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This page is an archive of Chris' Facebook posts during October 2017. Posts are sorted by date. Notable comments will be archived and color-coded for reference; those who consistently respond to Chris' posts, e.g. William Elliott Waterman and Jessica Quinn, are colored in red and green respectively, while infrequent responders are colored in orange, yellow or purple.


2 October

This is Awesome! Thank you, Hasbro, for reminding us. I Pledge, as best as I can, I Will #BeFearlessBeKind!

He linked to befearlessbekind.hasbro.com

MLP kids party

4 October

Chris marked himself as interested in an MLP party on 7 October titled, "My Little Pony Great Galloping Gala Family Party."

The event description:

Friendship is Magic! Join us for a Galloping Gala Family Party to celebrate the MY LITTLE PONY Movie on the big screen . We'll have ponytail braiding, Pinkie Pie's Party Corner, and sparkly, rainbow-filled crafts that would make Rarity proud. Costumes are definitely encouraged and all guests will have a chance to take pictures in our photobooth. After we've finished spreading glitter and friendship all over the Alamo Drafthouse lobby, we'll all trot in to the theater watch MY LITTLE PONY on the big screen with our new friends. Specially-themed kids meals will be available for purchase.

He then invited Jessica Quinn to attend with him, to which she accepted.

Quinn breaks up with Chris again

5 October

1:56 pm

feeling upset.

My Sweetie's Facebook has just been deactivated?! What the Hell is Going ON?!!! Text Me, Love! NOW, PLEASE! Really Upset Now!!!

2:00 pm

He uploads IMG 5424 to YouTube.

2:06 pm

Quinn reactivates her Facebook account long enough to inform him of her reasons for breaking up with him.

Quinnbreakup oct5th.jpg

2:27 pm

CLog 10042017 - Q&A NO MORE!!! is live streamed to YouTube.

2:35 pm

You have the rest of your life to think about it. Goodbye 😡 - Jessica

Quinnbreakup oct5th.jpg

2:40 pm

Chris makes an angry post on Kiwi Farms.

3:12 pm

feeling heartbroken.

You think you can trust Some People, after some time has past, and they’re forgiven. But then, they Back Stab You Again!!!

Kim Wilson:

I'm sorry that Jessica stabbed you in the back :(


Not Her! The Trolls Did!

What part of “The Trolls Hacked into my Private Account”, to quote Jessica Quinn, did you Not Understand?!!!

Kim Wilson:

Really? How?


You could be a Better, More Supportive Friend, instead of a Drunk, High Aqua Teenatic with Your Sweetheart!!!

High! Shitted Up! Stick Up Your Ass in Comments and Replies!

What the Fucking Hell is Wrong with you?!


Kim Wilson:

I was being supportive. I was trying to comfort you after you were betrayed.

I didn't see the comment you're talking about before I made that post.


I need Time to Myself and Time with my Actual Good Friends. You’re Not one of them right now, Kim Wilson. Better Your Fucking Self!

Kim Wilson:

I don't understand :/

I offer condolences and you shit all over me.

I really don't understand.


Hey, Trolls!!! If you Really want to know Who that Soda Potion co-actor was, Ask Kim Wilson; SHE Knows!!! SERIOUSLY! I have Long Forgotten His Name!!!

3:35 pm

Jessica Quinn, if you read this message, from my mother, Barbara Anne Weston Chandler, she offers this wisdom unto you:

“Things Can be fixed, but broken hearts suffer, please, give Christine another chance.”

Barb reacts to Quinn.jpg

6:31 pm

feeling heartbroken.

When your heart gets broken, you feel like you have only 24 hours left to live. You have More than That to live for!

6:36 pm

feeling heartbroken.

Past the Assertive Phase; Now I am in the Aggressive phase. I wanna Beat a Frigging Internet Troll Up!!!

6:41 pm

feeling heartbroken.

I am the Infamous Centerfold That EVERY STALKER FOLLOWS; Soo Intimidating to Everyone! Nobody wants to be around me, because of those bloody fans of mine. AAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He linked to J. Geils Band's Centerfold on YouTube.

7:33 pm

To Add to my Previous Post: This Is Celebrity Infamy Discrimination!!!

He added:

To Add to my Previous Post: This Is Celebrity Infamy Discrimination!!!

I am the Infamous Centerfold That EVERY STALKER FOLLOWS; Soo Intimidating to Everyone! Nobody wants to be around me, because of those bloody fans of mine. AAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:54 pm

Chris resets his Facebook profile video to the video of him crying over the first breakup. This was deleted the next day, after a fake Quinn profile commented and said she would take him back.

How I'm feeling

6 October

How I am feeling right now... Yep; I’m window-staring into the cosmos, and praying, pondering.

