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What Saddam did in the Gulf War was small potatoes to what Chris has done.
A-Log providing a helpful example of A-Logging, by comparing Chris to a war criminal.
What Chris has done is small potatoes to what Saddam did in the Gulf War.
A more accurate comparison.
The original A-Log in all his glory.

A-Logging, named after noted Chris-Chan critic Anthony "A-Log" LoGatto, is a term used to describe one expressing disproportionate levels of hatred for Chris, often including wishing him physical harm, usually for perceived "crimes" that Chris is "guilty" of. The people who do this are known as A-Logs, and are considered at the other end of the spectrum from white knights; where white knights try to defend Chris from trolls and help him to improve his situation, A-Logs hold the belief that Chris is deserving of whatever scorn and harm he is subjected to, and then some. A-Logs are sometimes interchangeably referred to as weens, as many A-Logs also tend to be weens and vice-versa, although weening has a different meaning to A-Logging, namely unfunny or failed attempts at trolling Chris. While once fashionable, A-Logging has become associated with people trying to "trollshield" themselves, like the original A-Log, and therefore is looked down upon by Christorians.



This article is about the term "A-Logging", not about Anthony LoGatto himself. This section is only meant to provide context to why this aspect of the Unholy Tetrad is named after him. If you want to read an article about LoGatto and his hypocritical campaign against Chris, alongside other shenanigans, then you should go read his Encyclopedia Dramatica page here.

A-Log was a former[1] YouTuber and "voice actor" who is known for making what can charitably be called "commentaries" on Chris. Commentary videos are meant to refute bad points and offer opinions on an opposing view; what A-Log did was make videos where he reacted to Chris, pointed out the obvious, and went on tangents about how Chris is an awful person (and how he, A-Log, is better) who needs to have harm inflicted upon him. However, A-Log's monomania led trolls to wonder what he was trying to hide, leading to them doing a bit of research on him.

The result was that A-Log became known as "Chris-Chan 2.0" because, as it happened, he had many, many faults similar to Chris himself, and could easily be considered worse than Chris. Among other things, he is a furry porn connoisseur, has made terrible erotic fanfiction, is doing a laughable college radio show (from which he was almost fired after being caught watching porn in the studio), was the subject of a leaked video of him doing a painfully bad stand-up routine, and much, much more. Ultimately, A-Log became subject to trolling himself, and is the inspiration for this very term. At one point, A-Log even received his own wiki called the "Logattopedia"[2], which was relatively short-lived and unpopular. He also spawned the phrase "Hi, A-Log!", used to mock A-Logs and other Internet "tough guys".

Features of A-Logging

There are a few qualities which are common in A-Logs, and many of them can be seen in the original A-Log's commentaries.

Justifications for trolling Chris

Some would argue that it is sinister and just plain wrong to mock a mentally deficient person such as Chris. A-Logs therefore try to justify trolling him by arguing that, regardless of his autism and other undiagnosed problems, he has shown that he is a bad person who "deserves" to be trolled. Many A-Logs are themselves autistic, and they can often be heard making arguments along the lines of Chris "giving autistics a bad name." Others will appeal to his many instances of bigotry (most of them debatable) as reasons to troll Chris. By establishing that Chris is a bad person, it seems to justify that Chris not only deserves the treatment he currently receives, but also deserves physical and/or psychological harm inflicted on him.

While Chris is by no means a good person and has done some horrible things, including cursing his ex-friend for trolling him (which of course, she didn't), hitting a game store owner with his car, and macing an innocent Gamestop assistant manager, it is still somewhat ironic that A-Logs think the best recourse is to wish him death and curse him back. Not to mention, they tend to ignore the many factors that led Chris to behave in this way--unsurprisingly, unbridled malevolence is never one of them, as discussed in further detail below.


