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Send Me to Too Many Games Convention! was uploaded on 13 June 2018. Chris begs for $400 to afford a trip to TooManyGames. The GoFundMe campaign he linked to closed with only $120 raised.

Notably, Chris cannot contain his excitement in this video; the pitch in his voice skyrockets, expressions in his face contort wildly and inappropriately, and he overeagerly shakes his fist.

Send Me to Too Many Games Convention!
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Stardate 13 June 2018
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Help me afford to come up and meet y’all there on the weekend of June 22, 2018!


Hey everybody, this is Christine Chandler coming to you live from home once again, and today I'm here to make an announcement. Who wants to help me go to a gaming convention in Pennsylvania? Too Many Games. Yes, I really want to go. I've been invited. I need to me though guess I'll tell need happened here so I said but GoFundMe helped me achieve it go up four hundred dollars to pay for everything I need you can see me in a couple of weekends the weekend after this coming one yeah now help me reduce it go of $400 by this weekend making the real guarantee to see me in Pennsylvania thank you all so much and Helen awesome terrific day. Yay.

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