August 2011

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Chris in August 2011.

August 2011 began with Chris and his tom-pals planning vengeance against the CWCki. He continued to communicate with Jackie in an effort to restore their relationship. The month also saw the reappearance of Chris on camera, as he released several videos wherein he claimed to have the dox on a few high profile trolls with which he tried to blackmail them.


  • 5 August - Chris sends an email to Jackie describing his rough day involving car troubles and a fight between his mother and a restaurant server. He plans on having his new album finished in a few days.
  • 6 August - Chris makes his official return to the Internet after an eight-month absence, uploading three videos in which he calls out trolls Surfshack Tito and Thorg. He claims to have their dox.
  • 9 August - Chris uploads two videos; in the first, he calls out Alec Benson Leary. In the second, he appears outside, dressed in an ill-fitting miniskirt and a red muscle bra. He "digs up" Patti while humming "Goodbye Horses."
  • 10 August - Chris uploads a video in which he accepts Tito's and Thorg's attempts to reason with his demands. Chris also uploads a video clarifying his past references to the Wallflower.
  • 12 August - Chris uploads a video exposing the true identity of Thorg.
  • 12 August - Chris records himself reading a new poem for Jackie, The Red-Maned Deer.
  • 16 August - Chris uploads a six-minute video on makeup application, and a video giving information on Jack Thaddeus.
  • 20 August - Chris uploads a video mocking Thorg in which he sings about wristwatches.
  • 23 August - Chris uploads three new videos, two of which call out Jack Thaddeus (again) and BlueSpike, and the last of which pimps his secondhand laptop.
  • 28 August - The CWCki user Dinglebear leaks a new video from Chris, Victory Rockout, under the name "CWCvilleProductions."
  • 29 August - Dinglebear uploads Chris's response to ADF.
  • 30 August - Dinglebear uploads a video from Chris where he reveals the true identity of Alec Benson Leary, a day before the deadline set by Chris.
  • 31 August - Deadline for Don, Jeremy and Alec to apologize to Chris and get off the internet.