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This page archives Chris's Twitter posts from January through April 2017. For tweets afterwards, see the template at the bottom of this article.

On 19 January, Chris updated his Twitter with a background from the Love is Love comic and replaced his profile picture to match the one on his Facebook.

Chris's Twitter in 2017.


Tweeting a death threat to Trump

4 January 2017

Text Time
@realDonaldTrump https://www.facebook.com/CwcvilleGuardian/posts/1263412397086570 8:34 am

An archive is here.

Tweeting a death threat to Trump again

9 January 2017

Text Time
@realDonaldTrump Would you allow yourself to be discriminated for being straight in an alternate reality, Mr. Trump? https://www.facebook.com/CwcvilleGuardian/posts/1263412397086570 6:03 pm

An archive is here.

Chris is gay

10 January 2017

A troll had commented on Chris's last tweet to Trump by saying, "@CWCSonichu @realDonaldTrump Chris are you finally admitting that you are not a heterosexual?" Chris responded.

Text Time
@muddykipz77 I did that already; I came out as the Lesbian Transwoman that I am. 8:39 pm

My heroes

18 January 2017

Chris retweeted a sarcastic comment from JK Rowling on Trump's heroes and replied.

Text Time
@jk_rowling I have a lot of heroes, including every person in the LGBTQ communities who continue to be themselves, and love other people. 5:30 pm

Praise for Caitlyn Jenner

19 January 2017

Chris retweeted a message from Caitlyn Jenner, which reads: "Republicans need help understanding LGBTQ issues and I'm here to help!"

Text Time
@Caitlyn_Jenner You go, Jenner! Remind Drumpf that Love Is Love, and our communities will continue our fights for equal rights. 11:02 pm
Text Time
@Caitlyn_Jenner Great speech; please remember not only the Trans of you, I and all, but all the Lesbians (me also), Gay, Bi & Queer. 11:14 pm
Text Time
@Caitlyn_Jenner And, Thank You, for speaking to the Republicans in our honor and love. 11:15 pm

Pmurt Inauguration salt

20 January 2017

Text Time
The USA Has No President or Vice President Now to 2020. #USAHasNoPresident20162020 10:53 pm

Chris then tweeted to President Trump and Vice President Pence.

Text Time
@realDonaldTrump You and Pence are NOT the President and Vice President; I do not acknowledge either of you. #USAHasNoPresident20162020 (link) 10:59 pm
Text Time
@mike_pence You and Trump are NOT the Presidents; I do not acknowledge either of you in office. #USAHasNoPresident20162020 (link) 11:00 pm

Saying hi to MLP VAs

26 January 2017

Text Time
@ash_leigh_ball Hi, Ashleigh. I'm just tweeting to say hi, and I am a fan of RD and Applejack. :) Have a great and safe day.) 1:10 pm
Text Time
@AndreaLibman Hi, Andrea. Just tweeting to say Hi; I do enjoy your voice between Pinkie and Fluttershy. Have a great and safe day. :) 1:12 pm

Empathy for Tara Strong

28 January 2017

Tara Strong tweeted about someone insulting her.

Trump supporter calls me a “Kike that needs to go to the gas chamber” shared my story on @facebook …they suspend MY account. BannonBook?

Chris replied:

Text Time
@tarastrong Hey, Tara. I've been bullied like that before. Stay strong; you are better than the trolls and bullies. <3 4:19 pm


28 January 2017

Text Time
Tweet 10:13 pm


Prayers for the Spears family

7 February 2017

Text Time
@Britney Spears britneyspears @jamielynnspears I feel for your troubles, and I send my heart and prayers to you all. ❤️ 2:09 am

7 February 2017

Text Time
@jamielynnspears I've just read about Maddie's recovery from Womanista; I'm relieved and happy for y'all. ❤️ Stay Safe. 11:45 pm

For the unaware, Jamie's daughter had been injured in an ATV accident.



5 March 2017

Chris tweeted multiple replies to Tara Strong's tweets. The third message from Strong was her complimenting a photo of a fan.

Strong's comment Chris's reply Time
I've got lots to talk about. Standing up to bullies is top of my list. Me too; I do not like bullies. People fear their kids will turn gay if the LGBTQ youth are protected; that's just dumb; Protect All Youth. 9:37 am
“No fair, I just wanted to insult a celebrity from comfort of my own home, I didn’t want them to stand up for themselves or show integrity” @tarastrong You never know when people will get wind of the insult and rather or not they stand up for themselves after. People Stand. 6:47 pm
As you should! SHE'S GORGEOUS @tarastrong It sounds like you've just made someone's day or week. ;) 8:53 pm

Nicest thing about a job

6 March

Notable for Libman responding to him.

