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Talk:January 2015 Facebook posts

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Refrain from unnecessary post summaries

A two-sentence post by Chris does not need a two-sentence description/summary immediately preceding the post. We know how to read. Post introductions which provide necessary context are good, but bare-bones summary seems pointless. If Chris posts a tl;dr, then I can see the value of a two-sentence precis, but otherwise it just clutters up the page. If you want to comment on some aspect of Chris's life, then use the Facebook posts as the raw material to make a separate topical page, or add to pre-existing pages. Just use piping.Chris uses Facebook to talk about everything nowadays, and using these monthly Facebook pages to discuss his life will get very messy.

These pages already provide a "Summary" section at the top, and snarky titles for each post. That should be enough for people in most cases. Keep it clean and simple. -asperhes, 1/12/15

Be careful not to confuse the Facebook pages

Chris is working with two different Facebook pages, his personal page and his Blarms page. When updating, be sure to check which one he has posted to. He rarely cross-posts. -asperhes, 1/14/15