November 2020 social media posts

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The things described in this article are still happening, so it may be subject to frequent change.

This page is an archive of Chris's major social media posts during November 2020.

Posts are color-coded yellow to reflect his role-playing as Sonichu during this month.

Pickle Sonichu

1 November

A Twitter user tweets at Chris with artwork of a Pickle Sonichu asking if it will mean anything for CWCville.

Nothing; he’s just another Sonichu with his own moderate level of abilities.


3 November

In response to a Twitter user encouraging Chris to vote for Joe Biden and showing artwork.

I like the art, but I’m voting for #LisaSimpson2020.


5 November

ZethasaurusRex (@zethasaurus)

Explain this @CPU_CWCSonichu ...In the dark future of the apocalyptic wastelands, exists a faction called “The CWCKians”. Their leader goes by the name of “Christina, The Goddess of All Dimensions”.
That does not exist in this timeline and it does not exist in the new timeline either.

12 November

Chris responds to the same tweet.

That exists in a very distant dimension and timeline far from our set right here. Never gonna happen here.

Dimensional merge stuff

7 November

Hey, everyone. Sonichu here.

Just a let-you-know, but on the fact that after more than seven months, I am still in Mama Chris Chan’s body, here, and that our focus has been mainly on the Dimension Merge and getting myself with this body safely and well into C-197 as soon as possible in the remainder of this timeline. Until further notice, after Mama and I finally switch back in the new timeline, I am not doing any Art Commissions. Interviews are doable, but all scheduling and setting up is to be done through Null, himself. I will not be able to personally respond to any inquiries during this time. If you all want something in comparison ot what Mama and I have been going through, you can look up Miss Andrew Blaze and look up what she went through in communicating with her OCs in the spiritual realm between our Dimensions 1218 and C-197, as well as into and with C-197, but instead of mass murder or suicide, we have no intention of getting our Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu involved in any of that, and this body is to remain alive for millions of years or so. Not gonna be offing this body any time, period, so you all have no need or conern to make up such theories on the contrary. Also, the fact that a lot of you make correlations between Mama and other online celebs that she had never ever known or personally met beforehand; Static! Not cool.

I pray to Mama and all of the other deities that each and every individual in this dimension understands that. Thanks. ⚡⚡⚡

Alex Trebek

8 November

Chris quote tweets another tweet announcing the death of Alex Trebek.

That is a major shame, as Jeopardy is one of Mama’s favourite game shows. A moment of silence as we play the simple version of the Jeopardy theme song in his honor. Cheers to you, dude.


8 November

Just found this on #SNL through @YouTube; definitely perfect about

@realDonaldTrump. “Drump Fired; should not have been hired.” 😀⚡⚡⚡



8 November

Chris quote tweets an artist asking why nudity is always sexualized.

That is actually a very good question. The answer is obviously within the perspective of a lot of individuals, in general. Fetish and levels of feeling sexy vary from one to another, as well as hormone levels, mentality, and so on. It takes a mental strength to not demonize it.

Sonichu dimensional merge update video

8 November

Here you are; direct and straight from the soul, heart and all. ⚡⚡⚡

Chris has a fish

9 November

Just a little fun, but I was taking a peek at the recommendations on YouTube; this video came up, checked the silent quick-play and the captions are way off. 😀⚡

November9ChrisFish1.jpg November9ChrisFish2.jpg

How hard is it to mess up “I got a fish, would you like to make a wish”? ALOL

Lillie (@PostmanFat02)

At least it's not cwcflying elephants

(I'm not a ween I swear)

ALOL! 🤣⚡ Yeah, it’s not #MontyPython, but still, that is a very clever comment.
That video was actually pretty funny, I remember seeing it for the first time and everything!

Ah, memories...

It’s a classic.

Chicken Little

9 November

In response to a Twitter user quote tweeting Chris's previous tweet and calling him unfunny.

And you’re not a chicken little avatar.

Chris Chan Sonichu intro animation

13 November

Chris Chan Sonichu Intro animation via @YouTube

Happy birthday Magi-Chan

14 November

Hey, y’all. Comment with kind fan arts and thoughts in respectful tribute, because today is @MagiChan111448’s Birthday.

