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The following covers Chris's activity on his personal Facebook page in January 2015. He also continued to contribute to his activist page, FIX SONIC'S ARMS IMMEDIATELY, SEGA!!!. The posts of this month come in the wake of the 26 December 2014 incident, and Chris is eager to portray himself as the victim and slander his prosecutors in a public forum.


  • 1 January - Chris is tired from moving back into his house.
  • 5 January - Chris reiterates that he will use pepper spray against people who make him upset.
  • 7 January - Chris calls on his fandase to cut down an annoying tree branch.
  • 8 January - Chris accuses Sega of forcing him to assault a GameStop employee.
  • 9 January - Chris posts a meme and says he feels lousy.
  • 9 January - Chris opposes conversion therapy for both homos and Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • 10 January - Chris again defends his actions on 26 December 2014.
  • 11 January - Chris discusses how he will force others to respect him if he feels threatened.
  • 13 January - Chris responds to a leaked list of his video games, and explains why he (wait for it...) owns two copies of Sonic Boom.
  • 15 January - Chris thinks that a no-contact order goes both ways, accusing GameStop of violating it with their calls.
  • 18 January - Chris attempts to crap the pants of trolls with his nightmare fuel.
  • 23 January - Chris disses the CWCki, posting a mind screw drawing to express his mindstate.
  • 24 January - Chris does a motion image of his still mind screw drawing from the previous day.
  • 26 January - Chris asks people to chip in and buy him some more Legos for his birthday, offering to possibly reconsider his hatred for the trolls if they do.

Chris's posts

Charlie and His Horse

A "charley horse" is an American term for painful leg cramps.

1 January 2015

Charlie's Horse continues to run tricks around the track during Both Legs of the race.

I have been seriously working my ass off a LOT, along with the movers, in getting moved back into the house most recently. A portion of my pains, in addition to lower back, can be figured out in the above pun.

Don't Fuck with Chris!

5 January 2015

I have been on the move, with the heavy listings and transport back to my original house, and still sorting, organizing and all. I also have been at a Lack of WiFi and Internet access since last Wednesday. The only internet I have at home here is on the 3G on my phone.

I have been very busy and very stressed. And should anyone give me a difficult time during my outings resulting in turning my day bad with the verbal attacks and threats to my person, I Will Defend Myself, and only retaliate when absolutely necessary. I Would even spray myself.

I Sincerely Wish people would positively Like me, yet I am unable to change their minds. And if I Have to defend myself to get any respect as an individual person, then it is THEIR Fault for frightening me into that defensive stance.

‪#‎SEGA‬ will definitely hear of the Earlier Incident as well.

Chris Rants About Tree Branches

7 January 2015

Somewhere around Green Lea Subdivision, there is a damn tree branch, BLOWING IN THE COLD WINDS! Knocking the power Off and On! Will Someone PLEASE cut the branch, so we can have a night of consistent electricity and power?

It's All Sega's Fault That I Pepper-Sprayed an Employee

Chris continues his new bizarre habit of using non-American spelling for some reason.

8 January 2015

Ugh!!! I Fucking Hate These People for continuing to allow the damn blue arms to exist! And I fucking hate them for changing the arm colour in the first place and ultimately from that damn seed event, force me to be attacked, having to defend myself, and forcing me to spend a weekend in jail!

‪ #‎SEGA‬

‪ #‎SonicTheHedgehog

Sunil Nevla Does Not Approve of This Image

Chris reveals his hatred for memes stems from ED, putting the cart before the horse.

9 January 2015
Chris worry.jpg

And I am a sad, lonely, worrying individual. :(

According to his mobile phone, Chris made this post from Danville, Virginia. Kenneth Englehardt wrote:

I'm just curious why he drove all the way to Danville.

Chris responded:

Danville? I have NEVER driven to Danville. And I do NOT like most to all Memes; I watched the episode of Littlest Pet Shop, and it reflected how I Felt moreover after I found the Encyclopedia Dramatica webpage when I Googled my name late October, 2007. >:(

Baby, Chris Was Born This Way

Chris signed a petition to cancel a new TV show, My Husband's Not Gay, and wrote:

9 January 2015

The idea behind this show IS Terrible. You Can Not change an individual for who they are, period. And I also did not like how the "Doctors" tried to do that with Lesbians in the 1800s; Most Disgrading and Awful! I am a (Female Soul) Transwoman (no operation yet), And a Lesbian. No One will ever change my feminine ways and habits, because that is Who I Am, and My Soul Is Female! And I REALLY Hate being born with the Damn Male Parts; I REALLY Should have been born Female. And the idea behind this show is AS WRONG AND HORRIFIC AS SEGA Changing Sonic's Arm Colour in the damned Sonic Boom Games and Cartoon TV Show!!! Neither of These Shows SHOULD BE AIRING AT ALL!!!