Chris pondering.jpg

Jessica Quinn replied:

Christine, I'm sorry for all the madness this has caused. I want you to know that I do care about you which is why I reached out to you earlier through messenger. Anyone else like that person who posted under a fake account earlier is just trying to further mess this up. You know how to reach me and I'll be leaving this account up solely for you if you need to talk. I'm still here for you as a friend but I don't know how to deal with all of this.

The comment was later deleted and Quinn deactivated her account again.

Quinn's missing out

6 October

feeling discorded.

Tell you what, She’s Missing Out!!! We could have Shared This!!!


And NOW! I am Having All This To MYSELF! She could have fed me! She could have Watched My Belly Grow! For her thing, like Kip enjoys for herself in Her Awesome and Fun Stories! “Breakfast With Sister” and “No Lunch Break”! Really Good and Funny!!! We Shared That, Jessie and I!!!!

Good!!! Like a Fruity Top with Chocolate Sandwiched between Strawberry Tart, Kiwi flavored, And Birthday Cake on the Bottom!!!

She was Turned On with This from “Sonichu” #9!!! I Like this Couple-Sharing Idea!!!!!

Quinn's fetish.jpg

THIS!!! Right Here was ALLLLL HERS!!!!!!

Fat chris.jpg

This Brain Freeze, Right Here!!! Is On Her Conscious!!!


Later, Chris removed the posts from his timeline.

In recovery

7 October

feeling recovering.

Attention Everyone I am recovering; I am well; I am not going to kill myself; life goes on, and my work resumes. No other comment.

CWCville's zip code

7 October

Also, a spot of Trivia: Cwcville, Virginia’s Zip Code: it is 16429.

Reminiscing over original Sonichu medallion

7 October

feeling In Memory Of.

There is indeed Christorian interest in my stories and tales. But right now, after watching the two-parter season finale, “Shadow Play”, I do consider my Sonichu Medallion, such an artifact that I am certain will be trasured as such in the later years to come.

I only wish this Was the Original and very First Medallion. But, alas, thanks to a prankster bunch who pretended to be my first theoretical ex-girlfriend, Blanca Weiss, who took advantage of my kindness and naivety back in around 2008. I remember it so, as it was the time I wrote and drew “Sonichu #8”. She told me to send it to her for trust and safekeeping, as she had told me we would meet very soon after. She played my trust for a fool, and I sent her the Medallion, in a bubble envelope; I remember not the address it went to.

If anyone knows of who and where, or if the guilty party/parties, the Original Sonichu Medallion went to, please step forward, reveal them, or yourself/yourselves. And let it be known in Christory that it was he/she/them whose one prank goes on Not Being Funny, and such a Disastrous One at that.

Then, I saw the video where the one Medallion was dipped in pickle brine, deficated upon, cut up into pieces and burned. The First FOUR YEARS of Memories, Soulful Energy, All welled into that One Precious Medallion: LOST throughout the reaches of Time, Space and Dimensions abroad. If I could, I would go back in time, tell myself to make a Fake Medallion and send That instead. Also, to Not fall for the one called BlueSpike on the PlayStation Network either.

Had I never shipped the Medallion, and without the PSN hacker saw the second Medallion Up My Own person, we might still have that One Medallion, filled with Every Last Ounce Of Wisdom and Memories all the way from 2004! And, possibly, with the real magic in it.

I remain with the Third Sonichu Medallion, crafted around 2009 or 10, and updated it with my Chris Chan Sonichite. It is fine and well, but it is Not the Very First Medallion Lost in the ages. This one I wear is Missing five to six years of my own Trials, Tribultions, and Everything, even from some of my earlier Sweetheart Search Days.

Those memories can never be brought back, and the Original Sonichu Medallion, can not be brought back from that dead, cruel deception.

I reminisce, and share a moment of silence, for the One, the Original, Sonichu Medallion from Myself in the year of 2004. May the energies of the Memories and past portions of my soul and those from the earlier creation days of Sonichu, Rosechu, and the city of Cwcville, Virginia, catch up to the one Sonichu Medallion I wear today and from now on, forevermore.

Candle vigil for medallion.png

Medallion oct 2017.jpg

The One Original Sonichu Medallion that went with me, around my neck, upon my breast, to many a past event. Many a Sweetheart Search hunt. To Anna's Birthday Party. To All Three Days and Nights of the Anime Mid Atlantic of 2005. Saw Each and Every Page of Sonichu Books Zero to Eight, as they were being drawn and created. Saw the creation for the Sonichu Costume for Sackboy in "LittleBiGPlanet", and the creation of the "Sonichu #0" Level of the same PlayStation 3 title. The One Medallion that had seen what today's medallion would Never get to see and be part of.

