Nightstar is a very important Special Sonichu

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Nightstar is a very important Special Sonichu is video where Chris tries to reason the current direction with Sonichu 12-9. He does this by explaining how Night Star has a closer spiritual bond than the titular characters, demonstrating a flagging sense of reality. Additionally, he announces delays in new chapters and begs fans to support him on Patreon.

Nightstar is a very important Special Sonichu
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Stardate 13 June 2018
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Sonichu and Rosechu remain Very Important and Close to me, but Nightstar Unicorn/Sonichu of Equestria is closer, and I talk about why. And why this book about her that I have been working on, yet been delayed off and on for reasons (not to be disclosed at this time), is Very Important, indeed.


Hello everybody, this is Christine Chandler coming to you live from home once again, and at this moment I want to talk a little bit about the importance of Night Star, my unicorn counterpart in Equestria okay?

So for those of you who don't know, [holds up drawing of Night Star] that's Night Star okay? And she can stand on her- she stands on all four she stands on her hind legs. Shes my unicorn- she's my counterpart in Equestria and she's shes defendantly a- my counterpart just like the[holds of picture of CWCville Christine and "real" Christine] Christine Chandler of CWCville we both- like the three of us we co exist and you know know Night Star can become human through Twilight's mirror and as some of you should be aware by now there are like 69 special Sonichus and Rosechus put of the thousands that came out of that chaotic rainbow on February first, 2003, and that's counting Sonichu and rosee, and they both are the primes and they both are the spe- are specials they're two out of the 69.

So anyways, aside from that- so this [holds up picture of Night Star's Sonichu form] is Night Star's Sonichu form. So she's half unicorn and half Sonichu, alright? so it's like she says electric hedgehog power in either unicorn or human form she becomes [cuts sentence abruptly, pauses and stares at camera shortly] [puts down picture] and she lo- and a son an- pink color sudderher face actually does looks quite similar to mine in her human [holds up picture of human Night Star] form even though I drew it more Equestria girls style. Umm anur- uhh oee of course ignore the third eye, I did that for the looks there. And of course her Sonichu form has a mega evolution as well and it's quite reminiscent of [holds up picture of cutie mark] our cutie mark the heart with the wings and the flame the shooting star [in higher pitch] a heart wing heart with a shooting star Ta da! [holds picture of a mega evolution] let you enjoy that dor a moment or you can pause it whatever.

But anyway the point is Night Star is equal to me just like [holds up picture of CWCville and real Christine in Sonichu forms] Christine Chandler CWCville, alright? [stares at camera'] Counterpart, counterpart yo! okay? And being spe- being one of the specials, she's part of my family, part of OUR family and that is why among which aside from this being a- co- orig- is- be- originally being a kind love letter to the brony community as well [taps finger on table six times while staring at the camera] my counterpart and she's half Sonichu dimension tripper psychic powers a whole lot of details, overpowered, yes, but there's so many damn powerful villains in... EVERYWHERE [sighs]

[in much higher pitch] But I digress- but I'm trying to stay on tangent, but anyway, very important Night Star and everything that's happening in Equestria is written in this book did happen and I know for a fact- for a fact alongside CWCville and everything in our sister dimension form this world, okay? So Night Star is very important, at least to me, alright? Thank you all. Please show support on the Patreon. Have a good wonderful day.

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