Boo to Discrimination

On 9 January, Chris commented on an article posted on the "VA Pride" Facebook page about a bill to allow private businesses to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation:

9 January 2015:


Off My Rocker?!

Chris's recent arrest had received from attention from the blogosphere. Chris was infuriated by one particular article (http://wiiudaily.com/2014/12/man-maces-gamestop-employee-over-sonic-boom/#.VLC_uO3bJ68.facebook) posted by Wii U Daily:

10 January 2015

Off my rocker?! How Dare She? My Protest was Sound, Valid and Meant to be Good. And she completely ignores that on the day I had to defend myself from that Ass Manager, HE VERBALLY ATTACKED AND OFFENDED ME. And I had no idea of what other pains and stresses He was capable of doing, and I did not want him following me either. You All Do Not Understand my Fragile Mind, nor do Any of You All have Any Caring Nor Understanding to Leave a mentally scarred, damaged and flawed individual like me Be and At Personal Peace of Mind. BUT HELL NO! YOU ALL KEEP ON STRESSING ME MORE AND CAUSING PLEASANT DAYS GONE BAD ON ME. Especially MOST OF EVERY LAST MALE IN THIS WORLD; All of you are nothing but immature, borish, uncouth, and damned Neanderthals. It is no wonder why a lot of Women detest the lot of you, and why I am Most Disgusted and Ashamed to have been forced to be born a damned member of your Male Gender. Hmpf!

It is worth noting that the Wii U Daily writer is actually a female. Chris acknowledges this a few times, but it's mostly given as an excuse for him to ramble on about JERKS.

Chris the Marty Stu

Chris discusses how he wishes people would like him and wonders why they would dislike him. He then poetically goes on to say that he will force them to respect him if he feels threatened.

11 January 2015

Just Listen; Do Not Comment or Respond; I am being Very Serious.

I Really Wish People would Positively Like Me. I can not make people like me, and if they dislike me, for their own individual reasons beyond my own comprehension. I can not change their minds. But, to my utmost dismay and sadness, should I be threatened, or be made to feel threatened, I Will defend myself to force some respect from them.

All I would ever want is a good day and some peace of my own mind; I do not intend, nor have ever intended, unprovoked, to offend anyone. And if my good day is turned bad, because of me feeling threatened by anyone, and then I feel those individuals immediately deserve to have a bad day themselves (and continue living on from there), then it is Their Fault for pushing me into the defensive position in the first place.

It really does make me feel sad and most disappointed of the other people when they give me such grief to the point that I have to be put into a position to force some respect out of them. And I have been growing more paranoid of Other People since November of 2007 with the damn bad people over the internet, as well as those I have had the displeasure to have encountered in person who have shown me nothing but a difficult time and even more grief.

Also, I sincerely believe nothing would ever be gained from killing anyone, including myself; all that does is forces one or the other into their next realm or life; Nobody really Learns or really Benefits anything from the deaths of any person. That is why I would never own, or want to own, a real gun.

"Look out, she's going for her mace!" "What? Would you rather I have a gun with bullets in it?"

And that is another thing everyone Should be Aware of: I AM A FEMALE SOUL, and I Prefer to be referred to by the Female Pronouns. Any address of "Sir", or "Man" upon me, will only be met by a cold shoulder or stare in their general direction.

And NOBODY should ever be BANNED from a high-volume store like Wal-Mart or Target for anything less offensive than a gun withdrawl or robbery. We All Have Bad Days, and unless we actually Hit a Person or living individual or similar actions, in how we individually react to how we are feeling at the ONE Moment, aside from the other Individual Moments, To Ban an individual is just plain wrong.

And acts of protests with JUST Meanings, do not deserve any damn grief either.

Just Let Me Live On In Peace, Let Me enjoy my Good Day and Pleasant Shoppings and Outings, and DO NOT BOTHER ME AT ALL. I have No Intention Whatsoever to harm Any Individual Person or Myself. So, Please, Do Not Give Me Reason to be Forced to Defend Myself to garner any respect. All that does is give us all a Bad Day from a Good One.

Good Day.

Wait, What Did Chris Buy?!

Chris responds to a list of Nintendo products purportedly belonging to him and leaked the previous day.