Libman's comment Chris's reply Time
Having one of those "I can't believe this is my job" days. Can't wait to share with you.... @AndreaLibman The nicest thing about such a job is the people who are thankful with you in response. <3 2:28 pm
@CWCSonichu very true @AndreaLibman Thank You. :) 3:18 pm

Mourning TV host Robert Osborne

6 March

Veronica Taylor Chris Time
So sad to hear of @TCM host extraordinaire Robert Osborne's passing. Sharing his wealth of knowledge and love of movies...Irreplaceable. @TheVeronicaT @tcm I remember him when my father and I enjoyed the movies on TCM. I remember the one where he had the Powerpuff Girls ... 5:14 pm
@TheVeronicaT @tcm ...gust star while Wizard of Oz was showing. 5:14 pm
@TheVeronicaT @tcm **Guest 5:15 pm

Missed point on Trump criticism

6 March

Tara Strong Chris Time
I just find it comforting that @realDonaldTrump is tweeting about #Apprentice ratings & bogus wiretaps while #NorthKorea threatens war. @tarastrong @realDonaldTrump I can agree with that; it is the modern and human thing to think about other things besides fighting. 6:06 pm
@tarastrong @realDonaldTrump Although, if anything I would like to hear of 45 tweet of (besides being impeached) is Compliments of... 6:08 pm
@tarastrong @realDonaldTrump ...the LGBTQ community and reinstating our equal rights and protections. 6:09 pm
@tarastrong @realDonaldTrump **Compliments TO the LGBTQ people and communities. 6:21 pm

Empathizing with BPD

7 March

DoopieDoOver Chris Time
I'm trying my best to understand people. BPD makes me rather judgmental towards those who've hurt me. Their actions confuse me. @DoopieDoOver I don't have BPD, but I can empathize with difficulty understanding hurtful people, particularly, internet trolls. 5:18 am
@DoopieDoOver I have been hurt by a number of them, as well as some people in person aside. I have felt upset and emotionally distraught. 5:19 am
@DoopieDoOver I try to keep an open heart and open mind for those who respond in kindness and compassion, as I know they are still around. 5:21 am
@DoopieDoOver Nowadays, I have put the bad people behind me, and I try to maintain a positive outlook; some success, but I still have... 5:23 am
@DoopieDoOver ...my own mental quandaries to try resolving. Anyhow, all we can do is take life one moment at a time, and do what we... 5:24 am
@DoopieDoOver ...each are able to do for ourselves and those we care about. <3 5:25 am

Ranting at Tara Strong about Cole

7 March

After being triggered by seeing a photo of a man he believes resembles his half-brother Cole Smithey, Chris veered into a rant about him, demanding that he apologize for shutting their manipulative, evil and abusive mother out of his life.

Chris tagged Tara Strong and Danny Zuker while making his multi-tweet rant, revealing his family drama to them.

Tara Strong
The people have voted. Seeing how close my arch nemesis @DannyZuker is to 300,00 shows you’d rather see this naked than this. #sad


Chris Time
@tarastrong @DannyZuker Wow. He in that photo; he looks similar to my half-brother, @colesmithey. 7:04 pm
@tarastrong @DannyZuker @colesmithey I would like my New York Critic Brother after he makes amends and apologizes to our mother. 7:05 pm
@tarastrong @DannyZuker @colesmithey, You are 50+ years old; our mom is 75; it is Time to apologize and make amends; get that old... 7:07 pm
@tarastrong @DannyZuker @colesmithey ...chip about your father and whatever else Off of your mind. Your hip problem is not her fault either 7:07 pm

International Women's Day

8 March

Tara Strong
Sending love to my sistas all over the world. #InternationalWomensDay
Chris Time
Me too! 1:04 pm

Health-care joke

8 March

Tabitha St. Germain
When travelling to the U.S. don't forget to bring your old phones in case your appendix falls out.
Chris Time
@StTabitha I'm trying to get this; are you making a pun of the contact info list versus the organ? 1:08 pm
@StTabitha Ah! Now I understand. 1:14 pm

Jason Chaffetz, a Congressman, had made a statement that people should choose between buying costly phones or health insurance.

Don't be blinded impulsively

8 March

Chris Time
We can not let ourselves be blinded impulsively.

Blinded impulsively.jpeg

1:42 pm

Criticizing Trump

8 March

Tara Strong
Hypocrite @PressSec says there's a HUGE difference between Trump saying "I love WikiLeaks" & this #wikileak drop. No fraudface, it's all bad
Chris Time
@tarastrong @PressSec Well said. 2:05 pm
Tara Strong
But NOBODY respects women more than he does 😡

She linked to a tweet.

Chris Time
@tarastrong Reading the comments here riled me up; how can Anyone like 45 after what he did and said to and of women? 2:29 pm
I have no respect for Mr. 45. 2:32 pm

Proud to be a feminist

8 March

Andrea Libman Chris Time
On #womensday I'm proud to be a feminist @AndreaLibman Me too. :) 7:42 pm

9 March

Andrea Libman Chris Time
Feminism: the belief that women and men should have equal rights and opportunities


Still a feminist despite rude comments.

@AndreaLibman @MerriamWebster I'm a feminist too.

International womens year stamps.jpeg

5:52 pm

On 10 March, Chris tweeted at a couple of trolls who had questioned his womanhood.

HizbAlBaath XDisco_InfernoX Chris Time
@CWCSonichu you're a man with a mental illness @CWCSonichu you're a man child I am a Lesbian Transwoman; I am not confused or mentally ill about that; I Am Woman. 2:27 pm

What the hell?

