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Tomboys and Tomgirls of Virginia was a troll forum established in late April 2011 and shut down later that year.[1] Chris was directed to the site and joined on 26 May 2011, posting under the alias "KookyDashy". Unaware that the website was actually a Honey pot set up by Thorg and several other trolls. This resulted in several stories of his exploits as a tomgirl that, to say the least, made the effort of tracking him down more than worth it. It is believed by many Christorians that the exploits that Chris had in this forum culminated in a domino effect that led to him going from experimenting with crossdressing to becoming transgender.

Chris revealed that he had come out to his parents, only to receive insults from them. Barb, in particular, has kept complaining about his new attire, and Bob, according to Chris, "threw the damned fag card" at him. Chris also recounts a story in which he went to the lady's restroom because he "started feeling discomfort in using the Men's restroom." Despite a jerkop who caught him and yelled at him, Chris proceeded to ignore him and is presumably using the ladies' room to this day.

Later posts Chris made excessive mention of being trolled online, at which point it became obvious that KookyDashy was Chris. According to Chris, socializing online makes people more autistic, and people should socialize offline. The irony of posting this on an online social forum was apparently lost. Chris also became paranoid of being trolled even on these forums, leading him to accuse a tomboy looking for a tomgirl of being a troll. For a month, Chris didn't post at the forums.

After that month, Thorg "discovered" the Tomboys and Tomgirls of Virginia forum, and made an article about it on the CWCki. Chris noticed this quickly, and alerted his fellow tomboys and tomgirls a day later. Naturally, this also entailed him admitting that he is Christian Weston Chandler. Chris complained about the trolls, and said that he is not a bad person, despite what the CWCki said. The other posters promised to help Chris defeat the trolls. The forums became defunct shortly afterwards. Chris's last communique was on 28 July. Below are his posts, 23 in all, with white representing Chris's posts and red representing those by his gender-bending peers. Not all dates have been preserved.

Screencap of the forum index page.


Chris's profile pic. KookyDashy: Interests include breasts, pussy, and autism awareness.

Username: KookyDashy

Location: Charlottesville, Virginia

Age: 29

Interests: music, makeup, clothes, video games, sing-a-longs/karaoke, pussy, breasts, sweet-personality, friendly girlfriends. :) Protecting against cyber-bullies, and autism awareness. Also be sure to feel your boobies for breast cancer awareness.

Signature: Have a Good Day and Stay Safe, KookyDashy.


Re: Introductions!

In which Chris provides everything about his identity bar his name.

Sun May 29, 2011 4:56 am

Hello, fellow tomgirls. :)

Y'all may address me by my screen name in the board talk. I like music, makeup, dressin' up in my mini, havin' fun 'n hangin' with my girlfriends, karaoke, video games, crafting and art.

I am also empathetic, so I can understand others people's feelings, as well as my own. I am a dynamic, complex individual.

I do not have many dude pals, because I have my own mental hang-ups against the majority of them; Nothing Personal. I have a history of being bullied by some mean brutes, as well as homosexuals, over the internet. Cyber-Bullies/Trolls/Anons are a hot button with me. I prefer not to discuss that issue further.

And I am an all-around good, friendly, honest, heterosexual tomgirl.

Thank you all for offering me respect, as I respect each of you and your opinions on the board.[2]

Re: Coming out to my parents

In this thread, Chris opened up about his parents' feelings in regards to his newfound wardrobe.

Sun May 29, 2011 5:12 am

Y'all are singin' my song; my mom and dad were shocked bad when I told them I was a tomgirl. Soo Literally old-fasioned (they're both seinors). My mom said "I didn't raise a daughter", and my father threw the damned "fag" card at me.

I will Always be Straight, Mom and Dad; give me some faith and trust.

What a world with outside influances to put great paranoia in our families.

Also, try looking up "tomgirl" on Wikipedia; it redirects to "effeminancy". While effeminancy is true for us, I feel the contents of that page is against us, due to it addressing the homos.

