Gratitude for a good person in N.C.

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Gratitude for a good person in N.C. is a video uploaded by Chris on 23 August 2011 in which he thanks an anonymous fan from North Carolina for sending him a laptop, as Chris's dinosaur of a desktop computer is covered in a mass of Hungry-Man boxes and Christmas decorations. Despite the title, Chris still finds it necessary to point out how his upgrade has made the laptop "better."

Due to the death of his father 14 days later, this was the last video uploaded personally by Chris, not by a troll or a third-party, until November 2013. Also, nearly all of the comments on this video are nothing more than A-Logging.


HE/SHE WILL be getting a hand-written Thank You Letter.


Gratitude for a good person in N.C.
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Stardate 23 August 2011
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And now at this moment, I would like to etspress... [in a very poor English accent] a note of gratitude from a fan from the state of en-ceeee... for sending me his or her old laptop... computah.

[flips camera around to show a dark blue HP laptop]

Secondhand, but it works very well! I had it checked... and it contains no viruses, but still... [displays the claw and cocks eyebrow] I upgraded it, and it is bettah! It is like brand-new! So, thank you very much, fan from North Carolina, for sending me... [turns to the laptop] the laptop!

And if anybody else wishes to contribute towards the execution of trolls and cyberbullies so that nobody else will have to be victim, you may feel free to- you may feel free to contribute in any way that you see fit, generously and pleasantly!

Thank you very much.

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