9 March

President Trump
"@Don_Vito_08: "A picture is worth a thousand words" @realDonaldTrump #LyingTed #NeverCruz @MELANIATRUMP "
Chris Time
@realDonaldTrump @Don_Vito_08 @MELANIATRUMP What the hell? 5:22 pm

Chris's first word

10 March

Should I stop my monkey fanarts?
Chris Time
@Ladybot3 My first word was "Monkey", in an attempt to say "mommy". "Momkey" :) 3:48 am

Check my wigwam

10 March

Chris Time
Just thinking of having my tire pressure checked, then I thought of Native Americans, so I end up asking the attendant to check my wigwam. 2:01 pm

Govt grant for stopping haters?

10 March, 11:55 am

Tabitha St. Germain
Is there a govt. grant I can get for some new bras? Bad timing?
Is there one for tracking down and stopping haters online?

Hannibal and A Clockwork Orange

10 March, 8:05 pm

Tabitha St. Germain
Thanks for inviting me to dindins but I watched Hannibal, (essentially a bromance with arterial spray) & now I am v. suspicious of pâté etc.
@StTabitha Weider, or at least weird as Hannibal, A Clockwork Orange was quite of the kooky-adult-weird kind.

F the haters

10 March, 8:08 pm

Tara Strong
F this racist 😡 [She linked to an article on Jeff Sessions]
@tarastrong I quite agree; F the racists, homophobics, and simply all Haters.

Complimenting Britney Spears

10 March, 8:10 pm

Britney Spears
TGIF ☀️[She posted a gif of her in a bikini]
@britneyspears Casual and still looking awesome too.

Laugh at fart joke

10 March, 8:11 pm

Vim [A furry porn artist]
I hope folks call fart fetish fanart, "fanfart".
@VimHomeless LOL!


11 March, 6:22 pm

how do i stop pooping
@DoopieDoOver I'd rather just let it fall out; pent-up poop does a body Bad. Plus, it is a relief to the belly afterwards.

I'd like to meet Tara Strong

11 March, 6:34 pm

Tara Strong
Peoples get to win me?!😍😍😍😍 [She tried to link to a contest, but the link broke]
@tarastrong I'd like to meet you too, Tara. You are an inspirational figure. :) [He tweeted the correct link to the contest to her]

Trump Puppet

11 March, 7:57 pm

Tara Strong
I love @HamillHimself so damn much [She linked to a skit about President Trump]
@tarastrong @HamillHimself I definitely like this puppet better than the actual person.

Sexy happens

11 March, 8:01 pm

Why do people stigmatize sexy? Sexy is awesome, mini van soccer moms. Go pick up little Cody and Katelyn or something, we have work to do.
@VimHomeless I agree; sexy happens anyhow; it can be helped but only so much; beauty, and sexy, are still in the eye of the beholder.

Begging Playstation

12 March, 8:40 pm

@PlayStation Thank You for the Extended Storage for the PS4; Please, Please, PLEASE extend that Extended Storage option to PS3; I am...
@PlayStation ...Keeping it, and I want ALL of my Downloadable Games ready to play at my own, and my family's, impulsive moments. Thank you.

He then tweeted both messages again.

White-Knighting Tara Strong

13 March, 11:19 am

@tarastrong - never even heard of you, not sure why this is even on my feed
@karma09293 How could you not heard of @tarastrong? One of the best voice actresses, an activist and a role model for the young.

Agreed with Tara on Trump

13 March, 11:21 am

Tara Strong
BE NICE?!! That's rich coming from one who mocks disabled, calls Mexicans rapists, assaults women, allows antisemites around, anti-refugee,
@tarastrong And I agree with her, anyway. # 45 IS one who has insulted, to say the least, a LOT of People.

Strong liked his tweet.

More advice for DoopieDoOver

13 March, 11:30 am

I've made a few friends here but they live far and/or are busy. It's not their faults. I'm just lonely, I guess.
@DoopieDoOver Me too. I feel that it is apparent the people we like reside out of state, and even country. I live in Virginia.

11:35 am

Hi my name is Danielle and I have no idea how to control how much I eat until it's too late.
@DoopieDoOver I had that problem years ago, then I started eating two meals per day for a while, now my tummy warns me better of when.

11:37 am

Sometimes internet interaction just isn't enough. I don't know anyone here in person and I've really been craving going out with people.
@DoopieDoOver Me too. I'm blessed to have my friends at Pokémon League and Church. Count your local friends.

Need LittleBigPlanet level

13 March, 11:32 am

@PlayStation Also, please put back up the Marvel DLC for LittleBiGPlanet; I still need the PS4 version of that for LBP3.


13 March, 11:33 am

Chris liked a gif of a cat.

@stubacat @StTabitha :D Silly cat.

Major Crime

13 March, 5:14 pm

Tara Strong
😡😡😡😡 [She linked to a NY Times tweet which said that 24 million people will lose insurance under the GOP's health care bill.]
@tarastrong That is a Major Crime!

Suicide Squad

13 March, 9:11 pm

@DoopieDoOver @hotdiggedydemon I liked Suicide Squad, original and Extended cuts.

Ladybot's YouTube channel

14 March, 7:09 pm

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SP38pbMLfS8 … this account is using my name for a paypal account please do not donate. :-(
@Ladybot3 Here is Ladybot's real channel.
Darn trolls.