Chrischan sonichu medal.jpg

Even found a photo of its backside.

ChrisChan Sonichu medal back.jpg

Complimenting Megan Schroeder

9 October

Chris located the Facebook page for Megan's online shop, and commented[1]:

I just wanted to tell you I like your craft and are. You have become a lot more talented over the years. Many blessing to you and your family. 🌸

The post was later removed.

Feeling positive on fan works

10 October

feeling positive.

This video from Dr Wolf and Firebrand made me think further about the fan fiction and fan arts of my works and characters.

Years ago, when I first heard about and saw a bit of these pieces, including a The “Asperchu” series, a bit of “Sonichu the Animated Series” and the number of the dark and twisted pieces as well, I had felt appalled and disgruntled, myself, on this what I would consider lacking in genuine love, heart and respect to the source material that I have drawn and written. And yet there were a number of praises for these.

After all the time that had passed, I have grown up mentally and emotionally, and upon retrospect, I feel better able to take in these past works with the grain of salt. The Documentary, for example, as I stated was up to 55% accurate and good, while the remainder was a total cringe-fest to me. I have contacted the creator of the documentary, and proposed an updated and Improved version of the documentary. While he is busy with a number of things right now as well, he is very interested in pursuing that improvement.

And I was also able to find More of the quality gem pieces from my fan base.

I take a moment right now to borrow from the wisdom shared in the below video, to better and more accurately express how I feel.

While I did or do feel some unease from the past works, I understand that those were a first pass for those people in their individual progressions towards better writing, drawing, and crafting. I Fully Encourage Everyone to keep trying and retrying towards what is a Real Better Quality Piece from themselves for all others, including myself.

So, Continue Onward, People! Strive for your own further improvements in your skills and talents with more practice! Even the roughest and unpolished can be appreciated like a shining, radiant gem stone!

Thank you all.

Love, Miss Christine Weston Chandler

He linked to a video.

Reviewing Sonichu Finale fancomic

10 October

I just read the “Sonichu Finale” comic. Despite my initial reactions, stated below, I do applaud the art style, and the plot was okay. Keep up your drawing and everything. You’re okay, Harry.

I tried to take it with a grain of salt, maybe in an alternate universe, but plain killing and banning those of the LGBTQ, even to label my childhood best friend a lesbian just to kill her?! That killed it for me. I read the whole thing, though. I’ll give it the art style is well. Also, Magi-Chan is not gay. Although he is bi-curious. I would never kill him, regardless; he and all the others are Family. And I do not kill family.

He linked to a page from the comic.

Print editions for fancomics

11 October

**Attention** All Sonichu and Rosechu Fan-Fic authors: I am having a thought. As much as I don’t mind reading y’all’s pages inspired by my Prime works, and despite my initial reaction to some of them, I genuinely would very much like to have them physically in my collection.

So, here’s the deal: All Past and Present Projects, Including Those to-be-completed in respective due time, as understood. Be they short like a pamphlet, or a full-size comic/graphic novel, at least 48 pages thick: “Asperchu”, “Sonichu Revelations”, “Sonichu Revolution”, “Sonichu “TATICS””(?), and so forth, even the obscure ones. I would like a printed copy; look online, you’ll find available printing facilities to put your book together.

Send me a copy (you may even write a note and autograph the inside cover); I will return the favor with one or two of My Sonichu Books, autographed, for you; your choice out of the currently available, counting #12, if you prefer. This is an offer that has no expiration date.

Thank You All! Keep up your respective, individual art skills, in what you do.

Also, my apologies to Alec Benson Leary of the “Asperchu”; I needed not to react the way I did. All is forgiven.

Have a Great and Safe Day.

Love, Miss Christine Weston Chandler

How to build trust

12 October

Quoting a friend, “2 of the 5 components for building trust: Solve problems. Make things right when they go wrong. Accept responsibility. Hold yourself accountable for your words and deeds.” Very true.

One of his Pokemon club friends mentioned that she was the one to post that, but she had shared it from elsewhere.

Reviewing Rosechu's Story fancomic

12 October

I Love “Rosechu’s Story” from Trickie; she has excellent art style and heart in the stories. Super Accurate (minus that she was always a female Raichu). A True Gem in the Fan-Fiction lot! Thank you!

I can’t get the Magikarp choking flopping out of Sonichu out of my mind either.

Mad about Quinn breakup

13 October

feeling annoyed.

You know what pisses me off? Out of all of the People who follow me, X-Number of y’all Scared Off My Sweetheart!!! And yet, in Equestria, Her Diamond Melody and My Night Star are Still a Loving Couple!!!

feeling melancholy.

Swap Vinyl for me and Octavia for...her...

He linked to [a MLP video].

Jealous of Pewdiepie

14 October

feeling emotional.