Someone needs to undo the redirects, edit the grammer errors in "tomgirl"`s original edit, and add a ton more detail to it.[3]

Wed Jun 01, 2011 3:37 am

My mom is still giving me complaints and nit-picks about me wearing my feminine attire. I wish I could just up and move out and not have to deal with my family; I don't know too many other people here in C-Ville, and those I do know I'm only acquainted with or know little about them for only a few weeks.

Plus finding employment is hard. I got a fancy computer degree from community college, and there have been very slim pickings from it. Already Taken; Quota's Filled; yada, yada, yada.

Plus also, she keeps throwing disbelief towards us by stating "Tomgirls aren't real"; SHE'S a Tomboy; what a bunch of 1940's old-fashioned crap. Plus she watches too much current news, and she is soo paranoid and shit.

I wish I could afford to move out, but I can't afford it financially, mentally and emotionally. Fucking pisses me off.[4]

Re: Girly Things Tee Hee

Chris relates a story about women feeling justifiably uncomfortable with a leering, beskirted moron invading their restroom.

Sun May 29, 2011 5:30 am

After I realized my tomgirly ways, and starting dressing up in my skirts, I started feeling discomfort in using the Men's restroom. I asked my closest gal pal if it would be going too far in using the Ladies' room; she told me to go with my feelings. My next skirted outting, I used the ladies' room, and I squatted, holding my arrow down over the john (so I would be less likely to soil my skirt); it felt good and Right. Days later, though, after 4 more lady trips; a woman complains and tattles on me, and a stereotypical Brute male shouts me out. I felt embarassed. When in skirt, I am still gonna go to the Ladies, because there is no goin' back for me.

Heck, I would not hold it against a tomboy who felt more comfort in using the Men's room over the Ladies'.

As truest Tomgirls, we do respect greatly the women as equals. I would never look or anything of the sort.

Open for your thoughts.[5]

Wed Jun 01, 2011 3:42 am

I've recently got into the original Squinkies, they are so cute and cool. And their gumball-machine dispensing playsets are neat. I like the cupcake-shaped one. And they're also coming out with Squinkie cars for Hot Wheels and Cars 2; little Squinkie people now have cool wheels to drive.[6]

Sun Jun 12, 2011 4:24 am

Something else girly I enjoy danglin' around where I go is my ankle bracelet. It's a silver chain with sections of 4 silver beads, and I've added three stars on chains onto the hook. I never take it off, because it is an awesome and cute jewelry, plus it is difficult to put it back on. LOL

I also am enjoying the "Mighty Milky Way" DSiWare game on my 3DS. Luna is a cute, sexy gal, and the method of guiding her from planet to planet is neat.

Anyone else on here with a 3DS may add me onto y'all's Friend List with my code, 2836-0121-9073. Please P.M. me with your 3DS F.C. in response if y'all add me.[7]

Re: Homosexuals

Hear that, homos? Chris is offended by your flamboyance!

Chris's well-established sentiments about gay men bubble to the surface.

I do not care much for the homosexual males either. I mean, I really feel offended when they get soo flamboyant with their ways and such, it's like they're shoving it in your face. Plus, most of the Cyber-Bullies who gave me grief were homos themselves, placing their damn label onto me wrongfully.

As long as they each keep it to themselves and behind closed doors, I won't bother them.[8]

Re: July Meetup

by DanielleTheRiveter » Sun May 29, 2011 9:58 pm

That's right, everyone. It's that time again. Time to plan our big meet up for July. We're currently looking to meet up somewhere that's kinda central and should be easy for everyone.

First off, remember to dress your best. I'm going to wear my old dress uniform like normal but if you'd like to give us a sneak peak of your outfit, please feel free to do so here.

Also, any suggestions for Date / Time / Location is welcome.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Wed Jun 01, 2011 3:47 am

How about at the Applebees next to Toys 'R' Us on Branchlands Lane on a Monday; at 9 PM, they have Karaokee night there. Meet and greet first and sing-along after.[9]


In which Chris fantasizes about an unrealistic encounter with a "hater" and reminds everyone that he's not a homo.