Growing emotional backgrounds

14 March, 11:30 pm

Tara Strong
Monsters in power are so racist, and hate @POTUS44 SO much, they would rather millions of Americans die than work with his healthcare plan 💔
@tarastrong @POTUS44 I Know. It is a crime people should become such monsters; we can't change their growing emotional backgrounds. Shame.

Strong liked his tweet.

George Takei

15 March, 6:53 pm

George Takei
Some criticize me for only tweeting about how I detest Trump. That's just not true. I often also tweet about how much others detest him.
@GeorgeTakei @tarastrong Not to mention any and all other topics of interest.


15 March, 7:25 pm

Danger Dolan
Dolan True Stories: http://youtu.be/J9CCufJevVA?a via @YouTube
@TheDDGuides @andiemations @YouTube Just watched that; totes funny! :)

More MLP episodes

15 March, 8:40 pm

TV Tango
🎉 @discoveryfamily Premieres S7 #MLP w/ @tarastrong @ash_leigh_ball @CathyWeseluck @AndreaLibman Sat. Apr. 15 About http://bit.ly/oZjsOs
@TVTango @AndreaLibman @discoveryfamily @tarastrong @ash_leigh_ball @CathyWeseluck Yay! :)

Trump's fresh hate

15 March, 8:51 pm

Tara Strong
I know we need to stay informed but honestly, listening 2 Trump yell his hatred feels gross,angry & truly bad 4 u. Believe me, I know Voices
@tarastrong I know; which is why I don't listen to the live events, but read about them later. We don't have to put up with his fresh hate.

Strong liked his tweet.

Car, unicorn, spaceship hybrid

16 March, 12:16 pm

paul bassett davies
Ok I’ve decided to get a hybrid car. What I’m looking for is a hybrid of a car, a unicorn, and some type of spaceship with laser weapons.
@thewritertype @StTabitha I know of the perfect hybrid for y'all. Princess Unikitty's Cloud Cruiser (wheels optional).


Dark chocolate

16 March, 1:34 pm

Andrea Libman
Never used to be my thing but since I can't eat dairy at the moment I'm loving dark chocolate
@AndreaLibman You just taught me something new; I never knew Dark Chocolate has no milk. :)


16 March, 1:35 pm

Discovery Family
Is everypony ready to dive into the power of Magic?!!! An all new season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, is coming on 4.15!
@discoveryfamily @AndreaLibman Yay!

Dressing salads

16 March, 2:00 pm

Tabitha St. Germain
Don't over-dress the salad. #FreeAdviceIn5Words
@StTabitha Although, to dress a salad for success may still not be successful. :)

Asbestos Man

17 March, 7:38 pm

Tabitha St. Germain
Really really really wanted pictures of the asbestos men in superhero poses. But they were instinctually (and correctly) suspicious of me.
@StTabitha Here's one, I think.

Asbestos man.jpeg

Liking MLP cosplay

17 March, 7:40 pm

Tara Strong
Epic pony girls @slcomiccon

Mlp cosplayers.jpeg

@tarastrong @slcomiccon They look awesome, and Rarity there looks successful.

Liking Proud Family

17 March, 7:46 pm

Rachael Ellenbogen
Listen up, @DisneyChannel! Kyla Pratt wants to bring back #TheProudFamily & so do I...so, let's make it happen? http://bit.ly/2nJOrgI
@TheRachaelE @DisneyChannel @KylaPratt @tarastrong I liked that show a lot. :)

Photographing a pace car

18 March, 12:37 am

I drove alongside the #Indianapolis500 Pace Car Thursday afternoon.

Pace car.jpeg


18 March, 8:15 pm

You shouldn't judge someone you've never spoken to before. Just because someone else says they're bad, doesn't mean they are.
@DoopieDoOver You know what, you're right! I need to get to know Hitler first!
@MicalTweets @DoopieDoOver I agree; here's his Wikipedia page. He Has done some bad things. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adolf_Hitler?wprov=sfsi1

Critiquing cosplay

18 March, 9:31 pm

Tara Strong
Hey @realhartman there’s a pretty good #TimmyTurner & #Vicky @slcomiccon

FOP cosplay.jpeg

@tarastrong @realhartman @slcomiccon Poor Wanda there is looking quite thin.

Singing MLP song

18 March, 11:38 pm

@AndreaLibman I felt like singing a bit.  :)

He included a link to his A little Fluttershy singing (imitation) video. Libman is Fluttershy's voice actress on My Little Pony.

Birthstone keeps mind balanced

19 March, 1:01 am

What Your Birthstone Means, According to Science. My birthstone keeps me from getting drunk and have balanced mind. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDM-RnbIGoU

Happy birthday

19 March, 1:53 am

Lego Birthday for me! XD
@ScGooby Happy Birthday, Gooby.  :)

Critiquing a selfie shot

19 March, 8:09 pm

Andrea Libman
Studio selfie #latergram #voiceover https://www.instagram.com/p/BR1m1BzjLp7/
@AndreaLibman It's a good selfie; the light was too much.

She has an eloquent voice

19 March, 8:17 pm

I just watched the new @ThePlanetDolan video about annoying habits; Pandora has an eloquent voice. @Heckbent is lucky to have her.
@CWCSonichu @ThePlanetDolan She is amazing. I love her very much!

