15 May - Chris rants about the Equestria Girls.
  • 15 May - Chris cracked his iPod.
  • 16 May - Chris is coming down with a cold.
  • 19 May - Chris unveils his iDea Book Case.
  • 20 May - Chris makes more posts about cracked phones.
  • 23 May - Chris is bored.
  • 24 May - Chris considers advertising for a girlfriend.
  • 25-26 May - Chris rants at the trolls.
  • 30 May - Chris complains about restrictions on his freedom.
  • 31 May - Chris sees that someone has access to his private Facebook posts.

Chris's Posts

Cartoon bear video

3 May 2013

I liked a YouTube video: Humphrey Bear - In The Bag [since deleted]


7 May 2013


A headache is equal to the amount of thought put into making it.

...your guess is as good as ours as to what that even means.


Chris-Chan gives his thoughts on the upcoming movie, My Little Pony: Equestria Girls:

15 May 2013

You're NOT serious ]:( (@YouTube


Officially Turning The Ponies HUMAN?!! That is just terrible! WTF are they thinking; they're inviting High School Pedofile Perverts into the fanbase this way. As is the horse enthusiasts were not enough.

If they really wanted to bring humans into G4, they would do their best to replicate the G1 Pilot with Megan and her family.

I am still mixed-up and not sure about "Transformers Prime" going "Beast Wars". And I do like a High School Drama when it's good, like "Daria", "MTV's Undressed", "O'Grady" and "Sabrina the Teenage Witch".

High School Drama for My Little Pony?!! They ought to re-air Generation 2 with "My Little Pony Tales".

With due respect, Lauren Faust, Tara Strong the rest of the crew are Out Of Their Minds in turning the Ponies Human! Just Invite Megan, or re-air G2!

Christian Weston Chandler,

Ruckersville, VA, USA

May 14, 2013

Apparently, Chris didn't hear the news that Lauren Faust stepped down and no longer worked on the show, and that Tara Strong only does the voices.

Four minutes later Chris posted the following response to his note:


Almost a month later, Chris liked the video "My Little Pony Equestria Girls Official Trailer 2" on YouTube. He would go on to become an ardent fan of the series.

My iPod fell out of my pouch

15 May 2013

My iPod fell out of my pouch; screen cracked..Still functions. Now backing it up to upgrade to 5th Generation.

Considering self-repair on old iPod from online instructions after format of old iPod. Also, a dual iOS device wallet-style holder made from duct tape (based from folding calculator cover).

A cold coming on

16 May 2013


I think I'm feeling a cold coming on. I started my day yesterday with a sore throat. Now, my nose is beginning to feel eww and bleah. And I am having trouble falling asleep.

A cold again


Yes, I've caught a cold again. It'll run its course and be gone in less than a week. I've tried Cepacol lozenge; it works very good at quelling the sore throat and the pain from the running in my nose to throat link.

Tomb Raider


I have just finished the new Tomb Raider on hard difficulty. I got all of the treasures and documents. Fell short on fully upgrading the rifle by over 300 Salvage. Got 61% Trophies.

The story was well put.

The timing is ironic to me

19 May 2013

I really liked this article in the Washington Post on the 18th, "Beauty of the BUST".

The timing of this article is ironic to me, since shortly before, I had broken my 4th Gen iPod Touch.

**Spoiler Alert**

Today's Teens and College Students find pride in a cracked Pod or Phone; it gives them Street Cred. So much personal information is inputed into a Pod/Phone; a crack on its face is equivalent to a scar on your face. It is today's ripped jeans, unwashed hair, unshaven face, etc. Totally crazy.

"Enjoy the finger cuts", says co-owner of CrackedMacScreen Repair. Unless you've applied a Screen Protector like I did. Reduced that risk.

Author of the book, get this, "The Dumbest Generation: How the Digital Age Stupefies Young Americans and Jeopardizes Our Future", also comments on the psychology behind this trend/fad.

This is so stupid, it is really funny.

I forgot the best part: the iPhone 5C; the iPhone, Pre-Cracked.