13 January 2015:

This is in response to the post below this one about the so-called list of my purchased Nintendo software. Direct to the point: I have sincerely NEVER purchased either Sonic Boom game. The 3DS game, however, was actually Hand Given to me as a Gift from my ex-girlfriend, Catherine's Cousin, Al, after out bowling outing in Early December, 2014; Last Month. I have registered the 3DS card through my Club Nintendo account, and explicitly told them in the survey that game Was Gifted to me; I Had Not Purchased it, period. And I Had shortly after received a copy of the Wii U Game In the Mail. I had disposed of the envelope, because there was no return address. I Would have registered that as well, but there as NO Club Nintendo code enclosed. I have Never booted or played either game, and I certainly never have inserted either card or disc into any of my handhelds or consoles at all ever. And to spare having it quoted in the comments below this point, or in any future comments and posts in this group or on my page: Being Gifted the thing you are protesting against against your initial will, regardless of acceptance out of being polite or whatever, it does NOT Change my position or aynthing integral of the Protest that I Have personally started and still am working towards the cause, period.


A No-Contact Order Apparently Goes Both Ways

Chris posts cases where GameStop allegedly called his phone.

15 January 2015:

I have something important to share of importance. After the incident on the 26th, on the court date on the 29th, the judge had documented that neither I, nor Any local GameStop stores or employees, come near or contact each other. I Have not contacted or visited any of them, but the day after on the 30th, One of them called My Cell Phone, TWICE, on the 30th, the day after that court date. I have Not listened to either of their messages; I had marked both of them "As Read". They both were just automatically removed from my voicemail list. But I screen capped the details from my phone a few days ago. I've had the numbers of the four GameStops, for any inquiries I had to make in the past. Anyhow, They have violated the Court Rules there.

Sussie's Meaning of Life...and Why Trolls are Bad

Chris calls out the trolls through a The Amazing World of Gumball clip, a show that airs on the same network as Sonic Boom. Link here.

18 January 2015:

Most Accurate. And I put the question towards every single Internet Troll and Bully: Do You SERIOUSLY FEEL like Trolling and Bullying others is the MOST enjoyable thing comparable to all of the other things other than that in your own individual lives? Sussie talks about the Meaning of Life [TAWOG]

He Hasn't Forgotten Us!

Chris defames the CWCki for the first time in a while, posting a crazy drawing depicting his head with the top cut off and replaced with a similar scene of him with his head cut off, and so on.

23 January 2015:
Chris attempts the Droste effect.

In case anyone was wondering what is on my mind. "My Mind Is a Blank" (Not that you care. I have been very stressed).

And if any of you all damn bunch of people and trolls really cared a scrap about me (in reference to me as an "Interesting Person"), you all would NEVER have hazed me on Encyclopedia Dramatica in the first place, as well as continue to haze and hate me beyond that on the damn Cwcki!


There have been multiple times pissing, blackmailing, deceiving, torturing, and hating on me too damn much to make me see most to any of you lot all any favourably.


Good Lord, He's Trying to Make Our Heads As Screwed Up as His!

Chris posts a motion version of the crazy drawing, looped over and over again.

24 January 2015:

Yep. That'll do.

Legos, the Blank-Mind-Fixer

Chris posts a link to a Lego Grand Emporium set he wants for his birthday, offering to possibly reconsider his angry feelings expressed three days prior. Link here.

26 January 2015:

My birthday is coming up, and I still Very Much require the Grand Emporium to be replaced. If a few of y'all pool your funds to buy it for me, I may reconsider my feelings upon the lot of you. Thank you, and have a good day.

This was followed up by Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt proposing a different gift idea:

I have an idea about something. Why ask them to start a fund raiser and give you a nice gift certificate for a beauty spa in Charlottesville. A package where you get a relaxing message, a cleansing facial and maybe a manicure (i.e the works). After all the psychological torture that they put you through, it's the least they could do.

Chris wouldn't even explain why he didn't want that, simply adding to his demands:

No, I REALLY Need the Grand Emporium. as well as TWO Bikini Bottom Party sets; two Pineapple halves to rebuild Spongebob's pineapple house.

An apologetic Kenneth defended his idea, explaining:

Sorry. It was just kind of a spur of the moment thing that I thought up (rejuvenate your spirit), Not that I'm trying to troll you on your hobbies but a Lego set is a birthday gift that is better received from family than friends. Things like a gift certificate to the movies, a nice restaurant or a subscription to a favorite magazine are more on what a Facebook friend might offer as a birthday present. Just my two cents worth.

Also, Road Plates

26 January 2015:

I also need some road plates, MOSTLY Straight road plates, followed by curved. T-Interception and Crossroad plates also needed. I Prefer all plates with Green studs, please, but grey is also acceptable. From anyone with any to spare, or lacking in moderate funds.

William Elliott Waterman exasperatedly replied:

I don't have any of these.