Wed Jun 08, 2011 3:38 am

I would generally ignore the haters' hurtful comments and move forward too. But if they are really in my face calling me gay or telling me I won't be geeting a woman, I would tell them like it is in my miniskirt, "All I have to do is lift up my skirt and I'll be up your woman's biz in seconds." :)[10]

Re: What part of Virginia are you from?

Wed Jun 08, 2011 3:44 am

Charlottesville is my city of stompin' ground; it can stand some improvement, though. More excitement, and maybe a strip club or two. LOL.

I've also resided in Midlothian for my Middle and High School years.[11]

Re: 10 interesting facts about you!

Unsurprisingly, Chris considers an assortment of banal self-serving opinions to be "interesting facts".

Wed Jun 08, 2011 4:00 am

1. I like to take my time to think of how I feel about the current topic, as well as responding in discussion.

2. I am empathetic.

3. I appreciate how the fast food places wised up and started offering apple slices as a healthier option after decades of fried potatoes.

4. With my history of being trolled and online coomunicating, I feel online socializing only makes people more autistic-like. People need to wise up and go back to feeling comfortable socializing in person.

5. I have sassy, fun ideas sometimes.

6. I am good at hand-drawing, coloring and story creating.

7. I have had happy years in High School.

8. I try to be cautious of other people's intentions and feelings while communicating and coping with them.

9. I am technologically and musically inclined.

10. I enjoy tinkering and creating when I feel inspired.[12]

Re: tomboy looking 4 tomgirl

A purported tomboy makes herself known on the forums, and is immediately attacked by Chris with no incitement or context.

by William » Sun May 29, 2011 2:44 am

hello my name is suchin and i am originally from thailand. my friends call me william or will because i am rowdy and like to have fun i am looking for tomgirl to treat me right. i work in manicure salon now and i love beauty on my men and dirt on me


this is me. what is you? lets meet up and exchange details. i am from richmond but will be in charlottesville for the 4th of july. i love freedom now too. your turn now! fi dorrar. sacki aur bunti. PLEASE send me a message!

Thu Jun 09, 2011 3:06 am

There is a pretty face, lovely head of hair and a nice rack in the photo. But I feel I have to interject here.

How do we know you are really that woman, or are you really some immature, trolling stupid brat trying to stir trouble on our forum? People have done that sort of thing over the internet; I fell victim to communicating with such people. And from that, I have learned to keep most personal things offline and to myself.

Anyway, I am not going to fall for such an obvious facade, and I wish to prevent anyone else from finding such gross disappointment and disaster.

Fess up, man.[13]

by Tippy » Thu Jun 09, 2011 3:27 am

Hey I'm going to be down in Richmond tomorrow anyway, I think you're pretty cute so I'd like to meet up if possible.

I understand if this is kind of sudden, but when I saw that picture I just knew I had to meet this woman.

by William » Thu Jun 09, 2011 3:33 am

kookydashy your comment make me so sad? i work so hard on my body to be my tomboy self and i am so tired of others putting me down for me being me. sometimes i think it because they jealous but for you to accuse me of being troll, someting i hate most in whole american world, make me cry some. this remind me of my sister telling me i cannot wear pants because i am woman. i can wear pants AND NOT BE MAN OR UGLY!!!!

as for Tippy, you sound so nice. I would love to meet a creature like you in reality world! i would even love to do your hair and nails and so much more... I am excite now! Yes! Please! I get out of work at around six. Can we do drinkies than??

by Tippy » Thu Jun 09, 2011 3:38 am

OMG that's perfect, I'm supposed to have an early dinner meeting with a supplier, so I will be free right around six. I'll private message you my cell number and other info so we can exchange our numbers and stuff. I am so excited, I cannot wait. I will be counting down the hours till we meet up my Tomboy dream. We'll have drinks, and maybe dessert ;). Hehehehe

by William » Thu Jun 09, 2011 3:44 am

AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Sawatdee kaa!! <3 You are true lady AND gentleman! I will call you tonight to confirm our time together with one another for tomorrow! You have dried every tear of mine so quick and make me smile bright bright bright... I cannot wait to smile more with you! xx

by Tippy » Fri Jun 10, 2011 6:00 pm

Hey everyone, I have a major update.

