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I am NOT Crazy!

Cheesy! is the seventh of Chris's Flipnotes. The animation consists of what is supposedly the character Cheese from the animated series Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends speaking lines of dialogue lifted directly from the show.

At the end of the animation, Chris claims that he is not crazy, and that he was only doing this animation for fun. For once, Chris actually admits that something he has done is unoriginal.

What convinced Chris to blatantly plagiarize is relatively unknown. In the original show, Cheese is a character with some sort of learning disability and is used to produce a lot of what Chris would call random-access humor. It is possible that Chris has based his entire 'sense of humor' around Cheese. The problem is he doesn't get what makes Cheese funny in the first place. Cheese is funny because he's impulsive and lovable, while Chris is not funny because he's uncreative and repellent. It is quite obvious now that Chris is simply trying to copy something that is funny in hope that he somehow becomes funny in the process.

In short, Chris is outdone by a fictional character.

Also of note is that the impression would return almost verbatim in a video uploaded almost six years later.


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Stardate 27 June 2010
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Cheese: I like chocolate milk! Tinkle tinkle in the car, you can even use a jar! Again! I like cereal! Do it again, do it again, do it again, do it again!

Writing: This was a silly Cheese Bunch from Craig McCracken, and it's only a spot of fun; I am not crazy. C.W.C.

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