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RandomSong1 (which doesn't even come close to being a song at all) is Chris's sixth Flipnote Hatena entry in which a farmer sings a song to a cow. Interestingly enough, he sent the exact same song to Regina during their brief correspondence in a desperate attempt to be funny.


Another Random Humor item of mine with no meaning. Well, Moo, where`s the milk? Twilc could have watched this Cow Flipnote, it it had been posted before his funny F.N.


Stardate 24 June 2010
Subject Matter MusicMusic Music, ComedyComedy Comedy, FlipnoteFlipnote Flipnote
The OFFICIAL CWC Flipnotes


(shot of farmer and cow in front of a barn with a duck-like silo)

Farmer: Hey there, Moo, what ya' gonna do? Are ya gonna give me some milk today?

Cow: Moo! Moo!

Farmer: What?

(cut to screen of blue on black writing)

Writing: Does that mean Yes or NO? C.W.C.

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