20 March, 3:46 am

congrats to @PandoraBarzahd on her first PD video being uploaded!
@LonesomeMuse @PandoraBarzahd Loved your voice; very eloquent too. :)

Nice art

21 March, 1:11 pm

@andiemations Very good and nicely done.  ;)

Hair joke

21 March, 2:02 pm

Tabitha St. Germain
Bugger. Have to talk this man down. He's just called 911 about my hair. Laters.
@StTabitha He called 911 about your hair?

Requesting gas money for cross-country trip

21 March, 6:06 pm

Want to get into BABSCon for free? We need a few more hands to help! http://www.babscon.com/2017/volunteer/
@BABSCon @StTabitha I would love to help, but California is a LONG way from Virginia; will y'all pay for my gas to drive there?

Hypnotized by furry art

21 March, 11:51 pm

This animation is horrendous and has ruined my entire day

Furry tail.gif

@DoopieDoOver This lures me in hypnotically. 😝
I'm sorry, but I disagree.

London terror attack

22 March, 1:51 pm

Chris commented on the London tragedy, in which an attacker drove his car through a crowd of people. For some reason, Chris believed that the victims were passengers.

Tara Strong
So sad...so unnecessary. My heart goes out to the victims and their families 💔#PrayForLondon
@tarastrong That was a scary time for the passengers and their families. 💔 #PrayForLondon

Mourning for Bob

22 March, 9:59 pm

@DoopieDoOver I understand. I miss my father everyday (he passed on in 2011); I appreciate very much his living and being there for me...
@DoopieDoOver ...when he can. Senior citizen All of my life, he was. And I am grateful he can come into my dreams and still share time...
@DoopieDoOver ...with me about every other night. Thank you, Mr. C. <3

Hitting on Doopie

23 March, 3:42 am

Why isn't anyone up at 1am and wanting to chill? Being an adult is so boring.
@DoopieDoOver I know. I'm unable to fall asleep right now, and I'm feeling bored from trying to sleep and fail.
@DoopieDoOver And to be an adult sometimes involves a Lot more stress and worry to fret over, which takes the fun away, then I'm bored.
@DoopieDoOver I'd like to be done adulting with a lady friend and "just be pony".
Like i would literally drive to someone's house at 1am just to watch netflix and draw on my laptop. I just like company.
@DoopieDoOver I would appreciate the company too.
@DoopieDoOver it's bout 20 to 4 am were I cam
@MarshallFortnum You're in my time zone.
@CWCSonichu cool

Research on London terror attack

23 March, 4:50 pm

Chris tweeted a WatchMojo video titled "London Terror Attacks - 3 Need to Know Facts #PrayForLondon."

Details wrong again

23 March, 6:21 pm

My heart goes out to the victims and their families in London. No act of terror can shake the strength and resilience of our British ally.
@BarackObama @tarastrong Me too. That was horrible road rage.


24 March, 1:00 am

Andrea Libman
Remind me to drink more water
@AndreaLibman Have some water.  ;)


24 March, 9:31 pm

Andrea Libman
Busy #FluttershyFriday with lots of, well, Fluttershy!
@AndreaLibman :)


25 March, 1:34 am

Andrea Libman
Was watching @CTVVancouver last night and Mindy (my dog) growled like crazy when she saw the cougar! [she posted a photo of her dog]
@AndreaLibman My dogs sometimes bark when they hear a doorbell sound from the TV. Oh, my.

Cloversnoopy tweet.jpeg

Awesome selfie

27 March, 5:11 pm

Tara Strong
So @DannyZuker says to make this my profile pic so I can destroy him...thoughts?! [the photo]
@tarastrong That is an Awesome Selfie! You look really good. :)

Wanting a 3D-scanning app

28 March, 11:13 am

Also, I require a high-recommended object 3D-scanning app for my phone; I will be reading all valid suggestions in the comments. Thank you.
@CWCSonichu I've used SCANN3D quite a few times, but these scans do require a bit of touching up after. Be very thorough with the photos.
@HuskyLannister that app is not on the iTunes App Store.
the phone ones only can get so much of a quality of resolution to them, unless you plan to touch it up I don't recommend
Chris (3 April)
@CojaxGormacules‏ Obviously


28 March, 11:54 am

Tabitha St. Germain
Headlights [she posted a video of a cat with glowing eyes]
@StTabitha Spooky-Cute!  :)

Jealous of Pence

30 March, 11:18 am

Tara Strong
Dinner with @mike_pence "Oh you think YOUR wife'll b pissed? Wait'll you see what my Puddin' does to YOU! Ha!Just kiddin' he ain't worried" [she posted a selfie]
@tarastrong @mike_pence

You are Too Good And Too Cool for Pence.


Productivity advice

1 April, 11:09 pm

If I were to do a "How to Draw" video, what would be your suggestions?
Draw what you like and feel like at the time of drawing. Simple.

Son-Chu's package

2 April, 8:59 pm

Son-Chu in package

Son-chu package.jpeg

Trump, you mocked the mentally-challenged

2 April, 9:01 pm

Donald J. Trump
Melania and I are honored to light up the @WhiteHouse this evening, for #WorldAutismAwarenessDay. Join us & #LIUB. http://45.wh.gov/TE8ak1
HA! You "honor" a Mental disability After having, multiple times, MOCKED the mentally-challenged individual people? You, sir, are Uncouth.