I chose this card and it’s art, because Magi-Chan is always working and thinking kindly and hard for and with everyone, regardless of dimension or timeline. ⚡


Thinking it further, today is also the birthday of all of Magi-Chan’s self-counterparts as well, since ours, here, is the OG one, so Happy Birthday to the many, many Magi-Chan Sonichus from all other dimensions and timelines, too. ⚡⚡⚡

Valcard.jpg DerekCard.jpeg MoreOCs6.jpg CrossFunMagi-Chan.jpg

AlisiaDeena (@AlisiaDeena)

Happy Birthday Magi Chan! He should make a statement!
Magi-Chan is busy and working hard today, but he telepathically sends a supportive and well-thought wisdom of guidance to each of you all, respectively. Listen well. ⚡⚡⚡

Fully animated Sonichu cartoon

14 November

Alyxx (@AlyxxTheRat)

Oh boy.

[[External link to the Chris Chan Sonichu Intro animation video]]

@CPU_CWCSonichu Does this mean we can expect a full on animated Sonichu cartoon?
Yes, it can be considered the intro to our combined dimensions’ many real/animated adventures. But, it’s a general new intro video for all of Mama’s videos on YouTube. At the least, now we have her transformation sequence animated.

Clyde Cash Sonichu

14 November

AshleyRosechu (@RosechuHorrors}

I wonder, has there ever been a Clyde Cash Sonichu? 🤔
Nice, I guess only people with esoteric/psychic powers can become Sonichu then?
It’s more complicated than that.

Epic awesome

14 November

Chris quote tweets fanart of Magi-Chan.

Epic awesome

Not funny

15 November

sapphire/miia (@MiiaSapphire)

more pieces , my version of @CPU_CWCSonichu , as you can see I tried to capture the discoloration in her hair and be more realistic to her actual look , the other just a blue version like the comic #sonichu #art #furry #hot #chrischan #sexy


That’s not funny. Please, do not draw Mama fat, and while her hair colour is presently a different shade, her fur and quill colour are the normal shade of blue.


Sonic World DX

17 November

Hey, y’all. I’ve been having some fun on the laptop lately; finally downloaded #SonicWorldR9 from @SonicWorldDX’s website.

[External link to the Sonic fangame known as Sonic World DX]

I also found this on YouTube; successfully downloaded and installed it as well, along with a few other choice character Mods.

The original version of this Mod created by #Cirrusfire and #SackTeee is downloadable here:

[External Google Drive link]

And I also had a bit of fun in personally updating my Bio in the Mod; that file can be downloaded here:

[External Google Drive link]

To note, I am amable to jump as high as Sonic, so the original jump height number got updated in the file as well.

November17SonicWorldDX1.jpg November17SonicWorldDX2.jpg November17SonicWorldDX3.jpg

I thank #Cirrusfire and #SackTree for making this Mod. I’d also love it if they made a Mod of Rosey, Mama Chris Chan’s Sonichu form and Magi-Chan, as well. We, here, are more than happy to personally provide to them authentic voice clips for the Mods. ⚡⚡⚡
Also, shame I can’t find a Mod of Jamie Rose at this time. There was link in one of #TailsandSonicPals’ videos, but the file that was there got deleted.
Now here’s a @NintendoAmerica, @SEGA, and @CPU_CWCSonichu combo you may or may not see everyday. ⚡⚡⚡

November17SonicWorldDX4.jpg November17SonicWorldDX5.jpg

Odyssey Mario Mod available near the bottom of the Mod Download page 1 on @SonicWorldDX’s website.

[External link to a Sonic World DX download page]

Fanfiction reading video

18 November

Chris replies to multiple tweets from a Twitter user, who shortly after deleted said tweets.

I am reading this and will get back to you with the personal critique. Firstly, though, Chris was not overweight as a teen, so remove that; his figure was slender at the time.
On another note, spell-check and grammar-check your work; "defecating" is neither an accurate or correct term for the situation.
I’ll tell you what, I’ll record a video of myself reading this out loud, later, and offer the critique as I go.
Here, dude, listen and heed well.