So after my meeting with the supplier, who I sweet talked into giving me a discounted rate, I met up with Suchin for drinks. Let me just say Tomboys and Tomgirls, the photos do not do her justice, she looks absolutely incredible. She gave me some great tips on keeping my pedicures lasting longer, we talked about every subject imaginable, and I hope she doesn't mind me saying this, but I am totally crushing on her right now, and cannot wait to see her again. The drive home from Richmond felt like nothing because of how happy I am right now.

Plus I'll always have this picture to remember our incredible night by.


by William » Fri Jun 10, 2011 7:33 pm

Yes, it very true ! Tippy you steal my heart and not ever let go! I am happy this way. I love sharing all my pretty lingerie with Tippy and I teach my new Tomgirl how to do Thai lap dance. We are so sensual and one. Tippy and I are item now!! NO TOUCHING! Thank you TBS and TGS of Virgina! <3 xoxo

by Tippy » Fri Jun 10, 2011 7:40 pm

Suchin, you catty gal, I thought you were gonna let me announce to the forum that we were an item. It's ok, I still love you. And I can't wait until the next time we're together so I can give you that massage while you play your video games. I've never felt this happy, like this may be the greatest day of my entire life. I've met a lot of girls in my life, but Suchin, you are my woman, my strong, masculine, tomboy woman. I can't wait to see you next weekend, I've already talked to my boss, and I'm getting Friday off so we can spend the whole day together.

I never thought I'd be able to find love on an internet forum, and here we are, happy as can be. Thank you Tomboys and Tomgirls of Virgina, I hope the rest of you find your Tomboys and Tomgirls soon.

Sun Jun 12, 2011 4:10 am

It looks like I stand corrected of my suspicions. But with my past experiences, and the too great number of crazy people in the world, we all have to be very cautious. And with that, I apologize for my earlier post and hurting your feelings, Suchin.[13]

Re: Manicure/Pedicure stories?

Chris delivers an enthralling account of his fingernail growth.

I have colored my nails before, and it is fun to do for a grand outting.

I feel it ill for me to go in for a manicure, not only due to lack of funds, but I am a recovering nail-biter. I even had to have a fingernail replaced in surgery years ago; it is growing in well, even though slower than the other nine.[14]

Re: Mothers

In which Chris nonchalantly claims that there should be laws enforced to tailor to his personal insecurities.

June 8, 2011

My mother has tried to coerce me into going back to briefs; Hells No! Panties are far more comfortable And stylish. And I am not going to ever go out without one of my sports bras again. She even tried to bribe, or wager, me, but I would not take it.

I feel there should be a law requiring all men to wear bras (sports ones at least); I feel grossed out whenever I see some dude walking sround shirtless. ]:(P[15]

Friendship Issues

As with most things Chris writes that are longer than one sentence, his initial post heavily concerns his hatred of men. It then devolves into an argument between Chris and a couple of forum users about his bad attitude when it comes to online socializing.

Fri Jun 17, 2011 2:05 am

I'd like to talk a bit about those of us (well, me in particular) who have for real only less than or equal to a handful of friends in person.

Growing up, I have had mostly female friends. I was considerably blessed, yet I still lack the virgin-breaker moment. The close friendships were great, and I really appreciated them in my heart forever. I really should have tried to get further, but before 21, I was naive on the subject of dating. There Really should be a manditory dating education class alongside sex ed.

I have known all of my life that I do get along better with women well over those of my own gender. No personal offense to anyone.

