March 2018 social media posts

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This page is a partial archive of Chris's major social media posts during March 2018. Posts are sorted by date. Notable comments are included and color-coded for reference.

18 years of Sonichu

17 March, Facebook

Chris, Night Star Equestria Girls Mini dolls2.jpg

Happy Sonichu-Versary, My Son and My Rose! Yay! 18 Years Now! ❤️

Pleading for The End Games ban to be lifted

20 March

Chris commented on someone's post, on their Pokémon Club's Facebook page. Shan is possibly a typo for Shane, as in Shane B., the owner of The End Games.

Yeah. How about telling Shan to let me back in so I can enjoy the fun again, Please?[1]

Sweetheart search over

26 March, Twitter

Sorry, my Peeps, but My Sweetheart Search is Officially OVER! Yay! 💜💙❤️ 🤩

A fan was wary:

I hope this is a person you know in real life, otherwise congrats!

Chris was unconcerned and mentioned an extra detail:

Oh, yes! We three are Very Close in Person, Real Life; we are together. 💜💙❤️

27 March

Come Smile With Us Today! 💜💙❤️

He linked to You're in my heart like a catchy song, a MLP music video.

Catchy Songs and Getting into Each Others’ Hearts!

He linked to Let Me Drive My Van Into Your Heart, another MLP music video.

A ween commented:

Just an FYI, stalking women online doesn’t count Chris.

Chris replied:

This is an In-Person, Face-To-Face, Offline Relationship.

Rambling about fictional characters and Mary Sues

29 March

In response to these tweets...

Hi, Seanan. I’ve just read all of your recent set of Tweets on this topic. You impress me very much. In fact, in Everything, including you, have written, drawn or created, there is a dimension where they All do coincide with each other.

In fact, while this is the first I am hearing of you (I sincerely apologize for being late to the party), your character(s) might have visited Cwcville a few years ago, or at some point before today. And, I got blamed for “Mary-Sue”ing myself into the Nation Of Cwcville.

I tend to ignore that one person, who shall not be named, when they call me out on that, but versus my counterpart who was born in that dimension and moved to Cwcville, I did find that I, myself, have my own set of powers even superior than I had given myself there.

Although, as a powerful Chronicler, with ability to even make new OCs and Objects and things there, and then some, I Am NOT a God or Goddess. You are not one either. All we are doing is storytelling of our shared “LittleBiGPlanet” there, or even another separate dimension.

The point is that we each have to be always on constant mental-link with our characters and landspace we each have made, even in fanfics, because if left unattended, that character or land would certainly fall flat and dead. Always CARE and LOVE for your creations.

Let Them Live and Prosper; help them by making sure they are Smart, Intelligent, and more than capable of fending for themselves and rebuilding their homes and being financially set (which kind of links to your own situation, so make sure they have their own jobs and work hard)

If left unattended on those details, they will end up in something of a struggle to make their ends meet (you’d be surprised to hear how many end up becoming, shall we say, rather exposed to get paid, if not unemployed and loafingly struggle around).

But I digress on a tangent. We must inspire those who are emotionally struggling, themselves, to continue to Chronicle their stories and developing their characters, because if they are depressed and go on hiatus, that is simply the worst thing Anyone could do. Thank you; Cheers!

Oh! P.S. That Really Counts for Equestria, very much, as well. It tends to fall under the “Exposed to guns and ammo” category, so, perhaps make the Staff and Writers KEEP ON Beyond Season Nine; we do not want Equestria to be Lost, and have them Chronicle EXTENSIVE Defenses.

INCLUDING around Canterlot High School and the Portal There. And maybe make Discord more Kind to helping in all other Dimensions as well, with Fluttershy’s help to keep him in check, of course. Cheers!

Denying MLP dolls theory

31 March

Chris replied to a theory by fans that his new sweethearts are MLP dolls.

Good Guess for “Z-95.1’s Impossible Trivia”, but that is not the correct answer. Wah-Wah! 💜💙❤️

Claiming part Jewish and African ancestry

31 March

Top Eight Answers on the board; 23 and on Surveyed: Name a portion of CWC’s Ancestry. Survey Says... <0.1% Ashkenazi JEWISH

I Owe ALL of the Jewish People an Apology for my past hurtful statements, including Michael John Snyder.

TO EVERY SINGLE JEWISH PERSON: I, Miss Christine Weston Chandler, of Ruckersville, VA, USA, am REALLY, REALY SORRY for the hurtful things I have said against y’all. ⭐️💜💙❤️⭐️

I am Fully Observant of my Jewish Ancestry, and I will respect All People Of Jewish Faith, but I respectfully choose not to celebrate the holidays, and I am certainly not going to ever convert myself to Judaism. Thank you.

A person inquired:

Ok, if you have Jewish ancestry then why did your imaginary land have a concentration camp for people that don’t obey?

Chris answered:

That was Graduon’s Idea; NOT Mine.

He then had an epiphany:

Also, my report links my Ancestry to Africa, so guess what else I am... BACK IN BLACK