Also, @HMarine59, why did you block me? You asked for our input; don’t disrespect us like that, dude.

Fear of bugs

19 November

A Twitter user asks Chris if Magi-Chan has a fear of bugs.

@MagiChan111448 does not have a fear of bugs.

Review request

19 November

RestingHornet93 (@RHornet93)


He Sonichu! Now that you are doing reviews, do you think you could read my webcomic and tell me what you think? Christine inspired me in highschool to start my own series and I've recently been trying to redo it and improve my work. Tellnmenif you down 💜😊⚡⚡⚡

Well, send me a link to your pages, and I’ll have a look.
Here it is! There are currently 3 chapters, and my art work is wayyy better in the 3rd one than the first one. It is read left to right and down. Im so so honored

[Link to webcomic]

It’s not bad. It’s a good enough work. It took me a short while to get the gist from the intro. You have room for improvement; don’t stop on your work. ⚡⚡⚡

Mama Chris Chan in a deity role

19 November

DBZonichu (@zonichu)

It is just a funny haha

[Comic strip of Chris as a deity granting a Sonichu the perfect boyfriend]

I’m conflicted on how to feel about this. On the one hand, nice portrayal of Mama Chris Chan in a deity role; on the other, the dude said he was five years old. Kinda ruins it.


19 November

In response to an artist tweeting out artwork of two Sonic OC's sitting together with jackets on

I like the jackets they’re wearing; that’s pretty accurate for the tailored jackets we back-appendage having types have. Suffice to say they’re easier getting off than it is to get one on. Particularly the snaps on the jacket backs.

Commodore 64

19 November

Ultimate Gamer (@TheUltGmr)

What was the console that introduced you to gaming?

Reply with your number 🙂

[Image of various console controllers representing their respective consoles]

Number 64 for Mama Chris Chan: Commodore 64.

[Commodore 64 GIF]

Simple is as simple

19 November

In response to an artist tweeting out multiple comic strips

Simple is as simple does where a sampler platter with a smile for those who don’t know what they like or want can help make a path.


19 November

CosmicKeyframe Productions (COMMISSIONS CLOSED) (@CosmicKeyframe)

Ive had to fight to get up and get out of bed. Ive not gotten REM sleep in days. I try to put on a face and get through it all, cause I want to be what you all deserve.

Im doing my best

So please understand if Im not communicative or if I just cant be as involved socially outside of pre-assigned duties.

I literally have no mental or emotional energy

That is a pain. Believe me, I’ve been feeling the cosmic effects and events lately; I’m sensing you and Silver, at least, are getting wind of the upcoming crucial event that involves the destined chroniclers/creators of this dimension. Stay strong; you are not alone, Key. ⚡⚡⚡

Right purchase

19 November

In response to a Twitter user tweeting a meme of a PS5 VS. a collection of Equestria Girls toys

I like to think we did . 😊⚡


20 November

✌ HeartTank64 ✌ (@HeartTank64)

Do you have the Optimus Prime MLP figure?
No, we don’t have one.

Favorite Pokemon

20 November

In response to a tweet asking people to describe what their favorite Pokemon is without actually saying the name of it

Quick as lightning, yellow, wears cool kicks, its PokéDex number is the same as the birth year of someone a lot of people know (minus 1000), and in the wild can be observed individually or in their herds. They were ever so hard to catch, even with a Fast Ball or Quick Ball.

Sonic animation

20 November

Chris quote tweets a tweet announcing the release of a Sonic.exe animation

I just watched that animation; very good job. It was both literally haunting and inspiring; I appreciate that you showed four

perspectives in all, so it’s 3/4 positive. Should have included our OG Sonic on Sally’s side, but that’s your choice.

Also, did you know there is a mod of me, Sonichu, for Sonic World; I would be more than happy to play with y’all in a collab vid; I’d even do a DeviantArt viewing. It goes without saying how meta we are. ⚡⚡⚡
I can even bring Rosey on; shame there isn’t a Rosey Rosechu Mod for the game yet; maybe by the time the video gets uploaded. She would love to play and commentate as well. But she would not play as Amy, though; only Rosey can wield lightning bolts as a whip, sword, or whatever.