3 April, 12:48 am

Chris liked a post from Doopie, which read:

I've stressed myself into a migraine but I can't stop, I still have so much shit to do. Rip

He then replied to another post from her.

Why isn't anyone up at 1am and wanting to chill? Being an adult is so boring.
Life is f***ed up. (I had a real stressful Sunday afternoon) Gawd! Just... GAWD!!!

Discussing porn artwork

4 April, 12:19 am

Just because I draw porn, doesn't mean it's an invitation to be creepy towards me. 🙃
Ditto! And I was scandalous like that in my drawing before. I'm not totally proud of that either, but it is what it is.

More stamps for sale

4 April, 2:03 pm

Check out United Nations Commerative 1981 first day cover EnergieQeellen https://t.co/q5lTMGRURx @eBay I just relisted a number of covers.

I Really Do Not Like Seterus

4 April, 4:34 pm

Chris gets mad at Seterus (a loan servicing company) for a mortgage payment making him and his mother broke, despite it being Barb's fault for letting the account go past-due.

Seterus, Inc. I Really Do Not Like Seterus; they just went behind our backs, and now my mom is $800+ in the red. UGH seterus.com


5 April, 3:46 pm

My head is feeling numb from stress right now. Unfortunately, this feeling comes upon me, at random, too often.


6 April, 1:01 pm

Friendship comes in many colors! 💖 💛 💜 💚 💙 ❤️ #MyLittlePonyMovie is coming to theaters October 6! 🦄 🌈 ✨
Awesome! My pegasisters and I can't wait either! Thankful for Season 7 next week.

Begging Cole for money

6 April, 1:04 pm

@colesmithey Hey, Brother. Your mother and sister are in financial trouble; Please help us here.

Damn Trump

6 April, 11:29 pm

Damn you to hell, @realDonaldTrump

He linked to an article.


7 April, 2:27 pm

What if Trump is some sort of Nostradamus who was tweeting at himself, not Obama, the whole time?

White knighting Chris

7 April, 9:40 pm

Fun fact. I used to edit weird shit like this when I was super bored..(this was made like two years ago rip.) [She linked to art of a talking pear']]
I like pears.
That's very insightful Chris.
it's *Christine. <-<

Discussing creativity with Emgo316

8 April, 5:58 pm

Why do I often get people calling Mascot "minion"? Where are they getting that from. I've never called him that lol
You have made your Mascot be viewed as beneath you, plus coining the term "Chest Minion" in the CW Review videos might have helped too.
But I've never called HIM that, so it still makes no sense
What is your Mascot's name?

His official name is stronius

May I suggest you do a review video of your Stronius, and tell us his backstory?
I don't review family lol. I've told told the story of how mascot came to be a few times before.
Except Stronius reviewed your self-figure. LOL I just searched "Stronius emgo" on YouTube; not much to go on. If you have talked of him before, then I feel a compilation video of those bits, and some new details about him would be appropriate.
I talked about mascot, not stronius. I told his story in the very first q&a I ever did and the transmissions podcast I was a guest on
I did not know that. Still, to a lot of other people who did not catch those, who were new to you (I'm sorry), A Mascot Story would be good
How many times do I need to tell it?
Good question. I ask myself that every time I have something with Sonichu on it, and kids ask me, "Is that Sonic?" Or say, "Look! It's Super Sonic!" The short what it is, "It's Sonichu, the Electric-Hedgehog Pokémon." The kids have disregarded the fact and say, "Still looks like Sonic to me." Then I get a feeling of disappointment, as well as a mild irratation of anger, thinking "OH, MY GOD!!!"

In further thought, I'd guess try one who video on your channel, or maybe have someone write a comic book of Mascot. And then in future when someone else asks, you can refer them to the video or book. At least for me, I will always have "Sonichu #0", and the more than ten books of content with that. That I have personally drawn, written, colored, and put a lot of my love, heart and soul into it all. Then counter-points of stress and anxiety, in consistent multiples at the time, leave me feeling not in the mood to create; falling into a deep hole in my mind and heart, until when I can get myself recovered and out again, and work on the feeling when it hits me again at the random future time, and I'm back to work again for as long as possible. But I digress.

Missile strike against Syria

8 April, 11:47 pm

Tara Strong
We have no clue what's really going on,except for the fact that we've been taken into world conflict by a man with zero political experience
I heard the airport was evacuated in preparation of that missile attack. It's still unsettling. :_(
Chris (2 hours later)
I withdraw my past feeling; apparently the damage was very less than that. [He linked to an article.]

Cartoons dancing

9 April, 2:08 pm

Taking Five (retweeted by DoopieDoOver)
[link to gif]

Cartoons doing Happy Dances! :D

Nice day

10 April, 3:05 pm

Andrea Libman
Good morning! #PinkiePie Art by KP

Have a happy and safe day.  :)

Princess Peach fanart

10 April, 4:51 pm

MrSteak (retweeted by DoopieDoOver)
[the link to art.]

The Real Princess Peach Toadstool

Animal cruelty

11 April, 2:33 am

I'm tired of seeing this shit. This isn't cute. It's wrong. Dressing them up for family pictures for money at the flea market is not okay. [link to photo]
Oh, my gosh! That is cruelty and ridiculing, right there. Poor gator.

