Correction of EX relationship status

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Correction of EX relationship status is a video Chris uploaded on 10 August 2011. Chris uses this video to clarify his references to The Wallflower in previous videos as his ex-girlfriend, instead insisting that she was simply a friend who is female, who he is no longer friends with. Chris also claimed that he has found a new sweetheart. Trolls and Chris watchers wondered as to whether or not this was true or that Chris was just lying. A half a year later a couple of videos Chris made for Jackie around the same time Correction of EX relationship status was made were leaked.[1] From these evidence we can infer that Jackie was the mysterious girlfriend Chris referred to.


**Normally, I would not mind a "Daria Morgandorfer" like "Wallflower", but after how COLD she was to me, and spooking me bad today, I would not want to have anything to do with her even if she did a COMPLETE emotional 180.


Correction of EX relationship status
Stardate 10 August 2011
Subject Matter GalpalsGalpals Gal Pals, TrollsTrolls Trolls
Performance Style ReasonReason Reason, SmugSmug Smug
Saga TomgirlTomgirl Tomgirl
Shirt Green TomgirlGreen tomgirl.png Green Tomgirl, Red muscle braRed muscle bra Red muscle bra
Re: Don, and ReCalling Out "Thorg" - Jeremy
Exposed - Jeremy Slonwhite of Vancouver, BC Canada
Dang it, I'm losin' my- I'm losing my seriousness here, lost it there.


Hello! I am making this, uh, additional video on the side to, uh, note a correction. Uh, in the recent-uh, in the recent video, where I mentioned that, uh, [The Wallflower] was my ex-girlfriend, I did not mean that the way it sounded. I meant the term loosely in that she was a girl, and that she was a friend of mine, but then because of what happened soon after, uh, or near the end of the friendship, she dumped me as a friend, and doesn't want- any have- want anything to do with me ever again.

And, uh, with that aside, I would like to, uh, furder resu- furder resume the, uh, my revenge on the, uh, trolls, because everybody knows what they have done against me. My family, my, uh, friends, and the few I have around here, and uh, my con-my congregation at the church, they're all- they all back me up on this, including my- including my girlfriend whose name I will not be re- be revealing at this time... yeah.

And, uh, also, uh, just an additional note to, uh, Don over there. Uh, in-uh, if he wants to, uh, keep me updated, uh, more quickly, instead of, uh, recording new videos, he may con- he may still contact me at my AOL address, of which, uh, him, as well as the majority of other trolls are aware of. So they may respond to me through E-mail as well. Asi-uh, unless they wish to do a-do the video anyway to make their public apologies and whatnot... yes.

[Groans and smacks head]

Dang it, I'm losin' my- I'm losing my seriousness here, lost it there. But I am very serious on, uh, getting what-getting justice, what has-what ha-what I've been waiting for for the past four years. Anyway, with that, uh, I would also like to mention that I regularly, rarely do not check my voicemails. Pretty much, I, uh, check them when they exceed, like, ten or so. Because I am st-I am still paranoid of people abusing me over da phone lines... yeah.

So, I just leave y'all with that for... this. Have a good day.

Re: Don, and ReCalling Out "Thorg" - Jeremy Chris's videos Exposed - Jeremy Slonwhite of Vancouver, BC Canada