I have a mental flaw, along with other learnings, which has taught me that most of the worldwide male poulation are, pretty much, Uncaring, Violent, Ignorant, Dumb, Boring Jerks. And with that, I feel afraid in meeting most males, because I feel ill of getting too close, because of me getting hurt, or something else god-awful. ]:(

Again, no personal offense is meant to anyone.

My gal pal has informed me that me meeting more women and getting it on is very unlikely if I do not have many dude pals. Nutshell; I would be mistaken for a homo, or too easily friend-zoned by women. This tid bit makes me feel sad.

Open for individual responses from Everyone on this forum.[16]

by BornThisWay » Sun Jun 19, 2011 12:24 am

Aww, that sux!!!! Anyway I met most of my friends back in high school, or college, or at my past jobs. Sometimes it's hard to keep in touch with everybody but that's why the Internet and phones were invented! A lot of the friends I hang out with now were from my last job. We'd go out for drinks every Thursday, Friday and Saturday and have the grandest of times! Sometimes I still meet up with them, but not every week like I used to.

As for meeting people, I've never really thought about it because I'm not a really shy person. I guess if you strike up conversations based on stuff you like or stuff you notice about them, that's a good start. It's real easy to sit in your room all day and play video games but you just have to talk to people and get out there. Sometimes I'll just go out all by myself and sit someplace nice and quiet and read. If you look cute sometimes people come up and introduce themselves!

But anyway if you haven't done it already you should get on Facebook and try to find your old friends and tell them what you've been up to since you've last seen them! It's a really easy way to keep in touch with people especially since a lot of people move away right after high school or college. Facebook is like a high school reunion that never ends! (Sorry if I sound like a commercial!) Plus if there's anyone who still lives in Virginia maybe they can introduce you to some of their single friends! Just be yourself and let us know what they say, ok?

Tue Jun 21, 2011 1:55 am

"Social" websites like Facebook and MySpace are ALL a Joke against socializing. Everybody is on the internet these days. And to Socialize online with total strangers Constantly is an epic fail. That kind of "socializing" on the internet will only result in making people more and more Autistic-Like. Think about it.

The more time we spend in front of an internet screen leads to constant lack of practice in REAL Socializing face to face offline.[16]

by Mike Love » Tue Jun 21, 2011 5:23 am

I like Facebook. There's a lot of people I don't nescesarilly talk to a lot, but I like to be able to keep up with what they're doing. Plus it makes it easier to keep track of people's phone numbers. Plus, I know a lot of cute girls, and I like to look at their photos a lot and get ideas on new outfits to wear.

Tue Jun 21, 2011 8:16 pm

Just a gosh-darn minute. People Pretend to be Other People online, even Computers have been Programmed to pretend to be People to tease and get personal information from you. And Trolls/Cyber-Bullies Hack into YOUR Facebook and MySpace, rearranging, smearing, soiling with pornographic, most horrible images from the darkest regions of the internet. And they create wiki sites and pages of Hate against you soo horrible that Googling your own name results in MILLIONS of hate-filled results.[16]

by BornThisWay » Tue Jun 21, 2011 11:53 pm

Like I said, it's really, really sad that you're putting your fears in the way of getting in touch with your old friends and establishing new friendships. I'll bet your old friends think about you sometimes and miss you. And like it or not, people use social networking sites to contact people they know in real life to do things in real life. This is the way things are now.

I don't get how somebody who has enough courage to dress up in women's clothing and walk around in public and use the girl's bathroom can be so afraid of somebody making fun of them on the internet. I mean, who would even know who your old friends are? Why would somebody go through the trouble of impersonating them? And wouldn't you like, be able to figure out if it was somebody pretending to be them? I mean their Facebook profile would link back to all their friends and most of their family members. They'd not only have to fool you, but their parents and relatives, who have known them since they were born. Like, if somebody tried to set up a phony profile and pretended to be me just to hate on me, everybody would know that something was off.

So like, you've though about one bad thing that could happen if you tried to look up old friends on Facebook, and just assumed that it will happen. And you said you're afraid of getting to close to males in real life, because you think something bad might happen. It's really easy to worry and make up excuses about why you can't do things, but just know that if you do that anxiety is going to rule your life.