Often times, people who A-Log Chris do so to "trollshield", that is, to avoid becoming subject to trolling themselves. Like A-Log himself, they tend to have many traits in common with Chris; they generally have an autism spectrum disorder, still live with their parents well into adulthood (which is somewhat justified now due to the instability of the housing market in the United States compared to when Chris graduated), are unemployed and/or are living off welfare, are sexually-frustrated virgins, have trouble socializing and forming relationships, and/or are fixated on cartoons, toys and other things that most people their age would have little interest in beyond their nostalgic value. Some perhaps have even more faults than Chris, especially bizarre fetishes, as seen in the case of A-Log himself. However, A-Logs will argue that at least they are "not like Chris" and are fervent in their vitriolic condemnations of Chris so that people don't troll them instead. More often than not, as in the case of the original A-Log, this backfires and they find themselves becoming the subject of trolling.

Standing up for groups that Chris misrepresents

Another misguided aspect of A-Logging is the idea that bashing Chris is somehow to the benefit for marginalized groups that Chris is a part of, most notably autistic and trans people (and particularly the latter, because Chris shows relatively few signs of gender dysphoria, and it's speculated that the real reason that he transitioned was to try to get laid, and to a lesser extent, garner sympathy from a the LGBT community after years of documented homophobic behavior). The argument behind this, in an A-Logger's eyes, is that it needs to be pointed out that Chris does not provide an accurate representation of those kinds of people and their communities, and that as such, he needs to be ostracized. Of course, doing so is to little benefit of the groups that are actively being oppressed and instead comes across as a flimsy excuse to aim at low-hanging fruit rather than to do something genuinely worthwhile to helping those kinds of communities. It should go without saying that making fun of or directly harassing a mentally-ill weirdo on the internet is not going to help anyone's cause.

Arguments against A-Logging

A-Logging in a nutshell. You don't even need to watch the video in question; the title and thumbnail are enough.

While Chris is far from perfect, it is generally accepted that calling for him to be harmed or abused like A-Logs do merely legitimizes Chris's sense of victimization, and makes the A-Logs themselves look sociopathic and unbalanced.

Chris is not Hitler

While the CWCki certainly doesn't vindicate any of the foolish or immoral things Chris has done, what A-Logs must understand is that Chris, while he may not exactly be a likable person, isn't guilty of "crimes" that must be punished with violence or abuse. We really shouldn't need to point out that Chris being compared to people like Saddam Hussein and Adolf Hitler is at best hyperbolic, and at worst, utter insanity. Hitler was responsible for the death of nearly 11 million civilians during World War II.[3] Hussein actively persecuted and murdered almost 200,000 Kurds and Shiite Muslims.[4] Chris's antics hardly compare to the atrocities committed by two feared and reviled dictators; he's just a gullible idiot who spends his time trying to hit on women (very badly) and make them his sweethearts, crossdressing, and playing vidya.

While he is quite prone to rage, ego issues, and has a noted tendency to wish very unpleasant things on those who wrong him, it should be plain to see that he is simply too lazy, weak, cowardly and incompetent to actually carry out whatever he threatens. After all, do you really think a man who has to spend nine seconds to open a Swiss Army knife is capable of killing anyone? Plus, there's only one extant account of him even getting close to fighting someone, and in that instance, he pussied out, so it seems that even Chris himself knows that there could only be one outcome if he ever tried to get violent with anyone. Moreover, when taking Chris's childlike mental state into account, it's also quite possible he doesn't fully understand the gravity of what he wishes upon people when making death threats, especially when he's blinded by anger.

Chris is also known to exact violent retribution from those who have wronged him in his fictional works, which A-Logs tend to use as evidence of him being evil or psychopathic. For example, he is known to have beaten up representations of his real-life enemies in Soul Calibur, and subjected some of them to particularly gruesome deaths in the Sonichu comics. However, not only are these gory episodes in CWCville isolated incidents, but again, one must remember that he is resorting to this because he is sensible enough to realize that he could not do it in real life, due to his own weakness and because he knows he'll be punished for it, which is, in itself, an encouraging sign. Moreover, even if this were taken to be evidence of a violent streak, it does not merit abuse or punishment as he obviously hasn't hurt anyone except fictional characters in video games and homemade comics. While violent fantasies like these do merit anger management classes and/or a few sessions with a psychiatrist, they are not a green light for A-Logs to demonize Chris; he's mentally disabled, and as such needs help, not hate. In addition, while acting out violence in fictional settings is more common among autistic people, it isn't uncommon in the population as a whole; many people find escapism in doing so.