20 November

On @hulu, I’m checking out the first episode of the new #Animaniacs show. To comment, @warnerbros, None of the Warners were lost; they continued living on. Anyway, #PinkyandtheBrain’s show is satisfying as well. Someone make a pic of that “Brain photo”; use as a wallpaper. #Narf
On episode two now, and Yakko likes chakra work, too. Give him enough gems, he’ll do another #Yakko Song listing their names. I can recommend a couple of books. The Crystal Witch 2019 publication and the Smithsonian visual guide to Gems (a #BarnesandNoble exclusive). ⚡⚡⚡
Here’s another from #TheBrain during the 1950s, a real doozie: coffee with mayonase and canned ham. I’ve manifested a cup of black coffee, added a dallop of mayo and poured a bit of ham. The taste combination is definitely one that this body can’t handle. Maybe #Gonzo can.

[The Brain GIF]

Today, on #MathterpieceTheater: A Sonichu runs 770 mph from #Charlottesville, Virginia at 10:55 am EST, westward. A Rosechu runs 655 mph from #SanFranciso, California at 7:55 am PST. Straight line from either point, which city, state and at what time, there, do they meet?

[GIF of Sonic the Hedgehog running fast]

Oh, and the Rosechu from California is running eastward. My bad for leaving that out.

22 November

The Sonichu and Rosechu would meet in Lodgepole, Nebraska at 10:53 am, MST.


21 November

BulmaBunny (Tails and Sonic Pals) (@BulmaBunnyGirl)

Me when tell serious voice actors I do improv acting XD

I'm a CrAzY British woman... who makes roleplay crinnnge :D

[video of the Sonic Boom cartoon]

“Dancing in the moonlight! Everybody!” 😊⚡


21 November

In response to an animator tweeting out an animatic

Dot’s anime form was soo cool; she should have gotten the chance to shoot an arrow from her manifested bow.

Chris the art reviewer

21 November

Toshabi (@LycanTosh)

Dusk Ball malfunction.


Very awesome. Mama Chris Chan’s been there, but maybe you can improve on the visual of the physical transformation and height decrease.


Happy birthday

22 November

Tyandaga (@Tyandaga_MLP)

I'm 24! :D
Happy Cumpleaños, big, young deer. ⚡⚡⚡


22 November

In response to a Twitter GIF of a Darumaka Pokemon getting kicked by another Pokemon

Daww, poor little Darumaka.

Chris "reviews" more art

22 November

Chris quote tweets a sketch of Magi-Chan

This sketch is cute and cool, but I feel like I need to put in my two bolts in constructive criticism.
The addressing of his proper gender is appreciated, and I can kinda gather at the bulge (not necessary to have the bulge drawn, but it’s your choice). But between the outfit and the quill style, it shifts to a feminine style, and I feel that is better directed at fan art of Magi-Chan’s genderbent self-counterpart, Lady Magíc Sonichu. So, you have a couple of options: retract the quill length and style to normal; make it look more masculine, like Magi-Chan.

NewMagiChanCard1.jpg MagiChanCard.jpg

Or, you may keep it as it is, but remove the bulge, make the tail female Sonichu style with the heart-shape end, add the eyelashes; call it a fan art of Magíc Sonichu.

A Wild Sonichu (Female).jpg

Just my two bolts, and then some, but I felt it was appropriate for your situation and sketch. Thank you for sharing. 😊⚡

Take your pick

22 November

Ruby RoseyChu (@Ruby64723133)

I’m not sure who to draw! Help me out?

[Images of various Sonichu comic characters]

Take your pick.


23 November

Chris quote tweets artwork of Darkbind

Darkbind looks awesome.


23 November

In response to Helena G.F. pointing out a ween-made Twitter account pretending to be Chris

That is correct; I have personally reported them as well.

Sonichu GIF

24 November

Chris quote tweets a GIF of Sonichu

Daww, that is cute and cool. 😊⚡ Thanks a lot.
Haven’t forgotten your OC; Jas has been working hard with the others around here.