Like I said you believe in yourself enough to admit that you're a Tomgirl and get out there and strut your stuff. Some Tomgirls don't even get that far! Think about how much you've already accomplished before deciding what you can and can't do. You're your own boss and I can't make you do anything, I'm just saying your life would be a lot less lonely if you were open to looking up the old friends you've fallen out of touch with over the years.

by Tippy » Wed Jun 22, 2011 1:31 am

Maybe I've just been lucky and haven't met anyone who has lied to me online. I use facebook to keep in contact with the people I'm close to, they've made it so easy to keep track of my friends, why wouldn't I take advantage of it. As far as having problems with meeting anyone online. I met Suchin here on the forum, and I had no trouble meeting up with her. There are always going to be assholes out there Kooky, but you can show them that they are just haters and you aren't going to listen to them.

by Thoria » Wed Jun 22, 2011 2:34 am

I just use FB in private mode, that way haters can't see what I'm doing and I only have my closest friends on there.

At this point Chris loses all self-control and does everything short of posting "I am Christian Weston Chandler, I am famous on the internet and trolls pick on me".

Wed Jun 22, 2011 6:18 am

It's not just THOUGHT, but it HAS happened to me before for real. And if you don't believe, take for example the author of the comic book series featuring that yellow, electric hedgehog... Sonichu, if I remember correctly.

Before a time, the author had a clean history, then Cyber-Bullies and Trolls attacked him greatly; now Googling his name will result in over a million results of hate and name soiling. Especially from the blackmail and deceptions he had to endure.

I, myself, had a page on Facebook. Things were good for me a while. Then I was attacked in 2005 by the Trolls. They pretended to be my closest friends; they got a number of incriminating photos and details from me. They also hacked into my Facebook. It took me over a week before I was able to reset my password and e-mail address. And upon reflection, I closed my Facebook account and left the online socializing for years. It is real, and they are vicious, crazy, wickedly smart people.[16]

We've been found AND mocked horribly! :(

In which Chris actually says "I am Christian Weston Chandler, I am famous on the internet and trolls pick on me". He also tries to incite the forum into hacking the CWCki for him.

Wed Jul 20, 2011 10:45 pm

Google and go to the hate-site, the "Cwcki". They're making distasteful mockery of this forum right now.

Those Trolls MUST be taken down NOW!

by Tomboy » Thu Jul 21, 2011 3:51 pm

Not to worry! My friend Arthur who is very internet-savvy and runs a very successful website told me of a great strategy to deal with cyberbullies like this. The first thing is to send a very sternly worded letter to their ISP and complain of copyright infringement which they have done if they have used any graphics or images from our forum. The second step is to perform what is called a "Denial of Service" or DOS attack which would mean all of us going to their website throughout the day and clicking on links to eat up their bandwidth. He said he used this strategy very successfully just a couple of weeks ago.

Thu Jul 21, 2011 10:50 pm

This Arthur has a good idea with this "DOS". He certainly knows more than I have on taking down their Trolling Stupid websites.

My Tomgirl and Tomboy acquaintances, I feel it is time I introduce myself better. I am more than just a Tomgirl. I am the high-functioning autistic person who was heavily emotionally damaged, artistic inspiration lost with paranoia, deception, blackmail and plain hurtful words from those bottom-feeding Trolls. I am the hand-drawing original creator of Sonichu, Rosechu and the city of Cwcville, Virginia, USA.

I am Christian Weston Chandler of Ruckersville, VA.

I had joined this Forum with the opportunity to associate with my own misunderstood kind of people, commonly mistaken for amongst the gays and lesbians. I concealed my identity on here reasonably, prayfully Not to be found by those Trolls.

For Years, I have fallen victim to their trachery. I have tried within my own limited knowledge and technology to counter-attack those fiends. I have mostly failed. And as a result, my reputation on the internet fell deep into their treacherous exaggerations, lies and crap. If I had any knowledge or technology, I would have hacked into and destroy every one of their webpages, servers and whatnot looong ago, but I did and still do not. All I could do in the end was hide in the old-fashioned (as it would appear to be now) world of Real Life, off of the internet. Yet I am one who does not like to be left behind in the modern world.