Even compared to many other infamous Internet personalities, Chris is actually fairly benign. While many A-Logs tend to justify their actions by arguing Chris could someday act on his fantasies and commit violence or even rape, they tend to forget about people who have actually done those things. For perspective, fellow lolcow Vade is widely believed to have intentionally caused her boyfriend to commit suicide in order to gain sympathy on Tumblr. She then used this sympathy to build a sizable legion of followers who would spam any Tumblr user Vade deemed offensive or unworthy, for a time she practically ruled the site like a micro-dictatorship. Yet for some reason, countless A-Logs direct their scorn at Chris even though his purported violent and authoritarian fantasies have remained exactly that.

A-Logs also tend to turn to the October 2011 GAMe PLACe incident to try to portray Chris as a truly violent individual. More likely than not, Chris's actions on that day were the result of his mother's influence, his non-existent driving skills, and sheer blind panic rather than outright malevolence.[5][6] Likewise, Chris's decision to visit a local GameStop he was banned from and subsequently macing an employee who tried to get him to leave were not the product of malevolence on Chris's part. It was caused by Chris's assumption that he would be allowed in because he was in disguise, and because he had decided that his ban didn't apply because he was there to buy, not to vandalize merchandise, which had got him banned in the first place. Additionally, the leaked video of the incident shows Chris merely spraying at the employee's shirt rather than his face, which lends credence to Chris's own account that he was simply issuing a warning shot in case the employee tried to detain him, or merely spraying in his general direction as a parting, sassy "fuck you" to the staff, not trying to actually harm the man. All in all, the GameStop incident was caused not by a violent streak, but rather by Chris's persistent habit of trying to circumnavigate rules when they inconvenience him, and his tendency to forget the consequences of his actions.

There's no legal defense over attacking Chris for real

Perhaps the best reason against A-Logging is the legal liability (i.e. being charged with and possibly convicted for stalking, terroristic threats, assault, or a myriad of other possible charges). Whatever feelings you may have against Chris, there is no legal defense for taking the law into your own hands, and chances are you will end up with a life-changing felony conviction. In addition to this, part of the charm of watching Chris is in his eternal rage over a nonexistent enemy. Committing actual violence would only legitimize Chris's victim complex, and likewise would, in such a circumstance, make you the villain.

Chris's beliefs are simply ignorant, not supremacist

While Chris has held some politically incorrect, even bigoted opinions in the past, they hardly seem to suggest Chris is an amoral monster. One must consider that Chris was raised by and has spent his entire life around two elderly, disturbed rednecks. Of course he has socially unacceptable beliefs on controversial topics such as race and sexuality--they were given to him by people whose every word he has unquestioningly accepted since he was young.

Aside from this, Chris's discomfort around black people likely has more to do with Bob's influence and his own failure to understand social norms. Chris simply doesn't understand that one does not publicly announce they are discomforted by African-Americans; this is far from the outright ideology of white supremacy that your average neo-Nazi would have. Chris has no history of actually going out and lynching blacks or other minorities that discomfort him. Chris's notable offenses have been applying stereotypes to and picking on the black kids who defeated him in TCGs at the GAMe PLACe, as well as using "Jew" as a pejorative against Michael Snyder, who Chris inaccurately thinks is Jewish, and taking photos of an elderly black woman who was giving him "a hard time" and putting it on Facebook without her permission. One of Chris's grievances, if you can call it that, is that non-white women don't fit his ideal vision of a sweetheart, which he constantly fails to properly articulate; it is entirely possible for a non-racist white man to not be sexually attracted to non-white women. Chris has also used the racial slur of "nigger" in a few of his means of communication, though he shows some degree of reservation where he uses this word. During the Lars Call, Chris showed great apprehension towards using the word "nigga" and only did so when Lars gave him implicit permission. One of the most famous instances of Chris's use of the word "nigger" is in his video confronting Surfshack Tito on his trolling efforts.[7] In this video, Chris's racism is often found humorous as Tito is Hawaiian, not black. Moreover, Chris's usage of the word in Don't Trust Any Homos Over There is the result of it being an adaptation of a song from the racially-charged show The Boondocks, and pure laziness to change every racist part in the song to homophobic parts. When one examines Chris's use of the word, he does not show any understanding of the complexity, history, proper context, or underlying implications of the slur.[8] He simply repeats it blindly as he knows that it is edgy and offensive to black people.