Doopie liked his tweet.


11 April, 3:27 pm

New Oc based on a friend ^.^ [the link to art.]
Very cute. What is "Defenstrate"?
To anyone wondering what 'defenestrate' means... [She linked to the definition]
The word of the day: "Defenestrate". Thank you, @SacredSnewpee

News headlines Chris would want

11 April, 4:46 pm

Tara Strong
Seriously. How long do we need to endure this lying racist bully? He speaks on behalf of this country and is an absolute embarrassing turd.
I Know! The only headlines I'm looking forward to reading are "Trump Impeached", "Trump Quits" or "Trump Passes On" (not wishing death upon him, though).

Biological clock

12 April, 12:04 pm

I woke up really motivated and now I just want to sleep. Why this happen
That happens to me too. For me, it's my circadian rhythm (internal clock) being fickle. Has your sleep schedule been consistent and well?

Fan question for Tara Strong

12 April, 1:45 pm

Hey pony fans! Tomorrow get your questions ready for our #FacebookLive with the amazing @tarastrong! #PoniesinManehattan
Hey, Tara. I have two questions for your Facebook Live session; not sure if I'll be able to make it. So Among the Background Ponies, including those brought forward to speak and whatnot, which one(s) is your favorite? And, from all Transformers lore, do you have a favorite Autobot and/or Decepticon? You are awesome, Tara. Have a Great and Safe Day. :)

When will the whole live video be on YouTube, and what was the name generator they used here?

Strong liked his last tweet.

Night Star begins

12 April, 11:24 PM

I got: Night Star ! What is your MLP name?

Shirt sucking and Lego gnawing

13 April, 10:18 pm

@MelissaAMorgan I just watched the lastet PD countdown; I used to do a couple of those things too; shirt-sucking and Lego tire gnawing.

Melissa liked his tweet.


14 April, 12:07 am

The following set of tweets are between Chris and andiemations (a Planet Dolan staff member). Andiemations's tweets are protected, so only Chris's side is archived. They appear to be talking about Twitter user guttygoop, who had tweeted a gore picture to andiemations.

You are not kidding, and he was following me too. UGH! The images he tweeted. I've reported him. By the way, I also thank you all for the recent countdown of "canned goods that shouldn't exist"; remembering the #2 item shocked Gutty's imagery from my imagination. I'll think of other things as well. Still, that canned bad; I was like, "NO! No no no no no...NO!"

Most Nobody of kind and good nature does not deserve to be subdued to such disturbances.

Quite alright. Still shocking to my eyes, regardless, I have seen equal or worse from the haters and trolls when they deface my webpages.

Happy Easter

16 April, 9:28 am

Tara Strong
#HappyEaster from me & my rescue bunnies 🐰🐰💛💖
💖Cute💖 Happy Easter to you and all of yours, Tara. :)

16 April, 9:29 am

Happy Easter Sunday.


16 April, 10:42 am

Chris left an innocuous tweet on a photo of an MLP fan at a convention, who was wearing a plush pony on his head. Weens then spammed the thread with shitposting about Chris, resulting in one of MLP's VAs taking note, and thinking that the comments had been directed at the fan, asked people to show sympathy for him. The fan deleted his photo as a result.

Big Baby got hatched. :D
Tabitha St. Germain
I love this guy and this picture. But for some reason it's brought out a rash of mean-spirited ratty comments. If you know him, send love.
I don't know him, but seeing this photo yesterday made me think, "That's a pretty big egg".

Begging to Cole again

18 April, 10:38 pm

Hey, Cole. How about giving your mother and sister some money?


19 April, 3:16 am

I'm trying not to art today and give myself a break. 😤 This is tough. Maybe I'll go play Story of Seasons and watch some netflix!
Did you know that Netflix is Almost to having a Million subscribers?

The Classic shirt

19 April, 3:16 am

Just got the shirt out of the dryer; it is clean, no odor; it will still be restored after the sale and receipt of money. Buy It Now.

Classic post-fire 2.jpeg

Doopie defends Chris

21 April, 3:54 am

Chris and Doopie discussed hair-coloring. Weens then flocked to the thread to shitpost, and Chris brushed them away. Later, they returned in force, and both Doopie and Chris criticized them for barging into their conversation with unrelated spam.

Chris reacted to a ween who brought up DStecks, recycling several excuses as to why he hadn't been working on the comic he was paid $1,000 to do.

@DoopieDoOver Did you actually color your hair, or is it just your avatar?
my hair used to be blonde, but it's brown now. A lot of people still draw my character with blonde hair but I prefer brown now.
That's cool. I think in comparison, you look more mature and smart as a brunette. I'd say welcome to the club, but I'm keeping my hair blue and cool like Sailor Neptune.

A ween intruded, saying, "More like brown and yellow like your underwear."

I don't mean to be "that guy", but is commenting on this conversation necessary?
Do not listen to these two; they are a couple of the haters amongst the internet trolls. And I just reported and blocked both of them.

More weens then arrived.

