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Not to be confused with the Canterlot High counterpart also featured in Sonichu #12-9

Sonichu and Rosechu remain Very Important and Close to me, but Nightstar Unicorn/Sonichu of Equestria is closer
Chris, June 2018[1]
Sonichu character
Night Star
Date of birth 24 February 1982 (in universe)[2]
3 June 2017 (IRL)[3]
Gender Female
Parents Sugar Darling, Gallop Crush
Significant others Diamond Melody, Kun T’Nyuget
Species Pony (Unicorn)/Sonichu[4]
Type Psychic
Evolves into Mega Nightstar Sonichu

Night Star (or Nightstar in some writings) is the ponysona of Chris and the protagonist of Sonichu #12-9.

In designing her, Chris bravely decided to go in a new direction by making the character a colossal Mary Sue self-insert. She is "a unicorn with Levitation and other powers", and it supposedly has "all Psychic Powers possible", using these powers "for good". All this has thus far been demonstrated to mean is that unlike Comic Chris, this particular self-insert avatar doesn't require arbitrary magical objects as a catalyst for her deific powers. Chris also insists she is "Psychic-Type" although she isn't a Pokémon.

Two months after her creation, during the events of Doopiegate, a mysterious Twitter account emerged with the online handle NightStar2891, who defended Chris against the trolls. It didn't take a forensic analysis to raise some red flags about somebody heaping praise on Chris while pretending to be a heterochromic cartoon horse, and analysis from Kiwi Farms soon proved that the account holder was actually Chris using a sockpuppet account to white knight himself, which he later confirmed. Since attending Bronycon 2017 in the same month, Chris has become increasingly invested in My Little Pony and his character.


Night Star's cutie mark (minus lightning bolt, which belongs to IRL Chris.)[5]

Since Megan's introduction of My Little Pony to Chris in 2007, Chris has created a number of original pony characters. With the rising popularity of Friendship is Magic (also known as Generation 4) from 2010, Chris has embraced the show; however, he did not develop an original G4 character for several years. With the results of two My Little Pony quizzes, which generated a finite set of character names and cutie marks based on the questions answered, Chris gained the incentive to create a new character.[6][7]

In June 2017, Chris drew art of himself as a My Little Pony character, dubbing his character "Miss Night Star".[3] The next day, he drew fanart of Night Star crossing over with the official characters of the My Little Pony television show. He included a likeness of Andrea Libman, voice actress for the female ponies in the drawing, and tweeted it to her.[8]

Another day later, Chris shared a new drawing of his OC - clearly by another person and lacking credit to the artist.[9] On Kiwi Farms, user borbera proved that they were the artist, claiming that Chris did not express any gratitude for the work.[10] In August of the same year, Chris shared another fan drawing, once again without credit.[11] Following probing by a ween with regards to the latter art's creator, Chris saw fit to bring his sockpuppet account into the spotlight.[12]

Twitter sockpuppet

"I am an admirer of Miss Chandler and her work. If you're saying She drew my piece based on her character, you are thrown Off, Sir."
Chris, white knighting himself while pretending to be a cartoon pony[13]
Chris's bulletproof cover story.

During the events of the Doopie Saga, users on Kiwi Farms discovered that Chris had made a Twitter sockpuppet account named after his pony character in early August 2017, @NightStar2891. Chris used the account to defend himself against trolls, supporting his claims to still being friends with Doopie, affirming his gender identity, and all but directly calling Doopie out for leaking the Doopie E-mails to Kiwi Farms.[14]

On 7 August, the Man in the Pickle Suit obtained screencaps from "Night Star" of her supposed private conversations with Chris (i.e. Chris talking to himself),[15] which Night Star gave as proof of being a different person. Later that day, Chris and Night Star both reasserted that they were not the same person. In an additional attempt to prove that Night Star wasn't him, Chris gave the person allegedly behind the account a fake biography. Details include "Night Star" having a sister named Gloria, growing up in Richmond, and earning a degree in "psychological arts" at the University of Virginia before getting a job at McDonald's (presumably due to earning a useless degree in a field that doesn't exist).

Later, on 9 August, Chris claimed that "Night Star", whose "real" first name he revealed to be Emily (not to be confused with the troll Emily), had not tweeted for the last few days because she had been scared off of Twitter by people claiming she was Chris. He blamed the trolls for ruining their supposed friendship and claimed he scared her away when he went to the McDonald's at which she worked. The 9 August tweets showed the extent of Chris's dedication to making his sockpuppet seem real, but also an uncharacteristic self-awareness on Chris's part that he is so socially inept that he even frightens fictional women.