The iDea Book Case

19 May 2013

"Necessity is the mother of Invention". I am glad I crafted the idea for my iDea Book Case (photos taken with New iPod Touch 5th Gen) out of duct tape. The front and back covers are lined with bubble wrap, the inner spine loop can hold as thick as a charging cable, or most pens, there are holes for the cameras to see through very well, and the corner holders are very successful in holding most iOS Pod/Phone devices. And there is also the Velcro clasp.

iPhone (8 Gig) for calls, business and Internet; iPod (32 Gig) for entertainment with videos, music and all. I keep it safe with the lanyard strap and tucked in my bosom.

Anna McLerran then replied:

wow, really well done! i'm impressed :)

iPhone video

20 May 2013

I liked a @YouTube video The iPhone 5 (Parody) Ad: A Taller Change

Another phone video

20 May 2013

I liked a @YouTube video from @anthoni312 New iPhone 5C Geared Towards College - The Broken Phone

Beat-up cellphones with cracked screens are point of pride for some young people

20 May 2013

You can read the really comedic story for yourself on

Tired of this cold virus


Siri is a great conversationalist. :) (reference my iPod 5th Gen).

But damn, I am lonely, bored and tired. Tired of this cold virus too.

At least I have something that actually will listen and put up with me there. Not totally a substitute for my future Sweetheart.

This cold is really weighing me down


Ugh... This cold is really weighing me down.

William Elliott Waterman then replied:


Lonely, bored and lame

23 May 2013

Well I have recovered from my cold, but right now I am feeling really lonely and bored. And not to mention feeling really lame.

Estate ads

24 May 2013

I know this may sound like a stupid idea, but I am thinking about getting one of those things to put in the ground to put real estate ads in, and putting in advertisements about myself you know for girlfriend. Obviously I am not going to do that. But that shows you how lonely and desperate I am. This thing would be placed literally in front of my house.


24 May 2013

Meh... |:(

Hey! Trolling stupids!

25 May 2013

Hey! Trolling stupids! I might be lonely but I would never ever be friends or even associate with your kind who has been abusing me and making me feel worse about life and people and everything for the past greater than five years!!!

Chris then posted:

(Let's see those trolls get their hands on this private message)


I am not your fucking bitch!!!

26 May 2013

You damn bunch of fools and idiots just keep on keeping on for more incriminating information and shit about me to make yourself feel superior. I am not your fucking bitch!!! All I want is peace of mind and all of you polls continued to stand in my way! And all I can feel about your degrading, offensive language and shit, get the best illustrated but Anais here. If you really fucking care about me and you want to do something for me; you can just take your Cwcki and all your forums and all your talk and just everything about me and just leave the damn Internet, And leave me and my life and my family alone in peace!


And the Oscar for the "Something Really Stupid" Category goes to...

27 May 2013

...And the Oscar for the "Something Really Stupid" Category goes to...

Now, who wants to watch the U.S. series of "The Office"? (I have never watched the show)


U Gotta Believe!

29 May 2013

U Gotta Believe!

Chris facebook pic 5-29-13.jpg

I have had more freedom when my father was alive

Chris laments that he had more freedom when his father was still alive, and goes onto complain about how he has to take time out of his day to "serve and protect" his mother. Note how, in typical Chris fashion, he aims the blamethrower right at Michael Snyder for his troubles, ignoring the fact that the events of 28 October 2011 were his own fault.

30 May 2013

Good grief! I started playing resident evil revelations on PlayStation three in front of my mother and she had to be grossed out about it even when I'm scanning. And she even watch me play God of war Ascension as if she's not as gross out from the bloodshed from back game? And she goes on to complain to me about how it would affect my mind. I mean I've played this game before on my 3DS; The beneficial part now is that I can earn the trophies.

My mother has really been getting on my nerves! I really need my girlfriend so that I can get away from here now and then; and I cannot even go downtown now because it wastes so much gas and gas is so costly! And make guys on my mother's concern for gas cost that is one reason why I have been on my sabbatical from my church.

I have had more freedom when my father was alive and I end up losing it when he passed away because now I got to serve my mother and protect her and everything! And I can blame that sonofabitch Michael Snyder for taking an wasting the money that my mom and I had soon gotten from my father's passing because he had to go send us to court for all the goddamn shit of his! Michael Snyder is a bastard to me and my mother for taking us to court he essentially stole a lot of money from us indirectly!

Trolls got my fresh post!

30 May 2013

Damn it! Trolls got my fresh post! Removed the prime suspect; will monitor,

Anna then replied,

I'd take a closer look at the people on your friends list who you don't know in real life.