Remember, no troll wants to be an A-Log.

In regards to his past homophobia, while his reasons were ill-informed at best, again, Bob was the likely source of Chris's dislike of homosexuals,[9][10] not to mention the fact that Chris has had very little friendly interaction with anyone, never mind true homosexuals. It is also worth noting that trolls were at least partially to blame for his hatred of homosexuals, as they would often pretend to be homosexuals, or spam his websites with homoerotic images, to get under his skin, not to mention that they often pretended to be black for the same reasons. As a result, Chris, in his autism, began to believe that all trolls are gay black men, thus cementing his disdain for both homosexuals and black people, as he thought they were responsible for the trolling he was subject to. A-Logs also like to appeal to his attempts to "cure all the homos" with a vaccine made with his blood in the comics as proof positive of his homophobia. While this may be so, it is often seen as unintentionally funny by Christorians -- not only because it shows his ignorance of science, but also because vaccines are made with dead cells infected with the disease they are curing -- meaning that Chris unknowingly implied that he himself was gay. In short, Chris is not the Westboro Baptist Church -- he doesn't go around picketing the funerals of dead gays, nor is he head of a power-lobbying group against LGBT individuals in Washington. He's just a redneck who's too indoctrinated by his parents and unused to minorities, or the concept of people being different to him, to know better.

It is also worth noting that with Bob gone, and Barb soon to follow, Chris has begun to emerge from his parents' influence, and has back-pedalled on his bigotry towards minorities. In particular, Chris has begun to express his desire to become a lesbian transwoman, and has accordingly publicly apologized for his old bigotry towards homosexuals, first on Facebook, and later in a YouTube video, and he has become a staunch supporter of LGBTIQ rights. He has even been attending gay bars, the one thing he previously said he'd never do.

Chris is just an idiot

Chris is not mentally retarded as defined by medical standards and as he claims. His IQ is within normal range. What trips him up is his lack of common sense. He actually believed that an attractive celebrity was interested in him sexually and that he was talking to her. He used to insist that he'd had many sweethearts, all very attractive women, and never seemed to find it curious that they all either died, disappeared, or were unmasked as trolls. He is an easy mark, not a criminal mastermind.

Most people can avoid being trolled

Chris does share traits with a lot of people, and some of these traits are quite disturbing and embarrassing. It's a fair assumption that a lot of people who follow Chris's antics are unemployed gamer losers, for example. A lot of people have seen Chris and uttered in their minds "Finally, here's someone who's more pathetic than I am!"

But before you fall into the fallacy of believing that vociferously condemning Chris will save you from the same fate, remember that having embarrassing traits like Chris's doesn't automatically make you subject to the sort of trolling Chris has had. It may make you subject to ridicule, but what's more important is how you respond to the ridicule. You could be like Chris and get BLANGRY at every traitorous troll under lucricities, and give the trolls power over you just like Chris did.

Or you could laugh with them at your faults, or even just ignore them and go about your business. Trolls generally aren't interested in people they can't coax a reaction out of. This vital recognition is something Chris never managed, and what set him down the path to perennial trolling in the first place. All in all, if you don't want to end up like him, A-Logging isn't the way to do it. But avoiding the myriad of mistakes Chris and A-Log made is.