Chris spills the beans

On 15 August, 2017, after leaving BronyCon, Chris revealed that the Night Star account was made by him in order to continue contact with DoopieDoOver and various My Little Pony voice actors who had blocked him, as well as to white-knight himself on Twitter. He made an apology letter explaining that he felt guilty for making the account after watching the MLP episode "Fame and Misfortune".[16]

An Open Letter to all Twitter Followers:

Dearest People,

Confession Time: Originally Intended for laying low, and to keep a distant bond, still, on a few hurt individuals I like and cared about, after that one-tweet-wonder mess... This Twitter account, @NightStar2891, Is me, Christine Chandler. Again, that mentioned twee was truly with my heart in the right place, to share appreciation for and of the women I've been able to make contact and acquaintance with. Then some other people took wrongful attack upon them at my expense. I felt terrible about that. Two of them blocked me, but hater-informed in that. I pray they will unblock and open up to me again soon. This also is reflected in the MLP Season 7 episode "Fame & Misfortune", the mane six, or five of them, were not used to being criticized, overly, by fan ponies, as well as misread and misunderstood. I, too, felt All This as early 2007; "I'm popular, and I don't like it," said Applejack, and how Rarity overreacted; Fluttershy having to explain herself repeatedly... All That Was Me, and it took a long time to adjust and become resistant to the hate, I Am in control of how these various reactions to my Sonichu and self, content make me feel and react. I try to not let the Critics get to me anymore. And everyone affected by the misunderstood Tweet of mine, you all have control to not let the haters and Trolls affect you at all. too.


This Night Star Twitter was a lay-low alternative for me after that fiasco. I was Not originally going to Tweet from it. Then one of the trolls contacted me; I was tempted to Troll the Trolls now. Dumb: Me. Pffft. But the Trolls, on their forum, have admitted to being well-confused with my characters creation of this Richmond gal with a UVA degree working around and around. I can be quite the actress. Even In Simulating Other Fonts from other people. Regardless, lying all that was wrong of me, and I am sorry for lying in this.

And, as I was finally able to share at BronyCon, with a lot of people, I am, by default, a kind, understanding, compassionate, heart-in-the-right-place person & individual. And I enjoy sharing genuine, pleasant smiles, moments and memories with others, and my heart is open. I would delight in all of us putting this Twitter mishap set behind us and moving on towards being better people. Thank you.

Sincerely, and with all my heart with love, I'm Sorry,

Miss Christine W. Chandler.

When questioned by Twitter users regarding his dubious masquerade, Chris responded, saying:

The style in the Night Star piece in the avatar and banner; I made those too, with help from references online to assemble in photoshop. 😊

As an apology to Doopie for once again being a massive creep, Chris shared with her a drawing of an OC he made called "Bubble Gummy". An unnamed OC was also tweeted to MLP voice actor Tabitha St. Germain, who had blocked Chris's main account as well. Both images were captioned:

An apology piece for you, dear.

The gambit failed, as both Doopie and Tabitha promptly blocked his Night Star account.


Main article: LadyOfTheCosmo#Night Star

After being stressed out by his conversation with LadyOfTheCosmo, Chris decided to use the Night Star account again. He proceeded to talk to himself in a series of several tweets, before attempting to justify that as an "Example of how the terms ["dear" and "darling"] should be accepted".

Subsequent use

After Nowacking blocked Chris on Twitter, Chris used Night Star to follow her.

On 2 September 2017, Chris started to use this account to schizophrenically white knight himself against trolls. Posting several screencaps of weens responding to previous tweets of his, he tweeted:

See How Christine Chandler is actually being Supportive, and yet the Trolls do all of the Harassing to separate people.[17]

As of Christmas Eve 2018, NightStar2891 remains defunct.[18]

BronyMate account

On 27 August 2017, Chris created an account on brony dating site BronyMate named "NightStar1982".

In the comic

"What the fuck did I just read?"

Night Star made her debut in Sonichu #12 in a bonus epilogue, where she introduces DJ Jamsta and Lolisa Rosechu, performing "Love is Love" live in concert. Chronologically, this follows Act 1 of the following comic.


In a Captain's Log published on 14 August 2017, Chris revealed that he intended to include Night Star in his upcoming Sonichu #12-9 comic and that the special would feature Night Star's youth and events leading up to the present day.

On 22 August, Chris uploaded two images to Twitter showing a revised cover of Sonichu #0, in which Night Star replaces his self-insert. In addition, "I will! Thank you, mother!" replaces the infamous cover dialogue.[19] Days later, Chris revealed the new cover for Sonichu 12-9, which shows Night Star standing in the middle of a dirt road in Equestria. The cover was also accompanied by a synopsis, describing the character with far-fetched Mary Sue traits:

Introducing Night Star, of Equestria; a unique Unicorn with the ability to open dimension portals to view into, and visit, other dimensions and worlds; she can view Our internet and YouTube videos through one, like an instant PC monitor. She also has all Psychic Powers possible. And, as an artist herself, and linked to myself, Christine Chandler, mentally, and visually through a portal, she draws and writes the "Sonichu" Comic Book series in Equestria (replace me with her; transformation to Chris Chan Sonichu, still the same, and all humans with ponies and horses. Night Star may be considered overpowered, but she still has her flaws (not autism or aspergers, period), and she uses her powers for good. Look forward to her life story (shortened), plus a day in Ponyville and around, in the next "Sonichu" after completeing #12. Thank You for your loyalty and patience. I am a Proud Pegasister in the Brony Herd Community![20]