Ugh! Now I’m jealous of @pewdiepie. He met his Sweerheart Through Facebook, talked a long while, and then met up. Unlike My Sweetie’s feelings about My Fan Base, His Sweetie was Not Intimated by His Fan Base! Ugh!!!

Unlucky Saturday the 14th

14 October

feeling disgruntled.

If Friday the 13th is not an unlucky day to me, it’s Saturday the 14th.

Still missing Quinn

15 October

I miss Jessica. You Trolls Scared Her Off by either Hacking or Reporting her Facebook. You Uncouth Cads!

Bent out of shape

15 October

feeling worried.

I am feeling bent out of shape.

Chris still doesn't get that Quinn was a troll

17 October

Realized Something! If She was a Troll, then Everything we had talked and shared about Would Have Been “Leaked” By now! HA! ❤️😊

Moving on from Quinn

18 October

I Know I said I would never upload my Thank You Pages Online, but I am making an exception for this one “Honorable Mention”.

This will Be the very last time I bring her up, unless she actually comes back into my life, In Person AND Face To Face. She Knows where and how to find and contact me.

Until such the time, I am moving on. “The Telephone is back on the hook.”


The next day, he said:

feeling positive.

On a final note: Someone who isn't prepared for my trolls might not be right for me, and it's for the best she left if it wasn't right for her. And I do not need a significant other to define myself. I am fully capable of being happy with and for myself.

Sonichu 12 is thicc

21 October

Just got the first copies of Sonichu #12; The copies to the few Patreons who paid more, along with their other books, will be shipped out very soon. And, as I had stated; More than 120 pages Thick. Look at it here! Even compared to the extended version of Sonichu #8, and compared to Sonichu #0.

Nostalgic for middle school teacher

21 October

On Twitter, Chris headlined his tweet about it: "Most Influential Person of my life: Missus Virginia “Ginny” Sanford."

feeling nostalgic.

I just remembered a question that was overlooked in a recent chat/interview: Who was the most influential person in my life? Parents aside, the winner is Missus Virginia "Ginny" Sanford from Providence Middle School of Midlothian, Virginia.

She was a very strong-minded and strong-willed, wise woman. She always knew when to stand her ground, for herself and others she cared about and liked. She even won Teacher of the Month (or Year; it escapes me) during the three years I was attending. And she had taught me to be strong in mind and heart, she had confidence in me; she positively pushed me to do better, and be myself as an individual person.

Thank You, Missus Sanford. You are still in my thoughts, heart and prayers.


Christine Weston Chandler, who you remember as Christian.

Virginia sanford.jpg

Simonla and Zapina

24 October

feeling inspired.

October 24 at 1:53pm ·

Speaking of Family, here is a bit of expanded trivia about Zapina and Simonla Rosechus, Which their story will be expanded upon further in a later book.

Simonla and Zapina, each hatched in the forest, distant apart, alone. Simonla Rosey had found family with an adult, male Sandslash, who adopted her as his own daughter. Meanwhile, Zapina, with very small wings which will grow larger in evolution, had to fend for herself for quite a while. Simonla evolved at a high level of 18, which her daddy Sandslash had upped her experience very well and quick with lots of digging and burrowing and such survival. Shortly after evolving, Simonla Rosech saw a distant yellow bug who was trying to fly, but was having difficulty. Simonla went to her and offered to help. Little Zapina Rosey was curious, and she felt she could do better with help, so she approached Simonla, and after picking her up and giving her a hug, Zapina evolved. Simonla took Zapina in as a little sister, and taught her everything she knew, and they learned more from each other.

The Sandslash led the two of them underground to the city of Cwcville, near the early construction of one of the towers. A steel beam was falling from a mile up onto a worker, and Simonla rushed to the rescue by jumping over the six-foot tall worker and caught the beam; wielding it over her right shoulder with very little sweat. She was hired in the spot to learn and help on the Cwcville Construction Crew. Zapina followed to help her as a protege organizer.

And that’s the short version of Simonla and Zapina Rosechus’ Story.

Thank you.


Miss Christine Weston Chandler


Sounds awesome to me. So, I'm guessing Simonchu was caught by Evan shortly after hatching with his sister? Or did that happen before Simonla even hatched at all?


I forgot about Simonchu. My error: the two did hatch about the same time. They had spent a day or two together, but without parents, before the Sandslash found her, before little Simonchu was caught. Thus leaving her alone for the short while before she was found by her papa Sandslash.

Facebook photo

27 October

Chris uploaded a photo of himself holding a sheet of paper, with "tart" visible.

Cwc october 2017.jpg

Recreating scene from Rosechu's Story

30 October

Check out what I just recreated from “Rosechu’s Story”, on tumblr.