The Hall of A-Logging Shame

In this section, the CWCki has compiled several comments (and plenty more to come) from A-Logs on YouTube and elsewhere.

Obviously you've never heard of what he calls other people who are autistic, and that he calls people with Aspergers(such as myself) "fakers". he doesn't deserve some, he deserves everything for giving us a bad name. The trolls are also doing what they do to him for a good reason. it's not about the autism to them, but more of that he's a moron who is evil reincarnate and deserves to go back to hell. I don't believe you know what all CWC has done to us on youtube.
GamerXZ0, in a YouTube comment on an original upload of an A-Log video.
29 years ago today, satan was born and molded into the fucktardian PENIS we know & despise today! Should i ever see him i'm gonna destroy him worse than new jack did to mass transit!
ISLAVERDE29, another YouTube comment on an older A-Log video.
actually, I think I prefer putting many bullets in this faggots head instead.
hanchiman on the FUTURE MESSAGE.
Hooray he's dead. Now he'lll be spending his eternity in hell while I go piss on his grave.
mxc82, again, another YouTube comment on one of A-Log's older videos, referring to Bob's death.
Mostly because I was hoping the video would end with him getting shot dead. by the Ruckersville police. You can imagine how disappointed I am to find him still alive and kicking when the video is over.
CKO92 on YouTube, reacting over the Lego High School video.
You fucking brony piece of shit, go kill yourself. If i was your mother i would have an abortion.
randomletters on the Lego High School video.
Chris Chan u are the single worst human being who ever live. If it wasn't for u fellow autistics and Sonic OC creators like me would be respected by the world. What you have done is unforgivable. I hope Barb dies and you spend the last minutes of your life crying about how your a pathetic failure fuck you
OfficialSteroidHedgy, in a comment in Chris's YouTube account.
I hope you are ashamed that a retarded autistic person (just like yourself) killed 20 innocent kids....all autistic people should be wiped from the earth and aborted before birth since you are all evil i wish the worst fates that heaven and hell can bring upon you and all the other autistic pieces of shit like you
RealReplyGirl4Ever, in a comment in Chris's YouTube account- comparing Chris to a man who shot up an elementary school and advocating genocide.
Guess whose house burned down today. CHRIS-CHAN!
Bad Webcomics Wiki, gloating on their Facebook Page about Chris's house burning down.
A response by the Bad Webcomics Wiki when a troll calls them out for the above.
Sadly, yes.
Another post from the Bad Webcomics Wiki's Facebook Page, when told that Chris survived the fire.
Words cannot adequately describe my utterly all-encompassing hatred and disgust for the grotesque entity that is Christian Weston Chandler. You Christian, are a shamelessly gruesome, inhuman monster. Everything you do and say only adds to your, almost incomprehensibly massive, list of atrocities. Were I to load up http://www.sonichu.com or some other Chris-Chan-related news source and saw that you finally died a death which properly corresponded to what you've inflicted upon this world, it would be the happiest day of my life.

Happiest. Day. Of. My. Life.

ephewe, on I Love You, Catherine.
Listen, you fat, autistic piece of shit. I've tolerated you so far because you're going to be my new neighbor, but this is the last straw. You traipse around your yard carrying blow up dolls and singing awkwardly, not to mention I can constantly hear you screaming at your mother. I am serious considering finishing cleaning this lot and selling this property to someone better equipped to handle someone like you. I was well within the city ordinances with this controlled brush burn. Also, if I see any other videos of me on my lot portraying me in a negative light, I will take up a libel suit with you.
Mac Slims, trying much too hard to pretend to be Chris's neighbor.
God I fucking hate this piece of shit. I hope he dies.
JAZZ HANDS, on the GameStop assault video.
Why the fuck is he still alive!?

God, I mean, the guy looks ridiculous, he is also racist and an anti-social idiot that attacks people for no reason, and now he's a fucking burglar!? What's next, he will become the next Hitler?