Sonic and Tails

24 November

BulmaBunny (Tails and Sonic Pals) (@BulmaBunnyGirl)

First Tails and Sonic Pals live stream was a success, thank you so much to everyone who donated you're too kind, and to my friends for joining me and too all those who stopped by!
Happy to share in the moment. That was fun. 😊⚡


24 November

Saberspark (@Saberspark)

Here are my thoughts on the new Animaniacs reboot! Lots of folks requested this one

[External link to the review]

We liked the continuation #Animaniacs, too. Personally, I feel like the best Pinkie retort finally happened, here. “Pinkie, are you pondering what I’m pondering?” “I think so Brain. Nothing, right?”

@Saberspark, do you have a favorite out of all of Pinkie’s retorts.

More Animaniacs

24 November

Here’s an #Animaniacs Meme everyone can get on board for themselves. Respond to Brain, “Hey, are you pondering what I’m pondering?” For yourselves, fill in the blank, “I think so, Brain. But, ______________.”

[GIF from The Brain cartoon]

Me personally, here’s one I ended up making up a few nights ago with this brain. “I think so, Brain. But where will the fish go after Arbor Day?” I checked, and that one was never used in either series; old or present.

Comic strip

24 November

Toonish (@Toonish6)

@CPU_CWCSonichu #Sonichu

I was gonna post this next Feburary, but I know I will forget. So I'll just post it now.

[Comic strip]

That’s cute. 😊⚡

Retorting the hater trolls

24 November

BulmaBunny (Tails and Sonic Pals) (@BulmaBunnyGirl)

I know i shouldn't respond to hate but...

[Screenshot of BulmaBunny responding to a hate comment stating that the voice acting in a video is awful]

Sometimes even a witty retort as simple as that suffices in making an example of a hater troll. You did very well.

More Sonic World DX and new Sonichu icons

26 November

A little something from a present project in progress for @SonicWorldDX and R9. The mod of me changed the colour of the S-Chu Ball.


Also a bonus, a few free new Sonichu Icons in png format: me, Rosey, Mama Chris Chan...

November25SonichuIcon.jpg November25RosechuIcon.jpg November25ChrisIcon.jpg

...Magi-Chan and even Nightstar. A little bonus for now. 😊⚡

November25Magi-ChanIcon.jpg November25NightStarIcon.jpg

Chris's thoughts on Twilight

26 November

DelTaco (@SavageSpoderman)

@CPU_CWCSonichu do you like Twilight? And if so, where does it fit within the dimensions? Would regular people be able to become vampires?
The movies are okay. That’s a distant thing in C-197; not many want to become vampires, and cures for that to become normal again are available.
Incredible, would those who chose to remain vampires be persecuted or would they be allowed to live among their own in sanctuaries? I only ask because we are making plans for after the merge begins on what our next move would be.
They get to live with their own or as they will, but there are strict restrictions in place; the bite has to be consensual. Take up tomato juice consumption in place; that is the common practice with the vampire types.

Follow your instincts

26 November

In response to a Twitter user asking Chris for advice after experiencing an intense burning heat throughout their body

Follow your instincts, wisdom and common sense. Your body has been reacting to an event that is resonant with you; only you can look into your visions in meditation to do what you will and need to reawaken your abilities.

Happy Thanksgiving

26 November

Chris quote tweets a tweet from the official Pokemon Twitter account stating good morning from Pikachu

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, from your friendly neighbourhood Sonichu and Rosey Rosechu. ⚡⚡⚡ Zap it Up safe and well.


Raneybee (@NoahRaney1)

Chris Chan love your work so made this card to add to my collection, happy thanksgiving!!!!!

[Picture of several Pokemon cards and one Sonichu card]

I see that; it could stand to be updated for actual gameplay, but for a souvenir, it’s cool.

In response to a Twitter user replying with artwork of Pikachu cooked like a turkey

Dude, that’s not funny.

Womanly parts

26 November

In response to a ween quote tweeting Chris's Thanksgiving tweet with an image of Pickles

No, she had to have that removed in early 2008 day; at least she still has her womanly parts.