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It's been a fair year. Thanks for being a part of it.
Chris, only 4 days before it happened.
Starts the year by burning his own house down, ends the year by going to jail for assault. Bravo, Chris.
A forum poster summing up this year.
Chris in July 2014.

2014 was the sixth year since Chris's discovery. Like the three years before it, it appeared as if it would have started off with nothing of note, save for the occasional rambling on his Facebook account... until it was revealed on 11 January that the Chandler household caught fire. Similar to incidents involving his past arrest and the passing of Bob Chandler, this was a major dilemma facing his family, and some speculated that these big changes in his life would bring about big changes in Chris himself. Chris did undergo some changes, but they were mostly either irrelevant or just further steps towards complete insanity, culminating in his arrest for assault a mere five days before the end of the year.

Following the fire, Chris began to sell some of his stuff for money, such as his Original Sonichu and Rosechu Drawing‎. This is notable as, for a change, Chris is actually earning some of his money instead of purely relying on his monthly tugboat, something which was not seen since his days at Wendy's. Though many problems have more or less sorted themselves out in the past year, this year did continue the fallout from 2013. In August, Chris augmented his tomgirlish ways and came out as a "Lesbian-Identified Male", and began attending LGBT events around Charlottesville. He also revealed he found himself a new sweetheart, who after a series of obstacles was later confirmed to be a troll.

This year saw the release and debut of a new Sonic game and accompanying TV series, Sonic Boom. Chris became consumed by a vehement desire to denounce the game, encouraging others to boycott it and even defacing in-store copies of the game. Chris's cited reason for this behavior is, in true CWC fashion, because of an extremely minor design element present only on this non-canon part of the franchise: Sonic's arms are blue, instead of tan.

On the bright side, however, at the end of the year, Chris announced that 14 Branchland Court was finally repaired, and would be moving back in 2015. Unfortunately, Chris saw fit to fuck that up (as well as any sympathy the trolls were starting to have for him) - on 26 December 2014, he was recorded assaulting an innocent GameStop employee with pepper spray, an action that landed him in jail, awaiting a hearing on the 29th, two days before the end of the year. While Chris managed to post bail and at least enjoy some degree of freedom for the new year, the damage was already done. On October 2015, he narrowly escaped jailtime, only getting a fine and a six month suspended sentence, during which Chris didn't fuck up and get arrested again.

These sets of events ultimately caused Chris to be pulled back into the Internet spotlight, marking the start of Chris's renaissance period.


14 Branchland Court, 1-2 days after its destruction.
Main article: January 2014

This month began with little note, until Chris's house caught fire. The rest of the month was mostly spent on recovering.


Main article: February 2014

Chris turns 32. Two videos are leaked: Hello, my sweety baby and Message for John Kyle.

It was during this month that Chris first caught a glimpse of the then-upcoming Sonic spin-off game Sonic Boom. He would become very incensed over the spin-off, all because of Sonic's arm color being changed from tan to blue; however, due to other stressors at the time, he wouldn't fully begin his crusade against it until June.


Main article: March 2014

Some e-mails were leaked on the CWCki Forums, one of them provides interesting info about Chris's days at Manchester High School, involving him getting bullied on a daily basis, although Chris didn't seem to qualify most of it as bullying. Chris was also rumored to be shoplifting at Best Buy, which Chris fervently denied on Facebook.


Main article: April 2014
April sighting in Target.

Pictures of Chris's house and info about the Rental House are leaked. Chris is spotted at a local Target by a Reddit user.


Main article: May 2014

Chris lists some old airplane models and a violin on eBay (at vastly overestimated prices). He begs for Lego on Facebook, and confirms that Simonla has been resurrected.


Chris in June 2014.
Main article: June 2014

Chris tried to sell a painting on eBay, but was suspended. He then tried again, and was suspended again. He also makes his first public remarks against Sonic Boom. Meanwhile, a troll snuck into 14 Branchland Court and recovered some documents which feature samples of his academic work, and show that he received very poor marks in many areas.


Chris in July.
Main article: July 2014

Chris sold autographed photos of himself on eBay. Also, his latest OkCupid profile was found by a forum user.

11 July was last day of Barbara's two-year-long probation, her sentence from the events of 28 October 2011.


"Lesbian Identified Man and a Cross-Dressing Tranny" in August.
Main article: August 2014

Chris came out on Facebook as a "Lesbian Identified Male" and self-described "Intersex" "Cross-Dressing Tranny". He also expressed solidarity with the movement for LGBT equality, although he was very unhappy about having to include gay males. He also revealed he had a new girlfriend.


Chris in September.
Main article: September 2014

Chris sold tons of stuff on eBay, and obtained materials to mass-produce more medallions.


Main article: October 2014
Chris in October.

This month is notable in that it marked a significant resurgence in video-making, as well as more possibilities about his then-anonymous galpal, his growing (professed) support for LGBT activism, and his ongoing hatred for eBay (especially after the Mr. Smith fiasco) and Sonic Boom.


Main article: November 2014

Chris spent this month mostly raging over Sonic Boom. He also filmed himself raging over a small controlled brushfire occurring near his house, and accidentally doxed himself yet again. His Facebook friends then helped him make a new version of CWC's Sonichu Site!, which lasted for just 10 days prior to being shut down due to 404 errors, DDoS attacks from weens, and complaints over its domain name - "Spergweb". Then, it ended on a particularly depressing note for him, as he was quickly booted off his Keep Sonic Original group for making graphic death threats to Sega, and it was revealed that his new girlfriend was in fact a troll.


Main article: December 2014
Chris in December.

Chris started the month off on a low note, primarily consisting of his irrational protesting on Facebook. Things would reach a boiling point on 26 December, when Chris was arrested for trespassing and assaulting an employee at a local GameStop. After being held in jail for three days, Chris was released on bail to await a hearing on the 5th of February 2015.