Rafael Gutierrez, on the GameStop assault video.
Yes people, THIS is the person Chris's trolls have been whiteknighting and pussing out on trolling because hes "had enough done to him" seriously, give me a break, this guy is an asshole and deserves anything that happens to him because its his OWN DAMN FAULT
TheMojoCorps, on the GameStop assault video.
shut up you fatass faggot. go jump off a cliff and die.
Boner Dix, responding to a YouTube comment left by Chris
Why can't this fucking freak of nature just die already?!!?!
Gogol ginn, on "The Best of Chris-Chan, Vol. 1"
One of these days, someone is going to beat the shit out of Chris and I will not have an ounce of pity for him. I am actually surprised that the people of Ruckersville haven't gotten together to run Chris and Barb out of town.
Red Roja, in a NationStates Forum thread about Chris
Someone strangle this fucker to death. Please.
Darkside780 on CWC Music Video Holding Out For a Hero
I just saw a semi-censored version. WHO THE FUCK MAKES THESE KINDS OF VIDS? He's acting like a retard and at the same time running around naked. I wish this man a slow, painful, death. I don't care about the lulz he gives us. This man is disturbing,creepy, and should not be allowed to join society.
thesideshowman212 on CWCFlyingElephants
Proof perfect that autists should be dumped in the nearest alligator pit when their condition becomes apparent.
GalVorbak on the Sign Destruction Video

Whatever happened to predictability?
This crazy manchild doing weird shit each week.
Now he's left the internet, someone tell me please,
When will he die so I can throw a party?
Bob's as mean as I've ever seen
and Barbara's still coddling him
We've manipulated him for so damn long,
He's like an autistic sim,
Every time you look (everywhere),
There's a tard (There's a tard),
A retard to bully,
Every time you look (everywhere)
There's that face (dead-eyed stare),
To troll and to annoy.

videogamenostalgia, ruining what could've been a clever parody with (arguably) unnecessary hostility, on FullHouse
I'd like to see someone argue that all human beings are worthy of life after watching chris's videos
xXJakethesnake117Xx, on KCWC Top 10 Dedication Special
ugh i hope chris chan dies a painful death i mean i think he makes the japanese look like stero-types.
evil-vivianne, on the CWC Soundboard on DeviantART
Chris, put up a pay per view where you cut your duck and balls off. People will definitly pay $100 to see it.
YouTuber Henry Panfil, on I'm selling my father's stamp collection; come on down and buy some of it, because comments like this don't make you more autistic than Chris.
This is so much more than hilarious, this autistic pig got exactly what he deserved for thinking he could ever fit in with normal humans. Autism is a disease that needs to be purged out from this world, what a disgusting pile of shit this freak is. He got exactly what he had coming
Vunter, on the documentary
He needs to be chemically castrated and put into a forced labor camp. Sonichu macht frei
darknessviking1, on a fan video of Send Me to Too Many Games Convention


As much as Chris is far from being likable, responding to his every move with unconditional hatred can make you come off as being just as much a target, if not more so, than him. Chris will be too distracted by the latest drama in his life to even care about your frothing hatred towards him. Ironic still, is that Chris has been so desensitized by his many enablers to even care about the amount of hatred he receives by A-logs on a daily basis. Therefore, A-logs are often considered some of the most lulz-worthy of the Tetrad, particularly in the regard of them obsessively raging at a practically non-existent enemy and only succeeding in making themselves even more of a laughing stock; much the same as what happened with classic-era Chris against his own trolls.

We really should not need to tell you that inflicting harm on him is nothing short of being illegal, or that there are far better means of avoiding being trolled than by obsessively attacking him. Saying that you are better than Chris is not at all impressive, especially when you take into consideration just how much Chris fails at everything he does. Therefore, you should not be using someone else’s character flaws in order to justify and excuse your own. This is especially true if that very same person has no bearing on your life as a whole, and are only comparing yourself to a relatively well-known lolcow to feel far less shitty in comparison.

If whatever Chris does really bothers you, then the least you can do is calm your ass down, and try to avoid making a fool of yourself from your obsessive hatred. Otherwise, you could easily become "Chris Chan 4.0" yourself.

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