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The 3DS Flipnote is an untitled Flipnote animation uploaded by Chris on 10 June 2011. It contains a series of poorly-drawn images and a high-pitched, sped-up recording of him whining about the Flipnote Studio software not being available for the Nintendo 3DS. He subsequently demands Nintendo to release the 3DS version, under the impression that he's speaking on behalf of all Flipnote users. This video suggested that Chris had wasted even more tugboat on another console; this was confirmed on the Tomboys And Tomgirls of Virginia forum, and makes its video debut strapped to his arm in his song about wristwatches.

It should be noted that when Chris released this flipnote, the 3DS had only been released a few months ago in February 2011, and only had a handful of games released for it, with most apps and games for the platform in development at the time.

Chris's manner of speaking in this flipnote is exceptionally awkward and fast, even by his standards.

It should also be noted that this Flipnote is arguably the second-laziest Flipnote Chris has ever made. Most of the images in it are stolen from another user.

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3DS Flipnote
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Stardate 12 June 2011
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Nintendo! 3DS! The updated eShop and Internet capabilities are available today! Everything! Yay! Flipnote Studio should also be on the 3DS, but it's not available on the eShop! You cannot transfer it either! Don't make us wait! We want to play with our studio now, we don't want to wait for a new meh-mow. Give it to us now and put it in the eShop! Nintendo, we know you can do it. We want to rock and play in our studio! ON 3DS!

Giveittousnow! Do NOT make us wait too much longer. Please and thank you TOO-DAY!!

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Stardate 12 June 2011
Made By TK17000
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