Also, because of them, it has been Impossible for me to get a job; damned negative background checks. And I would appreciate reducing the results of my full name from over Two Freaking Million results back down to less than 100.

Now that they have found me on here, y'all have been dragged into my darkness; for that, I feel deep shame and regret, and I am really sorry about that.

I am Not the disgruntled, mean or perverted person they have mislabeled of me; I am only a normal, heterosexual, good natured, high-functioning autistic Tomgirl, and I want to be treated like a normal person.

And I wish I do not have to be paranoid of those fiends and their hurtful webpages.[17]

One of it's members, who is actually Thorg in disguise, offers Chris a help from her "cousin".

by Thoria » Thu Jul 21, 2011 11:22 pm

Well Chris, you won't have to worry about this "CWCki" for much longer. Trust me on that, we'll take care of it. I have a cousin who's into computers and stuff, he took a Computer Science III course. I'll give him a shout and see if he can do something. If I were those trolls I'd be shivering in my boots right now.[17]

Chris demonstrates a feeling resembling gratitude, but also seems to be preparing himself to sit down and wait for a solution to come to him.

Sat Jul 23, 2011 1:41 am

Thank you. Any help in this old battle to finally put it to rest would bebgreatly appreciated.

God bless us all.[18]

One of them quickly catches up, however:

by SexBomb33 » Sat Jul 23, 2011 2:42 am

Aren't you going to help us fight your battle in any way?[18]

Chris explains why:

Thu Jul 28, 2011 11:57 pm

As I have said before, I have tried on my own to counter-attack, and I still lack knowledge and resourses within my reach to counter-attack properly. And I do not have a functional Personal Computer or a Laptop of any kind. I have been posting from my 3DS internet browser, and it, my Wii, PS3, PSP at my house and one of the computers at the nearby library, which requires Gasoline to get to, are my current ONLY connection methods to the internet.

At this point, technology-wise and mentally autistic with the missing links in my Corpus Callosum, I do not feel fit to be an adaquate leader in taking down the frigging cyber-bullies and trolls.

I do have intel from my own experiences and past research which hopefully can be helpful. I'd recommend starting at the Game & Hobby Place in Charlottesville, across from the Omni hotel. I have been banned from there in April, 2008 by the cold-hearted Michael Snyder. My family and I know that in a great way, that Place IS a central or focal point of the Trolls' plottings and/or such.

PLUS, it AND the other three associated hobby stores on their same website are ALL owned by a convicted-in-Illinois sex offender, Robert Lightfire. The Place is located across the street from a Public School; morally and legally, the Place should NOT be located there at all. Yet Mr. Lightburn is listed as an Offender in Illinois; he isn't listed in VA. He lives in Madison. I am positive, aside from him being married, Mr. Snyder has his own equatable criminal scandal.

That's all I have for now.[18]

Chris will be helped by TRUE and HONEST people in this fight. As in, they will do it for him if he can help (i.e., never)

by DanielleTheRiveter » Fri Jul 29, 2011 1:21 am

Don't worry about it, Chris. I'm sure Thoria's cousin can help you out. He's been good to me in the past I'm sure that he's an Honest and Helpful fellow.

I'm sure that you'll be free of those trolls soon and I'm glad that you've trusted us with this. You're a good friend. Thoria's cousin has enough tech ability. He can walk you through it as long as you have the intel and can help him out a little bit.[18]

As revealed by the Thorg Q&A Chris bought in by one of his personas offer to help him by asking her supposed cousin (in reality, Thorg himself) to help him unmask the identity of his trolls, It is also very likely that these new, oh-so-helpful "friends" provided the impetus for the Calling Out Saga, which produced its first video just one week later, in which he began calling out the supposed identities of the trolls.

See also


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