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UltimateNightmare is the first actual animation Chris posted on Flipnote Hatena, on 21 June 2010. When it was first posted, many trolls' initial reaction was that Chris's account had been hacked, simply because the animation was so vastly removed from standard Chris fare. It still sucked, though. Some things are constant.

The weirdly creepy video features nothing but a stickman going through a simple walking animation, but never actually moving forward, while a high-pitched squeal (likely provided by Chris himself) loops in the background. The title, "Ultimate Nightmare" suggests that Chris's worst fear is nothing good being on TV, a specter not quite as terrifying as a macabre death factory, Considering how much time Chris spends watching Netflix, though, his worries are not entirely unsurprising. Amazingly, this isn't the first time Chris has used a repetitive series of beeps to play through his amateur animation.

For those of you who care, if the stick figure is walking a mile at the rate of 1/8 of a millimeter per hour, then it will reach the end on 20 March 3479.

It's possible that this was a test in hand-drawn animation, something Chris had not been known to dabble in previously. Given his practice of never bothering to review or edit his work, it's likely he uploaded it without knowing how broken it is, and was just too lazy to go back and fix it.


On All Channels, a person walking a Whole Mile at a rate of 1/8 Millimeter Per Hour, with only a Monotone Beep that goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on.....


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Stardate 21 June 2010
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[A stick figure goes through a three-frame looping animation while a continuous beep sounds ion in the background.]

[At the thirty-second point, the scene is replaced by white letters on a black background, reading "One Hour Later". On the original site, this could be set to loop, showing that hour after hour the stick figure never made it anywhere.]

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