Take it easy Chris, she already knows who you are and all you're antics. She and her boyfriend mocked you in one of their podcast.
Spend a day with Chris and see how long your Feels last for him. Ten+ years of his awful behavior (and current scamming) doesn't lie.
You don't spend time with her either so? If you don't agree with her life choices, ignore it. Plain and simple.
White knight there much? Ask Chris if he's ever going to refund that guy the $1000 he paid him to draw comic pages for him.
not yours or my problem. I like how you have to label me as a white knight because I'm standing up for someone minding their own business.
It's everyone's problem if he goes around scamming people.
but what does that have to do with christine having a conversation with me. why do people have to butt into that. lol
LOL! You're all like "Why is everyine listening to me while I'm talking out in public for everyone to hear me?".
this has nothing to do with the scam or whatever. she was literally talking to me about her hair. why are you so obsessed?
DoopiecameforCWC.jpg LOL
honestly cwc has been nothing but nice to me and I can't make fun anymore.
Thank you for defending me, Doopy. I feel blessed, for your recognition of my kindness. Lots of Love to you. 💖😊
Chris has done awful things, and not recognizing that just because she's nice to you is my issue. I respect your opinion, I just don't agree
As for you, Trolling lot, it is not my fault that I ended up feeling lost after the Lulu incident, and I DO intend to get back to drawing and writing the comics and whatnot. I have a dementia problem that makes me fall mentally blank, and when I end up not doing the task from the previous day, onward, because of distress from whatever situation kills my mood and emotions. And that is MY Problem. And for everyone else I still am indebted to with merchandise or whatever, I do intend to repay those few, whereas all of the others that I Have been able to serve before my problem happened, those are a Majority that have been satisfied, and I am a genuine soul who feels better not to leave debts unpaid, regardless of being overwhelmed with them. Alright? And that is ALL I am going to say to you three haters before I report and block y'all. Stop Hating on People and taking advantage. You lot make me sick.

And all of those mistakes are in the Past; get over yourselves, you Trolling Stupids.

im not defending her on what she's done i'm saying that we were literally just talking about her hair.

Unicorn Frappuccino

21 April, 2:48 pm

Andrea Libman
earthponyfrappuccino @M_A_Larson https://instagram.com/p/BTJ653aggNZ/
I had the unicorn frap yesterday; it was real good. When I ordered it, I showed a pic of winged Twilight Sparkle and said to her, "I'll have a Venti Alicorn." :D


Agreed with Caitlyn

21 April, 5:50 pm

Caitlyn Jenner
Living authentically really is a wonderful thing! #SecretsOfMyLife

I agree with Caitlyn.  :)

Gooby is funny

22 April, 1:18 am

I feel I need to address the banter between me and @SacredSnewpee Basically, it's been a looooooooooong boring day at work. That's it XD Does.. anyone else actually find this funny? Or am I alone in this craziness?
I find y'all's banter still funny.

Do what makes you happy

22 April, 1:21 am

I want to have a party with all of my favorite youtubers for my birthday but im VERY SCAREd. i feel like nobody would like me. but i want a big bash with all my favorite content creators like @_mrsteak
You do what makes you happy; I like you.

Supporting genuine relationships

23 April, 1:03 am

fuck you if you treat my boyfriend poorly cause your jealous ass ain't hitting this. He's annoying. I tell him I hate him and that i will kill him. I push him away. But it's all because I love him and I get shy. I'm mean to him publicly, but he knows I'm not serious. I love him with all my heart. he treats me very well. he does not abuse me. you treating him poorly is treating me poorly. We are a packaged deal so if you can't handle it, unfollow me. :) Thanks!
I support genuine relationships, and as long as Doopie is happy with her partner, you all should be kind and supportive too. I don't understand why people feel they Have to(?) hate on others; it is just simply wrong and uncouth. Love Is Love! Have you read the comic book, "Love Is Love", @DoopieDoOver; it was a collaboration from the DC comic artists in response to the Pulse incident; I read it cover to cover; it is awesome. :)

That food ain't right

28 April, 4:15 am

Heckbent linked to a video mashing characters from King of the Hill with Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

If you haven't watched this. Do us all a favor and watch this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TH4Oa9xdTXA
I watched this, and then Hank Hill said, "That food ain't right."

Show me sexy Wendy

28 April, 6:10 pm

Why do people draw fast food restaurants sexy/hot/cute?? *sweats* [she linked to three drawings of KFC's Col. Sanders mascot.]
Show me Wendy next. 🍰😸

Don't give up!

28 April, 10:02 pm

WHY TF DID I CHOOSE TO BE AN ARTIST/ANIMATOR everything is difficult and i cant make my own videos😂😂
Do not give up on what you have heart and soul into.

Repairing The Classic

29 April, 11:00 pm

Here's the first big hole to be patched up.

Cwc sewing1.jpeg

And here is the same hole patched up as best as possible in a few hours. Time for a break. Cwc sewing2.jpeg Cwc sewing3.jpeg

It's a masterpiece

30 April, 1:17 am

Chris reacted to angry ratings on his Facebook post and tweets telling him he was ruining the shirt.

Could any of you haters see better? I mended the gaps, then reinforced them with the patch. It ends up becoming another masterpiece from me

Why do people hate?

30 April, 9:32 am

What are some things you don't understand about life? It may make it in a video!
Why do haters feel need to hate on other people? And follow-up: Why do people need to troll and bully others?