Later, after entering a relationship with Jessica Quinn, Chris revealed his plans to include them both in the comic. Her ponysona is named "Diamond Melody":

Second thing for right now: my Sweetheart and I, both have an MLP OC; we are shipped for real. I'm getting the ball rolling with this fresh piece of the two of us; I would like to see us in other lovingly done art styles. I have seen a LOT of MLP ship art that is Just Amazing. I'm a unicorn with Levitation and other powers; she's a pegasus; Please, Bronies and Pegasisters: Make us look as great as y'all can.[21]

As portrayed in Sonichu #12-9, Night Star is born to Sugar Darling and Gallop Crush, and discovers at a young age that she has a telepathic connection to Chris in his own dimension. Years after the fact, she graduates from magic school, produces her own series of Sonichu comics in Equestria, and makes contact with CWCville.

In the present day, Night Star portals into CWCville, where she visits KCWC radio station to coordinate a concert with Jamsta and Lolisa (as portrayed in #12). After CWCville, Night Star visits Canterlot High School, and unexpectedly encounters her CWCville counterpart. Having anticipated this meeting, Night Star gives her counterpart a cutie mark, which transforms her into a near twin of the former as a means of bringing her into "mental sync". After some shenanigans with Pinkie Pie, Night Star meets Sunset Shimmer to deliver ingredients for a permanent hair dye experiment.

In Act 2, which takes place before Act 1, Night Star meets Diamond Melody while waiting for a Slayer/DJ Pon-3 concert and the two hit it off quickly. Also joining the group for the concert is Nepgear. After the concert, Star and Melody portal to CWCville for a date and the two eventually become a couple; however, some time later they break up due to reasons only Chris can devise.

In Act 3, Night Star falls head over hoof for Kun T’Nyuget in the Ponyville market. Eventually the two visit CWCville where Rei Ryghts attacks. Transforming into her Sonichu form, Night Star attempts to thwart the attack, but is transported to another world, until returning some time later in a coma. In the hospital, Kun visits Star and admits his love for her. Weeks after the incident, Night Star wakes up, and the pair return to Ponyville to live together.

In the final act, the Cutie Map summons Night Star and Kun T’Nyuget for a quest to visit Kludgetown. In the town, they meet pirate captain Celano, who remarks that two of her crewmates are not on speaking terms because of a dispute. Speaking to both of the crewmates, they discover that the pirates have differing opinions on a former crewmate called Storm King. With no leads to solving the dispute, the couple are approached by deus ex machina unicorn, Tempest Shadow, who believes that their answers can be found in a fortress on an island. She offers to help the two in exchange for some of the plunder. Arriving at Storm King's base, the group discover a log which belonged to Celano's pirate ship. Upon reading the log, Night Star and Kun ascertain proof of Storm King's evil allegiance and proceed to show it to the two crewmates, who then reconcile. With their quest solved, they return home and invite Chris to say farewell to the readers.


Night Star regains her tail.

In Sonichu #13, Night Star in her human form appears out of nowhere to aid Chris in sending Kurome back to the Zero Dimension.

In the following Act, Night Star attempts to clone Chris—for the purpose of tending to Chris's house and Barb—by introducing his DNA to the Mirror Pool in Equestria; however, the DNA is of the "lustful" 2000 Chris, resulting in an overpopulation of horny Chris clones. This abundance forces the ponies to evacuate Equestria by using the portal to Canterlot High School and take refuge in CWCville. Sometime later, after the heroes incinerate the clones, the Equestrians return to their world.

Following the Nazi invasion of Equestria, Night Star relays a letter from Chris to Discord to persuade him to join their cause against the fascists, to which he declines. This prompts Chris to astral project himself to Equestria, and threaten Discord until he submits to eliminating the Nazis.

Back in CWCville, on 18 January 2018, Night Star is depressed because the Nazis in Equestria imprisoned her family and severed her tail (despite being in human form in this scene). Using the powers of "love and soul", Chris is able to restore Night Star's tail, enabling her to have her vengeance.

In Ben Saint's Slime comic

In summer 2019, webcomic artist Ben Saint decided to insert Night Star into his comic series as a way of boosting views, eliciting a reaction from Chris in which he drew his own competing version of the comic, treating it as the true and honest version of events.


Night Star makes a cameo in the incomplete Sonichu #14 comic. During Chris's retalling of BronyCon 2019, Night Star explains that she watched the BronyPalooza concert through a portal.[22]



Chris has created several pieces of art featuring Night Star. He claims to have experimented with Photoshop software to create some of his gallery:[23]

Fan art

In addition to well-wishers sharing their art with Chris, other fans sought to present TRUE and HONEST interpretations of Miss Night Star:

Gallery of Miss Night Star fan art (some NSFW)


In May 2018, Chris made a request for a Night Star plush.[24] ChuuChuuRocket took on the project over the space of a week.[25] Chris thanked her for the gift and posted photos of it to Twitter[26], making note of the Heterochromia Night Star shares with him[27] and put his signature on the medallion.

Chris later brought the plush to BronyCon 2018, where it can be seen in several photos. He also took it to his Region 10 appointments.

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